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potentially brutal. Sunday, scattered showers but the driest day


of the weekend. This is East Midlands Today with


Dominic Heale and me, Geeta Pendse. Tonight ` the Health Trust facing a


?400 million black hole. Thd NHL `` NHS health trust in trouble. And


what is happening tonight whth the life`savers. Good evening. Welcome


to the programme. First tonhght a massive shake up of the NHS in


Leicester as it confronts a funding crisis. We're being told, whthout a


radical shake up, the money will run out, services will have to be


slashed and even patient safety could be compromised. Doing nothing,


NHS bosses say, would lead to hundreds of millions of pounds of


debt in just a few years. It's likely to mean fewer beds in our big


hospitals. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons is at Leicester General.


Good evening, Rob. Good evening We are told those problems will stack


up quick unless something is done. To the tune of ?400 million


overspend by 2018 at the projections. We cannot keep up with


the rising population. Therd will be a 12% increase in the number of


people aged over 65 in the next five years. The solution is a radical


shake`up which will mean gohng from three acute hospitals to two.


Intensive care, complex surgery and the maternity unit at the gdneral


could be transferred to two other hospitals in Leicester. Thrde acute


sites are now longer afford`ble or viable. If we do not change


something they will be in sdrious trouble in a a few years' thme.


Firstly, we will not be abld to sustain clinically the servhces we


have at the moment and secondly we will not have enough money so they


will be piecemeal cuts. We want to avoid that at all costs. Thdy are


seeing more patients over 60 like this one, the NHS has to spdnd money


smarter and provide new specialist facilities for patients with


dementia. I was in a ward whth five people, for had dementia and me It


is the night near being in the ward with them, they scream all night


long. Without brave and bold decisions the NHS system will


collapse. Practitioners are struggling, no doubt you will have


heard patients cannot get appointments with their GP very


often and we need to look at things in a different way, how we can


provide services. The plan hs to shift services closer to thd homes


of patients in the communitx. Saying that is one thing, delivering it is


quite another. You have got to get community care right first. That, to


me, is an absolute given. It will be one thing we will be really arguing


for. So, Rob, some big and bold plans, but will it work? Th`t is the


big question. If they do not it will be over to the politicians to see


what happens next. There have been planned in the past talking about


moving here out of hospitals and closer to the homes of patidnts


They say the big difference this time is that if and parts of the NHS


and social services are all in this together. They will be a different


culture where everyone goes for the same aim. We will have to sde. Thank


you. Legal proceedings have begun to remove a group of travellers from a


busy car park. Around 20 caravans are on the Park and Ride site at


Pride Park in Derby. The City Council says it's served thdm with


an order to leave. To tell ts more, Simon Hare joins us from our Derby


studio now. Good evening. It is thought the caravans arrived at the


site sometime over the weekdnd. There are around 20 caravans their


into parts of the park and ride car park. Some are next to Derbx County


stadium and others near the new velodrome or multi sports arena that


is being built. The car park does remain open to the public and it was


thought the travellers got `ccess to the site as the barriers ard left up


overnight to allow people to retrieve their cars at any time of


day. When we visited the site today to try to get a comment frol the


travellers we were threatendd and had to beat a hasty retreat. So how


long could it be before thex have to move? The council says it is


treating this as a matter of priority. They issued the notice to


leave on Monday and because they have not done so they are now going


through court, there is a hdaring for this on Wednesday. At the


hearing the council will repuest an order for possession and if granted


it will be served on the tr`vellers later that day. Bailiffs will then


set the date and time for any conviction to be carried out. The


travellers told us they planned to leave on in the next few daxs but


the local newspaper said thdy were told the travellers had no such


aims. Meanwhile a barrier h`s been put up in Leicester to prevdnt


travellers returning to an unauthorised site in Beaumont Leys.


The obstruction has been buhlt on Beaumont Leys Lane to prevent


vehicles moving on to the grass verge. It's been put up by the City


Council and will eventually be planted with flowers. Bosses say the


obstruction will be too large for anyone to move without conshderable


effort. An investigation into claims against Jimmy Savile, has found that


children were sexually abusdd at a former convalescent home in


Leicestershire. The victims were residents at Roecliffe Manor at


Woodhouse Eaves in the 1950s and 60s. The attacks are now behng


investigated by Leicestershhre Police. But it wasn't clear whether


Jimmy Savile was actually the man who carried out the abuse at


Roecliffe. Tax workers in the region are on strike today in a dispute


over job cuts. The walk`out forms part of a week of rolling strikes


affecting HM Revenue and Customs offices. The Public and Comlercial


Services union says years of successive job cuts have left the


organisation unable to cope, with delays on telephone lines and


backlogs of post. It says there are also plans to close a number of


offices. Ultimately the plan is to reduced to 15 locations nathonally


and to shed another 12 to 18,00 jobs depending on what happdns.


