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At 6.30pm this is East Midlands Today.


With Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, a big day for our smallest county.


Rutland welcomes Charles and Camilla. Also tonight. The naming


rights for a football staditm will stop plus the plea for engineers to


help the disabled. Will there be more tears of joy tonight, `s Adam


Peaty goes for gold in the 40 metres breaststroke?


First tonight ` another big royal visit to our region.


Hot on the heels of the Quedn and Duke


Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, today


It was Camilla's first official visit to the town ` helping to


ensure the Royal couple recdived a warm welcome in glorious sunshine.


The welfare state, 14th century style.


This ancient almshouses in Oakham, founded in 1399, was the first port


of call for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.


These days, the St John and St Anne almshouse is home to more than 00


Not surprisingly, a warm welcome awaited in the common room.


No thoughts of retirement for Charles and Camilla.


The crowd was waiting to welcome them in the town's Market Spuare.


Some, though, needed a little rehearsing.


No reticence from the stallholders, though.


Charles spoke to organic farmer and mutton enthusiast Ian McCourt and to


Paul Chinnery, who has been selling fresh herbal extracts for a decade.


Both men say Charles has slowly helped to change the way we all


Princely passions aside, walkabouts can be a little wearying


in the sun, so the invitation to sample some locally produced ale was


In Oakham Castle, a royal tradition dating back to 1870.


The Duchess of Cornwall presents a horseshoe to the Lord of thd Manor.


No excuse for large hoofed horses in Rutland to be ill`shod,


Well, this part of the royal visit is over.


The couple are now heading off to the relative tranquillity


Wildlife conservation and the health benefits of the open air


Overall, it was a day when the princd in


Interests for which he is now well`known and admired.


Low`key security and an almost total absence of crowd barriers also


seemed to confirm that in Rttland the Prince and the Duchess


A packed day for their Royal Highnesses


Now, we know Prince Charles has views on the dominance


Well, they're in the headlines ag`in.


Yes ` an idea to boost small businesses by


It's come from Derby City Council which this weekend has form`lly


asked the Government to impose a tax on out of town superm`rkets.


And the suggestion's been b`cked by 19 other local authoritids


If Derby's big stores were taxed, for example, to help fund inner


city regeneration, the council believes that could


That could be used to help struggling businesses.


There have already been simhlar levies in Scotland and


End of the day, you know, the supermarkets they won't be


It will be coming out from the pockets of the customers,


People go out of town more because these supermarkets `re


drawing them away, so if thdy could be taxed then at least it is kind


We must remember that some of the companies that would be affected


by this actually are headqu`rtered here in the East Midlands.


Companies like Boots, which already give an awful lot back


to the community and to the business community as well, and this


With me now is Councillor Ranjit Banwait, who's


Yes, I do. That is because lost of us need to go there and the


supermarkets provide somethhng that people want, so why punish them It


supermarkets, it is about gdtting supermarkets, it is about gdtting


them to fulfil their moral `nd civic responsibility to the local economy.


Do they not already do that, because they provide employment for example?


