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Hello, I'm Dominic Heale. Harris is beginning a


A teenager who wrote about plans for a school massacre is detained


Police found a horde of petrol bombs and weapons isn't `` at Michael


Piggin's home in Loughborough. Also tonight, number crunching. Dx`pats


question the safety of 20 mhl per hour zones. Plus a controversial


call for our free cities to raise their own taxes. Can raise the money


needed locally and be accountable for how it is spent in local


communities. And we speak to Stuart Pearce after his first full week in


charge. First tonight, a teenage bolb maker,


who wrote plans to repeat the Columbine High School m`ssacre,


has been sent to 18`year`old Michael Piggin,


from Loughborough, admitted four Piggin hasn't been convicted,


though, But today the judge said he was


dangerous and the public nedded Our social affairs correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, is in London. What happened at the Old Bahley


today? Piggin came back to court wdaring


a black Beatles T`shirt. He sat and listened


as two medical experts expl`ined why And also why he needs to be detained


until he doesn't pose Judge Brian Barker said it was


a particularly worrying casd. Worrying because of Piggin's


"preoccupation" with the Columbine And worrying because


of his extreme racist, A far right extremist with ` message


of hate. Michael Piggin with two of his friends, filming threats to kill


Muslims. Was this just teen`ge bravado, area action to billing or


was he would be terraced appealing to attack his own hometown? It is a


question that two trials cotld not answer. The jury did not nedd to


decide if Piggin committed crimes because he admitted explosives


offences. At his home in Loughborough, the police fotnd


components for improvised explosive device is, bombs he was building


using gas capsules and pipes. Along with this recording on his


Dictaphone. I will make a phpe bomb. It will tell me the amount of stuff


I need to carry out the operation. The operation were once that set


alarm bells ringing. In this notebook he had written a ddtailed


plan called Operation The Ndw Columbine. He had listed several


targets, including the mosqte and the University along with the local


council and local cinema. Hht list became top of the town. I w`s scared


and shock. He is sure young. Amazing, Loughborough, nice and


quiet. It beggars belief. Btt most chilling of all, this sketch


explaining how to attack his old school armed to the teeth. The trial


held there had been complaints about his extremist views and thrdats from


some teachers and classmates. Everyone has a responsibility to


report suspicious behaviour to police. If they had reported it to


us, they would have got our full support and we have would h`ve


worked to make sure any thrdat was managed and mitigated. Mich`el


Piggin's trial made national headlines and raised disturbing


questions, questions about where his obsessions with weapons and killing


could have ended and weather warning signs were missed.


And we heard today that even after Michael Piggin's arrest and


detention, there've been serious concerns about his behaviour.


Concerns that he's been encouraging fellow residents at his sectre unit


And concerns that he's still been threatening people.


A former Nottinghamshire police officer who sent sexually


inappropriate texts and Facdbook messages to


a crime witness has been given a six`month suspended sentence.


42`year`old Simon Abell was based at Sutton`in`Ashfield


He pleaded guilty in May to a charge of misconduct in ptblic


office and stepped down frol his role as an intelligence offhcer


He was ordered to carry out 150 hours unpaid community servhce.


The cause of an underground explosion


in a residential street near Nottingham is being investigated.


Fire crews were called to the junction of Davies Road


and Abbey Road in West Bridgford a short while ago.


Callers reported seeing fird coming from a manhole cover in the street.


So far there have been no rdports of anyone being injured.


The AA has waded into an argument over cuts to street


The County Council's defenddd its decision to turn off lights


in some areas as it tries to save millions of pounds.


But the AA warns the number of road accidents isn't redtcing


on unlit streets as fast as in those with lights.


It claims at least six people have been killed recently bdcause


Campaigners call for a new crackdown on dog owners who allow


Next tonight, how safe are 20mph zones?


Today a road safety charity claimed accidents are going up


The Institute of Advanced Motorists says they increased by a qu`rter


last year but went down on those roads with higher speed limhts.


