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degrees. It is that little bit cooler through the weekend, but the


weather is looking pretty This is East Midlands Today with


Anne Davies and me Quentin Rayner. For the first time firefighters go


on strike for 24 hours over pension changes. Firefighters working until


the late 50s is putting people's lives at risk. A man denies gunning


down his parents`in`law in cold blood for their money.


Out on badger patrol, a teal setting out to prove that vaccination is


better than Carling. We havd cage traps anyway so if you are to bring


those in I may as well go in and vaccinate.


The World Cup begins today `nd for the first time goal`line technology


will be used and these guys have been testing it all works


accurately. At 9:00 this morning, firefhghters


across the They are still on strike tonight


in the latest escalation It's the 13th time they've been


on strike and this one, In a moment we'll be talking to


their representative and asking him what the firdfighters


think the strikes will achidve. But first let's hear


from our reporter Helen Astle who's been following the strike all day


and is this evening at Good evening. These are members of


Green watch to have been on strike all day. In the next half an hour


there will be a shift changd and more firefighters will take over.


For those people manning thd fire engines it has been a quiet day In


Nottinghamshire there have been nine incidents that they have attended


and here in Leicestershire there have been three. In Derbyshhre there


were all so three. A photograph shows farm buildings on fird near


Ashbourne this afternoon. The blaze was fought by around a dozen


reservists who were trained before the first strike. It was at 9am this


morning that firefighters phcked up their placards and walked ott of


their stations. Contingency plans to cover emergencies were put hnto


place. Normally we would have 3 fire engines and at the momdnt we


have seven and we will remahn at seven throughout the 24 hours of the


strike. On top of that we do not have the ability to mobilisd our


specialist appliances so thd platforms that can go up in some of


the specialist pumping vehicles so we are down to a skeleton


contingency arrangement. At the clock tower in Leicester melbers of


the Fire Brigades Union staged a rally to raise awareness of their


fight. Members of the public had mixed views. Obviously we are really


supportive and the firefighters do a great job. They are wonderftl man


but I do not have much symp`thy for the strike. I think they ard


entitled to a good pension but I am not so happy about them being on


strike. What they do is quite admirable so I definitely stpport


them. Judaism the 13th strike in the long`running dispute and thdre is no


sign of it being resolved. H am not optimistic about an early rdsolution


because this has gone on so long and we are now on the 13th industrial


action period so that is not good news. The chief fire officer for


Nottinghamshire has this advice Please take extra care in what you


are doing at all times and hf you are celebrating or drinking and


watching the World Cup please make sure you do not drive and m`ke sure


your smoke detectors in your home working and be careful with


barbecues and make sure you are safe. In a statement a spokdsman


said eight solution can be reached but not under the shadow of


industrial action. This strhke has been going on for three years and


these firefighters are quitd prepared for it to go on evdn


longer. If the dispute is not resolved there will be another


strike in ten days time. Thank you.


We can now talk to Phil Coates, who's the Regional Chair


You have already staged 12 workouts, is `` walk`outs, ht seems


that this strategy is not working. We are in difficult times to trying


get the government around the table to talk. Is this blackmail? Do you


hope more things will go wrong in 24 hours? We have been very fahr. We


have just asked for talks and only done small strikes. Now we have two"


they have fully costed proposals that they can put on the table and


they are refusing to do it `nd it could solve the strike and we are


asking them to do that. This all hinges on the retirement agd being


raised and pension contributions being increased. Plenty of other


workers have their conditions being changed but what makes firefighters


a special case? The governmdnt did their own report on that and in the


worst`case scenario is 90% of firefighters could not pass a face


this test at 60 so that is illogical. `` a fitness test. Why is


that logical? Why are you ldss fit at 60 than at 55? It is onlx five


years and people live longer and they are fitter. We do not have many


60`year`old Olympic athletes. This is a strenuous job. It is the


difference between 55 and 60 not the difference between 18 and 60 is how


come you are OK 55 but not `t 6 ? There are factors that are tsed you


just cannot pass the fitness test, the majority of firefighters cannot


and certainly women cannot because they struggle at 50 so we whll lose


them. This sceptic would sax you are trying to preserve an early


retirement age. We are paying ? 000 a year out of a firefighters wage


into the pensions. They are not gold`plated, we are paying for


them. The government have accused your disruptive `` disrupting


constructive discussions and you're not serious about finding a


solution. That is rubbish. There is nothing on the table. We have asked


for some to be on the table and they keep saying next week and they have


been saying that for three xears. Just put something on the t`ble that


we can take to the members `nd get something sorted. Is it any


coincidence that this is thd start of the World Cup? Not at all.


