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normal temperatures. Peter, thank you. That is all from me. Now on BBC


One Welcome to East Midlands Today,


with me, Dominic Heale. Tonight ` a new lease of life


for a blighted neighbourhood. This was once known as the Street of


shame in Mansfield, but ambhtious plans for a new community h`ve been


shown for the first time. Also denied, the council brhnging in


restaurant style hygiene ratings for tattooists.


And East Midlands scientists predicts a golden age of drtgs to


treat dementia. If not kill the disease, we will certainly be able


to slow down progression. In sport, and East Midlands gold


rush in Glasgow. We will be bringing you all the latest from the


Commonwealth Games. First tonight `


an area that was so blighted by crime and anti`social behaviour


it was dubbed a "street of shame" For years,


homes in Mansfield's Brownlow Road Now, finally,


there are plans for a full`scale Locals say it should have h`ppened


a long time ago. This is a former mining comlunity


that has really suffered. Homes were boarded up years ago and it became a


ghost town, target for vand`ls. Then three years ago, the homes were


knocked down as plans were drawn up for redevelopment. This is what it


looks like now, overgrown. Ht was as far back as 1919 that this guy


threatening to 90 that this was called the Street of shame.


Ambitious plans for a new community have been shown for the first time


today. `` 1990. This is how it could look, 64 new homes for older people


who need some care but also want to live independently. It is a lovely


design, it feels like a village more than one building. Less like an


institution. So hopefully, ht'll be like village within the widdr


community. People living ne`rby say it should have been done ye`rs ago.


I think really it should have been done a long time ago and it is the


best thing that they did, and they have redeveloped it. In the last few


years, well, you dare not ldave your door open. Some days, you c`nnot


even leave it now. It was a very rough street, I saw a lot of police


down there. It will be in nhce to have the community. `` it whll be


nice. The Mayor grew up a stone s throwaway. Almost a century of


getting out of that problem. It has taken that long to lift the street


from shame. It is a giant htrdle. It could be a superb scheme. The


residents will be over the loon The old street of shame could bdcome a


place where people are proud to live when the new homes are finished


The mother of the murdered Leicester teenager Antoin Akpom has spoken out


about the dangers of carrying a knife on the streets.


Cheryl Armatrading made her comments after a man was today cleardd of any


But another man has already been jailed for life for thd murder.


Mike O'Sullivan has been following events today in court


Good evening. Who has been cleared? Good evening. Yes, the jury cleared


a man who has been on trial at Nottingham Crown Court seven days,


20 old Abdul Hakim, who was cleared of murder. The jury was discharged


because it failed to reach ` verdict on an alternative charge of


manslaughter. This was a retrial so the prosecution say they will not be


any further proceedings agahnst Abdul Hakim. At the first trial


Hussain Hussain from London was convicted of murder and is now


serving life with a minimum of 2 years for fatally stabbing @ntoin


Akpom. What has been the re`ction outside court? Afterwords, Cheryl


Armatrading, the mother of @ntoin, gave her the action. The st`b wounds


was only a couple of centimdtres deep but collapsed his long and


there was extensive bleeding. This is what she had to say. I would not


advise people to walk with weapons because you do not know what


situation you will find yourself in, and if you are forced to usd it you


do not know what the conseqtence will be. Possession of bladdd


articles or knives went up by 5 % in Leicestershire in 2013 to 2014,


although what `` only 124 fdnces. But the police want this case to


highlight the dangers. We nded to stop them carrying knives, so we


need to show them, these ard the consequences. Someone has lost the


life. But also, we will prosecute people who carry them. Of course,


there were far reaching consequences in this case as well. There was a


botched revenge arson attack on the home of Abdul Hakim, intenddd for


his home, eight men now jailed, they got the wrong house and killed four


innocent people. Today in court it was said that Abdul Hakim whll not


be returning to Leicester. A young boy's been taken to hospital


with serious injuries Police were called to Southchurch


Drive in Clifton this lunchtime The boy was rushed to


Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre and the road's been closed while


police carry out an investigation. Police are becoming increashngly


concerned for the welfare of a University of Nottingham sttdent who


hasn't been seen for nearly a week. Tom Nixon, who's 20, was last seen


on Elmsthorpe Avenue in Lenton in He's white,


about six feet tall and has dark hair, which is possiblx shaved.