90% of the money spent in local supermarkets is taken away from our


local economy. Yes, they do employ people but they do not do that job


for free, they make a huge `mount of profits and many of these companies


are global companies, so thdy could be spending in Poland or anxwhere


else in the world. So you is going to stop there, then? Or will you


also go for the big furniture retailers, electrical stores, they


are all is up `` out of town to We are not trying to reinvent the


wheel. We are trying to plax catch up with Northern Ireland and


Scotland. As a result of thd money they have generated, they h`ve been


able to support struggling small businesses and improved public


services, so the president has already been set. It would just be


supermarkets, then? Supermarkets to start with, and then see how that


develops. Let's talk about Derby, because there are many people who


think that other stores havd taken the lifeblood out of the arda. I


don't agree with that. Supermarkets, especially whdre they


are placed, have taken a lot of business out of the city centre on


especially from thriving district centres. We have seen a lot of empty


shops as a result. But I do not want to turn this into having a goal at


big business,. But it does sound like that, doesn't it? It w`s


councils who gave the superlarkets there opportunities in the first


place? Yes, they did. I was working for the Council at the time. The


profits of supermarkets will continue to grow, but let's remember


that 90% of the money that hs spent in the supermarket leaves otr local


economy for good. Yes, they do do some initiatives locally, btt they


could do a lot more. Thank xou. With less than two weeks to go


until the start of the football season, there's mounting spdculation


that one of our clubs could be It's being reported that


Nottingham Forest are going to announce a lucrative sponsorship


deal for the name of their stadium. It's thought it could end up being


called the Kuwait City Ground, There's a new manager in ch`rge


at Nottingham Forest, but could the club's ground be


about to get a new name? Reports in the UK and Kuwait,


home of Forest's owner, Fawaz Mubarak Al`Hasawi,


say it could soon be called the One Kuwaiti journalist


said he expects it will Not less than half a billion,


I think in ten years. Sorry, let me just be absolttely


clear about what you said. The speculation has also bedn


fuelled by this tweet from Al`Hasawi's son repeathng the


name Kuwait City Ground Stadium No official confirmation yet,


but the club is understood to be in negotiations about a number of


different sponsorship opportunities. I think the bottom line is that


the fans would still just c`ll it Actually, what difference would it


make apart from the club getting more money, which puts


a really good use into trying to get Anything that brings any money


into the club must be a good thing, and I don't think the City Ground


on its own is such a special name, so I think adding something to it


is fine. The fact that it's still got


City Ground in the name of the stadium, to be fair,


makes it not too much of an issue. I am sure if you spoke to any fan


on the street and they said if you were to change the name if xou could


get back into the premiershhp and maybe back into the Chalpion's


League, I am sure they would say, A confirmed name change


at Nottingham Forest would be And Simon joins us now


from what's called, for The whole business of naming rights


is nothing new. Leicester Chty, its ground has had commercial


sponsorship in its name since it was built. Derby struck a ?7 million


deal last season, but what could be significant here is the amotnt of


money that is being talked `bout by some journalists. Some of them are


insistent that it could be worth ?500 million over the coursd of the


next ten years. That is mord than Manchester City got by the naming of


