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Hello there, thanks for joining us for news here in the East Mhdlands.


It's being claimed that despite cutbacks, councils in our rdgion are


wasting public money. Local authorities have dismissed claims by


the Tax Payers Alliance as inaccurate or out of date.


Campaigning in Leicester thhs morning. The cost of consultants is


a particular target, includhng ?35,000 on environmental


consultants, apparently with sensitive noses. The council


says smells from waste plant had to be checked.


There is nothing wrong with encouraging good environmental


behaviour and making sure the air is clean for the local residents but


you have to be sure you do not waste money and fritter it away.


In Nottingham John supports the alliance which has a wide r`nge of


views but even John does not agree with all of the points on the


?4450 for a Christmas tree, the council says it was four ye`rs ago


and it was raising money for needy children as well.


Yes. It is expenditure which probably shouldn't be repeated too


often but I must admit personally I would not begrudge it, but there we


are. We are in a general ovdrall team effort because there are vast


amounts of expenditures and that is not a very good example.


The council said in the samd period and of far greater signific`nce they


carried out savings worth ?050 million. The group will continue


challenging public spending on tour around the country.


A row has broken out after ` council in the East Midlands was told it


broke EU rules by awarding ` contract to a local firm, instead of


inviting tenders from the rdst of the Europe. The contract to improve


Mansfield railway station w`s worth ?150,000. The district council will


now have to repay the costs. Speaking on today's Sunday Politics,


one of the region's new MEPs warned that other contracts may be breaking


You see the heavy hand of Etropean legislation which takes over from


what would perhaps be a comlon`sense approach if we were not unddr EU


law. It would be right to bd able to give contracts to local companies


but, of course, they broke the spirit of the agreement which was


basically that you have to open it up to competition.


Three of the East Midlands lost historic churches are to sh`re a


?500,000 restoration grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


St Peter's Church in the picturesque Leicestershire village of


Tilton`on`the`Hill is already having urgent work carried out on hts


spire. Now, thanks to a ?150,00 grant, more essential repairs on the


historic bell tower can be completed. St Peter's is ond of the


churches in the East Midlands which has been picked to share ?500,0 0


from the Heritage Lottery Ftnd. All three churches have been chosen


because they have particular historical significance. Thd Grade


one listed church has been ` landmark for travellers for more


than 900 years. If we can raise ?3000 or ?4000 in


the year, that is an extraordinary amount of money. ?150,000, that is


virtually impossible for us. So this grant is just essential


It is essential, yes, to get the church back so it is standing and


part of the horizon for the next 100 years or so would be wonderful.


That's the news for tonight. Let's take a look at the we`ther.


Good evening to you. A largdly clear night ahead, I'm pleased to say


Temperatures will fall to a more comfortable level.


We don't want a muggy and close feel overnight.


A clear and dry night will `llow temperatures to drop to 11 or 1


degrees. A bit cooler in thd countryside. A few showers `round


here and there for Monday morning, but much more in the way of dry and


bright weather as we make otr way through Monday daytime. Sunny spells


with temperatures up to 19 or 2 degrees.


The theme of sunshine and showers will continue this week.


The best sunshine in the morning, the worst rain in the afternoon


We're back in the morning whth our first bulletin at 6:25am.


From all of us on the late team have a good night.


Hello. We are going to carry the weekend weather into the first part


of the working week. A mix of sunny spells and showers, essentially


Overnight, a mix of clear spells and showers. Not that many showers


around, but when they turn up they could be on the heavy side. The


Bristol Channel, perhaps across western Scotland. Temperatures in


most towns and cities no


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