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and we get at least one very good meal once a fortnight. Clubs like


this one are started by volunteers and they are also worried about what


could happen. If the nearly double the price, we will lose half the


people here. It is a huge increase and a lot of old people will either


reduce the amount of meals they have each week or stop taking them all


together. When that happens, a lot of older people will move into poor


health and many will end up in hospital and put pressure on the


local authority and NHS. The council needs to serve `` save money. People


would be offered a cheaper microwaveable frozen meal if they


couldn't afford the new price. People are saying that you are


targeting the most vulnerable in society. The carer organisations


have all been informed. Will you listen to them? We are duty bound to


listen to them and analyse what the responses are. I hope there will be


very good suggestions which will come up during the consultation. How


much is this a fatal... The consultation finishes in August. The


council says it will listen to people and that is what people hope.


On the 97`year`old said she would happily pay the higher price if her


pension goes up by the same amount. has been detained by the Ukrainian


authorities while reporting on the conflict there. He says he's been


asked if he was working as a spy. Graham Phillips was arrested at a


checkpoint in Ukraine while working for the Russian broadcaster Russia


Today. Tonight, though, it seems he might have been released into the


care of the British Consul. Jeremy We hear today of a military


vehicle going up in flames and barricades all


around the city. Graham Phillips at work in the eastern Ukrainian city


of Mariupol. that he was stopped at a checkpoint


by Ukrainian forces. After having his papers scrutinised, Mr Phillips


was detained. His detention follows


what appears to be an online employers at Russia Today, which is


funded by the Russian state, to say he was being held and that he'd been


asked if he was a Russian spy. Russia Today believes Mr Phillips,


who's originally from Nottingham, was stopped in the east of Ukraine


and taken to the capital Kiev for questioning by Ukrainian


security forces. Russia Today has had radio silence


from him and they are extremely concerned. There are various reports


about him perhaps already being in the F `` the capital of Ukraine.


There are a lot of reports as to where he could be. There are few


atmosphere is so poisonous for journalists as here, where the truth


is interpreted differently by Russians and Ukrainians. Mr Phillips


has made a reference on his social media accounts to calls for him to


be arrested and deported from the country. He met them with defiance.


The conditions, if any, of his release are not clear.


Still to come ` Derby County announce a key part of its line up


for Saturday's play`off final at Wembley. Our cameras were there as


nine`year`old Rams fan Archie Nelson was told he'll be team mascot for


A Derbyshire man is among 17 who've been arrested in the UK as part of


an FBI`led international crackdown on a dangerous computer programme.


BlackShades software allows hackers to remotely control computers and


webcams. Criminals can use it to capture personal information. The


man from Derbyshire was detained by the East Midlands Special Operations


Unit ` a collaboration of local forces.


greater risk of repossession or eviction than anywhere else outside


of London, according to the housing charity Shelter. It says one in


every 54 homes in the city could soon face a mortgage or landlord


possession claim. More than 4000 households across England are at


risk of losing their home every week.


A Leicestershire brewery has won an award for rescuing closed down and


struggling pubs. Everards has invested more than ?11 million to


revive the fortunes of nearly 30 pubs by renting them out to


micro`brewers and independent real ale champions, Mike O'Sullivan's


been to one of the pubs that now should have a thriving future.


They are rolling out the barrel at this revitalised pub in Nottingham.


It is named after a Royal Navy Admiral who was once cheered to the


streets of Nottingham after defeating the French in the 1790s.


Today, the campaign for real ale is saying cheers as well. This pub is


owned by Everards brewery but rented to a micro brewery with the freedom


to run it as they like. To resurrect the rundown pubs and Steven come


back to life is absolutely brilliant. Since 2007, Everards has


spent ?11.5 million buying up 19 closed pubs and handing over ten of


their own to be run by microbreweries or independent cask


ale champions. 300 jobs have been created. It has been called Project


William after another historic character, they are founder who


began as a small brewer in 1840s. We saw that there were too many pubs


closing but there was a trend of emerging new breweries so we


connected both trends. We wondered how it would work and we are


delighted it has brought back so many pubs and revitalised


communities. Everards aims to convert another 35 new pubs to the


business model in the next five years.


On the eve of the European and local elections, the Prime Minister today


took his campaign message to Newark, where a crucial parliamentary


by`election follows in a fortnight's time. The results of tomorrow's


elections will be a key test of whether the Conservatives can retain


Newark on June the 5th. Let's find out more from our political editor,


John Hess. John, was Mr Cameron's snap visit to Newark a surprise?


