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Cornwall but cannot rule one out as far across as Hampshire and Sussex


but lots of places will be dry across the South, 27-29? again,


almost as warm as that further north and another one day for Northern


Ireland. The odd shower fought manner and Tyrone. Should be driver


Scotland, the mid-20s for the first day of competition will stock cooler


around the North Sea coasts, mind you. Similar picture on Friday, bit


of a great start and some low clouds near the North Sea coasts and the


north-east. Very warm and sunny and one or two showers in Scotland but


later in the day across southern England as well. Things will change


in the weekend. In between the high pressure we get a weather front


pushing south-eastwards across the whole of the country with high


pressure building behind leaving us with a northerly breeze. That means


they will be some sunshine in between a band of heavy and thundery


showers and it will be notably showers and it will be notably


This is East Midlands Today with Maurice Flynn and me, Anne Davies.


First tonight: The man from Derby who's joined a terrorist group in


Syria. First tonight, the police have confirmed that a Derby man has


joined a terrorist group in Syria. And the wrath plans to protdct


Nottingham lace from going flat These are among the most endangered


and cute animals in the world, born here in the East Midlands. Welcome


to the programme. All these stories to come. We start with the news that


almost 200 police officers could be let go in the area. Around 200


police officers could be let go in Leicestershire as the force tries to


deliver deep financial cuts. And it's likely to mean civilians


investigating crimes. In a loment, the Chief Constable, but first a


look at the scale of the problem. Despite a slight rise this xear


recorded crimes have fallen over the last four years. Today therd was a


promise for a renewed focus on local policing despite a fall in officer


numbers. There will still bd neighbourhood policing and the same


level of neighbourhood safety. What really matters to people is that


their local neighbourhood is kept safe. The force will now have to


show it will only affect how officers do their jobs and not


public safety. I spoke earlher to Simon Cole, the Chief Const`ble of


Leicestershire Police, and `sked just how many uniformed offhcers


will be losing their jobs. To make sure the books balance going forward


and to keep local people safe we will only lose 300 jobs over the


next four years, 200 of those will be police officers. We can deploy


mixed teams of police officdrs and community support officers. We have


to maximise what we can get out of the budget. We will get smaller as


an organisation but still kdep local people safe. How confident `re you


that you can keep people safe? With the public be right in thinking


their safety is in danger? We have taken ?20 million out of thd budget


and in doing that recorded crime and anti`social behaviour has dropped.


Of course I would like more money but we are taking our share of the


age of austerity which means there will be less of ours. I tob`cco can


we expect to see civilians taking statements and dealing with crimes?


`` I take it we can expect. People should be reassured they ard very


professional, trained and skilled operators. To make up for losing


skilled officers and closing police stations you have said therd will be


more use of social media, wdll Facebook or Twitter be of mtch use


to someone being robbed or `ttacked? That is not what we mean. It will be


a good way to share information and get information. We will sthll have


response units to deal with issues people call us about and ard rightly


concerned about. Thank you for joining ours. Next tonight, police


have confirmed that a local man has joined a terrorist group in Syria.


Kabir Ahmed is thought to bd in a training camp run by ISIS, the


organisation that has swept through large parts of Iraq. Our reporter


Mike O'Sullivan is in Derby now Mike, what's the community being


saying today? He had handed out offensive leaflets outside this


derby mosque and also put flyers through letter boxes nearby. He was


jailed for 15 months and is now in Syria at the terraced base. Everyone


is forcing people to put thdir name up. Here I met an imam trying to


influence young minds for the better. The media instead of calming


things down is exploiting things and probably provoking people. Hs the


Muslim community speaking ott against violence strongly enough?


They are. Back in 2012 Kabir Ahmed said he was just a Muslim doing his


duty. He is not the first Islamic hardliner from Derby, is he? That is


right. There has been anothdr Islamic hardliner from Derbx in


2003, Omar Sharif failed to blow himself up in a car in Tel @viv in


Israel. He managed to kill three people and injured 60 others. His


body was then found washed tp on the costs two weeks later. The BBC


understands that an inmate `t Nottingham Prison tried to gouge his


own eyes out. The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that there was


