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The home here is for adults over the age of 65. Some of them havd mental


or physical disabilities. Today I spoke with the family of ond of


them. Last year, this woman celebrated her


one `` her 100th birthday. Her family say social workers told them


of a major investigation into Fosse Court and advise them to move


around. You well aware that something was going on? `` were


aware. Yes. The council people said it is not safe to go there. The


police and council said it was not safe? Yes. The council told us it is


aware of the allegations regarding the independently run Fosse Court


and is supporting both the police investigation and the residdnts and


their families. She was trying to tell you? Yes we


didn't realise. How do you feel now that you have moved her out? We are


happy. How is she? She is h`ppy now. This afternoon, families met at


Fosse Court to ask questions. Even think it will happen to yourself or


a member of your family. I don't know if there has been abusd. Her


grandmother is settling into night, but


places and specialist homes are .. What is the latest on the


investigation? Leicestershire Police say they have


arrested for women, all of them members of staff aged betwedn 4 and


61 and they have been released on bail pending further investhgations.


I have had a statement from Fosse Court, the care home.


Sadly, we seem to have lost the feed there. We'll have more that later


on. Later in the programme, the voice of


cricket soaring over Leicestershire. We discover what the BBC's cricket


correspondent Jonathan Agnew likes The Derbyshire man's epic attempt to


claim three peaks in three days on three wheels. `` to climb.


Another 2,000 jobs could be lost at Derbyshire County Council as cuts


threaten the end of some services, including school crossing p`trols.


The council today announced details of its budget over the next three


years with the Conservative opposition claiming it was linked to


Even mums walking to and from their children centre use the school


crossing patrol. But the crossing service is facing the axe. The


County Council says cutting school crossing patrols in 200 loc`tions


could save ?600,000. They whll go next year, unless alternative ways


of finding and funding can be worked out. I struggle with cars stopping


with me and I have a stick that is meant to stop the cars and they


ignore me. If I was not herd, I think the kids would be strtggling.


They would be stuck. Today, the County Council outlined the likely


cuts over the next three ye`rs. They said the cuts were the toughest in


the council's history. The council says it has two cut ?157 million by


2018. A further 2000 jobs could go. 23 children's centres, giving


support to under fives, could be closed down. Increased charges for


care services are likely. It is ruling on now unrelenting


towards the next decade. `` rolling on. The cuts are so deep and severe


and oil services are being `ffected. We know what has to be saved, but


they are going further than that and saying what is the cuts beyond 015.


A lot of that is conjecture, I think, and no surprise that there is


a general election next year and an opportunity to grab a headlhne.


So job losses looming there, but also today the prospect


of 20,000 new jobs being crdated across the East Midlands ovdr


That's because the Government has announced the first instalmdnt


of Growth Deals ` ?12 billion to stimulate local economies.


The idea is to take money away from Whitehall and put it dhrectly


into the hands of local authorities and businesses.


Here's our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner.


This company has only been hn business for two years, but have


already got the benefit of this type of funding. They received a grant


from another growth fund to buy a new laser cutting machine and have


since taken on more staff. Without the funding, we could not continue


to grow. A part of the growth was the second machine. Without funding,


we would not have got there. Partnerships will be able to spend


the Growth Deals's money as they see fit. Across the East Midlands, over


?365 million has been alloc`ted The project approved for next ydar and


involve ?7 million for a new link road, ?11 million for a new training


centre and ?30 million will be spent to help build a brand`new skills Hub


on this land. Central College and new College both working in the new


building. To train future elployees the skills that employers w`nt. This


is significant. This money being given to Derbyshire and


Nottinghamshire will unlock a lot of match funding, over ?500 million,


18,000 jobs, 8000 homes, many learners and colleges and schools.


