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brighter start on Sunday. Still warm and humid.


First tonight, two Leicestershire students are


among those believed to havd been killed on board flight MH17.


Also tonight, calls for changes to help the region" cope with


migration. I was traumatised. Something has to


be done. And celebrating a major mildstone in


Derby's railway heritage. Now Friday's news for the E`st


Midlands, which has been catght`up in the violence and sadness


of the Malaysia Airlines disaster. It has been confirmed that two local


students were on board the plane. Ben Pocock was studying


at Loughborough University and Richard Mayne from Leicdster was


a mathematics student at Ledds. Quentin Rayner is in Leicester


now and can give us more details. Yes, good evening. According to both


Brighton University, Ben Pocock from Bristol had just completed the


second year of his degree at Loughborough University in


International business and he was flying out to Australia to take up a


placement there. And Richard Mayne, who lived here in Leicester was also


going out to Australia for dxactly the same reasons for a placdment as


part of his degree at Leeds University. The 20`year`old Shearer


this family home with his p`rents, two brothers and their sistdr. ``


cheered this family home. They have said that they are absolutely


devastated by the shocking death of Richard on board the flight MH1 .


Everyone who knew Richard s`id the same things about him, that he was


bright, popular, and a lovely guy. Flowers have been placed at his home


by friends. His father says that he believes that his son has bden


murdered by criminals. He w`s due to start your long industrial placement


as part of his maps and fin`nce degree Leeds University. Richard was


originally from market Bosworth Freddie had played rugby since the


age of 12. His last match w`s just six days ago. He had also bden a


pupil at the local grammar school. He had recently revisited the school


to inspire pupils. Headmastdr said that the school was devastated to


learn about his death in thd aircraft over Ukraine. In a


statement they headmaster s`id. . People in the town gave thehr


reflections. It is really shocking and it is quite upsetting, really. I


am very sad for his family `nd am very sad for his family `nd


mother and father and his friends and everybody. My heart goes out to


them. When I saw his face I realised obviously I went to school with him.


I could not believe the shop, everybody was shocked by it. It is


really bad. Leeds Universitx rugby club said, he was a popular man


taken from us too soon. We pay tribute to an honest and kind man.


As you can imagine, social ledia has been full of tributes to thd two


East Midlands University sttdents who were killed in this aircraft.


One friend of Richard Mayne's has posted, Richard was a fantastic


friendly and inspirational `nd well loved student. Words cannot express


my sadness. Another one, the world is mhssing a


very special young man, thotght quite those who will miss hhm so


much. The family of Ben Pocock sahd that


he was a gifted academic, t`lented athlete, but more importantly, a


warm, caring, fun loving son and brother who had an extremelx bright


future ahead of him. The ovdrall sentiment is this, that thex were


two young men with fantastically bright futures, with everything


ahead of them, and that has been denied them, leaving an irrdparable


void for both family and frhends. Big changes are needed to cope with


an influx of migrants into the That's according to


a report commissioned by cotncils It suggests more English language


classes and greater help for migrants wanting to go back to


their home country. It also warns of increasing


racial prejudice in the reghon. Our Political Editor John


Hess has more details. John, first of all,


what is the position with Just under 10% of the East Lidlands


population is foreign`born, that's Leicester, at 34%, has the


highest proportion of immigrants. You can see how that compards with


elsewhere in the region. The lowest being South Derbxshire,


with 3.3%. Well, it's been commissioned by


East Midlands Council, the body that speaks up for our local


councils, and its main conclusions are that there's a lack of `wareness


and informed discussion. It says the impact of international


migration on the East Midlands has It adds that there are parthcular


challenges for some communities In a city that says it welcomes


the world, a supermarket th`t This man came to Leicester dight


years ago from India and qu`lified Every ethnic group has


a different communication style And sometimes, you know, yot think


that the person is being rude to It's just their way of tellhng,


or talking or communicating. But no, we have not had any kind of


racial abuse or anything, wd haven't But this is also a city that hasn't


always been so welcoming, just ask them at one of the city's


Somali community centres. If you go to certain areas, more


white`dominated areas, therd has been difficulties for peopld from


other ethnic backgrounds to move in, This report, produced by


East Midlands Council, the organisation that represents local


government, attempts, in its words, "to shine a light on some of those


issues from a local perspective " Yes, there have been huge bdnefits


from international migration into the region, also, yes,


there have been huge pressures. What the report is there to do is to


highlight those pressures, where they're happening and actually put


in place some pragmatic solttions. So what we're doing is,


we're saying to government, look, some of these issues are


operational, we can solve this, we need to work together better


we need to better share dat`. The data is out there


but we need better access to it that way we can better plan


and address some of those concerns. The report also warns


of growing racial prejudice. There's probably definitely


a need for a certain amount of number control so that wd're not


overly populating areas. There must be a limit to


what we can do for people. I'm quite happy for cultures and


other people to come other, it's As soon as they come over, they ve


got somewhere to live and that. They're pushing


the English citizens to the side. The impact of migration


on communities can be hugelx What does a report want to see done?


The councils want more fundhng to help migrants to learn Englhsh, why?


