05/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Thank you. With are back


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Victoria Hicks.


The new ?2.5 million gardens by Leicester Cathedral opened today as


It was the first time they've been open to the public.


It also marks the start of the city's preparations


for the reinterment of King Richard III next year.


We declare the gardens open to the world.


It's a 14th century cathedr`l with now 21st`century gardens.


The project also includes a newly cleaned Richard III statue,


all in preparation for next year's re`internment.


The Cathedral is at the heart of the city and the county.


For decades, we have dreamt of giving it a proper setting.


At last we have been able to do that.


The gardens are wonderful and I think it's a very big thing


I think the gardens themselves are very pleasant.


I think, as accompaniment to the Cathedral, the emphasis on


But in difficult economic thmes there has been criticism from


some quarters that the monex could have been better spent elsewhere.


The church has raised very significant funds from donors


New money has come in from Durope that simply wouldn't be herd if we


It's about more money coming in rather than living


As you can see, Richard is back to looking his best.


He has been angled towards Bosworth, ready for battle.


The hope is that Leicester will now be better prepared to wdlcome


An emergency defibrillator has been stolen from a street in Derby.


The life`saving equipment w`s installed on Victoria Street


The money had been raised bx the Central United Reform Church.


A few components are left, but it's now useless.


Fund raisers have been left baffled by the theft.


It's for somebody unfortunate who has a heart attack,


and if they have a heart attack here they won't get treatment now.


Naval veterans have finally got a new home,


after their previous headqu`rters was demolished to make way


This is the Royal Naval Association's new base in Ldnton,


after being based on Arkwright Street for more than 40 years.


It ends months of uncertainty for its membership, so drinks were


More than 40 buskers filled the streets with music


The event ended with a mass sing`along in the Old Market Square.


Organised by BBC Radio Notthngham, the City Council and Dance 4,


the event was inspired by local busker Frank Robinson who


Everyone is smiling and happy. It was really good fun. I h`ve just


come down after work. I couldn't help but stop and have a dance. We


have so much in Nottingham hn terms of culture. Everyone just w`nts to


be here to enjoy it. Were going to sing in a momdnt and


spoil everyone's fun! After a soggy start, things have


recovered. Overnight just a couple of showers as those clouds start to


build up again. Overnight lows of 13 or 14 degrees. In the countryside it


will be a bit cooler. Sundax, this cloud around first being,


particularly in eastern parts. In the afternoon, some sunshind for a


time as the sun develops, so do the showers. Some of these showdrs could


be heavy and thundery. Next week, it remains mainly dry and sunnx, but


you might have to dodge the occasional shower.


Good evening. It looks like for most of us the weather will be fairly


similar to what we saw today. The broad themes throughout this


weekend, sunny spells and scattering of showers, but not much evening


sunshine round, I


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