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Loughborough MP replaces Michael Gove at education. The biggdst shock


of the reshuffle. Plus, putting a name to a face. The new polhce


identification system that can trace a suspect in seconds.


Also tonight: The rough with the smooth. How a Derbyshire motor


sports firm rode out the recession. And in sport ` Westwood winds up for


another tilt at the Open. Good Evening


and welcome to the programmd. First tonight ` it's been


described as one of the biggest But this evening, David Camdron has


his new ministerial team in place. Two days of hiring and firing has


resulted in significant movds both up ` and down ` for some of our


biggest political personalities And it's Loughborough's MP,


Nicky Morgan, who tonight is She's the new Education Secretary,


replacing the controversial Our Political Editor, John Hess


is in Loughborough, outside A busy day. It certainly is. Nicky


Morgan's constituency officd is based around the corner frol


Loughborough parish church here She is a church`goer and could her


Anglian Christianity help shape future education policy. David


Cameron's ministerial changds were full of surprizes today. I suspect


no`one, not even Nicky Morg`n herself expected to be moved to the


Department of Education. Here her constituency staff were mord than


pleasantly surprised. They weren't the only ones welcoming a change at


the top. Little wonder Niki Morgan


was smiling in her way into Downing Street. Education Sdcretary


is a big, high`profile job `nd after a last week's national strike by


many teachers, the Prime Minister may want some fence`mending with the


teaching profession. Only a few months ago, Michael Gove was


visiting a school in her Loughborough constituency. Perhaps


someone should have warned him ` look behind you. And this praise


from another minister on thd move. Nicky Morgan is a great belhever


in Michael Gove's reforms, `s am I The Grantham


and Stanford MP Nick Boles switches from planning minister to


the Department for Business. And promotion, too, for Broxtowd's


Anna Soubry, up the Ministry of Defence, where she is


now second to the new Defence Secretary. Moving on and out of


Government is Rushcliffe's Ken Clarke,


today he explained his reasons. Minister. I have been a minhster for


several decades. I have been a minister for longer than anx man now


living. They are things I normally don't stress because it makds you


sound as old as the hills. @lso gone, Alan Duncan, the Rutl`nd and


Melton MP. He had been International Development Minister since the 010


general election. Also gone, is Andrew Robeson, the MP for South


Leicestershire. He was the Northern Ireland minister. Keeping fht. So


what type of Education Secrdtary Morgan make? She likes the running.


The education establishment may find Well, Nicky Morgan had little time


to say goodbye to her former colleagues at the Treasury,


where she was a minister. On Monday, she faces the Hotse


of Commons for her first Qudstion Maybe that explains why she hasn't


been able for interviews to talk about her early priorities.


So what do the teachers expdct from her?


I'd say to her ` get around a table. Talk to the teaching professionals.


Talk to leaders of the teaching trade unions and really think about


where our education system hs going. Is it the right thing that ht should


be privatised into academies and free schools or should we h`ve a


national system which is about the children and their education, first


and foremost. Unlike Ken Clarke's Rushcliffe,


Loughborough is one of the lost That Cabinet seat will be


politically worthless, if Nhcky Ken Clarke has freely admitted he


was feeling a little "demob happy" prior to being


reshuffled out of office. He told me earlier that he won't


miss the endless stream of ministerial red boxes `


but will still play an active role I enjoyed being a backbenchdr when I


last left the front bench, `fter we left office in 1997 when he declined


the chance to be on the shadow bench. I enjoyed the last ydars in


Government in opposition. Think I shall enjoy being a backbench


government MP. You advise you will be happy to offer advice from the


backbenches. Will you be a back seat driver? You represent your


constituents and give what xou think is the right advice in the national


interest. That's what I reg`rd Parliament for, actually. I quite


enjoy doing that. Obviously for most of my life I have enjoyed bding in


Government, actually contributing and doing a proper job of work and


do something about some serhous problems, trying to help make a


small contribution to the bdtter Government of the country. Hn terms


of the reshuffle what is yotr view of the cull of the middle`aged men


in suits and bringing in more women? No Prime Minister I have worked for


has had a reshuffle where I have agreed with every bit. I am sorry


for some of my friends and delighted or others. What he is trying to put


together is the Government he would like to form after the next


election, here is an indication of what it would look like, and these


people have ten months to show they are up to the job, which by in large


they undoubtedly are. More time for you, to indulge your hobbies? Joy of


jazz, and bird`watching and so on? I don't neglect them when I w`s in


office. It was tricky when H was the Chancellor of the Exchequer and when


I was at the Department of Health because it is fairly lively, but,


yes, I do think it is quite important to have something to relax


at outside. The things I enjoy are things which I'm so absorbed in I


take my mind all away from politics and Government. It is all rhght for


a bit and then I'm actually, as much an addict of politics and Government


as I was when I started. I dnjoy the House of Commons as mucheses as I


did the first day when I walked through the job. I will keep a


balance but a bit more cricket will be welcome, particularly with the


weather stays like this. Th`nk you for talking to us and good luck


Critics have been invited inside to challenge county council's plans but


left unsatisfied. Derbyshird people need those resources and thdy have


been stolen. One of our police forces is


testing powerful new technology It's able to identify suspects `


who've been caught on camer` ` Leicestershire Police say it could


transform Our Social Affairs Correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, reports. CCTV has become a vital part of


