25/05/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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an eagle in his final round to finish one ahead of Shane Lowry of


Ireland. And that is With your news now for the East


Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. The family of a teacher from


Leicestershire who is believed to have been murdered in Bali say they


are consumed by overwhelming grief. Anne`Marie Drozdz had only recently


arrived on the Indonesian island when she was found dead. Police in


Bali think her death could be linked to a robbery. A man's been arrested.


Emily Anderson reports. A bright, passionate and courageous


woman who was an unsung hero, just some of the words used to describe


Anne`Marie Drozdz.The 49`year`old teacher had been in Bali for five


days. Her body was found late on Thursday afternoon in the villa


where she had been staying in the tourist district of Ubud. Anne`Marie


grew up in Hinckley Leicestershire. Back home, her family say they are


struggling to deal with what has happened. You read about it and hear


about it, but you never expect it is going to happen to you and when it


does, it hits you like an express train. How has this left you


feeling? It is almost impossible to describe. You start to feel hollow.


You feel raw. You do not want to do the things that you normally do.


Anne`Marie taught in international schools all over the world. She had


gone to Bali to set up a social enterprise because she wanted to


improve the lives of young people on the island. She was courageous


because she did not choose the easy places to go and teach English. She


taught in some of the more remote parts of the world, as it seems to


us. And so, for all of that to go, it feels such a tragic waste of a


life. Anne`Marie's family say they want her body to be brought back to


the UK, with her final resting place in her home town of Hinckley, so


that she can be with her family and they can be with her.


The Prime Minister, David Cameron, was in Nottinghamshire again today,


this time an unannounced visit. He handed out leaflets in Bingham


before heading to Newark where next month voters will be choosing a


successor to Patrick Mercer. Now, making that process run smoothly is


all down to one man, as Quentin Rayner reports.


When this man made this announcement at Westminster... I'm going to


resign my seat in God's county of Nottinghamshire in the town of


Newark. ..this man knew that things were going to get hectic. I thought,


crikey, we're going to be busy and we're going to be in the spotlight.


The stakes are high in Newark. The Prime Minister has already been up


to support the Conservative candidate. UKIP is hoping to return


its first`ever MP to Parliament. It is down to Andrew Muter to mobilise


a team of 400 to staff more than 100 polling stations and deliver the


count, with all eyes on the constituency. It is daunting but


tremendously exciting as well. I love elections and being part of


them. I am really looking forward to it. Why? It is a great opportunity


to show Newark, to show democracy and to show the whole world how it


works. What I have here is the writ which commands me to hold the


election. Over on the rear side of it is where I will put the name of


the successful MP and return it to Parliament. Recounts permitting, the


result should be declared sometime after three o'clock in the morning


And here are the names of the 11 candidates standing in that


by`election next month. There was drama as thousands of


spectators cheered on Britain's top cyclists when the Milk Race returned


to Nottingham. Olympic champion Laura Trott was among the cyclists


competing in the elite women's race. However, the men's race was halted


for 40 minutes after a rider was injured in a collision. An off`duty


paramedic, who'd herself taken part in an earlier race, gave emergency


treatment. One of the unfortunate things that happen with racing, but


it is just one of those things. It is something you always feel that


you should do. If you're trained in that area, you will jump in and try


and do what you can. Definitely. In football, Derby County must play


another season in the Championship after losing 1`0 in this weekend's


play`off final at Wembley. The Rams fans leaving the famous stadium had


seen their side dominate QPR only to concede a goal in the very last


moments of play. It means they miss out on the Premiership and all its


riches. But supporters we spoke to were staying positive. It has been a


great day. Wembley is a fantastic place to go. QPR played well, we


played better. The best team lost today. Never mind. We were robbed.


QPR never even touched us. Never mind. All to do next year. At least


we play Forest again. We can beat them 5`0. One slip, that is it.


Over. Never mind, next season. To the weather. Let's see what's in


store for the Bank Holiday. Mel Coles has the details.


store for the Bank Holiday. Mel Coles Good evening. With the


exception of parts of Derbyshire, many places have seen drier,


brighter conditions today but the unsettled theme continues this week


and The Met Office has issued an early warning for rain on Tuesday.


Back to tonight, and many places enjoying decent spells of evening


sunshine. We will keep the clear skies as we head through the night


which may mean we see patches of mist and fog on Monday morning. Not


a cold night, though, with overnight lows of nine degrees. A decent start


the Bank Holiday Monday and good spells of sunshine around in the


morning. The cloud will increase as the day goes on and there will be


the risk of some showers which have the potential to be heavy. Decent


spells of dry weather as well and temperatures not doing too badly


either. Tuesday looks as though it will be turning wet.


Congratulations too to Keyworth's Sam Oldham, who has taken silver in


the high bar at the European Gymnastics Championships. More on


that, and from me, later than usual, at 10:55.


Good evening. Some of us had a pretty good soaking. It downpours


around with thunder and lightning. It wasn't so bad everywhere. The


satellite picture across the Midlands, East Anglia and the south


coast, the Isle of Wight. A beautiful end to the day. You can


see further west and north and that is where the storm clouds will


remain. Most of England through the cause of the night


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