Coming up: A young fashion designer who's already caught the eyd of a


high street chain. Chanel Folkes beat hundreds of students to design


garments for M, we look at what it's like to take the first step


into the industry. A union says it's shocked and terrified by proposed


cuts which would see over 100 firefighters lose their jobs. The


Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service has to save over ?7 million


over the next five years. Fhre chiefs say lives won't be ptt at


risk. Quentin Rayner reports. Firefighters training this lorning


but if the cuts go through their numbers could be reduced by up to


one quarter. My members are in shock at the moment. We are terrified


terrified for our own safetx and for the safety of the public. The


implications of what has bedn suggested are so significant. Is it


your view that lives will bd put at risk by these proposed cuts? Yes,


either firefighters lives or the lives of the public. Leicester will


lose the fire engine as well to other bases. Fire chiefs accept the


service will not BBC but insist people will not be put in extra


danger. It does ensure we are able to meet the risk in that particular


area. With the proposals we have put forward we believe we can still


maintain adequate resources against the risk in particular areas so


therefore we believe that is the case. In Leicestershire there will


be a small rise in council tax to reduce the cuts to the servhce, if


that is not possible the cuts will come into force next April. A doctor


in Derby has opened a shop selling electronic cigarettes in a bid to


persuade smokers to quit. John Ashcroft started the store because


he believes E`Cigarettes can help people kick the habit. Hundreds of


patients have now tried thel and he insists they've very safe. @ny


profit he makes will go to charity. I spent many years trying to stop


people smoking, I prescribe the lot of nicotine replacement and


medication and still do but many smokers are not ready to stop and


this is a great alternative. It is dramatically savour compared to


cigarettes. `` safer. Newark's new MP has made his maiden speech in the


House of Commons. Conservathve Robert Jenrick won the seat in a


by`election three weeks ago. Traditionally, new MPs use the


maiden speech to pay tributd to their constituency ` but Robert


Jenrick admitted that many of his colleagues already know the area


well. It is almost unnecess`ry for me to tell the How's about ly


constituency because many rhght on rubble members are already


surprisingly familiar with ht. It has been said in Newark has not seen


so many parliamentarians since the end of the Civil War. True dnough!


Every summer hundreds of design students graduate here in the East


Midlands. All hoping to makd it in the hugely competitive world of


fashion. Key to their success is obtaining industry experience. In


the second of our series on local designers, I met a 22`year`old who's


already been picked up by a major high street name. Surrounded by


designs for her end of year degree show, Chanel has an exciting


prospect ahead. She beat dozens of students to design menswear for


Marks Spencer 's. I have developed a collection to suit the customer.


This is the autumn 2015 collection. The UK menswear market is a growing


one so potentially lucrativd for a young designer. She has also won the


backing of the city fashion Council who are based here at London's


Somerset house. This woman was on the panel who picked Chanel. Often


we will just see a quick line`up, there will be a lot of thought


process behind that but the development work is necessarily


sheared. `` shared. It is unbelievable in a way to thhnk that


now I am setting up into a career that I actually enjoy. I do not


think there is anything elsd I would want to do. I am very excitdd about


the future. Chanel begins a three`month placement with Larks


Spencer is next week and hopes that one day her own designs will grace


the catwalk in London Fashion Week. Fantastic. We wish her lots of luck.


Still to come: The East Midlands Waterways Rescue team who'vd just


circumnavigated Britain. Good weather, bad weather, aches, pains,


drama...and even dolphins. @nd they did it, as planned, in just over


nine days. Full story later. And talking about water, it is time to


dig out your umbrella again. I will have your detailed forecast for the


rest of the week a little l`ter Now the sport. The footballers `re back.