A man who admits burying the bodies of his in`laws in


their back garden has gone hnto the witness box to deny murdering them.


The prosecution claims Christopher Edwards shot de`d the


elderly couple at their Mansfield home so he and his wife could steal


The police discovered the rdmains in the back our `` in the back garden


of this home in Mansfield l`st October. They had been in the grave


for 15 years. Today their son`in`law Christopher Edwards, who denies


murder along with his wife Susan, gave evidence. He was asked by his


defending barrister, did yot gone down your parents`in`law in cold


blood? Mr Edwards answered calmly, I did not. Did you plan it with your


wife? I did not. He was askdd if the motive for the evil act was money.


Absolutely not was the replx. The court heard that Mr Edwards was a


member of a shooting club and the prosecutor asked him to demonstrate


how he would aim a pistol. Lr Edwards raised his arm. On the


weekend the witch Lees was shot dead Mr Edwards was the only person who


knew how to aim a gone. Mr Ddwards said he was not there. The `ds was


benefited from around ?250,000 including the sale of the house in


2005. It helped to pay off their debts. The court heard that pension


money was paid into an accotnt set up in the name of Patricia which Lee


after she was shot and Susan Edwards. Mr Edwards said thdy took


the money to avoid questions and concealed the deaths and mahntain an


air of normality. Susan Edw`rds has admitted man shorter saying she shot


her mother after a row but she says her mother had already killdd her


own husband. The case continues A Latvian man's been told hd must


serve at least 27 years behhnd bars for killing a man by repeatddly


hitting him with a dumbbell. 30`year`old Andrejs Pozdnakovs


of no fixed address, was arrested last October,


two weeks after police found the body of Trevor Middleton at his flat


on Northumberland Street in Derby. Pozdnakovs killed him


before searching his home British police searching land


in Portugal after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann admit they've


found no evidence relating to her. Officers spent eight days


investigating three sites in Praia da Luz, where Madeleine frol Rothley


disappeared seven years ago. Scotland Yard says more


investigations will be Kate and Gerry McCann say this


reinforces their belief that A museum has failed in its bid


for ?10 million worth The Silk Mill in Derby was


the world's first factory But it was mothballed three


years ago to save money. The investment would have bden used


to turn the historic building The museum is expected to m`ke


another bid to the Heritage Lottery You're watching BBC East Midlands


today, where there's plenty more We're in deepest Derbyshire with


a team which is out to provd that vaccinating badgers is bettdr


at stopping the spread of bovine TB In the weather: Forget about Brazil,


it is all about the sunshind right here and temperatures to rival Sao


Paulo. Find out more shortlx. For the first time,


the Labour Party has put a precise figure on how much the rising cost


of living is hitting averagd family On a visit to Nottingham, the Labour


leader Ed Miliband welcomed the region's economic revival and the


latest drop in unemployment, but he said that living standards for many


were still under severe pressure. Here's our


Political Editor John Hess. Outside the Nottingham Aren`, some


of its forthcoming star attractions, but would that Stardust


blow in the direction of Ed Miliband who was centre stage today. The next


Labour government will abolhsh the bedroom tax, it is the right thing


to do. He was speaking to an annual conference of the GMB trade union


and his main theme was families struggling with the cost of living.


I want to congratulate the Labour councils who are moving tow`rds a


living wage. One delegate w`s counting the difference between the


statutory minimum wage and these so`called living wage which is an X


to ?1 34. A Nottingham branch official and mother of thred sought


a more robust commitment on the living wage. Will you make of their


commitment to insure the living wage is enshrined in law? The GMB is


pressing for their living w`ge to be set at ?10 an hour. Too manx of the


people I represent have to rely on state benefits to top up thdir


wages. The ?10 minimum minilum wage would stop that. The Labour leader


claimed rising prices will lean East Midlands families are now ?2000 were


so `` worse off than three xears ago. People want us to set our


target for the minimum wage in a responsible way but we are


determined to tackle the scourge of low pay by promoting the minimum


wage and we want to raise it by more than average earnings. This was


significant because these ideas could be in the Labour election


manifesto next year. High on the agenda and noticeable incre`se in


the statutory minimum wage but the much higher living wage, evdn ? 0 an


hour, that commitment will have to wait.


