04/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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East Midlands Ambulance service, which has come under attack


for failing to hit response times, has received an offer of help from


The students from Nottingham University are the first


in the country to operate an inner city First Responders' scheme.


The volunteers, who are trained in basic first aid, will provide


assistance in both Derby and Nottingham until paramedics arrive.


Last week we responded to a cardiac arrest and the patient ended up


responding to us. That is great. Finally, Derbyshire County


Councillors will now have to reveal It's been agreed that councillors


will need to declare their membership of certain groups


including the freemasons. The Conservatives say it's


about prejudice. They've compared


the situation faced by Freemasons to that experienced by ANC members


in South Africa during apartheid. That is your news and it is goodbye


from me but here's your weather forecast.


It has been a disappointing day for June but it looks more brighter


tomorrow. As we go through this evening, it is a cloudy evening with


further outbreaks of rain. They start to become light as we head


towards dawn. It is not a cold night with temperatures around 10 Celsius.


It is a damp start but the rain will fizzle out quite quickly and


eventually the cloud will break. By the afternoon, I am hopeful we will


see some decent spells of sunshine. Temperatures respond to around 18


Celsius. Friday, it looks like it is going to be a dry and unsettled day


but humans. Here is the outlook. couple of days. You may have just


heard the mention of the risk of storms at the weekend in regional


forecasts. That depends on how this cloud in the Atlantic interacts with


humid air developing over the rest of Europe. Today has been a pretty


wet Wednesday across many areas. We have an area of rain pushing briefly


across southern counties of England. In between there is occasional rain


and drizzle. The driest weather will reach Northern Ireland and Wales


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