police investigations. Foot`ge that shows who is at the scene of a crime


but identifying the suspects can take weeks of detective work. Now,


though, Hilary can find a m`tch in seconds using this new faci`l


recognition software. This demonstration shows how polhce


employee is picked out from a data base of every suspect whose picture


is on the force computer system T can even spot family members with


similar facial features. It is amazing of sorting through 82,0 0


images in a matter of moments. It will be such a useful tool for


office out on the beat T cotld be low level shoplifting to murder


scenes. They are checking footage from these


new body`worn cameras, as wdll as shops, buses and sports grotnds The


results can't be used as evhdence in court but the trial has alrdady


identified around 100 suspects. That has potentially saved us tens of


thousands of hours sifting through photographs. It may well have found


individuals who might never have been brought to justice before. It


makes a huge difference. Sole people will be worried, won't they, that it


is a bit big brother? Powerful technology that can affect people's


lives. It is an important qtestion and one which I'm glad you have


asked. Searching the data b`se of people we have arrested and we have


lawfully got their photograph. Nothing else. Leicestershird police


think this is more advanced than anywhere else in the world `lthough


it is only a trial. It is already attracting interest from other


forces as far afield as France and Romania.


In recent days council leaddrs in Derbyshire have been spelling out


where the axe will have to fall if they're to complete ?150 million


worth of cuts within the next three years.


The cuts have been described as the toughest in the county's history.


But today protestors got thdir chance to challenge those who will


make the final decision. Here's our Chief News Reporter, Quentin Rayner.


Before their meeting Derbyshire s Cabinet was left in no doubt about


the passionate opposition to the cuts Across housing`related support


aLen, ?9 million over the ndxt few years, which effectively is


two`thirds of the budget of those services. For our service, we are


look ing at 85% cuts. What this means in real terms is going with


working from 400 young people to over a year to actually 40 for the


whole of Derbyshire. What a contrast in the corridors of power in the


county council headquarters N this room schoolchildren from across the


county promoting what they say is the brilliance of Derbyshird. Across


the corridor here, in committee room 1, the Cabinet is holding a public


meeting to explain ?157 million of cuts.


Out of all the 64 councillors to take this seriously. How will


Derbyshire County Council ftlfil their responsibilities? We have


very, very little money left now to run council services. So, what do


the protesters think about what they were told? There was nothing


entirely that was reassuring. I think they will be going ahdad with


these cuts. At the moment it is 50% cuts, which is significant. I would


like them all to do a lot more and to show how you angry they `re and


protect our services. Peopld need to understand the constraints we have


to work within as well and H hope they have managed to take away the


work we are doing to limit the pain caused by the cuts. Now the


consultation begins before final decisions in the autumn.


Police discovered a cannabis farm as a result of a public campaign using


The cards were recently handed out so people could discover wh`t


cannabis smells like. A member of the public tipped off the police


about a house in Mansfield. Today officers raided it and found 40


plants with an estimated street value of just under ?250,000.


A Derbyshire man was today jailed for 16 months for tax fraud.


30`year`old Danny Peat, previously known as Daniel Twells,


from Alfreton, had attempted to claim ?120,000


He made false claims in onlhne Self Assessment tax returns.


It's not even opened yet ` but around 800 tickets have already


been sold for the new King Richard III visitor centre in Leicester


The old Leicester Grammar School building at St Martin's Place is


being transformed into two floors of exhibition space,


telling the story of the King who was found in the nearby car park.


It's a global phenomenon in the cycling community th`t's now


What's believed to be the rdgion's first white`painted "ghostbhke"


has been left at the scene of a crash in which a cyclist died.


People working nearby say it highlights the need


From Nottingham, Mike O'Sullivan reports.


Traffic passes by a ghostbike left anonymously at a busy road zblunges


Nottingham. Painted white, ` tribute to a cyclist who died in a road


collision at the junction of Lower Parliament Street and Penniford


Street earlier this month. Ht'll remind people of how unsafe the


roads are for cyclists. It hs really bad. It is a nice memorial. There is


a lot of dangerous roads around here for cyclists. It is a tragedy what


happened but I think it is laking a good statement towards people riding


a bike and the attitude of when they are using the roads. 29`year`old


Louise Wright was fatally injured after being in collision with a


Greene King delivery lorry `t 8 30 am. She was a robe of the Nottingham


Roller Girls Roller Derby tdam and worked for Paul Smith in thd City.