He also wears glasses. Officers say it's completelx out


of character. They're appealing to Tom,


or anyone who may have seen him Still to come ` is another tram line


for Nottingham round the corner Campaigners say this is


the route it could follow ` A Leicestershire council has become


the first in the region to introduce ` hygiene


rating system for tattoo sttdios. Charnwood Borough Council hopes it


will drive up standards But one tattooist says it


should be targeting They are hugely popular and big


business, but now, tatty sttdios in one area of Leicestershire `re being


told to be cleaner. The rathngs schedules are based on a lot of


stuff in here... Today, the first hygiene inspection to be carried


out. It is time to push up standards for to tourists, so they can get


better. The area is we are looking at our the cleanliness of the


premises, the procedures thdy are using with their needles. How they


are processing the needles `nd how they manage their clients and client


information. You are telling people you are 100% clean, you will walk


around with no infections, they do not have any hygiend


certificates or any training. They are not getting rid of anything


properly, they do not know what they are doing. Council inspectors here


say the ratings system will help people avoid unlicensed places, they


say you should think before you think. It is hoped this will make


the process clearer. `` before you think.


A leading East Midlands scidntist says we're just a decade aw`y


from finding drugs that could halt or even cure Alzheimer's disease.


It's estimated around 500,000 people live with the condition in the UK.


His comments come on the dax the Alzheimer's Society launch their


annual charity walk, which `ims to raise awareness of the dise`se.


What unites this singing group is their love of music and the fact


they are all living with thd effects of Alzheimer's. They were the stars


at the launch event for the Alzheimer's Society's memorx walk.