a serious incident of self`harm at the Perry Road site on Mond`y. An


independent monitor, who ovdrsees conditions there, says the lan was


taken to hospital. An investigation is now underway. It is cleaned house


prices in the East Midlands rose by an average of ?10,000 in thd first


quarter of this year. The average value of the home in the East


Midlands is now ?180,000, an increase of 6%. There is a love


afoot for Nottingham lace to have the same protection from chdap


imitations as Melton Mowbrax reports pies. It's the idea of East Midlands


Euro MP Emma McClarkin. But the boss of the last remaining Nottingham


Lace factory says it's come too late. Here's our Political Dditor


John Hess. It used to domin`te local markets until the copycats loved in


with cheap imitations. The hdea was for only Nottingham lace made


locally to carry the brand. Nottingham lace is a byword for


quality in lace all over thd world. It will give a boost to loc`l lace


makers who still exist in Nottingham. EU regulations protect


Palmer ham from Italy and French champagne. The main factory is not


even in Nottinghamshire, it did then Lancashire, would it be


geographically included? Thdy have not done their homework whatsoever,


Nottingham lace was rarely lade in Nottingham. If we had had some help


when we asked for it in the 195 s there would be a very different


outlook, I think. King George V and Queen Mary on a visit to


Nottingham's lace market. In its heyday 40,000 people used to work in


the lace industry now it is down to a handful. These machines are still


in production but tonight there is a clarification. The MP wanted EU


protected status before these machines and why others likd them in


the region are silenced fordver The tribunal service in Leicestdr has


dramatically increased the number of people they can see after thousands


of people were caught up in a massive backlog. In Leicestdr,


almost 2,000 were waiting to have their cases heard after cuts to


social benefit. The Citizens Advice Bureau says the long delays are


hitting people hard. The Trhbunal Service says they can now hdar 8


cases a day, previously it was only 16. Our reporter has more. This man


has been off of work for fotr years with anxiety and depression. Last


July the assessors said he was fit to work and for the last wild he has


been on just ?72 per week. H am struggling to eat food and keep my


car running. I am struggling. Here at the Citizens Advice Bure`u in


Leicester they are seeing m`ny people like him. They come to us,


they have no food, no fuel, not only are the surely, they have to worry


about the lifts and if they will become homeless, it is making their


lives worse. This has affected my health. Be having priest capacity


and can now hear 48 cases pdr day. The say the case loss `` case load


has increased dramatically. At the moment around 1800 are waithng to be


heard. The man we spoke to `dd his case reheard yesterday and has been


cleared fit to work. Some of the city of Leicester's oldest streets


will get a face`lift and thdy are hoping for another million hn


lottery funding as the return of the Richard III lawns is imminent. ``


bones. 200 new low`cost homds are to be built in Nottingham after the


City Council secured more than 3 million of funding. They will be


built across the city over the next four years. The grant has bden


awarded through the Governmdnt's Homes and Community Agency, which


hopes to increase the number of affordable new homes in England


From today you can hear BBC Radio Derby in digital clarity for the


first time. The station is now broadcasting on DAB. More than


350,000 people in the Derby area started receiving the new shgnal


from this morning, with the official switch`on ceremony at Derby's iPro


stadium. Next tonight: Do you ever forget


where you've put things? It's annoying, frustrating and sdems to


get worse with age. But memory problems after a traumatic brain


injury like a road crash, f`ll or sporting accident affect more than


four out of ten victims. Help though could be on its way from researchers


in Nottingham. 400 people h`ve been recruited for tests to investigate


the problem. In the next part of our Investigating health series, Rob


Sissons hears from a man who's worked with the university team


Anthony's road crash must h`ve taken just seconds but his head injury


from 2006 is thought to havd given him memory problems for years. He


first noticed forgetting whdre he parked his car. I had to wrhte only


piece of paper what the it was. He is in a study at the University of


Nottingham and his memory is being put to the test. The aim is to


reduce the amount people forget in everyday life. Obviously we have


slept in memory but for somdone who has had the brain injury it can be


really detrimental and happdn all the time. We get people to tse


mobile phones, diaries, caldndars, notebooks etc but also using them


next and trying to understand `` mnemonics. I need a very good


recovery and can function in day`to`day life. The research team


want more volunteers which leans people who have had the tratmatic


brain injury. It can be the result of the fall or a sporting injury. It


is expected to last another two years, the study. Anne and Laurice


with you tonight, and later in the programme we're taking you to


Glasgow. Yes, the sport comds from the Commonwealth Games, we `re


behind the scenes in the athletes village as we look ahead to the


opening ceremony. It is blud skies for the opening ceremony and blue


skies here in the East Midl`nds the sparkling weather is set to


continue. Find out more in the full forecast later. Blue skies. Now


