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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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at the papers over on the BBC News Channel, but now on


And now the news for the East Midlands.


First tonight, the East Midlands has seen the biggest numerical drop


in unemployment anywhere in the country.


Over the last three months there were 133,000 people out of work


This is the Webhelp call centre at Pride Park in Derby.


600 jobs will be created here over the next eight months,


handling calls for a big mobile phone provhder


In a garden style meeting room, some of the 100 already recruited.


It is hard to get a job when you are leaving collegd.


You look everywhere, you hand in your CVs.


I know before I got this job I handed out about 100 CVs


I've been looking for a job for a while now.


I have just left university, I have just graduated.


In the other half of the buhlding, French owned Webhelp alreadx employs


Operation started in Januarx 20 2, in what used to be


In a separate development today the German owned cargo comp`ny DHL


is to spend ?19 million exp`nding its depot at East Midlands `irport.


It's because of increasing demand overseas for our goods.


The company can't yet say though if it will mean more jobs.


It comes as the East Midlands recorded the biggest drop


Figures for the three months to May show there were 133,000 people


Our unemployment rate is now just 5.6% of the working populathon.


Back at Webhelp, there is a pool table for the staff to relax.


The chief executive officer told me the company is playing


a long game in Derby and the new roles will be especially


We find here that many of otr young people who we employ have actually


been on the unemployment register over quite some time, so th`t every


single job we are able to ghve here, we probably have something like 20


Business confidence is coming back, according to Webhelp.


And they say they are hearing that loud and clear.


The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told BBC Radio Nottingham that


Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust in Nottinghamshire will probably be


kept in special measures until further improvements are made.


It runs Kings Mill Hospital in Sutton in Ashfield


and was one of the worst 11 performing Trusts in England.


It was ordered to improve last summer.


In the Commons, Jeremy Hunt explained why another


Trust ` which runs Grantham Hospital ` will definitely remain in special


Whilst United Lincolnshire hospitals and the NHS trust has made progress,


including the employment of a additional 140 nursing staff, work


remains to be done and the Chief Inspector has recommended they


should remain in special me`sures by a further six months.


Turning around a hospital which had a significantly high death rates,


Police have released figures from an operation targeting suspdcted


paedophiles in the East Midlands who access indecent internet im`ges


Operation Notarise has prodtced 660 arrests across Britain.


In Derbyshire there've been nine arrests.


And nine men have been detahned in Leicestershire.


Nottinghamshire Police are investigating 30 cases.


An airline has said sorry after six passengers were allowed to


get on the wrong flight at East Midlands Airport.


The holidaymakers were bookdd on a flight to Spain yesterday, but ended


They were taken off before ht left but the delay meant the two families


The airline's asked the handling agent at


A Hong Kong millionaire is bankrolling a multi`million pound


campus redevelopment at De Montfort University in Leicdster.


It'll have a new centre deshgned to encourage closer economic and


Today the dragon that traditionally marks Chinese New Year markdd a new


Doctor Jonathan Choi was here from Hong Kong to bang the drum for


His new centre will focus on student exchanges and


an increase cultural understanding, showcasing anything from Chhnese


It's part of a ?136 million campus redevelopment.


It is backed by the Chinese government.


In the future we hope more Chinese leaders will come over to vhsit our


centre, and with the centre we can work well with the UK community


Doctor Choi talked of this day as being a groundbreaking occasion


in both senses of the word, both the physical foundations being


laid in this enormous new cdntre, but also close ties between Britain


Is this really just something that the university and the studdnts


First of all, the campus transformation whll


create a lot of jobs for Lehcester, and also this institute is open


for everybody in the local community to come along and attend.


Opening in just over a year, the site will give thousands


of students the chance to go to China and crucially bring more


Finally, before the weather, archaeologists have unearthdd


evidence of a grand medieval church in Nottinghamshire.


A dig at Rufford Abbey has revealed stonework


from an 850`year`old building which was later destroyed by Henrx VIII.


The medieval Cistercian mon`stery may have looked something lhke this.


There are still buildings wd don't know where they are.


The infirmary, or the guest quarters.


So we don't know the location of any of those yet, and there is still so


much work we could do on thd church itself now that we know it has this


structure at the back that we didn't expect to find, and the walls aren't


So, it's goodbye from me ` but with your weather now, here's Kexe.


It is certainly warming up for the next couple of days. We havd a


heatwave warning from Fridax onwards, which means temper`tures


could reach 50 degrees into Friday and not dropping much lower than 15


degrees by night. `` 30 degrees It will be fresher for us tonight. That


brought us some rain earlier on It is clearing and it is dry for the


rest of the night, but feelhng fresher, 13 to 14 degrees the


lowest. A beautiful start tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine and the


cloud will pop up in the afternoon. We will stay dry throughout the day.


Some decent spells and sunshine but hardly any wind tomorrow, so it will


feel hot and humid with temperatures of sunshine and the cloud whll pop


up in the afternoon. We will stay towards Saturday morning. Time to


hand you over for the national forecast now.


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