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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight ` Labour celebrate victory in one of our of key election battle


grounds. After 14 years, Labour have ousted


the Conservatives out of control in Amber Valley. APPLAUSE


. Also tonight, the whole that the High Court rules that King Richard


III remained. In Leicester. They will be at the heart of our


city and the heart but muted. Captured on a camera phone, a secret


visit to Nottingham by Prince Harry. In sports, it's the big match... ,


this is Wembley and it's waiting for Derby County. Good evening and


welcome to the programme. In the East Midlands, Labour triumph in the


local elections. But their celebrations are muted ` because of


the impact made by UKIP. Amber Valley swung from Conservative to


Labour control for first time in 14 years, with the Tory leader blaming


what he called UKIP "interference". And in Derby, while Labour still


runs the city, UKIP won two seats. In North Nottinghamshire, Labour


kept control of Bassetlaw, and gained a seat from the


Conservatives. For more detail on this let's join our Political Editor


John Hess, who's in Amber Valley. Good evening. Let's have a look at


those results. Labour lost to seek to UKIP that gained two others The


Lib dems also lost two seats including that of Amjit Atwal ` the


councillor controversially pictured with an AK47 assault rifle. Hardly


any change in Bassetlaw. It is the Labour`controlled. It's all change


in labour in `` Amber Valley. Those figures do not tell the whole story


and the impact of the union. In top voice, jubilant Labour


supporters singing the Redcap micro flag. Labour secured the two seats


it needed to gain control from the Conservative who had run the double


ship Borough Council for more than 14 years.


We have been trying for years to get it back for stop no big breakthrough


for UKIP, yet the Conservatives claimed their loss on them.


It not what we might call a straight fight. It was not on an even playing


fight `` this field because of UKIP. The slender majority in this battle


ground seems particularly vulnerable. We will have to do what


we can to make it the same next year. Local and European elections


are not a good guide for general elections. The Liberal Democrats,


this is an election they will want to forget. Labour can feel


victorious but more in relief. It was a very lengthy night with


many delays. They did eventually get a result. Not an awful lot has


changed. However, UKIP has made a significant breakthrough, two seats


taken from Labour councillors. Obviously, they will be some


analysis of figures. UKIP took a seat from Labour, the Conservatives


and Liberals. Around the country, they said we just take seat from the


Conservative, but tonight we won Labour seats. There is no doubt we


have a lot to do in the city. Lots to implement. We will do. We will


hit the General Election Trail for the 17th of May next year. Although


the leadership of Derby will not change much, there is plenty of food


for thought for all the car `` parties for how well UKIP might do


in the General Election next year. How significant are the labour and


UKIP gains today? This is Amber Valley's council town


hall in Ripley. Tonight, the first time in 14 years it is now run by


the Labour Party. Winning those two crucial seat off the Conservatives


would the minimum that Labour had to do. There will be those locally and


nationally that will think that with a year to go into the General


Election, Ed Miliband 's party should be pulling much better. That


is the UKIP effect. Although the turnout was barely 35%, it has not


made the seeping games that certainly some of Nigel Farage's


supporters was hoping it would do. Certainly, the impact is there and


we will await the outcome of the Euro elections on Sunday night.


Whatever the outcome, and also of the Newark by`election, certainly


the other parties have got some worries.


It has been a long battle fought over 18 who famously died in battle.


Today came a ruling that means which the third will stay in Leicester.


The High Court decided that the license granted to the city to


reinterpret the remains found in the car park is lawful. A group of


dissident relatives had called free book to be his final resting place.


Leicester relative that they are delighted and plans for a ceremony


are underway. In the place where Richard III will


be laid to rest, Leicester finally made the announcement it had longed


for. If you haven't heard, the result is that the judgement.


The justice secretary did not have a duty to consult before issuing the


license to the University of Leicester, authorising his choice of


the cathedral for the re`interment. For the man who led the search for


the remains, it was vindication. I am extremely relieved. It's


finally over. We can move on and the cathedral can put into effect


planned to be very rigid with great dignity and honour. Very pleased


indeed. For the vanquished, defiant


disappointing `` disappointment. We will think about it and make some


decisions. I am pleased that went to court in the first place. Richard is


Richard of York. His heart and soul lies in York even though his body


lies in Leicester. Work outside the cathedral is


already in full swing. We designing the gardens to reposition the statue


of Richard III. The data is a ruling means the plans are no longer in


limbo. We will be working very fast indeed.