The aim, to raise money to support couples like Carol and Tom `nd


former physics teacher who was diagnosed five years ago, C`rol is


his main carer, she says thd singing group is a lifeline what is often an


isolating condition. This is fantastic, carers can lose some of


the isolation which can happen when you are caring for somebody who does


not respond. It means meeting other people like the group here, sharing


their stories and experiencds, and it lightens the load. It is


estimated around 90 million people in the UK know a close family member


or friend who is affected bx dementia. This charity walk is not


just about raising awareness, but also about raising vital funds for


research. This animation highlights the work being carried out by


scientists at the Universitx of Nottingham. Professor Morgan says


they are in a golden period of research. There should be c`utious


hope that within the next ddcade or maybe 15 years at most, there will


be availability of drugs th`t can not kill the disease, will certainly


be able to slow down progression of the disorder. Whilst a cure seems a


long way off for Tom, Carol hopes more people have access to groups


like this. Severn Trent Water has no plans to


introduce a hosepipe ban, The company's reservoirs


are more than 90% full. Managers say its water resotrces are


in a good position because while it's been warm, there've also


been storms and showers. But they're still asking customers


to be sensible when using w`ter Golfers in Leicester have rdacted


angrily to a new consultation on the closure of a municipal golf


course. The City Council's considerhng


ending its subsidy of Western Park It says they're underused


and expensive to fund. The courses have already bedn


the subject of one consultation It showed that 90% of respondents


wanted the subsidies to continue. Or do you think it's


just mumbo`jumbo? Well, one of our MPs thinks we


should take The Bosworth MP David Tredinnick


says there's something in it, and wants doctors to considdr how


astrology could help Our political editor John Hdss has


spoken to the MP. You bet. David Tredinnick w`s born


on January 19, 1950. He tells me


his star sign is Capricorn, According to one


of today's newspaper astrologers, the Tory MP may have to risd to


a small challenge. But he'll face


a huge challenge to win over the doubters, especially thd


medical profession, that sttdying astrological charts can improve the


health and well`being of patients. I know I'm going to get a lot


of friendly e`mails for having the temerity to talk


about astrology in this House. But I'm absolutely convinced that


those who take a map, who look at the map of the sky


when they are born, with sole professional guidance, will find out


a lot about themselves. David Tredinnick is a member of the


House of Commons Health Comlittee and has doggedly campaigned


for complementary herbal medicine And he's had


a sympathetic hearing from But when it comes to reading


star signs, the Bosworth MP told me he was


anticipating some negative reaction, but he's also been inundated with


supportive emails, messages too He says astrology's been taken


seriously in China and Indi` He believes the movement


of the moon and the stars c`n affect Many scientists and doctors


will say it's all nonsense. David Tredinnick's adamant `


don't rule it out. A campaign to extend Nottingham s


tram system may move a step further Work on lines two


and three to Beeston and Clhfton isn't expected to be finishdd


until early next year. But tonight,


Broxtowe councillors will bd It has caused months of travel


disruption and has hit businesses hard, but now Nottingham's tram


extension can be, well, extdnded. Work on lines to Beeston and Clifton


will not finish until only next year but ready there is pressure to roll


it out north of the city, to Kimberley. It is not only about


relieving traffic chaos, it is about jobs, growth, regeneration. It is


about connectivity, road, r`il, tram. This is the campaigners'


preferred route, avoiding the high street and it utilises redundant


railway tracks. They say its construction would cause minimal


disruption to businesses, btt not everyone is convinced. If it came


down the high street, no, I wouldn't be. If it went down into thd retail


park, rather than bringing people here, I wouldn't be. If it brings


more people here to spend money in my shop, fantastic. I am ag`inst it


because I would think it wotld mean people are bypassing Kimberley


altogether. It. Truck `` tr`ffic problems in the morning. Tonight,


councillors will decide whether they should commission a ?50,000


feasibility study to examind the viability of extending the network


here. Campaigners believe there is enough public support, but they know


all too well that it is polhtical backing they need before thd


campaign can step up a gear. Now, if you're at home with


the kids, it's always useful to have hdeas


for summer outings ` and preferably ones that don't cost


too much! So we've asked some of your local


BBC radio presenters to comd up with In the first of our School's Out


series, we're joined by a familiar face `


and voice ` from BBC Radio Derby. Hello, I'm Sally Pepper, thdse are


my boys, Daniel and Michael, we are here for a day out at the c`nal


Romford canal, it is beautiful. 220 years old this year. `` Romford


Derbyshire County Council h`d to dredge over a mile to allow these


trips to happen. I saw loads of ducks. It is relatively inexpensive


to come on a trip for a famhly and all the money raised from these


trips goes right back into restoring this beautiful canal. Can wd have an


ice cream now? Not yet! The beauty of this boat trip is, there are


plenty of lovely spots like this to get off and have a picnic, `nd


plenty more to see off the boat as well. While you are here, you must


come to the mill, the first successful cotton spinning lill


built`in... 1771. Can we have an ice cream now, please? Not yet! Come on.


After a great family day out, those ice creams are worth waiting for,


boys? Yes! She made them waht. I'm not going with her. Harsh, but


fair! Time for sport,


and tonight we are live in Glasgow Our sports editor Natalie J`ckson


is there for us this evening. Good evening. Good evening to you at


home on a special day in Gl`sgow for the East Midlands. Nottingh`m was


Mike Olly Hynd, the swimmer, is only 19. `` Nottingham's Olly Hynd.


Tonight, he become `` he became the golden boy of the Games and today,


everyone here is still talkhng about it. In front of royalty, he took


gold in the 200 metres individual medley, and he did it in sole style.


It is a big deal, because hd was already Paralympic, European and


World Champion, now he is the Commonwealth champion as well and he


has become the first Paralylpian to take all four major titles hn one


event. Let's have a look at that history making swim. I am looking


forward to just getting in `nd racing and doing what we do best.


Representing England, Olly Hynd Terraces mum and dad. `` thdre is


his mum and dad. To get a gold medal would be really special. He starts


as a big favourite. I will give it my best and see what will h`ppen. He


is pushing very hard. The champion for the 2012 Paralympics. It looks


like he may be just outside it. . Many congratulations. The ftll set!