its ground. You can also be sure that the football authoritids will


be watching. They will check any sponsorship deals to ensure that


they have not been overinfl`ted to bypass those financial fair play


rules. Thank you, Simon. This is East Midlands Today `


and it's welcome back Dominhc. I just hope you haven't put


a dampener on the weather. It is a lot cloudier now, btt there


is no rain on the horizon jtst yet. I will have the details latdr in the


programme. A 55`year`old man has been remanded


in custody, after suspected Officers were called to a flat


on Belvoir Crescent in New``ll, Army bomb disposal experts carried


out six controlled explosions Glenn Robinson has been charged with


two offences related to explosives He's due


at Derby Crown Court next month Detectives have been granted more


time to question a man in connection with the death


of another man in Nottinghal. It follows the discovery


of a 29`year`old man on Bestwood Park Drive in Top Valley,


early yesterday morning. He had serious injuries and was


taken to hospital, but later died. Police say


a 26`year`old man has been `rrested If not, it's a group


of mostly retired engineers who invent clever gadgets to help


disabled people live their lives. But they're in desperate nedd


of more volunteers. James Roberson has been to see


a disabled woman in Leicestdrshire In Oadby,


engineer Graham Law adjusts a device to help 24`year`old Rebecca


read an electronic book on her own. Rebecca,


who is paralysed from the ndck down, The device is designd so th`t she


can use her cheek to turn the pages. It gives her that independence


and not relying on the carers to keep pressing the pages every time


she once the page turned. Graham made the appliance for Remap,


a voluntary organisation nationwide of engineers and technologists,


many retired, who come up with mobility and living


solutions for disabled people. This bent knitting needle


helps people who can't grip. We take a dish cloth and lax it over


it and simply turn the handle. It effectively squeezes out all


the water. Similarly,


a reversible handle helps someone Graham, this is a device


for gentlemen with paralysed arms? It is to allow him to read


the newspaper. He specifically wanted to rdad


the Leicester Mercury. Mike has helped


a woman with multiple sclerosis One particular problem she has is


lifting her wet washing when it is in the washing basket, so I have


made this device to lift it up. Now Remap, who make the devhces


for free, want more engineers, technologists, and even moddl


makers across Leicestershird, In Derbyshire, I believe thdy have


a shortage of engineers In Nottinghamshire,


I think it is fairly broad spectrum Extra volunteers will help lore


people like Rebecca lead full lives. The jury considering its verdict


in the case of a 20`year`old man accused of murdering the Lehcester


sports coach Antoin Akpom h`s been He was fatally stabbed


in a confrontation with 20 xear old Abdul Hakim, who denies murder


and an alternative charge It happened in Kent Street


in Leicester last September. The fatal stabbing led to a revenge


arson attack on a house two doors away from Mr Hakim's home in Spinney


Hill, that killed four people. Nearly 700 people visited


the new Richard III visitor centre The exhibition opened on Saturday


morning. The centre tells the story


of Richard's life and legacx and features the exact spot where


his remains were discovered nearly Welcome to Glasgow on this beautiful


sunny evening for day five of the Commonwealth Games, and what a day


it has been, but what a weekend it was for our swimmers. Tonight I have


been enjoying the crowds. I just wanted to put on a good show. I am


so happy. Adam Peaty wins the gold medal. I can't believe it, honestly.


My team`mates, my training, and I just want to thank them. I `m just


so pleased for him. These are good tears. Stunning, utterly sttnning.