The exciting thing is that these ideas have come from the East


Midlands, not imposed by London It is infrastructure investments,


dealing with bottlenecks and investing in the areas, the sectors


where East Midlands does well. Firefighters tackling a blaze


in a Leicester flat found more than Crews were called to the buhlding


on Charles Street just Bosses say the cause of the fire


on the second floor was acchdental The second phase of work to


pedestrianise Loughborough The Market Place will be johned with


shopping streets as part Access along part of Swan Street


is now closed to traffic. Leicestershire County Counchl is


advising drivers to use A precious hoard of coins h`s been


discovered in a Derbyshire cave where it lay undisturbed


for more than 2,000 years. Archaeologists discovered 26 coins,


including three Roman coins and 20 other gold and silver pieces


which are Late Iron Age. Experts say it's


the first time coins from the two separate civilhsations


have been found buried together Fresh efforts are being madd to get


more of us to sign up to Hundreds of people


in our region are waiting for organs The NHS is particularly keen to get


more people from the black `nd Asian communities involved where there's


a high need for organs. Our Health Correspondent


reports from Derby. There haven't been enough donors for


years. 59 people died in thd East Midlands last year waiting for a


transplant and right now thdre are Three days, I have to be here for


day our as is. When I get home, I am tired. `` dialysis. Ruth is a nurse


and says there is a particular shortage of donors from the black


and Asian communities. From the waiting list, 25% of that is made up


of people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.


Unfortunately, only 8% of those make up the organ donor register.


Spreading the word on the street. I think there's a lack of information


and understanding. There ard taboo is that need to be addressed. His


message welcome here. This lan owes his life to a heart transpl`nt. It


made a great deal of differdnce It was nine years ago. I basic`lly got


my life back. To boost transplant numbers, in Wales they are loving to


an opt out system rather th`n an opt in system. Some say England may


follow. Five pupils have been reprilanded


after attempting to escape from their school by digging


a hole underneath a securitx fence. It's believed


the children were using cutlery It happened at Nottingham's


Djanogly Academy school. The school was recently placed in


special measures after being rated It's an iconic scene


from the classic film The Great Escape and it was recreated to some


degree by five daring pupils The children, all under 14,


were involved in an audacious attempt to dscape


by digging a tunnel underne`th It surrounded the perimeter


of the site. Using cutlery like this


which was smuggled from the canteen, the pupils have managed to dig


a hole under the fence. But that is as far


as their plan got as teachers An e`mail sent last week


confirmed the escape attempt. It is more controversy


for the school which was recently placed in emergency measures


after it was rated as inadepuate The school has banned all ptpils


under 16 from leaving The attempted breakout may not be on


the level of The Great Escape, we're pretty sure that the vaulting horse


in the gym won't be nailed to the Coming up later, Adrian Mold, the


musical. Leicester's much loved banks ridden teenager...


The weather cannot make up hts mind. I will give you more detail later in


the programme. An incredibld story. A disabled Derbyshire man is


recovering from the challenge of a lifetime after taking on three of


Britain's highest mountains, using Will Blanche from has spina bifida


and set himself the task of completing the Three Peaks


challenge, climbing Ben Nevhs, Skiddaw and Snowdon, somethhng


never before attempted in this way. Our reporter Paul Bradshaw


has this exclusive report. Three peaks in three days on three


wheels. That is the challenge will blanch set himself. He was raising


money and awareness. First up, Ben Nevis in north`west


Scotland. He set a good early pace on the hand bike, but with


conditions worsening and my camera failing the attempt on the lountain


was abandoned at the halfwax point. I can't be disappointed. We have


done amazing. A new day, a new mountain and he was


keen to fare better on Growth Deals in the Lake District, despite the


steepness of the ascent, yot made good progress. `` fared better on


Skiddaw. The final claim Motnt Snowdon in North Wales. Aftdr four


hours, he crawled the last few feet and made it to the summit. @mazing.


Just to get to the top. The highest peak in Wales. Absolutely alazing,


could not have done it without that's what's down there. Absolutely


phenomenal. Surgery's end hdre with two of the three Peaks clailed and


only the extreme weather on Ben Nevis defeating plans. `` the


journey ends here. It was very eventful for evdryone


concerned. Sometimes there `re not words to describe what people do.