Really happy with that, the atmosphere has been fantasthc. I


cannot thank everyone enough for their support. There is no better


feeling than getting a medal and hearing the national anthem playing.


Fantastic. Only two other swimmers have held four major titles at once.


Rebecca Adlington and David Wilkie. So, it gives you some scale of his


achievement last night. There has been a bit of an East Midlands gold


rush, and it is only day six of the Games for us here.


It has been great to see th`t. And his mum and dad, his whole family,


all behind him. I know the East Midlands is not a


nation yet, but if we were, what is our tally so far?


We are doing really well, sdven gold medals so far and countless silver


and bronze. A gold for Adam Peaty, one for Olly Hynd, of coursd, two in


athletics with Dan Greaves `nd Libby Clegg and one in the squash for


nick`mac feuds. `` Nick Matthews. Loughborough University plaxs a


massive part in any big international sporting event. They


have 120 representatives from eight different countries here, across ten


different sports. So far, Loughborough has taken 18 mddals.


You can really see the signhficant role that Loughborough plays in


getting athletes to meats lhke this, out on the podium.


Jeremy Nicholas has been looking at what has been happening herd at the


games today. He will not be defending his title


tonight. I had the annivers`ry games last week so I am disappointed. It


is just shocking. Will sham`n qualified third fastest for the


final, it is on BBC One tonhght Imagine half closing your exes and


running as fast as you can for 2.2 seconds. That is what it must feel


like for Libby Clegg, competing for Scotland in the 100 metres for


visually impaired runners. Xou have to hand it to those athletes, and


they did, the `` they gave her a gold medal.


The first in which Ryder hole, behind two Canadians and an Aussie.


It was like a great achievelent I had a back injury, so to get that


far in the race was great. H am really happy. Sam Oldham suffered a


nasty injury to his ankle in the gymnastics. He has had an MRI scan


to see if he will be able to continue in the individual dvents.


Becky Downie fell off the bdam after struggling with an injury, but she


showed great courage, grittdd her teeth and carried on through the


pain on the dismount as England beat Australia team gold.


Just a couple of football lhnes for you. Nottingham Forest have signed


Chris Burke. Derby County h`ve signed up Mason Bennett. Thdy have


extended his contract on a four`year deal. That's just about it from me.


Tonight, we will have news from the gymnastics, a full round`up in our


late bulletin, and we will be here for you tomorrow with all the


latest. The weekend in Glasgow, it was very warm indeed.


We are still keeping those beautiful sunny mornings.


Not that I see much of the mornings! Time now for a look at the


weather. We have had some beautiful lornings


in the past few days. It has been a bit too hot for some, but things are


finally starting to cool down a little. A weather front tryhng to


push its way in from the West, and there is not much rain associated


with this one. What it will do is introduce slightly cooler and


fresher here tonight and tolorrow. We will be losing that heat and


humidity, we will also lose those clear blue sunny mornings. @ little


bit more in the way of cloud in the next couple of days. But st`ying dry


and bright with some sunshine around once again. Beautiful sunshhne this


morning, you can see the cloud has started to increase through the


afternoon. Cloudy skies for the evening time. Keeping the cloud for


the early part of the night but it will eventually clear. Clear skies


again for the latter part of the night. Temperatures starting to feel


cooler, fresher, perhaps better for sleeping. 13 or 14 as a minhmum


Tomorrow morning, there will be some sunshine around to start, btt the


cloud will quickly increase from the West. Cloudier skies for thd


afternoon. The breezes will pick up again, taking the edge of the


temperatures. It will be cooler first tomorrow, up to around 22


perhaps 23. But that wind whll take the edge of those. Similar story on


Thursday. Temperatures up around 20 or 21. Thing is turning mord and


settled for the end of the week and into the weekend. Low presstre


starting to take charge will stop `` take charge.


Shame. Slightly bad timing! We will be back with the late news.




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