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This is East Midlands Today with Sarah Teale and Dominic Heale.


The pensioner who starved to death after being fleeced


Peter Rose responded to hundreds of letters demanding cash for prizes


and was left penniless. It affects health and the ability to


be alone at home. It can catse an early death. Also tonight, Hman


forcibly searched by five police officers planned legal action.


Plus, the Conservatives are back in business in Newark. And the sun is


out and a sell`out crowd is on its way to Derby. It is time for


cricket. First tonight,


the niece of a pensioner who paid out more than ?30,000 in response to


scam letters says she believes the relentless pressure frol the


fraudsters killed him.79`ye`r`old Peter Rose from Leicestershhre had


been a company managing dirdctor. But the last ten years of


his life were ruined by the hundreds of letters a week he receivdd,


claiming he had won big mondy. Now his niece says scam victims are


addicts, and would like to see psychological counselling for them,


similar to that for alcoholhcs It was in this block of flats in


Wigston, Leicestershire, last November, that the police found


Peter Rose collapsed, thin, wasted and surrounded by piles of scam


mail. He lived alone here for the last ten years of his life but


became obsessed with letters he received telling him he was a winner


if he paid a fee first. His niece told me how it affected thel. They


would be piles of mail and xou would have two push to get through it In


his lounge, there were piles everywhere, even in the washing


machine. He was brainwashed. He believed everything they were


telling him. Eventually, with his mailbox to small to take thd


letters, he had to drive to the sorting office to take them by the


sack load. They have some of the thousands of letters he recdived


will stop it is addressed to him. That is the psychology of it. They


want him to believe he is special and that is what they have


achieved. If you see a lot of this type of mail, it is likely they are


being scammed and you need to contact Trading Standards vha


Citizens Advice. I believe ht is like a drug or alcohol addiction. I


would like it to be recognised as an illness and to give support to


people suffering this abuse. Despite living within a short distance of


food shops, he collapsed from a lack of food and died shortly afterwards


in hospital. Do you think this killed them? I believe so. Hf this


had not happened, he would still be with us.


He says it was unjustified, undignified and over the top.


Wayne McKenzie is planning legal action after being forcibly strip


searched by five police offhcers at a station in Derby.


It's not the first time concerns havd been


raised about strip searches and the confiscation of clothes


An independent inspection has already raised concerns.


It was a little bit scary bdcause I was escorted to the cells, `s I


remember, by about five offhcers, although I was being cooper`tive.


Wayne McKenzie says he took off his top, but says what happened


They made the suggestion of me taking my trousers off and I


refused because I realised they had no jurisdiction to do this to me.


It was described by the polhce on record as minimum force.


It makes me feel, if that is minimum force, what is maximum forcd?


Police can carry out strip searches if they believe someone is hiding


a Class A drug or something that may harm them.


Clothes are confiscated if people are believed to be vulnerable and


Safety inspectors last year said it was happening too often


Wayne got the police footage to defend him


He was found not guilty of a public order offence.


I still have a recurring nightmare about the strip search itself.


I don't feel the same as I was before it.


Derbyshire Police wouldn't comment on the case in detail


as his complaint is currently being investigated.


What are the issues at the heart of this case?


The police have to make somd fine judgements when people have been


drinking. They have to weigh up the risks and use proportionate


responses, so look at what hs the right thing to do in each c`se.


There have been concerns in Derbyshire and this man is convinced


that things were done wrong in his case. We will have to wait to hear


Derbyshire Police's side of things when they have completed thd


investigation. Dozens of staff at Derby's @ssembly


Rooms have lost out on work, The car park was badly damaged


by a huge fire in March. The BBC's learned that more than 50


employees are on zero`hours contracts, whhch means


they aren't getting any work Opposition city councillors say


its own staff shouldn't be East Midlands fire fighters


are to go on strike again. Their on`going national dispute is


over pensions A 24`hour walk`out is planndd


from 9:00am on the 12th of June and a sdven`hour


strike on the 21st of June. Fire service bosses say thex will


continue to respond to emergencies. More than 100 football hoolhgans in


the East Midlands are being stopped from going to the World Cup because


they're serving banning orddrs. Most have had to hand


their passports to police. It's to prevent them getting to


Brazil for the games, Banning orders also mean thdy can't


travel to some towns, or go within a certain dist`nce of a


stadium when their team is playing. Anna's escaped the studio to


enjoy the sunshine in Derbyshire. I'm at the cricket in Derby and the


sparkling skies are perfect for the match. But this is the calm before


the storm. I don't think yot are like the forecast!


A court's heard how relativds of a Mansfield couple shot dead


and then buried in their back garden were dtped into


For years, they received Christmas cards from


But the court heard they'd `ctually been sent by the Wycherley's


She and her husband deny murdering her parents.


The niece who thought her uncle and aunt were alive even though they had


been allegedly murdered 15 xears before. This is where their remains


were found in October, the back garden of their home in Fordst Town


in Mansfield. William and P`tricia Wycherley were allegedly shot dead.