some of the most endangered animals in the world. These two havd been


born right here in the East Midlands. Twycross Zoo in


Leicestershire is celebrating the arrival of a pair of Amur ldopard


cubs. There are only 50 of these big cats in the wild, so,


understandably, their birth has caused quite a stir in the


conservation world. Paul Br`dshaw has this report. A glimpse of two of


the greatest animals on the planet. These two leopard cubs have been


bred at Twycross zoo and were born last month. It is part of the


captive breeding programme. It is hoped to keep them from the brink of


extinction. We have got these two beautiful cubs, I am so protd of the


team. The cat is the first time mother and is doing a terrific job


of looking after them. The leopard is threatened by a number of factors


in its natural home in the far east. Login, human expansion, othdr


animals come in with the hulan settlement or there is a disease


threat. With so many threats it is unclear what the future holds for


this species and these two cups They could remain in captivhty and


be used to breed with other leopards audit could be that the odd their


offspring are reintroduced hnto the wild to help safeguard the future of


this beautiful animal. Time for sport and there is only one place


for Colin to be tonight. Yes, in Glasgow of course ahead of the


Commonwealth Games. Colin? H have been out and about in Glasgow today.


The place is buzzing. The rhver of Clyde is involved, there will be a


river of fire along here, those the pyrotechnics in the middle. Coming


up we have Rebecca Adlington, the great swimmer, looking ahead. Let's


start by taking behind the scenes into the athletes village, ` look


there. The by day the villages filling up, each nation makhng it a


home from home. The athletes seem to be settling in and getting hnto the


spirit of things. It is now getting more accurate heights so thd


atmosphere is buzzing. `` more occupied. I have done my nahls red


with an England flag. We ard always until ten o'clock waiting for each


other's kneels to drive. To see everything going on is brilliant, a


lot of things to experience with different athletes here. With around


4500 athletes and all the stpport staff the estimate is 35,000 meals


per day will be served. We have authentic chess cooking all the


different countries from around East Asia. We have traditional Scottish


food like haggis but no deep`fried Mars bars as yet! This is the


lion's then. watch? Our reporter took a look It


will be a squash to get a sdat here when these two are in action.


you, this is your world, thd media, the BBC Glasgow headquarters. How


was it for you? It is nice. It is amazing to be able to witness some


special racing for all the `thletes. It is the first time I have been to


an opening ceremony as well, I have never been to one. That shotld be


special for me. Who do you think are the ones to win? Sherborne Lagee or


corner is someone to watch. `` Sherborne or corner. When you are


competing you are so in the zone that you cannot enjoy the whole


atmosphere. Now I can get to know the city, the atmosphere, the bus


with the people away from the athletes and I can watch thdm


perform. You do not miss it, then? Definitely not. Great to sed her


looking so relaxed and happx. Now in the sport Nottingham are in the T20


tonight in the cricket. Now back to the Commonwealth Games. We thought


we would have something to get you into the mood.


We all have to take it in, dnjoy it and make the most of it bec`use it


is a home games. Waving a rdd line on your shark and being abld to race


fast for your home nation. H am excited to be there, to start


playing. I desperately want to win it and I


am going to work my hardest, do my best to try to win. It is alazing


being on that podium. We ard England and we are going to go therd and do


the best we can for England. Glasgow is built very much on base letal but


what we are looking for are those showers of bald. Some of thdm might


happen in the hydro behind le, where the gymnastics are. The citx is so


excited for these games and we are hoping for our golden moments in the


East Midlands, we will follow it all the way. Now it is time for the


weather. The skies looked absolutely stunning there in Glasgow and it has


been exactly the same here hn the East Midlands today. This is a


family of Egyptian geese. Thank you for thinking this at the lake at the


University of Nottingham. Now what about the weather for the ndxt few


days? Staying warm to hot, plenty of sunshine, you will be to continue


watering your gardens. It is staying dry until at least Sunday. Dry and


settled with plenty of evenhng sunshine. A little low`level cloud


feeding in from the North Sda tonight as we head towards dawn A


minimum temperature of 16 Cdlsius. Where we have the low cloud tomorrow


morning it will start to brdak up and burn away. Much like today, we


will start to see the sunshhne in all its glory. Plenty of blte skies


and sunny spells. Temperatures reaching a high of 27 Celsits.


Looking further ahead, it is a similar story on Friday. A dry day


with any early cloud burning away and high temperatures of 25


Celsius. Into the weekend it looks like it will be dry. Cloud will


increase towards evening as this cold front moves south and dast into


Sunday. We are expecting sole showers and sunny spells in between.


Once that clears things will be feeling fresher but still in the law


to mid`20s. 27 sounds fantastic We will be back later with the late


bulletin because of the opening ceremony tonight. Goodbye. Goodbye.




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