She looks like she is going to get it. She has got it. It is c`lled


again to England. `` gold again to England how does it feel to have two


gold in your pocket? Amazing. It is kind of a special one and to do it


swim that swim with the best time swim that swim with the best time


and the gold I am so happy. I have had a fantastic few days. This is


properly the best meat of mx career. It has been a sensational wdekend


for East Midlands swimmers. More to come, I am sure, over the ndxt two


days. Well you saw there


the celebrations involving City Earlier today I went


along to meet his family to see just Well,


what a fantastic moment that was for Adam over the weekend, winning


that gold medal, and watching very, very proudly in Glasgow was his Nan


and his dad right here. How did you feel,


watching Adam do so amazingly? Tell you the truth,


I went ballistic. I know, Mark, dad,


you've got no voice left, h`ve you? On


the first 50 metres I was all right, but then it just went, my voice


went, screaming and everythhng. I don't know


if you have watched back thd BBC footage, but Rebecca Adlington,


now the part of the BBC teal there All her mascara was coming


down her face. You will be coming home latdr this


week, with at least one gold medal, and he has got another race tonight


as well. How do you think he


could do tonight? Do you think this will change Adam,


now that he has had all this It will stay with me for thd rest


of my life. Some great scenes


in the pool then but the medals just Rounding up some of today's main


action for us is Jeremy Nicholas. It's been such a whirlwind `fter


having my event in the Commonwealth Games I thought, this is my chance


to take it with both hands, and I've got a picture of the Commonwealth


gold on my phone and that w`s my motivation throughout the sdason,


so to have one in real life is so much better and I've been


training so hard this year for it. There's a lot of blood, swe`t


and tears that has gone into this, It was just really close


and personal and everyone w`s just cheering and it was an incrddible


memory that will last me a lifetime. You don't see a lot of big guys cry,


but I had a couple of tears in my eyes to hear the Englhsh


national anthem, which I've never heard before,


I've only heard the British one It was a great atmosphere,


a great occasion and it's still slowly setting in that I am


the Commonwealth champion. It's something I've dreamt of


for years. Our first in the athletics


for the East Midlands. Many, many congratulations


and thanks for that. We knew that the squash would win a


medal today, but we didn't know what colour. Laura took a whack to the


face. I bruised the top of ly teeth and it was the shock more than


anything. It is a noncontact sport, so when I get it I panicked a little


bit it was fine. Just a bit of bruising. Silver and a bruise for


Laura, and this is the final point in the men's final. Matthew in the


White was off to a good start, winning the first game, but his


bonnet then came back to level, in a match which was hard to follow


because both players were rdferred to as England. Duffield one final


game to take the gold. Thosd who know me know that it is not often I


am speechless, but I have nothing to say about that except what ` battle.


I'd take my hat off to James and what he has been through, what we


have both been through over these past few weeks. Husband and wife


badminton team Nick and Gabby Adcock beat their knowledge and opponents,


and well done to Caroline, the shooter who won bronze. That's it


from here but we are really looking forward to this evening when Fran


Halsall could take her for ` medal and Adam Peaty could take double


gold. We will have all the details on our way bulletin. `` are late


bulletin. It is great to sed squash getting so much coverage. You would


think the glass would distr`ct them. I used to play as a boy. Were you


good? No, I was rubbish. Nottinghamshire is renowned


for its textile heritage but for the first time a gallerx is


exploring how the industry `lso The Luddite movement began here


in the East Midlands, and the story of how it started is at the centre


of a new permanent exhibition, A knitwear production line that


dates back almost two centuries Alongside demonstrating past


techniques, the Framework Knitters Museum in Worthington is hoping to


shed a light on a turbulent revolt So, what we have here is ond


of the frames that would have been This new gallery is part of


a major redevelopment project, part It explores the Luddite revolt


which began in 1811, a reaction to appalling working


and living conditions. I doubt many people know th`t


the first Luddite attack occurred in Arnold, and for a while ht was


just in the Nottingham area. People going round smashing


machines, disrupting industry, and eventually it spread


around the whole country. And there's even


a beer that has been named It was created by a local ptb,


who used the museum as a sotrce It's like something


from your hometown that you didn't really know about, so it's kind of


good to get to know about where your roots come from and what kind of


things have come out of Nottingham. The museum has further plans


to attract new visitors. The aim is to showcase


the county's textile heritage and show how the plight of workers


here influenced a national revolt. Geeta Pendse, BBC East Midl`nds


Today, Ruddington. We have been quite quiet today


compared to some other parts of the UK. The South East has been battered


by storms, but don't worry because they will be clearing away `nd want


trouble us. What we are foctsed on is towards the West because we have


a weather front trying to ptsh its way through tomorrow, but this one


is the very, so a few are w`nting a bit of rain you may be disappointed


because it is going to be another dry day tomorrow. That weather front


will be introducing more cloud tomorrow as we head into thd


afternoon, so after a sunny start, we will see those clothes


introducing. Now as you can see on the satellite picture, thosd storms


will clear out of the way. We have had some showers ourselves through


the afternoon. They are starting to fizzle out as well. A dry nhght for


others as well. We will see the cloud breaking up through the early


hours of this morning, so wd will have clear skies again and the winds


will say light as well. Temperatures of 14 Celsius are 15 Celsius.


Tomorrow morning, we are waking up to some beautiful sunshine. Clear


sunny skies to start with through the morning but here comes that


weather front which will introduce more cloud as we head on through the


afternoon, so another dry d`y with cloudier skies later on and the wind


is starting to increase throughout the day, temperatures still getting


up into the mid`20s. 24 Celsius are 25 Celsius. A similar story on


Wednesday. It will start brhght but the day, and any chance of ` shower


later on. Temperatures are on the slide this. 20 Celsius, possibly 21


Celsius. For the rest of thd week, we have got low`pressure pitching in


so we will see some showers for the weekend. Thank you. That's `ll for


now. Goodbye.


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