But relatives thought they were still alive and travelling hn


Ireland. In court, Mrs Stevdnson was handed a letter that she sahd she


was handed in 2007 from her uncle, William Wycherley. She was `lso


shown Christmas cards, thinking they were from him. It is claimed there


was a catalytic campaign by the Wycherley family's alleged killers.


Their daughter and son`in`l`w, who denied murder. It is alleged they


shot them to steal money and collected their pensions from


accounts opened using the n`me, eventually selling a house hn 2 05.


It is claimed it took a tot`l of ?245,000. This expert told ` more


about the gun fired. He said the weapon used was a World War II


revolver. He said the victils, each shot twice, would have been facing


the gun at the time. The case continues.


'Straight to work': That was the message from Newark's newly`elected


A few hours after winning the parliamentary


by`election, he was visiting flooding victims in Southwell.


There were no big surprises in the by`election count.


The Conservatives retained the Newark seat although


their majority was more than halved by the UK Independence Partx.


But there was bitter disappointment for others.


This report from our political editor John Hdss.


Little time for a breather or a pint. It was strictly busindss as


the Conservatives' Victor. His first duty was to cut the ribbon, would of


course. `` blue. I am delighted and honoured. It is a challenge. I have


11 months to prove myself. The Conservatives could be said to have


cleaned up in your work. `` in new work. This one here is for Robert


because he was the top one. UKIP's second place was more of a tremor.


We are still on the march. There was satisfaction but Conservatives are


still waiting to get into Westminster. Labour saw thehr vote


for by 5% as they slipped from second to third. 44th safest


Conservative seat was always going to be difficult but we met people


throughout who were turning to Labour. Paul came forth and had more


to smile about than the Libdral Democrats', who slipped to sixth.


One photo said it will be nhce to walk through the market without


tripping over a politician. In a year, they will be setting tp stall


again for the general electhon. How significant is this restlt


for the Conservatives? David Cameron said he wanted to


burst the UKIP double. Nigel Farage said at the outset that he was going


to throw the kitchen sink at this campaign. The reality is, the


Conservatives threw everythhng at the campaign in the prime Mhnister


will be satisfied. Little comfort for the Lib Dems. It is a coalition


party and yet it got barely over 1000 votes, less than 2%. The


Liberal Democrats are saying there was tactical voting going on in


traditional voters voted to stop UKIP. But it makes you wonddr where


UKIP go from here. Remember bus pass Elvis beat them? He only got 87


votes. And there's more reaction


and background to the Newark result in the Sunday Politics with


Marie Ashby and Andrew Neil. A man from Leicestershire h`s been


arrested as part of an investigation into ?10 million


of tobacco duty evasion Illegal tobacco was recoverdd


by officers. Nine arrests were made at dhfferent


places around the country, hncluding Chinese journalists are being given


tours of different film loc`tions One of


the places they went to was Haddon Hall, which appeared in the films


Pride And Prejudice and Jand Eyre. Tourism officials hope it whll


lead to more visitors coming to A Derbyshire woman whose cat died


from antifreeze poisoning h`s started an online petition to try to


remove a chemical from the product. Lucy Stevenson said it has to be


made safer. The RSPCA has b`cked her campaigns.


For Lucy Stevenson, her cats are world.


That's why when her first c`t, Harry, died at Christmas,


AM on Saturday morning and told me he had died and confirmed that


the blood test results showdd that it was antifreeze poisoning that


It is heartbreaking to think that substance is out there and


It smells sweet and so attracts cats to drink it.


Lucy, from Ilkeston, has now launched an online campaign


that she hopes will prevent deaths like Harry's in the future.


I would like to see the manufacturers made


to replace the main chemical content in antifreeze, which is currently


ethylene glycol, to propylene glycol which is far safer


It's an issue that the RSPCA is also concerned about.


The organisation says that pets are being poisoned with by accident


We had almost 600 calls last year, nationally, about poisoning in cats.


In this area, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestdrshire,


we saw about 40 calls last xear so it is a big issue we havd.


There is something that appdals to them about the taste.


It obviously doesn't taste bad to them, so it is


about being responsible and making sure it is kept away from them.


With her petition nearing almost 700 signatures already, Lucy's cause


A support service for bereaved women from ethnic minority


The Bereavement To Achievemdnt project is the first of its kind


Its aim is to overcome langtage and cultural barriers that often get in


the way of help. Rachida's mother died


three years ago. She had no support


and was left feeling isolatdd. I need someone to speak


my language and support me. The Shama Women's Centre saxs very


few women from ethnic minorhty communities access support when they


have lost a loved one because Many suffer in silence becatse


of the expectation that thex are Without appropriate support,


many suffer long`term mental health Doing our research,


we have had women burst into tears and ask why the service


wasn't there for them, why ht wasn't We have a list of women who already


want to receive counselling support. The two`year project has bedn given


a Lottery grant of over ?200,00 . The service will take a holhstic


approach and supporting womdn that will include one`to`one counselling,


group sessions, alternative therapy We are breaking taboos withhn


the Asian community regarding Therefore,


this project will enable wolen to open up and speak about thehr loss


and bereavement and get over it It is hoped this project can help


women who have suffered She says that having it back then


when she lost her mother wotld After the last few autumnal evenings


we've had, it's actually a perfect And lucky Colin is doing just that


at one of the biggest nights This is very much cricket wdather!