The business, right next to the accident scene has also left a


tribute. Staff would like to see road safety improvements at the


junction. Some had mixed fedlings about the ghostbike. I dare say most


people were touched. There were a few mixed reactions about whether it


was tasteless or not. Personally I think it is a good idea to raise


awareness of what is happenhng at that junction. Louise's boyfriend


James Faulkner told the BBC he hopes the ghostbike will help to prevent


another tragedy. The City Council says it'll have to consider whether


it is creating an obstacle for pedestrians.


Next a woman has told us how she spent ?5,000 on health care


needlessly because of anxieties with her health. She looked up hdr


symptoms on the internetted. It is called cyberchoondria.


Paul Bradshaw has had report. Recognition for a job well done


These two nurse has exceeded all expectations in the treatment of


health anxiety at Kingsmill Hospital during a recent study into the


illness. Some people become house bound actually because of these


fears and, of course, it is baying cost to the health service `s well.


`` a big cost. There needs to be provision for them. This sttdy has


shown this works, it is cost effective and easy to delivdr and we


need to proviewed services. Health anxiety has been recognised for


years but now, it seems, patients using the internet to diagnose


themselves is making the problem far worse. Whereas with the doctor you


have to make an appointment for you don't have to make an appointment at


the internet. You can look `t it for hours every day. Unfortunatdly in


this condition, you actuallx have people who do spend hours on the


internet and it magnifies their symptoms because the worst


conditions are always the ones they see first. Mary Wyatt suffered from


cyber chondria for years. She said the illness made her feel she was


wasting her GPs' time. I was paying privately to see consultants. I


thought I would be draining the NHS. Also, you feel guilty. Becatse


doctors say ` there is nothhng wrong with you, but you feel diffdrently.


You get reassurance, which doesn't work. I must have spent abott


?5,000, I think in private health care. There is no provision for


treating health anxiety in the health service at present btt it is


hoped, following the results of this study, that will soon changd.


Sport now and a big event, this week is the Open from golf. Todax is


practice day and Colin has gone to Liverpool to see if former world


number one, Lee Westwood can recapture his form. Lee Westwood is


the question. The answer cotld, maybe be the Royal Liverpool


Hoylake, the scene of the Open. Magnificent today in the sunshine.


He has to play amidst of all this talent. At the moment he is not the


man in form. Not making the cut in the build`up and the final two


rounds. Looking for inspiration here. Can he do it? Let's ask the


BBC's golf correspondent. Lde Westwood? Can he rejuvenate things?.


If you don't get inspired hdre, you are struggling. But it has been a


tough year for him. Around the time of the Masters he was showing prop


Issing signs with his new coach and felt things were working. ``


promising signs. That brings frustration and erodes confhdence.


We will see him on the practice round. One man in form is Jtstin


Rose, winner of the Scottish Open. In a way we saw him first. 21 years


ago he was a junior winning the mow Tringous junior open at Radcliffe.


This event stwarted this morning. `` winning the prestigious. Back in


1993 Justin Rose was 12, thd youngest competitor at the


tournament but already playhng off five. Two years later at 14, he won


it. Now he is doing rather well for himself, winning the Scottish Open


at the weekend. He is one of England's top players, now looking


forward to the Open. Today's McGregor trophy features 40 overseas


players out of 144. There is a strong international field but are


there any budding Roses? Thdy put on a fantastic event. Parents `re


supporting them. No doubt you will find a Major winner here.


One has come from China to compete. Others have had a shorter trip. The


dream is to try to make it. On the tee, Joshua Taylor from Mill Green


golf club. The McGregor Trophy started in


Radcliffe in 1982 and now it returns here every five years. It's note a


Birkdale or a Hoylake but it has a heart that cares about this event


and as long as it does that, I'm sure England Golf will keep coming


back. It has grown and grown, it is now recognised as the worldwide


event for boys of this age to play in. This is where it starts at small


clubs, they go to their counties, they develop and next thing we say


them in the Ryder Cup. It is great to see them at the peak of their


sport. I love playing golf. Sadly, the only bit I'm any good at is the


driving. So, while Rose rises fulfilling


potential, Westwood wonders if this is the tournament where he can


rejuvenate. This is a huge dvent. The Commonwealth Games is also on


the way up in Glasgow. Lots of athletes looking forward to this.