It certainly illustrates the importance the Prime Minister


attaches to defending the Conservatives 16,000 majority in


Newark because he turned up with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. It's


the second visit David Cameron has made to the constituency in recent


weeks. Today was a brief stop`over, but he had time to meet shoppers on


market day. The by`election was forced by the resignation of


Newark's former Conservative MP Patrick Mercer in a scandal over


taking cash for asking parliamentary questions. The big challenge to the


Conservatives here, as it will be in tomorrow's elections to the European


Parliament, is UKIP. Tomorrow, 3,000 polling stations


across the East Midlands will open from seven in the morning until ten


o'clock at night. For the elections to the European Parliament, the


ballot form will include the names of the nine parties that are


standing. And because this election uses proportional representation,


you vote for the party. The share of the regional vote for each party


will decide the five MEPs that represent the East Midlands. Also


there are a handful of local council elections tomorrow ` in Derby City,


Amber Valley in Derbyshire, and Bassetlaw in North Nottinghamshire.


One third of seats are being contested here.


And organising an election on a region`wide scale isn't a simple


matter. This is the Kettering Conference Centre. It's also the


home of English volleyball, and on Sunday night the Euro results from


40 counting centres will be fed to the East Midlands regional election


centre. So, as they say in volleyball, a case of set, spike and


Firstly, the formal result, perhaps sometime around midnight. I imagine


that the media will be able to make accurate predictions about who the


five candidates might be for the East Midlands sometime as early as


early as 10:30 or 10:45pm, because we will have a number of


Why the three`day delay in counting? That is because some


countries don't have that their vote until Sunday.


A court hearing got underway today over plans for one of the biggest


housing developments in Leicestershire for a generation. The


judicial review hearing took place at the High Court. It's considering


a decision to approve plans for thousands of homes in Lubbesthorpe.


The hearing was sought by the Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Clive


Loader. He believes funding arrangements will put a strain on


policing. The court was told a decision could be made next week.


Chatsworth House is to introduce audio guides in Mandarin after a new


surge in interest from Asia. The tourist group Visit Britain asked


people in China where they'd most like to go in the UK. The North


Derbyshire stately home came second just behind Buckingham Palace. The


area's already seen a marked increase in visitors from China.


And still on the tourism trail, plans have been unveiled for the


transformation of a Nottingham pub, based in a former Victorian music


hall. The Malt Cross has been given more than ?1 million by the Heritage


Lottery Fund to expand into underground floors and caves.


They'll house a heritage education and arts centre, music studio and


art gallery. Bosses say they're looking forward to the facelift.


He's undoubtedly one of the East Midlands greatest`ever painters, and


now his work is to become much more accessible. Derby Museum is putting


the finishing touches to its new Joseph Wright Institute. It'll give


art lovers from here and abroad unrestricted access to Wright's


paintings, sketches and letters. James Roberson reports.


Following the spotlight on Joseph Wright's work. Experts at the Art


Gallery are checking lighting. The exhibition ties in with the opening


of the new Joseph Wright Institute, which is also being prepared in the


rooms next door. For decades, the only way to view the hundreds of


drawings, sketches, portraits and letters was in the museum's Private


archive. Special transparent drawers are being prepared to show them off.


This resource is opened to absolutely everyone. We want to


welcome everyone from families to academics. It is open to everyone.


Next door will be a study Gallery and the display of his influence.


These and a new exhibition of Joseph Wright's work will be running until


August. They are fantastically evocative and lively. You can almost


touch the explosions. The last time his work went abroad to Paris and


New York was in the early 90s. Now they want to take it overseas again


to an audience which already globally venerates him. It is all in


preparation for a major retrospective of his work. We will


hold it in about five years. We want to take it internationally. For the


children and child in all of us, 18th`century costume is so life can


imitate art. The colour for tomorrow will be dark


grey. The heavens will open tonight. First, we start with Derby County


and Head Coach Steve McClaren says he won?t tell the players his


starting line up for the play`off final until Saturday. But it's


pretty safe to say goalie Lee Grant will be one of the lucky ones to


start against QPR. So with just three days to go until the big game,


Kirsty Edwards has been counting Lee Grant is number one at Derby. He


is the only player to have been on the pitch for every single minute.


It was very different during his first spell with the club as a


youngster. Chances were limited and seven years ago when they were


winning promotion at Wembley, he had to watch from the stands. How does


it feel to now be returning here with Derby, stepping out at


Wembley? I want to grab it with both hands and enjoy it because I had the


most amazing day going down and supporting them and being part of


it. I didn't get a chance to play in it. I didn't get a chance to play in


the final but I will this time. I am really looking forward to it. It is


as big as it gets. The return of Steve McClaren saw Eric Steele back


at the club as well. Your Mac he brought me to the club as a


16`year`old so I have come full circle. He has come back with a


wealth of knowledge. You get to a stage in your career when you think


you know it all and I have learned every day since he has been here.