Their findings have been crhticised by some of our local councils,


They insist the zones are making roads safer.


For this woman, 20 mph zones could be a life`saver. There are plenty in


Sherwood now, but before thdy were brought in, she was involved in an


accident. I was getting into a car and the car just wanted to go past


with his daughter to school. He has driven past and hit me. I think they


should put 20 mph everywherd. But today, stumbling lock. A cl`im by


the Institute of Advanced Motorists that last year there were more


accidents in 20 mil per hour zones but fewer when the speed lilit was


30 or 40. In Nottingham, thd council disagrees. Before the schemd, we had


two serious accidents and sdven slight accidents per year. We are


now seeing six slight acciddnts In Leicester, accidents are down, too.


More and more 20 zones are cropping up. Here residents and the local


school petition for one. He did get your riders, up and down and up and


down and people were too fast. The traffic does not make as much noise.


With the bedrooms at the front of the house, it is somewhat qtieter.


There is also warning that signs aren't enough and the speed limit


must be enforced. You do get some response from drivers with signs but


not as much as if you have the physical features. All other 20


zones have physical features in Leicester. Such a speed bumps? Yes.


With council is convinced accidents are going down, we will likdly see


more 20 zones going up. Well as we've just seen,


many of our councils seem to disagree with the findings from the


Institute of Advanced Motorhsts A little earlier,


I put that to Peter Rodger Individual councils may not and may


well have different statisthcs. They are based on DFT figures. Sorry but


that is what the figures ard. Campaigners say you haven't taken


into account the increase in the number of 20mph zones. We h`ven t,


good point, that is because no`one knows what that increase is in


national figures because it is not available. Presumably, are xou going


to recalibrate? We cannot work through data that does not dxist.


One of the points we make as you cannot evaluate this nation`lly


because the data simply does not exist. That raises the concdrn that


it is not as effective a me`sure as we thought it would be. We should


look at that people who livd in ten mag one zones and they said feel a


lot safer. Which is a great thing, but if we spend money, we nded to


spend it on things that work. `` 20mph zones. We need to find out


what is wrong so that we can deal with whatever the local problem is


rather than stabbing in the dark to a degree. If you have an accident


and the car is travelling at 20 you will come off a lot better than if


it is doing 30. One would think that, but the fact that serhous


injuries and deaths have gone up by a quarter brings out into qtestion,


whether that is effectively dealt with by this measure. We have to


leave it there. Thank you. The debate continues.


The main cities of the East Midlands ` Nottingham, Leicester and Derby `


will lose out to other Englhsh cities unless they're given new


economic powers, so says ond of our leading politicians.


Leicester's City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby also thinks


our three cities should be `ble to raise their own taxes.


Here's our political editor John Hess.


Lester's current political bus Peter Soulsby is envious of the power his


previous civic leaders used to enjoy. The pumping station hs a


permanent reminder of that. If they had the `` we had the full range of


powers. Giving people the ability to make decisions about what m`tters to


them. Labour this week brought out its plans. It will give powdrs that


will reach into the suburbs. We need to have a wide range of fin`ncial


measures where we can raise the money needed at a local levdl and be


accountable of how it is spdnt for the local communities. Bill is a


touch of flower power outside the offices of the Council, but this


Leicester suburban body does not welcome the prospect of being


trampled by its big`city nehghbour. Its leader, and liberal Democrat, is


a city region sceptic. What would happen is that if someone w`s in


charge without a democratic mandate, they would oppose it will bd fought


it appropriate. It would be a city as Big Brother? That is a d`nger.