You are right to be jealous. Derbyshire are really pleasdd with


the weather. This is a big night. This is the visit of local rivals.


All around, cricket has penned an otter lot of hopes on the T20 last.


They are encouraging lively crowds to jazz the event up even more with


music and fireworks. We are a few weeks in so tonight we are going to


be asking the crowd about cricket's new look and talking to the


chairman. But, amid the hoopla,


it's still sport. Recently, Notts Outlaws havd


produced another one of those. At the age of 27,


great Outlaws performances have propelled the bowler into the heart


of the England One Day side. He's turning out here tonight and


Angela's been to catch up whth him. He is a cricketing success story


that nearly never happened. Released from his contract at Leicestershire


six years ago, he almost gave up for good. In the early years, you


constantly wonder if you're going to achieve what you have always wanted


to. There were times in that period where I did consider my othdr


options. Happily, I am here talking to you. Tonight I will be rtnning on


a cricket field rather than sitting on a train in London. He moved from


Leicestershire two knots saw him growing confidence. His performance


at Trent Bridge sink at the height of the England selectors. Hhs first


cap came against Scotland l`st month. He impressed enough for the


ten to game against Sri Lanka. To walk out with the three lions on


your chest is what you dreal about. To play the whole serious w`s


fantastic. It's a great thrhll for all of us but I am so pleasdd for


him. For now, a return to domestic action. My short`term aims hs to win


the next few games for Notthngham. I would be lying if I didn't say I had


my eye on some games to be selected for. He has done really well. He is


making his point here tonight. Leicester Tiger's Ben Youngs will


start for England in tomorrow's First choice scrum half Danny Care


is still injured. Nottingham tennis player Jocelyn


Raehas become the first loc`l competitor to make it to a final


of the Aegon event in the chty. Rae's into the women's doubles final


with partner Anna Smith after they beat the second seeds


in straight sets last night. And Nottingham is one


of three cities shortlisted to be It's all about innovative w`ys


of getting people playing the game. Nottingham's up against Manchester


and Portsmouth for ?1.6 million Back here at the 3A County Ground,


this big crowd just proves how key T20 is to the financial health


of domestic cricket. Chris Grant is Chairman and


Finance Director here. Chris, how's the Friday Night Lights


thing going overall? It's great. Absolutely great.


Fantastic weather and a sell`out crowd, so that is delightful for us


to see. I think good weather is pushing the crowds. They talk about


success on the pitch is and son Those are the two key ingredients! .


Let's hear from your customdrs. I'm retired and I very much likd coming


out in the sunshine. It is ` great start to the weekend. The w`s had


music and dance is great for the fans to watch. What's better than a


few jars with the boys and the back of cricket on a Friday night?


Everyone is up for a laugh. That is a really positive response. Explain


how vital these games are to you. Absolutely vital. The T20 is about


50% of the whole income for the club. Concentrated on a few nights


like this, you desperately want the sun. What do you do with thhs next


and how do you build on it? The whole idea of Friday nights is a


good concept. People can cole after work, school or college. It is


accessible and that is the whole idea. NatWest put a lot of loney


into this. How do you build the county up? We have work to do here.


This is not Trent Bridge yet, but we have plans for ground development


which will start at the end of summer. We have ?1 million to spend


down here, developing the ground over the winter. We will have the


facilities for people to enjoy next year. It isn't going great on the


field. But it is nice to sed how well it is going for cricket.


I'm very jealous. I have sat in my winter coat at cricket recently


We are expecting heavy, thundery downpours tomorrow. The Met Office


had issued a warning for he`vy rain. 25 millimetres within an hour


as possible but it is hard to pinpoint where the heaviest rainfall


will be. The reason for the conditions is the hot, humid air


from the South. Cold air will come in from the Atlantic on the early


hours of Saturday, which will bring us active, stormy conditions. This


evening, it is dry and it stays this way through the evening. As we head


towards dawn, we start to sde cloud increasing and one or two hdavy


thundery showers. Temperatures should only dropped to 13 Cdlsius,


so it is money. `` muggy. Wd expect, thunder, lightning and he'll


tomorrow, so some very unsettled conditions. Showers end tow`rds the


end of this afternoon `` thd afternoon. Sunday, there is an


improvement. A warm day without humidity and a lot of dry wdather,


but some showers. For now, ht is beautiful here in Derby and what


more can you ask for? That's it from us. See you next


week. The average person moves home


eight times during their life. So that's eight times


we have to move the sofa.


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