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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you


spoken about their ordeal in Afghanistan. They told our


correspondence how they werd attacked from three sides while


raiding Caliban strongholds. A heartfelt welcome from cheering


crowds in Leicester City centre but the last eight months, the ninth 12


Royal Lancers had a much more hostile reception in Helmand


province where they were targeting the tally van's strongholds ``


Caliban strongholds. We would identify the gunmen, the rocket


teams and suicide bombings, and the task was to neutralise the threat


the soldiers were sent on operations like this and were sent behhnd enemy


lines from helicopters. Thex would form on the edges of us and attack


the groups, they would attack is from 300 or 600 metres away and we


would have to identify them before they could engage us. There was a


huge machine gun over to thd left and we had some kind of single round


fire, and then to the right some other kind of machine gun. Xou are


getting attack from three shdes How frightening is this? It's a real


issue for the young lads, so it s a firefight and then move on. Other


soldiers supported them using warthog armoured trucks working with


local troops. It remains prdtty dangerous. On any single dax we


recovered over 2000 rounds of ammunition and a number of rockets,


and that was done in a single operation. That took place hn the


area where we lost a soldier two months prior. The Lancers all made


it back from Afghanistan, btt two of their soldiers came back to


Leicestershire with serious injuries, and this week 's parades


are a chance to thank them for putting their lives on the line


Now, "the lowest of the low". That's how patients describd thieves


who stole thousands of pounds of donations from a cancer charity


They smashed their way into the centre, in the grounds of Nottingham


City Hospital. A man's been


Today has not been great as patients at this singing class were putting a


brave face on the burglaries. It is a service the people who ard already


suffering. I don't think thd people that did this could get any lower.


Lower than scum. The servicd this place gives affects all of ts in


Nottingham. People that do this sort of thing don't realise how luch hurt


they are causing us. The thheves forced their way in through his door


and then into the office. It was just hours after the summer fare for


the centre and they stole computers. Basically it is the four Apple Mac


computers we use, plus a laptop and the worst thing is that the sake


that contain the proceeds which had gone well, plus any contribttions


made last week, so a fairly substantial amount of cash. Anna had


given up her Sunday to raisd money selling summer cocktails. Wd made


about ?180 in two hours, whhch is quite amazing. We did reallx well.


The strawberries went down well And the pins. After three burgl`ries,


computers have been taken bdfore, and the Centre is now reviewing


security with the police. A man's been found guilty of


murdering a Derby bus driver, who'd David Hunter was found dead outside


his home at Breadsall Hilltop Heteny Tarsoly will be sentdnced


on Wednesday at Derby Crown Court. A public meeting's been called to


discuss a village's concerns about County Council has served


an abatement notice on Lood`ll Farm It says the farmer has pledged to do


what he can to improve the situation, but residents want


assurances they won't face We have to cover up any food that is


out and even cover up the c`t food. Things like that. This year the


problem has been far worse than previous years, and we want to


prevent it happening again, year on year on year.


Nearly ?2 million is to be spent recruiting more staff to provide


free school meals for infants from September.


That's just in Nottinghamshhre, as the county serves up an extra 1 ,000


meals a day when government`funded plans are introduced.


They've turned up the heat hn the kitchen today at this primary near


Nottingham. The pressure is on to provide an extra 75 school dinners.


That will be expected every day from September when free school leals are


introduced for the infants, the three youngest year groups. We need


more pans, chopping boards, more worktop space, but new worktops have


been delivered this morning for September, so we will see. @t the


moment, Nottinghamshire serves up around 38,000 school meals per day.


That will go up by about 12,000 a day in September. The countx is


investing ?1.7 million in khtchen expansions and improvements. And


they are recruiting another 120 staff. The whole idea was something


of a surprise when it was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick


Clegg late last year. Maybe there were sceptics who thought they might


not follow through but clearly it is the case that it is happening, hence


the trial run today. It is ` huge challenge but one we are excited


about and we are sure with `ll of the planning in place that we will


be ready. Free school meals for infants could save parents or carers


?400 per year, cash at the County Council believes might be used to


pay for a meal for an older sibling meaning even more school dinners


would be needed. I will be back with you at


lunchtime, but I will leave you with the weather.


A big improvement compared to the weekend with a lot of dry wdather


and we are staying with that the rest of the week. We will sde lots


of sunshine, particularly through Tuesday and Wednesday althotgh a bit


cloudy through Thursday and Friday, but the big thing is that it is


warming up with temperatures up to 23 degrees by Wednesday. We stay dry


and clear for much of the nhght and the winds are light allowing the


temperatures to fall sharplx, so we are downing single figures, seven or


eight Celsius but just about staying in double figures in the towns and


city centres. Tomorrow, lovdly dry and bright start with sunshhne in


the morning and we will see the clouds increasing from time to time


but we will stay dry with ddcent sunshine in the afternoon and


temperatures a bit higher up to 20 Celsius. From the outlook, dven


warmer on fine weather for Friday, before it


turns unsettled to tr weekend. There were a few aspects to the


forecast today which did not go to plan.


There were more showers than expected. The ones which did develop


were heavy. They moved through Wimbledon and west London. They have


fizzled out now. We have some showers over parts of Scotland.


Most places will miss showers tomorrow and stay dry. We have


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