We start with a special preview to the eagerly awaited first tdst with


India. It starts on Wednesd`y. It starts on Wednesday and guiding


fans through it will be the voice Aggers lives in Leicestershhre and


is known to millions as the main But what many don't know


about Aggers is he's an experienced pilot and takes to


skies with his dog, Tino. Last week he took


an extra passenger! I bribe him with a bacon sandwich


on arrival I've never flown


in a light aircraft. I wondered how, at six foot four,


Jonathan would fit The dog looked comfy


and we were ready to go. What better way to look ahe`d to the


first test against India at Trent England need Cook to get


a 100 to win. I think that'll take


some pressure off. Not only does he need a win,


he needs to score runs. Capt Aggers has held


his pilot licence for eight years. Is there a witchhunt against England


captain Alastair Cook? Shane Warne's article startdd


off about whether he was witnessed For much of the game, he was


on a boat in the Greek Isles. There was not one mention of Sam


Robson or Stuart Broad's hat`trick. It was all negative about


Alastair Cook. There'll be a lot


of travelling support for the first And then we were down,


our landing has smooth as shlk. My adventure over


as England begin at Trent Bridge. More build up tomorrow


and there are still a few thckets In the cricket today,


Kent are batting on day one of their County Championship match against


Leicestershire at Grace Road. Onto football and


Leicester City Manager Nigel Pearson is confident David Nugent's new deal


will be sorted soon. The out`of`contract striker is still


in negotiations but Pearson says he's hopeftl there


won't be any major problems. The team returned to pre`se`son


training officially today and He was all smiles at the tr`ining


ground, he's still at the club while negotiations continue. As whth


everything, it has to be right for all of the parties. We will try to


get it resolved as soon as possible, we are confident we can do that He


says there may be new signings, but not a huge amount. And that he is


happy about the squad are ttrning today. Back at training as Premier


League players. Exciting tiles, the hard work starts here. Hard work


that Leicester hope will st`nd them in good stead. They did so well last


year. They deserve to be whdre they are and hopefully as a group we can


push on. Give ourselves a n`me in the Premier League. Confidence high,


but what can they achieve in the top flight? I'm a lot will have us down


in a relegation battle. `` H imagine. We have to perform as well


as we can and I think we max surprise a few people. We h`ve


enough talent and work ethic. We can cause some upsets. If anyond writes


out of `` rights us off, thdy do it at their own peril. `` writds us.


I could hear the plane going over and over.


Moving on. He famously brought the isste


of teenage angst centre stage. Now the fictional character


Adrian Mole is returning to This morning, Curve in Leicdster


unveiled its new musical Adrian Mole which is coming to the theatre next


spring, as Victoria Hicks rdports. Pandora captured Adrian Mold's


heart. It is hoped the dailx drama of his life will capture


theatre`goers, too. Be for her death, Sue Townsend gave thd musical


her blessing. She didn't make us feel to know this. We have writing


sessions and we played around the piano. We really miss her. Our


ageing's dilemmas from life in the 1980s still relevant today? Even


though there aren't smart hdre, we have set it in 1981, but tednagers


are teenagers. You will alw`ys have spots and hormones and kids can


relate to that. We think it can do the last of the same as Marx Poppins


being a musical about London or The Full Monty being about the leads.


This is deeply rooted in Lehcester. The search for Adrian starts now. We


will be holding auditions. We really hope we can capture the


Leicestershire spirit. It h`s sold 20 million copies and has bden


translated into many languages. Curved hope this `` Curved hope this


will be as popular with theatre`goers.


Kay will now sing out of thd weather.


You wouldn't want me to do that We have a mix of sunshine and showers


at the moment and we continte with that theme. An area of low pressure


across the UK and with that we have moist air and that is a rechpe for


some very slow showers. Thex will be around through tomorrow morning We


get off to a sunny start, there will be some sunshine around. We still


have tonight's showers to gdt rid of. They will push North, they will


dry up through the night. Clear spells and mist forming latdr on.


Turning a bit cold, down to nine or 10 Celsius. Tomorrow morning, we


start off dry, here comes the sunshine, but cloud will pop up


through the morning and herd come the showers. The focus of the


showers would be across mord eastern parts. They will line up through


Lincolnshire and that is whdre we have a yellow weather warning. We


could have a lot of rain in a short space of time. We could get 30


millimetres. Further West, xou may get away with it and stay dry.


Temperatures will get up to 19 or 20 Celsius. After that, it is `nyone's


gas. A lot of uncertainty from Wednesday onwards. `` anyond's


guess. Stay tuned. Oh, the suspense.


Have you ever thought of dohng the weather?


No, obviously. We will be b`ck later.


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