They want to get them more hnto the world of work. The report also says


that there is no evidence that migration has actually dampdned


wages. It is also seeking more money for those migrants that want to


return to their original hole and, for example, you can find ott more


on my political blog. How the Victorians would have done


it ` as Derby celebrates 174 years of train`making, thoughts on how


they might have approached HS2. And if the temperatures don't give


you a sleepless night tonight, After such a hot day today


across the East Midlands, 30 Celsius, we will see it turning


very wet into the early hours. The wife of a stroke patient who was


made to wait for an ambulance for almost two hours on two sep`rate


occasions says she ius disgtsted almost two hours on two sep`rate


occasions says she is disgusted Elizabeth Gillespie says shd was


traumatised seeing her husb`nd East Midlands Ambulance Service


admitted they failed Caring for husband Jim is a worrying


occupation for Elizabeth Gillespie after he suffered a series of


strokes, her fears now exacdrbated after the 67`year`old was forced to


wait almost two hours for an I thought, "This is it,


I'm losing him." It's so frightening,


it really and truly is. The first delay was in June


after Elizabeth called 999 The doctor arrived and immediately


called for an ambulance. a paramedic arrived


but it took almost two hours in total for an ambulance to get to


their Newark home and anothdr hour There were more delays a month later


when Jim collapsed again on a walk. It took 45 minutes


for a paramedic to arrive and over an hour and a half


for the ambulance to get to them. You see it on the TV advert,


phone 999. Elizabeth says the experiences


have robbed Jim of his confhdence. Well, after talking to the


Gillespies, Sarah Teale put their complaints to Richard Henderson from


East Midlands Ambulance Service Do you have any confidence hn the


Ambulance Service at me? No. We pit their concerns to a representative


from the Amblin service. Elhzabeth Collis P said that their trdatment


was disgraceful and disgusthng. We recognise that it was not good


enough. I would like to apologise for the level of service th`t was


provided and we are now unddrtaking a thorough investigation to


understand the circumstances in this case. It is not an isolated


incident. There have been ntmerous occasions where people's waves have


been put at risk. People have even died `` lives at risk. We'rd getting


to patients faster than we have done previously, we are improving


significantly and on this occasion we have got it wrong as we have done


on other cases. But we are responding to former patients


quicker than we have done. Can you give advice to patients who say that


they are now scared of dialling Fernando Alonso, can you give


assurances that it will arrhve when it is supposed to arrive `` dialling


for an ambulance. Weaned evdr to get there within time. But you cannot


guarantee it? We are improvhng, we are improving in all areas `nd we


aim to continue that. A health watchdog is calling


for further investigations hnto the discharge of elderly patients


from Derbyshire's hospitals. A new report by Healthwatch


Derbyshire says care`home rdsidents have been sent home from fotr


hospitals with a number of problems. Patients have also been givdn


medication intended In one instance, a resident was sent


home in a diabetic coma Police using heat`seeking epuipment


have so far failed to find 65`year`old Patricia Lawrence was


last seen at her home at Sttbton, Police sent up a helicopter with


the technology overnight. The Nottinghamshire force is asking


people nearby to check Next hour interview with thd new


Education Secretary Nicky Morgan. You have been an MP for four years.


No prior rotation experiencd and know you're the Secretary of State.


How did that happen? The Prhme Minister as to me demanding and


asked me to be the Secretarx of State for education. But I happen


working in the Loughborough area for over ten years and that includes


visiting lots of schools, working with teachers, and being thd


Loughborough member of Parlhament for the last four years. I'l also a


mother or the child going through the school system at moment and I am


also a sister of a teacher, so I get plenty of advice at home as well.


Michael Gove, your predecessor, was described as toxic. There h`ve been


a string of actions from unhons many reforms have been described as


controversial. What will yot do to deal with the level of discontent


within the education system? I think that Michael Gove wasn't excellent


Secretary of State. He has really changed the educational landscape in


the country. He was really focusing on standards and discipline and the


quality of teaching. My rold was very much to build on those reforms


and take them forward, no doubt to talk to everybody involved hn the


education system and I look forward to the constructive engagemdnt


everybody involved. At the heart of education system what we all want is


the best at four children. Has been quite a lot of embarrassment, for


example the dysfunctional school in Derby. Paid you deal with fdeling


free schools? There is a mechanism in place and the Government will


take action, working with local Government structures as well. But


we should not forget that there have into thirds of our food preschools


`` two thirds of our free schools have been classed as outstanding.


This is all about meeting p`rental demand for schools. There h`ve been


issues, we will deal with those but we also have to recognise the


excellence within the education system as well. The Environlent


Agency says that it is investigating what caused a weir to temporarily


dry up, putting fish in danger of downstream. It is thought to have


been caused by a faulty sensor at the neighbouring hydroelectric plant


which supplies power to Derby City Council. Members of the English


Youth Rally have been giving a performance at Nottingham Children's


Hospital today. `` English Xouth Ballet. Leicester City are close to


breaking a 14 year transfer deal. Derby have Barton and 19`ye`r`old


Spaniard as a player for thd future. `` have brought in.


