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the better the chance of a rather wet and chilly day.


This is East Midlands Today. Tonight ` a city calls time on


spiralling levels of truancy. Forget church moves and railway


lines. Thieves have taken his crime is a stretch further.


Rescued from a garden shed. Remarkable footage from a World War


I munitions factory. And relaxing now, in a few moments


time, Carl Froch talks to me about his super fight.


Good evening and welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight, we can


reveal that thousands of fines have been issued to parents whose


children have played truant so far this school year. In one city


there's been a steep rise. Pupils at schools in Nottingham are among the


worst in the country for truancy. From today the city council wants


schools to take a 'zero tolerance' approach with a tough message to


parents ` if your child is not in school, you are breaking the law,


and could face prison. Jo Healey reports from Bulwell Academy.


Although it is one of the worst schools for truancy in Nottingham,


many want to be here. If I have 100%


attendance, I know employers have a high chance of employing me. I am


always at school to get my work done so I can get a good grade on my


GCSE. And this school year, they have been taking a tough line on


truancy. Our attendance has risen by over 1%. And persistent absentees


have gone down by 6%. I can only think that what the council is doing


will support what we are doing as a school. Nottingham has slumped to


150th out of 152 local authorities in the country's school attendance


table. The people of Nottingham would


expect us not to be near the bottom of the league table. We do have


issues, but not more than the rest of the country. We would like to see


more improvements. There have been some but we


we would like to step that up. They are doing


it by talking to youngsters in schools, out in the street. All


staff, council or the police can challenge youngsters. Parents are


being fined and ultimately face prison. It


is a legal duty for every young person to attend school every day


unless they are too unwell to do so. That


is our expectation in Nottingham. I will not apologise for


using fines. At the end of last year, seven of


Nottingham's secondary schools, that is half of them, were put into


special measures. One of Ofsted's key


issues was poor attendance. Now, the council is hoping that the zero


tolerance approach will bring more pupils back into schools and keep


them there. So, is this to do with people taking


their children out of school because it was go on holiday, because it is


cheaper? But some of these absences are children going out of school


behind their parents' back. Some parents let their children stay out


of school because they are tired, even because they want to go on a


shopping trip. For a lot of these children, their education is really


suffering. How big is a problem is it? You can see from these figures


from the Department for Education. There were more than 3,500


"unauthorised absences" in the Autumn term alone. Now a lot of


those children's parents were fined as a result. In Leicester, they've


issued more than 2,000 fixed penalties since last Summer. With


over 600 more across Leicestershire and Rutland. The councils in Derby


City and Derbyshire both handed out more than 800 fines. And there were


over 400 more, across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. All for children


missing school without permission. And how much are people being fined?


Well it can all add up. Those fixed penalty notices are for ?120. If


that doesn't work, they prosecute you. And then fine you up to ?2,500.


So they're taking this very seriously. And if your children do


miss school, there's a good chance miss school, there's a good chance


it'll cost you. Pupils across the East Midlands


returned to the classroom today after the half term break, but not


at a school in Leicester. Parks Primary has been forced to shut


because thieves have stolen pipes cutting off the water supply. Around


130 feet of copper piping has been taken. Emily Anderson reports.


When staff arrived at school this morning, this is not what they


expected to find. During half term, thieves climbed onto the roof using


this ladder. They damage the doors into the roof space. Here, above the


school reception, they stole 131 feet of copper piping, ripping out


all the copper they could find. The pipe supply the water to the school,


so there was no option but to close. It is extremely frustrating. You are


ready to learn, and you have to close because we have no water going


into the toilet. It is not clear at this stage how much the piping is


worth, but ?2 of copper normally spells `` normally sells for about


?2 50. Police are saying they are investigating the theft and work is


going on to get the water supply back on. All the staff can do is


wait. There is nothing sadder than an empty classroom for a


headteacher. Your job is about teaching children and we have not


been able to do that. Just because of a bit of mindless damage and only


a small amount gained for the criminals. But a massive problem for


the school. The damage is still being assessed, but because there is


no water here at the school, it will have to remain closed. Staff hope


they can reopen by the end of the week.


We will be we will be talking to Carl later on, life.


Join me for the details of the weather later on in the programme.


In Leicester family is calling for improvements after a man died on his


way home. A man died after swerving. His


family said the road is blighted by speeding drivers.


At the moment, he has 3463 people who have paid their respects.


Tributes have flooded in for the popular doorman who died on his way


home from work eight days ago. Those people that are put there to beat on


Facebook, it has helped me. It has really helped me through one of the


worst times of my entire life. He was a wonderful dad, devoted. He was


one of the most well loved, well`respected person, Dorman that


you could ever wish to meet. He hit the curb, we think you then lost


control. He has come up this drop curbs and then he has had the post.


He has then continued on and fell in the hedge further on. Cheryl is


trying to work out why her partner swerved off the road. The


44`year`olds died from head injuries. It is is heartbreaking for


us as a family. We want to know why it happened. We may not ever know.


This is the second death on this stretch of road in two months.


