28/05/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


The future of Newark hospital took centre stage


today with an intervention by Labour leader Ed Miliband


The town's become a magnet for the country's political leaders


as the parties battle it out in the run`up to next Thursday's vote.


Our political Editor John Hess has been speaking to Mr Milhband.


Doing the hospital rounds, the Labour leader Ed Miliband new


hospital today with his party's by`election candidate,


He met patients who praised the dedication of nursing staff


and then talked to nurses anxious about the pressures on the NHS


Newark used have its own Accident and Emergency unit but the NHS


decision to close it a few xears ago has been hugely controversial here.


People are deeply worried about the downgrading of the A here.


Labour is pledging a 48`hour access to the GP so you


That is good for health services, but it is also good


for the hospital as well because you get people coming here


So I think health is very mtch on the agenda and part of


It is the issue that promptdd Paul Bagley to stand


Health care is a labour`intensive business.


If you are not employing people to provide it,


the service must be being ctt and that is what is happening.


We need more doctors and nurses working in the hospital


It is also the issue for the Conservative candidate.


Today, William Hague was the latest minister to be sden


By`elections are hard work, I was elected in one, so we take


It was market day in Newark today, but the weather was so awful that


there were more TV crews and politicians than shoppers.


This may have been an unseasonably cold day, btt


in Europe it is getting polhtically hot and it is the issue of the NHS


Next tonight ` binge drinking by students.


Two East Midlands universities are taking part in a Government`backed


pilot project targeting alcohol abuse among undergraduates.


The aim is to reduce booze`fuelled crime


A busy union bar at the University of Nottingham


And while these students may know their limits, a pilot schemd backed


by the Government and National Union of Students is targeting


It will encourage them to t`ke the right action.


And it requires this to give them the lead.


What they're doing is to ensure alcohol is a sensible part of life


And it is this kind of behaviour that


Residents close to Loughborough University havd


complained in the past about late`night student disruptions.


The University is also involved in the pilot.


A lot of these issues are that students are coming home


So we will be looking at making sure they are not as drunk as they


are and the consequences thdy can have related to those behaviours.


Ideas include promoting healthier lifestyle choices,


tackling alcohol`fuelled sttdent initiation ceremonies and pub crawls


Those behind the scheme hope it will promote healthier attitudes to


Around 2,000 new jobs could be created at a Leicestershire


When Chartez won at Haydock, six winners out of six.


I couldn't believe I had done it. We have had another disappointing


I couldn't believe I had done it. for thunder. Temperatures tomorrow,


weekend. My colleague John Hammond will have your national details


right now. Hello. Some of us had a nice day.


Others of you will be wondering if the sun will ever shine again. It's


been another cloudy and damp day across many parts of the country. No


more so than across the heart of northern England, where, through the


heart of the day, with persistent


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