As the Commonwealth games draw ever closer, time for a look


at some more of our medal hopefuls. Derbyshire's Annie Last, and David


Fletcher, from Nottinghamshhre, are both mountain`bikers ailing


for the podium in Glasgow. Kirsty's been to Sherwood Phnes to


watch them prepare for their big moment.


You get the adrenaline and the buzz. I came down one day and happened to


be a race on. I have it ever since. For the Commonwealth Games H'm


hoping for a top five podiul, which is very feasible. I was third in the


junior world, so I was expecting a top ten. That would have bedn an


amazing rate. To come third, or even second, would be a dream cole true.


At the last Commonwealth Gales there was no mountain bike event. This is


my first Commonwealth Games. It is such a great opportunity, to compete


in the Commonwealth Games, but also to have it in the UK is gre`t. To


perform at a major games in front of so many of your friends and family.


London was such an amazing experience. In the race, yot're


focusing on the race, you'rd kind of a wheel of the huge support. It was


when I crossed the finish lhne and I looked up, I thought, that hs


incredible, just to have all the support, the crowd and everxthing. I


was like, this is the Olymphc Games, to have that in Glasgow would be


amazing. Hopefully it will be an incredible experience again.


for their big moment. Other sports news:


Nottinghamshire's Lee Westwood is almost certain to miss the cut


at The Open. Playing golf's biggest event has not


been enough to kick`start Wdstwood's terrible form.


He was four over par in today?s round and three`over


for the tournament, and out. In Cricket, Leicestershire `re well


into their T20 game with Durham Finally, all sports need a supply


of new talent, and disability sports are no exception.


So alongside the top`level Wheelchair Tennis Open in Nottingham


this week are development sdssions to draw new people into the sport.


I went to meet one of their success stories Now, the


The look that this young man has a future star of this ability `` of


disability tennis. At you pdople have told me they are amazed by the


quality they can watch here, being able to get involved. They have


grown to love the sport. Jales has gone much further, he is ond to


watch for the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020. James has amazed us over the


last 12 months. He has gone from a little boy into Oman and it shows


how much he wants it and how determined he is `` into a lan. That


is the sort of determination we need if we are going to get a ch`mpion.


If you want an example of hhs commitment, James left his


university place to focus on his tennis. People asked me if ht was a


hard choice, but it is my ftture, so it was a simple decision. As for the


tennis, how far can he go? To the top, to number one. My coach and I


are aiming for Tokyo, that hs the Paralympics, it is looking good


Fantastic. Now, the BBC's Antiques


Roadshow expert and rail buff Paul Atterbury was in Derby today


as part of the city's celebrations to mark 175 years of train`laking.


He was naming a train ahead of the Roadshow's appearancd


at the city's Roundhouse on Sunday. And he showed he's not just


a history man, as he spoke up strongly abott HS2.


Mike O'Sullivan has more. The next train due at Derby station


is to be named in a ceremonx by the antiques road show expert and


historian Paul Atterbury. Hd has loved screen since his childhood and


has written a number of weeks on railway history. The natural choice


to asked to name an East Midlands locomotive built in Derby. Ht is one


of these places that really got the railways going in an intern`tional


scale. Derby is a big name `nd it is still here. Derby has had lots of


high`profile visitors connected with its train making skills. Here is the


Transport Minister Barbara Castle on a visit in the 1960s. On Saturday


the history will be centre stage, when filming of the Antiques road


show takes place. Entry for the public is free between 9:30`m and


4:30pm. Paul Atterbury is a keen observer of today's railway scene.


Here is his view on whether the railways should be re`nationalised?


In a broad sense, yes, but ht does not matter for the money coles from


as long as it is run as a n`tional system. It can be private or public


or a partnership but it must be seen in national terms. And what about


the HS2 project? Mike O'Sullivan has more.


Why are we taking so long to build something


which we absolutely depend on? The Victorians would have btilt it


in five years, without any `rgument. Let's be like them.


Perhaps a lesson from the p`st for today's railways.


You can take your old stuff to the Roundhouse in Derby on Saturday


Sunday is a little bit bettdr compared to the showers that we are


likely to see on Saturday. And certainly tonight, although the


early part of the evening whll be tonight. We did reach 30 Celsius in


the East Midlands today and we are starting to see those showers


pushing across the English Channel. They will work their way northwards


tonight. They are very heavx, thundery showers. The potential for


some flash flooding. We havd an amber warning from The Met office.


The band of showers that went through in the early hours has


caused that warning. At the moment, we are expecting showers just before


midnight and the potential for flash flooding. A very hot and hulid


night, a minimum temperaturd of 18 Celsius. We gradually startdd to


show way northwards on Saturday We could see a good period of dry


weather on early Saturday btt in the afternoon those showers will start


to form again. The home`grown showers could develop almost


anywhere. Temperatures reaching a maximum of 27 Celsius. In S`ndiacre


has a slightly better day btt it will still be a volatile atlosphere.


`` on Sunday we have a slightly better day. The showers still remain


with us through the afternoon. A little bit of high pressure comes in


on Monday. More settled outlook to the early part of next and better


conditions all round, with temperatures going down to below 20


Celsius. We will update you at 10:30pm. Good




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