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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies. Good


evening. A hospital trust which is struggling to find the right people


to fill vacancies is offering cash incentives to staff who can help


solve the problem. The Stamford and Peterborough Hospitals Trust has


been to Italy, Romania and Spain to tackle a shortage of nurses. Now its


own workers are being offered a reward of up to ?350 if they can


find suitable recruits. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


means there will be 100 and nursing posts unfilled. The Royal College of


Nursing says it all seems a bit desperate. We will attract staff and


nurses to the hospital. There will be opportunities for training, key


sorts of factors which attract people in. The trust points out it


costs people ?1000 to take on each nurse in the UK when you take into


account things like their fears. So it offers value for money. A scout


troop's been left to pick`up the pieces after the fifth break`in in


three years. Police are now investigating after a gang raided


the group's huts on an island in the Trent. The scouts say they're


devastated and will have to start fundraising all over again. Jo


Healey reports. We are now approaching Barton Island. Around 30


young people aged between ten and 18 come here every week to learn


rowing, camping, surviving stills `` surviving skills. They have a great


time and learn a lot but not any more. There is equipment has been


stolen. The cut the lock off and we find equipment had been stolen. A


lawn more, a generator, a brass bell. It is the fundraising we do


with the children, it is the children it affects more than he. It


is their island. The equipment belongs to the children. It makes me


angry. You could not fathom out why they would want to do it to a group


of children. Last year we saw how the Sea Scouts helped by army


reservists built up their shelter. Now this has happened. They loaded


the boards up, put all the equipment in it and went with it. While the


police are investigating, the Scouts are fundraising again. On time and


on budget. Derby's velodrome is set to open in the New Year and already


it's being tipped as a very fast track suitable for setting world


records. Jeremy Nicholas reports. 26 miles of narrow wooden planks,


enough to stretch from Derby to Leicester, nailed together and all


on schedule. We are on budget and on time. The quality of workmanship is


superb and we are delighted, it has gone like a rain. We are going to


Spanish `` finish off the sporting field. `` gone like a dream. Over on


the far side there will be gym facilities which can be used through


the day. There is a netball and basketball area. That might be used


for rock and pop concerts, Arena staff. The main seating area is just


there. Because of the type of timber it is and where it comes from, being


in Siberia it grows really slowly because of the temperature. 255,000


meals are put in by hand. We are not allowed to use a nail gun. It will




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