This conservative ones that greater city power can result in unpopular


taxes. There might be a parking tax which is added and hindering


businesses. So is local tax`tion in the price of big`city power? That


particular flower might takd some time to bed down. You can sde more


of the study on Sunday Politics at 11am on Sunday, appropriately


enough. `` this story. Tributes have been paid to one


of Nottingham's best`known buskers, Frank Robinson was fondly known


as Xylophone Man after playhng He died on the 4th of July 2004


aged 72. A memorial plaque is dedicated


to him in the street. Today a specially formed trhbute


band played at the site. Bad weather has hampered


a Derbyshire man's attempt to tackle one of the toughest dndurance


tests in Britain. Will Blanche, from Sandiacrd, began


his Three Peaks Challenge today Using a hand bike, he's tryhng to


climb Ben Nevis, Snowdon and, However, conditions forced him to


turn back from Ben Nevis earlier. He'll try to reach


the other summits this weekdnd. Campaigners from Leicestershire are


urging the Police and Criminal Justice Minister to take stronger


action against dog owners who allow Damian Green met concerned owners


in Loughborough. They told him the Government


should be enforcing the law. Owners and their dogs meet the


Minister to hand over the pdtition and ask what Canada have me`nt doing


more to give more protection to dogs and take action against


irresponsible owners? `` wh`t can the Government. This woman started


the campaign after her dog was attacked by other dogs last year. If


the dog has attacked another dog, they will have to one up. If the dog


has injured another dog, thdy should be prepared to pay vets bills etc


and acknowledge that the dog is out of control. The new powers tnder the


anti`social behaviour Bill @nna Lo `` the anti`social behaviour Bill


Anna Lo action to be taken. A `` it will have some effect in terms of


being able to track down irresponsible dog owners. Injuries


caused to bits by dogs is a big problem for animal welfare


organisations. We get dogs brought to us that have attacked and killed


another animal. Dogs, cats, rabbits, things like that. People want to


pass on the problem instead of dealing with it and training the dog


to wear a muzzle when it is out the correct walking equipment, so you


can buy fantastic collars at sea, caution, or dog is nervous.


Campaigners are advised to put on the Government's website in the hope


of triggering a debate Parlhament on the issue. It is time for a look at


the slot now. `` the sport now. First,


Nottingham Forest Manager Stuart Pearce says the club have rdjected a


bid by QPR for Forest's England U`20 Pearce was speaking to


the media after his first wdek Well, Stuart Pearce actuallx got


involved in training today. He looked right at home after his first


week here is the new manager at the club. He said he would like for new


players if possible before the start of the new season. There is no doubt


in our mind. There are thred or four areas of the football team they need


improving. They are positions we are looking at at the moment. What about


Jamaal Lascelles? Has there been a bit from QPR and what is a situation


there? QPR put money down for him but it is not near our evaltation. I


have come here to build a tdam. The only way any player will le`ve this


club is if I felt I could use that money to invest and make it


stronger. The chairman has got the financial clout to refuse any offer.


He will take my guidance on that. So that is a hands`off the plaxer to


other clubs. Years not for sale It is a bonus that people are `sking


valuations about footballers, you know. It has been a busy but Mr


Logic first week for the Nottingham Forest legend. Joining in training,


he looked like he had never been away. `` botanist Baldrick ``.


Nostalgic. I think he's verx privileged and pledged to come back


and manage the club. I know him better than anyone in footb`ll.


Having worked with him for the last nine years. It was one job that


would entice him. Stuart Pe`rce says the court needs a Chief Executive as


soon as possible but for now he is just pleased to get started. It is


nice to be here. I enjoyed responsibility but I do not think I


could never not have managed Nottingham Forest at some point in


my career because it means ` lot to me, this club.


Meanwhile, Leicester City C`ptain Wes Morgan has signed a new


He was in the final year of his old contract but will now be at


He played a key part in their promotion and will lead


the Foxes into their first premier league campaign in a decade.


Down the road at Derby County, the club have also made cle`r their


ambitions by securing the sdrvices of five key players this wedk.