Building work will begin in July. The new design for the tomb will be


revealed in three or four weeks' time. We will `` you will recognise


it old but it has changed. We will work very hard as a team to make


sure that everything is done for Spring 2015. This will be an


outstanding, well`planned, civic ceremony. The nation will be


watching and will be work centred. No doubt, the Royal family will want


to be when presented. It would be an event that the people of Leicester


and Leicestershire can feel proud of. This extraordinary story began


almost two years ago when originally said's remains were dug up in his


council car park. The new visitor centre behind me will be opened by


July. By next spring, a stone's throw from where he was originally


buried, the anointed king will be reinterred with dignity and honour.


From King Richard, to Prince Harry. Later in the programme, the fourth


in line to the throne makes a private visit to our region. Camera


phone pictures show his surprise appearance at a recording studio in


inner`city Nottingham. It is time for another bank holiday


weekend. Typically my forecast include some rain and thunder and


sunshine. There is even a weather warning.


Next: Sending energy to the Middle East from the East Midlands. It


sounds like sending polls to Newcastle but it is happening. An


environmental waste company in Nottingham has landed a major deal


with United Arab error `` emirates for a power that makes renewable


power. Doing a visit to Chinook Sciences, it was said that a hundred


`` many jobs will be the created. A big day and big business for this


Nottingham company. The tread minister, Lord Livingston, announced


a major deal. This contract will build one of the world 's largest


waste gas facilities. The plant will process a wide range of waste and


recycling residues. It would be manufactured here and


assembled in the UAE. It will process materials which help to


create renewable energy. It's going to create or safeguard 850 jobs


across the UK. It is an area where the UK science is absolutely


leading. It's good for the Ryman and for jobs. It is good Nottingham in


particular. `` environment. It will create 100 jobs in this


region and that your hundreds of others. We have been fortunate to


have excellent suppliers in the East Midlands. It's a happy day for them.


It means sustainability and it will secure jobs. This is the first major


deals with the government announced a new programme of investment and


medium`sized businesses. The East Midlands is the first region to


benefit. It'd hope that it will showcase Nottingham as a centre of


high`tech expertise. A teenager charged with four counts


of murder has admitted sending a message after the fire talking about


killing. Nathaniel Mullings denies, along with seven others, being


responsible for an Arsenal `` arson attack which killed men was a


bittersweet family. I've failed to kill everyone. The city was upset


and angry about the stabbing of his friend and one at bomb earlier that


evening. `` Akpom. A fairground operator has pleaded guilty after


two teenage boys were flying out of his flight `` ride. In July 2012 the


carriage of flipped over, one boy was seriously injured. William


Roberts admitted failing to ensure that the Cook meant was safe. He was


state `` find a ?6,000. The National watersports Centre in


Nottingham has reopened after a revamp costing more than six and a


half million pounds. It's not just for elite athletes. There are plenty


of attractions including a hybrid course, minigolf, cycling and Segway


higher. The work has taken 12 months to complete.


We have already seen local people coming in saying how improved it is.


The whole point was to make it more accessible. Previously, it was a


National Sports Centre. It's not elite. So many people in Nottingham


have not been here. We wanted to be a place that people can come and


enjoy themselves. A man who attacked the leader of a


seek spiritual movement with an axe in a Leicester Temple has been found


guilty of attempted needle `` the murder. He admitted he had been


consumed by hatred by a man loan by `` ring known by many as a leading


guru. He alleged the man had sexually abused as a child.


CCTV captures him by the biggest and scariest looking axe at a Leicester


store. Three days later the 27`year`old was seen walking to the


temple with the three foot axe concealed under a shawl. His target


was his Holiness, the world leader of the man Dari seeks who was in


Leicester as part of an official visit to the UK. He swung the axe


and cut his face and broke his arm. Someone who witnessed the attack


last August, because the moment it happened.


