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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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He's been on assignment with the London Mayor, Boris Johnson


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale, Good


evening. Villagers are opposing plans to develop one of the


country's largest sand and gravel quarries only a few hundred yards


from their homes. They say ht'll be catastrophic for wildlife and the


environment.The 80`hectare site will stretch from the village of Barton


In Fabis in Nottinghamshire to the border of the Attenborough Nature


reserve and over to Clifton. Here's our chief news reporter, Qudntin


Rayner. Barton In Fabis is raising an army to fight this proposed


quarry. Villagers and Rambldrs rallying to defend what thex regard


as a precious piece of countryside for both people and wildlifd. The


proposed area is the equivelant of 36 Old Market Squares in Nottingham


and will border the Attenborough Nature Reserve behind me and will


stretch all the way to thosd woods in the distance. It feels lhke we're


under attack. We have had the A 53 widening, a tram put in, a housing


development and now they want to dig up this land as well. When xou look


at the landscape here, how beautiful it is, this is going to be destroyed


if we do not do something about it. The council says it has a statutory


responsibility to identify lineral reserves for the future and this is


one of five new quarries it has to consider. We are obliged by central


government to find sites for mineral extraction, we have to find sites


for up to 49 million tonnes of sand and gravel extraction by thd year


2030, that will be used for projects such as houses, roads and r`il


projects. If approved, thred million tonnes of sand and gravel whll be


excavated from the site. Thhs is potentially catastrophic for this


part of Nottingham. It is bding stolen from under our noses. We have


a nature reserve just across the river there and the valley hs used


by birds, 75 types of conservation concern. So far, 2,000 leaflets


about the scheme have been delivered, another 1,000 will be


dropping through letterboxes in the next couple of days.


Police have named two men who died in a plane crash at the weekend The


light aircraft came down in a field near the M1 motorway in


Nottinghamshire on Saturday afternoon. 70`year`old John Gill


from Belper and 76`year`old Robert Eaves from Selston died at the


scene. Police say there werd no medical conditions that contributed


to the crash. An air accident investigation is continuing.


Leicester's hospitals have the biggest cash shortfall in the


country. That claim's been lade today by the Labour Party. HT says


the big deficit shows the NHS is in crisis. Carolyn Moses reports.


Lester's hospitals have strtggled with their financial health for


years. Now the University hospitals have left the trust in charge it has


been found to be working with the biggest shortfall in the cotntry,


just under ?40 million. We `s a health economy and trust cotld


clearly have done better. Wd are working closely with partners to


work out better ways of meeting those challenges, to access patient


quality and finances. Why is it in this situation? The trust s`ys it


has not received as much money as expected from other parts of the


NHS, bus its wage bill has risen sharply. The health minister who


released the figures also blames the government reorganisation of the


health service. It does not make sense to cut figures so that people


end up in hospital. It does not do to reorganise the back structures to


be more complicated. The trtst says it has a plan in place to gdt back


to financial fitness but th`t could take a number of years. In `


statement, the Department of Health says, "The Government has m`de tough


decisions on the economy but at the same time we have increased the NHS


budget in real terms. It is essential that Trusts have ` tight


financial grip and ensure they live within their means. Deliverhng high


quality services and balanchng the books must go hand in hand." Some


students affected by a blood test scare at the University of Derby are


now seeking compensation. More than 600 people were given blood tests by


a health care worker who was later found to be re`using syringd


barrels. Letters were sent warning students they might be at rhsk of


diseases like hepatitis and HIV Several have now begun legal action.


The university says an investigation is underway. Fresh from his victory


in the hotly`contested Newark by`election, Conservative MP Robert


Jenrick, has asked his first question in the House of Colmons. Mr


Jenrick was loudly cheered by his fellow Tory MPs before posing a


question to the Prime Minister about the flooding in Southwell l`st


summer. I regret to inform the Prime Minister that a town in my


constituency was again flooded last week. We'll be Prime Ministdr


reaffirmed his commitment to support my proposal that those parts of


Nottinghamshire which were severely affected by the floods of 2013 will


receive similar grants to those parts of the country flooded earlier


this year? Well, David Cameron responded by saying he's looking at


whether the county could be made eligible for winter flood


compensation. 100 new bus thmetables in Leicester have got to be taken


down and repositioned. Contractors placed them too high for people to


read. It was all due apparently to the shape of the lamp posts. The


council's now having them rddone. That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me, but with your weather now, here's Anna Church. Thank you. We


have had the warm day to dax and they settled weather is set to


continue for the rest of thd week. I am hopeful we should see sole decent


sunny spells by tomorrow afternoon. There are clear skies at thd moment.


The cloud will increase frol the North into the early hours of


Thursday morning. It is a mhld night. Tomorrow morning, a cloudy


start. The chance for a little light patchy rain or drizzle but lost of


ours will get away with a Friday. Into the afternoon the cloud will


fin and break to give some sunny spells. Another warm afternoon. I'll


leave you with the outlook. Celsius. The outlook for the weekend


is looking pretty good.


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