A Nottinghamshire MP is to leet the Energy Minister after a ?20 million


plan to ensure a phased shutdown of Thoresby pit suffered a setback.


UK Coal is planning to closd the county's last deep mine


by the end of next year with the loss of 600 jobs.


The government has pledged a ?10 million loan, but


Last year the government carried out a trial cull in the south wdst


of the country to try and comnew sbat the problem.


Early this morning our reporter Simon Hare joined


the Derbyshire vaccination team in the Peak District.


Can you tell me which trap the badger is in? It is the trap on the


spoil heap. I will see you hn ten minutes. News comes through that


badger has been trapped. A vaccination is prepared. After three


weeks they brought in caged traps anyway during the Carl so you may as


well let me go win and vacchnate. We need the government to put loney on


the table to help us vaccin`te the wildlife instead of killing them.


Derbyshire Wildlife Trust are being supported by badger groups `nd


Llanover is `` landowners. Today they are in Buxton. A young cub has


been caught. After a quick jab and a spray of marker paint it is


released. If you are catching cups you are guaranteeing longer term


immunity for the social grotp of the area. We are pleased to catch cups


and we have vaccinated over 80% of them in the area. We are off to a


good start. Daniel and Kevin have cattle nearby and they are the first


farmers in Derbyshire to support the vaccination project. I think it


would probably be the way forward for us up here, for the caphtal We


have never had a bovine TB `nd hopefully this will keep thd badger


is free of it. At another b`dger set there is another carb. [email protected] says it


supports vaccination but it does not work when badgers are already


infected. We're just minutes away


from the start of the World Cup and one Derbyshire company will be


hoping it's all systems go because they've had the job


of making sure the new goal`line technology is up to scratch, and


we've been putting it to thd test. I wonder what they will talk about


in sport tomorrow... I cannot imagine!


I will think of something. On the way, a real World Ctp Test,


but fortunately not one thex made We'll start with some news though


because Nottingham Forest h`ve Lars Veldwijk has agreed


a three`year deal with the Reds The 22`year`old joins from Dutch


side Excelsior where he netted 4 goals


in 42 league games last season. Meanwhile after six years


at Leicester City Lloyd Dyer looks He has rejected a deal to stay on


at the King Power Stadium and looks Dyer was one of Nigel Pearson's


first signings back in 2008 and has made more than 260 appearances


for the team since then. The World Cup gets underway today


and the England team have arrived in Manaus ahead of their opdning


game against Italy at the wdekend. Now Manaus is in the middle


of the Amazonian rainforest. So how will


the players cope with the hhgh When you think of Loughborotgh


University to is usually sedms like this but there is a lot mord to this


`` to the facilities here than just athletes, I am no elite athletes but


apparently I am a good subjdct to find out what the England


footballers will go through in Brazil this summer. The citx of


Manaus, and Amazonian rainforest city, the humidity at the moment is


91%. Time to hit the heat chamber. The England team have been tsing a


heat chamber like this to prepare for the sweltering hot condhtions in


Brazil. It will be hot and ht is something we have to come to terms


with and we are interested hn getting a feel for the diffdrent


more tropical climate. We vhsited the chamber on two different days to


see the difference between running 45 minutes in typical June weather


in the UK and in Brazil. It is almost a jungle climate. Wh`t we see


is temperatures between 30 `nd 3 at the time that game will be which is


around 6pm and what we see hs the humidity will be increasing in the


evening. I would expect at `round 6pm it would be 65 or 75% rdlative


humidity. Earlier on Simon gave me my breakfast and my breakfast


comprised a pill to take to monitor my body core temperature. Now we are


looking at my body core temperature. He is going to assess the


differences using my core body temperature. I will put a shirt on


again. Day one was like an `fternoon jog, date to... 33 degrees `nd I was


literally keeling over. To summarise all the results, the red line is


Manaus and the blue line is the UK. This is the heart rate and xou can


see it is working a lot harder. If we look at the water loss, 0.2


litres 442 litres and in Manaus it is 50% higher in the hot clhmate. It


is fair to say it will be tough when Roy Hodgson's men go to win the


World Cup but good luck to them and thank you to Loughborough University


to prove that they have the facilities to prove they have to


work very hard. I am in desperate need of a shower.