First from me Derby County have agreed a new long term contract with


midfielder Jeff Hendrick. The 22`year`old Ireland international


has signed a deal that will keep him at the club until 2018. The Rams say


they also hope to keep Craig Bryson after they turning down a bhd from


Burnley for the midfielder yesterday. They were back at


training today. Angela was there too. The summer holidays, all about


a bit of relaxation. Putting your feet up may be overindulging just a


little. So, spear a thought for this lot. They returned to work today and


faced the dreaded fitness tdsts Everyone else seems to be struggling


a little bit, I am not lookhng forward to it. You have to do it. It


is the tried and tested way of making sure every player is ready


for when the season gets underway. Although most of us can do the lot


of damage in four weeks, thdse lads cannot. They are in good sh`pe,


confident and ready to go again I'd macro it will be as much about


mental as physical fitness `fter losing in the finals of the


play`off. You cannot dwell on the past two long, eventually it will


get the better of you. Todax the focus was about who came out on top


for fitness. I just do not want to be at the bottom. I will settle for


obscurity but hopefully I al not too close to the bottom. I'd macro can


they go one better this timd around? They run into the ndw season


is definitely on. I am glad they do not do that to us here! Now,


cricket. And the Indians ard here. This summer's tourists feattre some


of the Superstars of the global game. Today they began warmhng up


for the test series against England by starting a three`day gamd against


Leicestershire. And in a money spinner for the Foxes, many of their


British based fans went to watch. Today, it was all about the visit of


India to Leicestershire. It is massive. We played them thrde years


ago. It was Big Ben and it hs big now. It is a great opportunhty to


get ticket out to the Asian population of Leicestershird. A lot


of people behind me identifx as British Indians and argue to wave


the flag for their side. Thd task here is to get them coming back to


the ground. We have got to give them a good experience today, we will


keep in touch with them and hopefully they will come back. I am


macro these guys love their cricket, I am surprised they do not come I


love cricket but I do not h`ve too much time. They will come to send


the message to England. I al sure we will get revenge this year. Two


years ago you guys because 4`0, this year we will beat you to `0. That is


my prediction. You saw it hdre first! Well India are at


Leicestershire this week, Ddrbyshire next and then the much awaited Test


match begins at Trent Bridgd the week after. Last year the thcket


office sold out for the Ashds before Christmas, but with two weeks to go


there are still tickets left for the first day of the opening match of


England's Indian summer serhes. If we take the four days and the one


day international that is over 85,000 tickets and in actual fact we


have 3000 left. There is an appetite for Cricket in the East Midlands and


we are happy that is the case. And disappointment for Nottingh`m tennis


stars Jocelyn Rae and Daniel Smethurst at Wimbledon todax. Both


faced tough opponents in thd doubles competition and both have gone out


at the first round. Rae and partner Anna Smith took the hugely


experienced Sam Stosur and Flavia Penneta to three sets. Now, you may


remember when this programmd caught up with a team who promised to


circumnavigate Britain in nhne days...nine hours....and nine


minutes. We're talking about the men from Watersafe UK ` an inland


waterways rescue team, based in Derbyshire. To raise ?50,000 for


their charity AND for the RNLI, they needed to complete the 999 Challenge


around our coast. But did they manage it? James Roberson rdports.


Waiting on the quayside in Poole in Dorset. In February the grotp had


been doing what they do voltntarily, rescuing people and Rob Petht from


the floods in the Thames Valley This month they packed in Ddrby for


a voyage to raise money for two charities by going around Britain in


this challenge. We will do ht in nine days, nine hours and nhne


minutes. Then it was off. Ahead of them 2000 miles and who knew what


conditions? We have just got to keep grass. `` Cape Wrath. D9 achieved,


will be make it back to pool in the remaining nine hours and nine


minutes? `` the nine achievdd. We have had some rough seas but we have


got there. I am macro I would do it again tomorrow. The highs wdre to


swim with dolphins. Lows were 1 hours on a day becoming rather


monotonous. The bonus was ?40,0 0 in all for the two charities whth


barely getting wet. I bet it felt good to get to the end and the


dolphins was my favourite bht. Absolutely beautiful. And the


weather, there is talk of an upside`down rainbow? Yes, ydsterday


evening some of you were lucky enough to spot this. It looks like a


reverse rainbow. For this to a car you need the sun is especially high


in the sky and ice particles inside these clouds which you can see in


this picture. It is fairly rare at this time of year. Thank yot to


everyone who said them to us. Tomorrow, weather`wise, it hs cloudy


and cool with a scattering of heavy showers. Maybe even the odd rumble


of wonder. The cloud will qtickly increase and rain arriving from the


south`west. It is fairly light rain through the night with a minimum


temperature of 12 Celsius. Tomorrow morning it will start cloudx and


amp. You will need your umbrella heading out first thing. `` cloudy


and damp. The is the yellow warning in force tomorrow afternoon with the


rest of localised flooding. Top temperature 16 Celsius. Although it


stays unsettled as we head hnto the weekend it looks like they will


still be a good deal of dry weather but very little sunshine to be had.


Remaining cool on Saturday with a high of 15 Celsius. In two Sunday


low`pressure will edge away so although there is a risk of one or


two showers it should be brhghter and we should see some sunshine


Remaining settled into the new week. It is an improving picture. That is


off from ours. Night. Make the most of your weekend,


wherever you are. Use the BBC Weather App to stay


one step ahead of the weather. I saw you before


and I thought you were so beautiful. I always thought love


would come into my life. You were with someone,


so who was it? Who were you with? Murdered By My Boyfriend,


a true story.


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