20/05/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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It And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies. Good


evening. First tonight, with just 48 hours before the European and local


elections, Labour leader Ed Miliband's been in the region, but


it didn't quite go according to plan. A trip to Heanor in Derbyshire


had to be abandoned after his train was seriously delayed. Here's our


political editor John Hess. On the hoof and off the cuff, Ed


Miliband extends his hand to a young mum in Nottingham on a hastily


arranged walkabout among shoppers in the city. He was on the look out for


voters. For any political leader, there is a sense of jeopardy and it


does not always go to script, especially when a voter like Jason


wants to speak his mind. I have been made redundant. I have been on


benefits since due to mental health illness. I spoke to him about this


country. It used to be great, this country, and now it is not. We have


had loads of industry in Nottingham and it has all gone. In recent


opinion polls, the political mood music for Ed Miliband has not been


particularly easy on the ear for him. These elections must count for


Labour, especially with a year to go until the next general election. And


with a few days to go until polling day, Ed Miliband has been off the


Euro agenda and has been talking about domestic issues which he


thinks are the priority in this election. At the very least, we have


got to deliver fair funding for councils... A more formal setting, a


televised question and answer session with party supporters at the


University of Nottingham. But his impromptu walkabout among shoppers


made an impression. Talking to someone in the town centre, Michael,


talking about his circumstances. `` a man called William. He is doing


all the right things, as so many people are. He can't make ends meet


because he's on the minimum wage. We have got to do something about that


and make that link again between hard work and being able to build a


future for your family. The Labour leader also ventured to where UKIP's


Nigel Farage less than three weeks ago was hit by an egg hurled by a


protester. No need to duck today. The man accused of starting a fire


which killed a family of four has denied being present at the scene of


the crime. A mother and her three children died in the blaze which the


prosecution at a murder trial has described as a botched revenge


attack. Tristan Richards told the jury he was at his girlfriend's


house and didn't know about the arson attack until the following


morning. Sarah Teale was at Nottingham Crown Court.


Eight defendants are on trial accused of being part of the arson


attack on the house at Wood Hill in Leicester last September. Last week,


one of the defendants, Kemo Porter, told the jury 22`year`old Tristan


Richards was the one who poured petrol over the front door and


started the blaze. It's alleged it was a botched revenge attack on the


family home of a man they believed to be involved in the fatal stabbing


of their friend. Today father of one Tristan Richards took the stand in


his defence and denied any role in the arson attack. Richards said he


was at his girlfriend's house around the corner that night. Richards'


barrister then asked him a series of questions. He was then asked about


two convictions for drug dealing, one in 2009 and the second in 2012


when he was sentenced to 30 months in prison for possessing with intent


He was then asked about two convictions for drug dealing, one in


2009 and the second in 2012 when he was sentenced to 30 months in prison


for possessing with intent to supply crack cocaine and heroin. Under


robust and at times heated cross`examination, Porter's


barrister said that case showed Richards was a proven liar. He asked


him, did you tell the jury you were not guilty? Yes, said Richards.


Where you guilty? Yes, said Richards. Did you lie under oath?


Yes, said Richards. The barrister said, you lied then to escape


responsibility, all the more reason now you are facing a murder charge.


No, said Richards. Richards and the seven other defendants all deny four


charges of murdering Shehnila Taufiq and her three children. The trial at


Nottingham Crown Court continues. BBC Radio Derby presenter Colin


Bloomfield says he's been overwhelmed with messages of support


after revealing that the cancer he's suffering from has now spread to his


brain. Simon Hare reports. At his home in Derby, Colin told me


he feels as fit as a fiddle. But last June and for the second time in


his life, he discovered he had skin cancer. It was advanced melanoma. He


shared details of his condition with the Radio Derby listeners. Today he


told them tumours have been found on his brain. I asked the doctor, I was


very blunt, I said, what does this mean for life expectancy? He said,


we are likely to be talking months not years. It was just completely


shocking. I didn't expect that at all. But also I have this real sense


of hope and belief that there is a drug out there, there is a miracle


that will save my life and preserve my life because I have so much to


live for. Colin used to commentate on Derby County and on Saturday will


be at Wembley as a guest of the club. The fans are planning a


minute's applause to show their support.


Colin, if you are watching, we wish you well. That is it from me. Now


the weather. We escaped most of the showers


today. We should it `` we should escape them tomorrow as well. It is


staying on the one side. We still have a couple of showers to get rid


of first. They will clear away in the next hour. Generally a dry


night. Clear spells. A lot cooler and fresher. Tomorrow morning, it


will start mostly dry. Quite a lot of cloud. Bright or sunny spells


later on. Most of us staying dry. Feeling pleasantly warm in the


sunshine. Light winds as well. As you can see from the outlook, it


looks as if we will see thundery rain catching up with us on


Wednesday and Thursday morning. More on that in the national weather


heavy showers but also sunny spells. Maybe some showers for the weekend.


Good evening, yet again we are finishing the day with some


thunderstorms clustered across parts of Cumbria, some torrential


downpours at the moment, and flashes of lightning. Along the front of


this weather system, showers have developed. They are pushing their


way northwards, and will continue to do so, taking the downpours into


Scotland. Behind that, clearer skies


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