Many from the East Midlands and many of whom, who have had for ydars to


juggle fulltime job was thehr hobby, looking for galory. Angela has been


to meet one of them. So I'm an A doctor, I work at


Queens Medical Centre. I'm on a rotation where we r rotate `round


different hospitals in the Dast Midlands. I started shooting when I


was about 15 or 16. It is something I started to do and enjoyed it. Then


I realised in a you could go to the Olympics with shooting. So H thought


I would really love to compdte at a high level with my shooting to a


persevered and kept practishng and went to the Commonwealth Gales in


2006. Melbourne was magic for Rachael Parish. A be incredhble


experience. You cannot buy the memories to. Win a gold and silver


was fantastic. What followed was years as frustration as womdn's


trouble trap was dropped from major events.


It's been very frustrating ht was taken out of the Olympics and out of


the Commonwealth Games for Delhi, to the point where I had stoppdd


shooting completely for abott 1 months. It's very exciting that it


is back in again. It's been an eight`year wait for the


sharp`shooting doctor, kermdd to do her best. Its a bit of a ugh Joel


and struggle occasionally. `` it's a bit of a juggle and struggld. Adding


to her medal tally, the medhc has her eyes on the prize.


A couple of quick bits of sports news. A new signing for Nottingham


Roberts. The captain of Barcelona's xouth


team is signed in. Lots of drama in the cricket, too.


You can catch up with that on the BBC Sport website. Notts ch`sing the


county Championship. I want to show you this before we G this is the


media compound here at the Open Half the world's media feels like it


is here, as long with what feels like half the world's cranes. You


can follow it online and on TV and radio. We, of course will bd


watching Lee Westwood. Now, we stay with a sporting theme


and these are encouraging d`ys for a firm which began life on a farm in


the Derbyshire countryside. . The company has moved to much l`rger


premises and doubled its workforce. Believe it or not it is thanks to


the recent global recession. For the second in of Made in the East


Midlands series, we report now from Belpar.


It starts life as a Land Rover but when it leaves here it is a Bowl


per. This small factory is one of the biggest names in off`ro`d motor


sports. We move the engine further back and lower down for centre of


gravity reasons. We put our own suspension on there. We essdntially


change everything underneath the car but retain the strength of the


original Land Rover chassis. It does its job ` which is to go fast for a


long period of time across very inhospitable terrains. Among the


firm's biggest fans, the Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond.


! How can anything survive this But it almost didn't survive thd


financial crash. When the world changed in 2008/9 we decided that


our car was fundamentally good and the engineering was fantasthc but we


needed to move into a different direction. So we took what we


thought was a great car, thd rally car and decided to make it ` road


version. This is the EXRS otr road`going car a version of this


rally car, which is built for customers who want a noisy, fast,


exciting car. This is a competition car. I had the pleasure of filling


this up the other day, it is ?5 00. To fill it up. Not cheap. `` ?5 0.


This not cheap it buy. ?1 86,00 . Really? Including VAT It is not


unusual for people to spend that. You cannot buy a Ferrari for less


that than. Where has this bden racing? Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria.


We race in Spain, lit I, Fr`nce Anywhere that there is the


opportunity to do high`speed off`road driving. In recent months


it has had to move here to keep up with demand. We have doubled our


workforce. We'll look at into other disciplines and locations btt we'll


keep this as the HQ. Proud to be a brand from the East Midlands.


Without a doubt. Tomorrow in the final part of our Made in the East


Midlands series we are at the Leicestershire bakery which has won


more than 4,000 awards sincd it opened for business in 1906. Now the


weather from Kate. Not too bad. Yes but warm and human and thundery


weather heading our way latdr this week. Another transient ridge of


high pressure across the UK at the moment. We have changes on the way


for tonight. A warm front ptshing in from the south`west. This one won't


have much rain on it, which will disappoint the gardeners, btt it


will it'll introduce much w`rmer, more humid air. Temperatures will be


creeping up Kay`by`day up into the high 20s by Friday and that will


increasingly gift chance of thundery showers later in the week and into


the weekend. For the time bding it is fairly quiet. We day dry for the


rest of the night with clouds dispersing. Clear spells. Btt


despite that, it won't be mtch cold other. Temperatures down to 13 or


146789 a fairly muggy one in store. Tomorrow morning a dry start.


Sunshine first thing. We will see the cloud building into the


afternoon once again but despite that cloud, temperatures will be


higher tomorrow, up to around 2 , possibly 25. There is the chance of


that heat that it could spark one or two thundery showers across more


northern parts into Derbyshhre and Nottinghamshire later on in the


afternoon. Most places stayhng dry. Those showers will be short 46


lived. They will die away on Wednesday night. `` short`lhved


Thursday looking decent. Drx, spells of sunshine, fairly warm with


temperatures up to 24. By Friday, temperatures are going to bd up into


the high 20s, 28. And as I say, there is a chance of these thundery


showers sparking off. Watch this space. Crash bang, wallop come


Friday or thereabouts. Something to look forward to? Yes, and something


else to look forward to. Thd late news, with me and Kate.


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