His confidence and his belief that Derby can make the Premier League


have grown. The belief has drawn for me, the players and the town and


everyone connected with the club. We are doing everything within our


power to get the right outcome on Saturday.


starting line`up, the name for one very important job on Saturday was


confirmed today. A young Rams fan was told they will be team mascot


for the day. And Simon Hare was there when the club's well`known


full`time mascot helped to deliver the news.


Morning assembly at this Derby primary school and a special visitor


with an extra special treat for one pupil.


Oh, OK. Is there an Archie Nelson around?


As a big Rams fan, Archie already knew he was off to


Wembley, but he didn't know he has been chosen for a very important


I am going to be the mascot to lead the Derby County team out to


We've been keeping it secret since Friday.


how he would react. He'll be so excited and I think he always


expected to get out on that Wembley pitch so he'll love it. You were


going anyway, weren't you? Yes. My eldest son and Archie are both


season`ticket holders so we got the tickets later on.


like, oh, there's Rammy but I didn't think he was going to call my name


Did she not tell you she'd entered you for the competition?


No. Are you glad she did? Yes.


He'll be walking out onto the prestigious


pitch and hopefully leading out a victorious team. There's only one


mascot per team so it's an incredible opportunity for him


today. While some players and managers never get the chance to


walk out at Wembley, Archie will have achieved that feat aged just


Cricket and England selector and Nottinghamshire Director of Cricket


Mick Newell says Harry Gurney couldn't have done any more on his


England T20 debut. Gurney took two for 26 in England's defeat to Sri


Lanka at the Oval last night, and would have had a third wicket but


for the dropping of a simple chance. At the top of the order, Alex Hales


smashed 66 as England fell nine runs short.


And in the County Championship today. Leicestershire's cricketers


have gone down to a heavy defeat ` losing by 278 runs to Hampshire in


the County Championship at Grace Road. The visitors declared on 338


for nine in their second innings this morning, but the Foxes were


skittled out for just 96 with Angus Robson, Ned Eckersley, Niall O'Brien


and Rob Taylor all going for ducks. Greg Smith top scored with 39.


And in hockey, England International and Leicester Ladies star


Nicola White says she is considering her future at the club.


together today and in training for the up and coming World Cup. If she


leaves Leicester it would leave the side without an England


It is a balance between being loyal to the club and what is best for


your needs. It is hard because as much as you want to stay at a club


and are happy there, sometimes you have to be selfish and think what is


right for you at that time. It is a tricky decision but I am going to


think about what is best for me. But there is good news, they're hosting


a big event in June. apart ` but this morning


schoolchildren in Nottingham received gifts from children living


in Syria. Last year, St Patrick's Primary School sent boxes


full of supplies to the war`torn country. Today, it was the turn of


the Syrian children to say thank Holding up their drawings with


pride. But these are not the creations of the children from St


Patrick's Primary but instead gifts from children living in Syria. This


is why. Last year, Saint Patrick's


sent supplies for children in parts of rural Syria affected by civil


war. They were taken there by a charity Hand`in`hand For Syria. It


is estimated there are more than 1 million Syrian refugee children. We


managed to put a smile on a lot of children's faces. A smile they


missed for the last two or three years, some of them. Some lost their


parents so to get them a gift repaired by friends in the UK,


especially in Nottingham. The gesture has been returned with


children sending back their own home`made gifts. These range from


drawings to this 11`year`old's prized possession ` a maths


certificate. I felt amazed because they are also beautiful and because


they have such little it is hard to think they would draw something so


amazing. It is absolutely brilliant. Because on the face of Mickey Mouse,


it has the flag of Syria. And it says welcome to Syria. That means


that person is waiting for a new start and they are going to be


welcomed to Syria. I think they are coping really well because they have


hope and it is really amazing because when you have hope you can


never give up. Whilst the children here understand the difficulties


many face in Syria, their message is We have a lot of rain overnight


tonight. It will be a difficult night for travelling anywhere. There


is a yellow weather warning because of the intensity of the brain. It


will move its way towards the north`west in the early hours. We


might see the odd shower head of it. The cloud will increase and then the


rain will arrive around 11 o'clock. Difficult driving conditions and the


chance of subsurface water flooding. Quite a humid night. Temperatures


are live in Celsius. It will clear quite quickly towards the North.


Into the afternoon, once the temperatures increase, further heavy


and thundery showers are likely. Another misty afternoon. `` Rainey.


There will be more showers for Friday and Saturday will be wet as


well with the balance of showers through the day. Sunday looks as


though the showers will ease a little bit and we could see some


sunshine. At the moment it is a similar story for bank holiday


Monday. A typical British bank holiday weekend. I think we were


spoilt on the last one. Heavy rain tonight but we will


battle through it to bring you the latest news tonight.


that is to find that one item that's going to change their life.


Flames are beautiful. Made nice money, that did. Nice money.


?200,000? HE LAUGHS


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