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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands.


The streets of Leicester were lined with thousands of well`wishdrs


today, all welcoming home the East Midlands' last frontline


The Royal Anglians 2nd Batt`lion spent eight months in Helmand


Province, and today exercisdd their freedom to march through thd city.


Our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball has more.


They packed the streets to say thank you. Thank you for putting xour


lives on the line, the final chance for this city to welcome its


soldiers home from a differdnt war. I feel tearful because I have three


grandchildren in the army. Very important. They risk their lives to


give us what we have got. Proud very proud. But proudest of all were


the soldiers who grew up here in Leicestershire because this is the


county's local infantry battalion. Some of those troops were only


starting primary school when the Royal Anglians were first ddployed


to Afghanistan and now the regiment is back for good. People wanted to


come today to show their support. I don't think a soldier among us did


not see that. We will be proud as punch tomorrow. The drummers were on


ceremonial duty today and a few weeks ago they were manning machine


guns. This is how the battalion trained for a role where thdy knew


they would come under fire. They were helping the British withdrawal


from Helmand Province by protecting front`line bases as their ddfences


were dismantled. The Royal @nglians were the last British troops in


Lashkar Gar, a city that local Afghan forces are now protecting on


their own. You see lots mord women, children around, business btstling,


especially on market days. People going about their day to dax


business like you would in ` place like Leicester. Today marks the end


of a long war for the front`line combat regiment. It has involved


thousands of soldiers from `cross the East Midlands. It has claimed


more than 20 local lives. The parents of a Leicestershire man


killed in the Ukraine plane disaster say they've been overwhelmed


by the messages of support left Richard Mayne had been raishng money


for the children's charity Kidasha. His parents have decided to close


the site from tomorrow and want future donations to go


instead to Leicestershire P`rents' Group Diabetes UK, which thdy say


supported Richard when he w`s Police are investigating


the death of a butler at Detectives say Arthur Mellor died


in an incident at the Lincolnshire The Health and Safety Executive


as well as the police, The Burghley estate says it's


cooperating fully with the hnquiry. Tributes have been paid to


a Derbyshire couple who died when their plane ditched


into the sea near Jersey. An inquest was held


into the deaths of Carl and The coroner heard Mr Whitelx,


piloting the light aircraft, From the Channel Islands,


Jen Smith reports. It was an emotional day for a Carl


Whitely and Kathryn Whitely's family. Their two daughters made the


trip to Jersey to find out dxactly what happened to their parents. The


couple died when their Cessna plane ditched into the sea on the approach


to Jersey airport. The deputy Viscount today broadly agredd with


an earlier error accident investigation. The pilot had become


disorientated in thick fog `nd it was when trying to recover that the


plane crashed. One of Carl Whitely's daughter wept as they


heard the evidence here tod`y. The family have said they had not


learned anything new but were grateful to Jersey's authorhties for


their help in the investigation Their daughter Sarah described the


family as close, living just a few hundred yards from each othdr in


Derbyshire. She said Carl and Kathryn was a life and soul of any


gathering, the very centre of the family. The Viscount said:


He also praised the search `nd rescue operation that day, which


included Jersey's Coast and lifeboats as well as a French


helicopter, a Royal Navy warship and a passenger ferry in the arda, which


all stopped to help, a comfort amid personal tragedy for the falily but


a timely reminder of the dangers of flying in fog. We have had two


medals in the pool at the Commonwealth Games and some records


broken as well. Let's round up the action. Liam Tancock was defending


the 100 metres backstroke thtle he has won for the last two


Commonwealth Games. In the dnd he had to settle the joint bronze but


it was a fantastic effort after a long injury nightmare. It h`s been a


tough couple of years. Plenty of fight left in this old dog xet. Two


years out from Rio, just to make this team so special, to cole away


with a medal, that is prettx amazing. There was also a mddal for


Loughborough's Adam Barrett, part of the 100 metres freestyle relay team


that got bronze. He got fourth place in the butterfly. Roberto P`voni


from Loughborough Universitx just missed out coming fourth in the


individual medley. Francesc` Hal Sall broke the record getting gold.


And Adam Peaty won his heat of the 100 metres breaststroke so big medal


potential from him. One to watch. Tonight and the next few daxs sees


the busiest weekend of the xear East Midlands Airport says passenger


numbers are up on last July, but travellers on the trains may be


hit by strike action. The holiday spirit was very much in


evidence at East Midlands Ahrport today as thousands of passengers set


off on their annual summer break. This is the busiest weekend of the


whole year for the airport. This weekend alone some 56,700 p`ssengers


will be flying in and out of East Midlands Airport. Over the whole of


the summer, there are expected to be 3.4 million passengers here, an


increase of 30,000 on last xear With the growth of the airport comes


a new job creation as well, which goes hand`in`hand with workhng with


our community really nicely so it is in our best


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