To season one job with an axe onto the stage. Everyone was up and


running to the stage to see if his Holiness was alive. To see someone


singing and act on his Holiness's head was frightening. The whole


community was crying. They also the crying. The children started


crying. The bank worker claimed he had been


strictly abused as HR world in India by the rigidly leader `` religious


leader in the 1990s. The guru repeatedly denied this. He said he


only intended to hurt him. The CPS said it was a vicious assassination


attempt on a defenceless man. Today at Birmingham Crown Court, he was


jailed for 17 years, nearly nine months on from the attack many of


the temple's conservation are still haunted by what they saw.


No one expected it, but it made a lot of young people very happy.


Prince Harry made an unannounced visit to a youth centre in


inner`city Nottingham. The prince joined children on the music and


film project in sedans. `` Saint Anne 's.


This is where the prince turned up completely out of the blue. Staff


were expected to meet officials from his charity, but Harry decided to


join them. He is no stranger here. Last he made an official royal visit


here. He was finalising plans to fund three years of youth work year.


Today, he came back for a private visit. At the garage across the


road, you can imagine how surprised they were. Paul and Anthony managed


to get in snaps. It was a bit of a shock. A massive


secret. It is not something you would expect to see when you come to


work in the morning. It was a bit of a surprise. I am told Harry spent a


good couple of hours here. He spent time with youngsters from Huntingdon


primary School, sitting on a film course and having a go on a bass


guitar. He also delivered on a promise to record some words for a


track of some local musicians. It's pretty clear that Harry is taking a


real interest in what is happening you tomorrow. McLaren and Redknapp.


Buxton, Keogh and grant. Barker and Derby full stop Derby berserker fans


too. Steve versus Harry at the world's


most famous stadium. The former England manager McLaren is ingrained


in Derby berserker history against Redknapp. He is the experienced,


wheeler dealer warhorse who need to go up. There is a lot of pressure on


Queens Park Rangers. We want to try to get back in the Premier League.


We want to win that game. It is the richest game in football. From


Sam Oldham, who goes into the team final on Saturday. A real chance of


medals there. There is also T20 cricket.


This is where the Going back almost 50 years. Johnny


Johnson rings the bell at Highfield School. He was a teacher here in the


1960s for five years after his wartime and post`war experience in


the RAF. He returned the Newark school to answer questions and today


berserker pupils. Speaking of his most famous moment in the legendary


Dambuster raid in 1943. What was it like being part of the cat must grow


`` dambusters? We didn't know what we were going to do all what the


target was until the day of the briefing. MUSIC PLAYS


Also there, the low flier who took part in the film.


60 feet, 30 tonne of aeroplane. That is low, it was exciting and


frightening. What it must have been like doing the real thing in the


dark and being shot at, I have no idea.


Afterward the school, parents and Jenny Johnson's former pupils


gathered outside and talked about his future book. Today it will never


be anything other than the school for me. It is absolutely awesome.


Yes, he is Dambusters a hero but he is my teacher. I have never


forgotten him. The highlight, a fly past by two RAF planes. Eight to


coat of Johnny's own wartime vintage. `` Dakota.


There is something else happening this weekend. There is a certain


football match happening. If you are going to support the rams, allow for


some extra rain and thundery showers. Even during the game. Full


coverage and commentary on the radio. It is of course another bank


holiday weekend. As you would expect, there will be some shout was


around and some sunshine. It will feel a little bit warm, especially


on Sunday. We got away with the fairly dry day today. There has been


a little bit of rain edging into parts of Leicestershire and


Derbyshire in the last few hours. There is a little bit of rain


around. Before that. Tearaway. Then, it would be largely dry. More in the


way of cloud pushing in from the south as we headed toward dawn.


Those of 10 Celsius. Tomorrow morning there will be heavy


rainfall. There is a yellow warning. Potential of 30 millimetres of rain.


Seth is what may be an issue. Here's rain arriving. Possibly thundery for


a time. It will clear away to the North. Behind it, every thundery


showers. Also some dry and bright spells. Feeling a little bit fresher


with 15 and 16 degrees. Sunday will be largely dry and bright in the


afternoon. Bank holiday Monday, just allow forces gathered to heavy


showers. Dry at times. Let's look at the history


of BBC TWO with me, Simon Schama.


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