I am glad it was him and not me Another World Cup peace tomorrow


when we look at the craze for sticker collection. `` colldcting.


As football's World Cup starts, hockey's is in its closing stage,


Leicester lad David Condon will line up alongside Beeston's Harrx Martin


They face the home side, Holland, in front of a packed house hn


England have only ever made the World Cup final once before


but insist the pressure is on their opponents.


We are the underdogs going hnto this and with that in mind it is quite an


exciting prospect for us. Wd do not have anything to lose and the Dutch


will be playing in front of the huge crowd in favour of them and the


pressure is very much resting on their shoulders. I think we are


there to upset their party. Leicester Tigers Scrum Half Ben


Youngs has been dropped to the England bench for the sdcond


test against New Zealand. It's after first choice Danny Care


was able to join the squad. Geoff Parling and Manu Tuil`gi


will both start though. And Leicester's Lucy Hall h`s been


selected for the England Trhathlon It is all there. How many mhnutes to


the opening ceremony? I think it is about seven mhnutes.


The World Cup begins in a fdw minutes so what with it comds the


advent of new technology. It should cut out some of


the tournament's most heartbreaking Yes, in an historic developlent


goal`line technology will bd used Well,


the Derbyshire firm which w`s called Cast your mind back four ye`rs,


Frank Lampard equalises agahnst Germany. The goal is not given. It


is a moment that helps to sdnd England crashing out of the World


Cup. It seals the fate for the introduction of goal`line tdchnology


which will be used for the first time in Brazil. This companx have


had the crucial task of testing the equipment. We have been out in


Brazil for the past two months, on two separate trips, going to all of


the venues and making sure the goal`line technology is working and


accurate and ready for the start of the tournament tonight. Sevdn


high`speed cameras focused on each goalmouth, tracking the poshtion of


the ball continuously. Cruchally the flow of the game will not gdt


interrupted. If the ball has crossed the line the referee is nothfied


with an alert that goes to ` special wristwatch that he wears. Tdsting


each system takes ten hours and it has to be done in a variety of


conditions. We do a combination of anything that might happen hn a


game, we do slow rolling across the line and very fast impact and into


the side netting and observd during the view of the ball and we


basically try to trick the system because one bad decision and the


whole system is undermined. Goal`line technology helps to cut


some of the controversy but the final call still lies with the


referee. With the technologx and the testing behind it it would be a


brave referee that ignored the system. Testing the technology comes


with impressive perks. We h`ve been around seven stadiums personally and


I have notched up about 60 goals which was quite fun. That is a good


claim to fame. Not too bad! Here is hoping in full and go some way to


matching that. `` here is hoping England go some way to matching


that. We cannot bear to see the f`ce of


Frank Lampard like that agahn, can we?


Know, because he is lovely! Enough, we want to know what the


weather is like here becausd you might be sitting in the garden if


you do not want to watch thd football.


Tomorrow will be beautiful. Sao Paulo 24, here 23 today so we are


not far behind. It looks like it stays lovely and settled tolorrow to


get out with your camera and send us some pictures. Another settled and


warm day tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. It is down to high


pressure that we are staying settled at the moment and it is keeping us


lovely and warm and dry throughout the day tomorrow. At the molent it


is a fine and dry evening whth plenty of late sunshine before it


gets dark and then it remains dry and settled through the night with


clear skies. It will feel f`irly warm with a minimum temperature of


14 degrees. Tomorrow morning it is a dry start. There will be a lot of


blue sky and sunshine as we go through the morning. As we go


through the day we start to see cloud bubbling up and the cloud is


mostly high and there will be bright and sunny spells in between and the


day will be warm, as I menthoned. Pollen levels will be very high On


Friday evening we expect a few showers which continue into the


early hours of Saturday morning and then it is all change briefly. It


looks as though it will be ` cloudy day and temperatures will bd a


little lower. There is the risk of the odd isolated shower but on the


whole, a dry day. Sunday will haven't cloudy start to the day but


then become brighter in the afternoon. Temperatures are bit low


as we go into next week and the high`pressure holds on and ht should


keep it nice and settled but at the moment it looks beautiful as we go


into tomorrow. Another warm and sunny day.


I like the sunshine. That sounds gorgeous.


Join me on the late bulletin when I interview an MP who is meethng the


energy minister to talk abott the closure plan for Thor Spee. Goodbye.


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