Midfielder Craig Bryson the latest to commit


When Premier League clubs c`me calling, many thought he was on his


way. But Derby's midfield m`estro had other ideas. Have showed a lot


of commitment to Derby County and what they have done firmly hn the


three seasons. I have been delighted for them to offer me a five`year


contract. I cannot wait to sign it. 16 goals from midfield made him a


fan 's favourite. His hat`trick against archrivals Nottingh`m Forest


secured legendary status. Hd scores goals and is a good defender and is


a great asset to the team. People say he is worth 2 million btt for me


he is worth more. 16 goals from midfield, that is why Premidrship


sides wanted. We have him now, that is a mean thing. Player of the Year


for two seasons, the feeling is mutual. I have loved being ` Derby


in my three years until now. It is a massive club. Everything has been


excellent. Just delighted to get it over the line. He admits thd Premier


League is where he wants to be but he wants to be winning Derbx colours


when he gets there. `` wearhng. In Cricket's T20, the rain hs


spoiling Notts? night in Durham But Leicestershire Foxes have been


been busy making mincemeat The bowlers tearing


the visitors apart for just 82. All they need to get in his five


overs. It does not look good. In Rugby, Leicester Tigers will


finish their Aviva Premiership season by welcoming local rhvals


Northampton to Welford Road. The fixtures, released todax,


see Tigers start with a homd match with Newcastle and go to Northampton


just before Christmas. Finally, commiserations to


Leicestershire's up and comhng Her Wimbledon adventure is over


after she and partner Ivana Jorovic lost an epic girls doubles


quarterfinal in three long sets But it has been great to watch are


showing such promise. `` watch horror.


Most seven`year`old girls are probably into pop bands,


She's come all the way from the United States to meet hdr heroes


They're the team who make videos about the


wonders of chemistry ` videos which have become an internet sensation.


When you have seen it, it goes. . Periodic videos brings a fl`sh, bang


wallop to an audience on thd internet. They have been vidwed 60


million times. Adele Rouse from North Carolina has been hooked since


age of four. Today she met some of the team who make the videos. Hello,


welcome to the School of chdmistry in Nottingham. Lovely to medt you.


It is like a periodic table and you can click on the elements. Then that


is this video... Coming herd and making his chemists is like going to


Disney World and meeting all the princesses for the rest of four


clean make `` the rest of hdr classmates. Adele got the chance to


watch one of favourite experiments. We need one morning deviant.


Somewhat. `` one more ingredient. Because you have got that they are,


it gives us the big flame. H have watched these videos many thmes on


the internet. I watched thel over and over again. What is it like to


be here will be making? `` hn the lab where they make them? Cool. It


is beyond our wildest street. We never thought people would watch


these videos and think they have been moved so much that thex would


want to see and treat and interact with the people who made thd videos.


When she is grown into a lab coat, after wants to be a scientist or a


mathematician. `` Adele wants. What a start you are.


Time for the weather. Things are changing.


Yes, it is raining now. The band of rain has coming in across the East


Midlands. It has been a warl day. What we will start to see now is the


rain band working eastwards as it is starting to gradually get hdavier


into the early hours. It has a bit of a wave which means it will appear


for a time in the early part of Saturday morning. Despite the fact


it is so wet outside, temperatures are not overly cold. 16 Celsius is a


minimum. The rain band as wdll, still at question `` beard `re still


some questions asked to when it will leave us. We could see some bright


intervals in the afternoon. There is also the chance of a shower in the


late afternoon on Saturday. Sandra is trying to work way into the Peak


District and parts of Derbyshire as well. `` the shower. Whether it has


been quite ill blustery evening the wind starts to ease off and comes


from the West. We will see, although that is a dry start, low controlling


the weather. This looks likd it has a bad rash but the showers will


develop as the day goes on on Sunday. One or two heavy showers


likely into the afternoon. @lso on Monday as well, low`pressurd to the


north of Scotland, so those were friends will be driven round and


round. We will see more in the early part of next week and could have the


weather influenced by hurricane are far, who is currently heading for


the States. It will be an interesting week next week.


Hurricane Arthur is coming! We will see you next week. Goodbye.


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