Dale's family says it needs to be made safer. We don't think you just


came off. We think he was overtaken. It has got to be made slower. It is


too much of a fast road. A County Council spokesman said it would be


inappropriate to comment at this stage. Meanwhile, this family


1000 people are expected to attend. 1000 people are expected to attend.


A car park, badly damaged in Derby has been reopened. The 70 rooms have


also been reopened. There has been rebuilding work and it should open


again in the middle of this month. The council want to look at all


options for the main venue including its demolition. It could be months


before any decision is made on the venue's future.


Another major part of Nottingham railway station has been reopened.


`` has been opened. The main concourse is the part which will


link to the car park. It will also link to the extended tram system. It


is part of ?1 million that of a multi`million pound station


overhaul. A sixth defendant accused of


murdering a family of four in a botched arson attack says he lied to


police because of fear. Jackson Powell said he was scared to put his


family in danger if he named the man who he believed was in danger. The


family killed was in Leicester. On trial for murder, Jackson Powell


joined his co`accused in blaming Tristan Richards. To be fatal fire


at Woodhill in Leicester last September. The 20`year`old said he


was outside the terraced house when he saw 23 older Richards pour petrol


over the front door. The prosecution claim it was a revenge attack, but


on the wrong house. It killed a woman and T3 teenage children.


Powell, who had spent a few years in the Army was due to start a business


degree at University. The jury heard he cried in police interviews


because he said he had no idea there would be a fire. His barrister asked


him, why do you lie about two movements that night? Powell


replied, I was trying to distance myself from the situation and from


what I have seen, knowing what at least one of my co`defendants was


capable of, I did not want to put myself or my family at risk. Jackson


Powell said he was so frightened, he initially did not give police


Tristan Richards' name. He said he feared it would put him or his


family in serious danger because Richards had a big repetition. He


said he had heard he had stabbed people and owned guns. That is


something that Tristan Richards has consistently denied. Powell denies


four charges of murder as to all the other defendants.


Now, turn around in Europe these days, `` in Newark, these days and


you are likely to bump into someone who run the country. The Prime


Minister is in town but he was not the only big beast. You might have


found the Shadow Chancellor Today's electioneering destination,


you're a's biggest employer, this distribution centre. Prime Minister,


your fourth visit in Newark in a few weeks, you must be particularly


concerned? Farage said that he thought they


were 80% of the way to getting the swing they need to win. That would


open the door to getting the balance of power in the general election


next year. No Nigel Farage in town today, perhaps a good thing with one


stallholder willing to sell eggs for 50p a throw. It was of a laugh


today, a bit of a farce. But it certainly put Newark on the map. And


the high`profile nature of the Prime Minister's visit did not deter one


man from showing his entrepreneurial visit. Have you heard of the


cashback for any television over ?1700?


And many candidates are standing in the by`election. He is a list of all


11 standing on Thursday. taken. Emily Anderson reports.


Well, here he is. The man of the moment. Carl Froch. On Saturday


night he took on George Groves in front of 80,000 at Wembley and


millions around the world on television. A grudge match. A score


Have you absorb what you were part of, Carl Froch? I do. Reality hits


me in the morning. I had one decent night's sleep. Wembley Stadium,


80,000, phenomenal. It will take a bit longer than a couple of days to


sink in. Let's reflect on it ourselves. There is a fight, on DVD.


We will have more from Carl in a few moments. Let's relive it.


Groves. One punch from the champion which settled this feud once and for


all. Wembley was simply electric as Carl Froch and Groves came


face`to`face. The time for talking was done. Time to finish business.


With so much at stake, Little wonder the opening rounds were cagey. No


clue as to what was to come. Round eight started slowly but finished in


breathtaking style. A stunning finale from the world champion with


his devastating right hook. Groves has been knocked out! He has


successfully followed those world titles and settled a score with


George Groves. He's promised to deliver and did so in some style


here at Wembley. That is the biggest occasion I have been


involved in, boxing wise. And the biggest I will be involved in for


the next 20 years. This means everything to me in terms of my


Boxing career. I can't wait to tell my kids what I did last night. He


demolished groves and proved his doubters wrong. His latest title


defence, his most satisfying. I would have had to listen to the


whole saga for the rest of my life if I did not give in the rematch. I


gave him the pasting he is in good health. But he had that coming. It


was amazing, one punch and he was gone. The best results! You not out,


we knew you would do it. It job well done, time for the people who does


it all for. They are my family. They mean the world mean the world to me.


I would give up all this fame and fortune for them. I do know how you


give `` I do know how you cope with all this, Carol. Beforehand, it was


like the world was on my shoulders. But he has won the world title. I'm


so pleased. Was that a proposal for Rachel? Sort of. I went down on my


knees. I said, will you marry me, Rachel. So ring shopping for you


next time. He got down on one knee and said Rachel, I did have a ring,


but will you marry me! You can't say no in front of 20,000 `` 80,000, can


you? Exactly. No wonder he called the greatest night of his life as


the boxing world was witness to a great champion on the best night of


his life. everything to me in terms of my


Some other sports news quickly. Mansfield's sidecar racing Birchall


Brothers have suffered a spectacular crash at the Isle of Man TT Races.


