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Good evening. look at the


First tonight, a coroner has promised a full and


fearless inquiry into the vholent death of a man at the hands of his


John McGrath was killed by William Barnard at his Stapleford


His family have been fighting for a full inquest for the last two years.


Here's our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner.


On the 24th of July 2009, John McGrath was stabbed to death


at his Stapleford home by one of his ten grandchildren.


His wife Mabel tried to protect him but he suffered 56 wounds.


The 81`year`old grandfather was described in court as clever, brave,


And was a father figure to William Barnard, always looking out for him.


William, who is now 34 had been diagnosed


as a paranoid schizophrenic and had stopped taking his


medication and no longer had contact with the team caring for hil.


His family have been pushing for today's inquest for over two years.


His mother, seen on the left, arrived with several


John McGrath's eldest daughter Ann in the black and white top,


She described how John was saddened by his grandson's illness and the


John, she said fought tireldssly to get William the help he needed


She added that her mother M`bel who is now 88 is tortured daily


by flashbacks of what happened and wishes she hadn't survived


and had gone with the man she had been married to for 63 years


The coroner promised a full and fearless inquest.


She wants to find out if William should have been detained bx the


An earlier enquiry found vital chances were missed,


including an assessment which was ordered to late.


And the coroner will also bd asking if William should have been arrested


much earlier on by the police following an alleged armed robbery


The inquest is due to last two weeks.


Villagers in South Derbyshire say they have serious concerns


about plans to build a huge transport hub near their holes.


The road and rail development is close to the Toyota factory.


It'll be served by two major roads, a main railway line


It doesn't flood every year in Eggington, but when it does it


severely affects properties and access in and out of the village.


Now a proposed development on this land a mile north


of Eggington Common is making residents concerned.


The site looks like lush farmland but in f`ct has


had human waste from sewage farms spread over it for years making it


So developers say the fact the main Derby`Stoke rail lhne runs


across it, plus its proximity to the A38, the Toyota factory


and the A50, make it highly attractive as a rail freight site.


It gives the opportunity for businesses to look


at its supply chain and movd freight from road to rail which restlts


We are looking at the development over a ten to 15 year period.


We are looking at around 7,000 jobs in total once


Today, for the first time extensive plans for the site went on show


Villagers from Repton and other local communities came to t`ke


a look at the various plans and how a road rail freight hub might work.


Our concern is obviously the increased traffic going through


Noise, mostly because we've already got the A50 alongside where I live.


We are very concerned about flooding and we've just spent a lot of money


on a flood bank or an extension of the existing flood bank.


The site is categorised as a low risk flood area anxway


but we will work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure it


In fact, we will strive to improve the flood risk issud.


The developers are stressing this is just a consultation phasd.


There will be another eight exhibitions of the plans


in other local villages between now and the 28th of June.


From today, forcing someone into marriage is a criminal offence


and one which carries a seven`year prison sentencd.


And Derby College has becomd the first in the country to try to


It's joined up with the charity Karma Nirvana,


to alert tutors to the posshble tell`tale signs in students and to


a former student there and she too was a victim of forced marrhage


And figures from the charitx show the extent of the problem.


6,500 calls to its helpline from victims of forced marrhage


The majority were women between the ages of 18 and 24.


More than 300 calls were taken from the East Midlands,


Derby College is the first college nationally to give commitment to


And this is over four days across the whole of the college


This is where we are training the lecturers


in spotting the warning signs, what to do if you are concerned


They are also committed to doing a poster campaign across


That is really important, especially at this time of year when the summer


Leicester Cathedral has revdaled the final design for the tolb


Work is due to begin on alterations inside the C`thedral


in late summer, ready for a re`interment ceremony next Spring.


His wooden coffin will be m`de by Michael Ibsen,


A fundraising appeal will help pay for the new tomb.


We need to raise the best p`rt of another ?2 million


and we are talking to a large number of donors nationally and locally.


But we really do want the general public to feel they can


The coffin is going to made by Michael Ibsen,


whose DNA was used to identhfy the bones and is a cabinet laker


by trade and he is really pleased to be asked to make the coffin.


one or two showers around and with more across the UK, here is John


Hammond. A lot of dry weather this week. Some


important variations from day-to-day and place to place. The cloud will


come and go and the warmth will Take today, we were shivering under


the cloud in eastern England. . In stark contrast here, 25 Celsius


here. The warmest day of the year


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