They were trying to build on last year's win but hit a wall at


extraordinary speeds. Somehow they both walked away ` but driver Ben


Birchall suffered a broken hand and That will be the end of it for this


year. So, Carl will that be the end of


boxing for this year? It will be have `` it will have to be something


really big to get the motivation. I'm not a young athlete, but I'm


still young enough to do what I need to do. I have proven that. I have


box nearly ten years. I am not 46, I'm 36 but I am towards the end of


my career. I have been a professional for 12 years. I need to


be drawn in by something big. What is going to be bigger than the


Wembley Stadium, the National Stadium? The only thing that takes


the box will be something I've never done before in my career. And that


is, boxing in Las Vegas. The public will follow you, one day? I know,


I'm looking forward to trip and I will enjoy it. Actual former club,


they are so behind you. The supporters phenomenal. They spend


their hard and money to travel and support me. I like to think I


entertain them and give them value. I put it all on the line. I don't


give half a performance. I make sure that when I'm in there, I leave


everything in the ring, heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears if


necessary. You don't sound like a man who is ready to walk away from


this. I love the game so much, I love every aspect of it. The


training can be hard, brutal at times. I put my body through it. But


when I have a couple of weeks off, I know what my mind is like. I have a


bag in the garage and I punch of the bag every morning. I enjoyed


training. I enjoy the physicality of it. Some people would have been


scared of the other night, but I enjoy it. The bigger the better. I


will miss the game if I walk away from it. While I can do it, I will.


The public would love to see it. Carl, a true champion and a true


warrior. Remarkable new footage from World


War One has been discovered in a garden shed in Long Eaton. The film


contains images of the men and women who filled artillery shells with


high explosives at Chilwell near Nottingham. It was uncovered by the


BBC during the making of a film with Kate Adie which is broadcast this


evening. Faces of women doing dangerous work.


According to the factories to produce dangerous shells which would


win the war. Many would die within the year of the shot when a huge


blast tore apart the building where the explosive was `` the explosives


were being mixed. 139 died and hundreds more were injured and few


could be identified. The newly discovered film shows women working


with the explosives. This is one of the most important films I've seen


in many years at the museum. It is a major find. This film was discovered


when the BBC tracked down one of the families of the 1918 explosion.


Pleased to meet you, come in. Joe Trude Coseley died, leaving behind


four children. `` Gertrude died. The family were left behind. This was in


a jumble sale. My aunt put it in the loft of the building she lived in.


Then when we knew it was nitrate film, we realise it could be


inflammable. So his nephew took possession of it and put it in his


shed. And here it is. Rescued from a leaking garden shed in Long Eaton.


Clearly showing the chill bar factory. Nitrate film is highly


dangerous because it can combust and if I cannot be extinguished. A


specialist courier to give from the BBC in Nottingham to the payroll War


Museum at Duxford. Six months later, Peter was able to see what the


experts had found. Basically a film which has had water damage. As it


came out of the shed, it seemed so gummed together, I thought they


would never be able to undo it. The negative was also found. It is


planned to restore the film by combining the two. The film has been


damaged by rainwater and technology has been used to copy it so it can


be seen. This is a really exciting discovery for us. Very rarely have


we had discoveries like this. This factory had very important part to


play in the war effort. The family hope that eventually they may be


able to find Gertrude in the restored footage. We may find her.


She's very distinctive. She could be in there somewhere. The story of the


munitions factories and how the women who worked in them helped win


World War I can be seen in BBC One in the East Midlands tonight at 7:30


p.m.. That is well worth a watch. As


indeed is the weather! Difficult to pin down any details.


Low pressure to the north and east in the UK. A weak one but not


influencing us too much. Some more persistent rain heading our way on


Wednesday but it is a picture of not all doom and gloom. We saw some


lovely sunshine this morning. Cloud increasing into the afternoon. Some


evening sunshine around but also a line of showers off to the west.


They will push their way in this evening. A cloudy night with bits


and pieces of rain around. Turning misty. Some hill fog around. A murky


night and a muggy one. 13 degrees or 40 degrees. It will feel quite


humid. Tomorrow morning, we start of the white grey and misty. Some rain


around first thing in the morning. Cloud. To break out in the


afternoon. `` cloud will start to break up in the afternoon. Light


winds tomorrow and feeling pleasant enough. We will get attacked from


the South with an area of low pressure on Thursday `` on Wednesday


and Thursday afternoon. It will be quite wet on Wednesday.


Stop saying summer is here because it has not quite arrived! Excellent.


..then... ..he landed...


..and in a flurry of feathers, they were gone.


But that isn't quite the end of the story.


Perhaps you'll dream of a great adventure.


'I'm going on an adventure.' Wow.


That is a long way. Quite a bit of it is on bikes.


What are you going to do about your hair?


They told me I had good technique, I'm quite happy with that.


Is this the most adventurous thing you've ever done? Without a doubt.


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