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superstar who came, caused controversy and conquered. And the


shock of a Scot who couldn't quite believe he had beaten the country's


biggest star. The Gold Coast up next has a lot to live up to.


So England finish top for the first time in 28 years, with a total


Scotland are fourth with a record-breaking 53


in all,while Wales are 13th and Northern Ireland's boxing golds


So Glasgow has now officially handed over the baton for the 2018


Commonwealth Games to the Gold Coast of Australia. That's all from


Hampden Park. Simon Ward has this


exclusive report. Meynells Gorse is currently


the only official gypsy A task group


of councillors is dismayed `t poor conditions, and what they ddscribe


as a fractured relationship between the multi`agency travelling unit,


housing staff and the residdnts There was perhaps not


the right sort of skills thdre and not the right interworking between


different agencies, basically. And I think that over time


our approach wasn't consistdnt. The group says relations must be


healed The investigation found that


some school`age children living That's been referred to


the children's service. Travellers didn't want to t`lk


on camera today. But former city councillor Carlym


Quantrill knows the community well. I would want them to keep


the foot on the pedal and actually now implement the recommend`tions,


but do so with the involvemdnt, the active involvement, of the residents


of this site and indeed the prospective residents of thd two new


sites that should be being built. Those other sites at Red Hill Way


and Greengate Lane are due to be It's being recommended that


a team with experience in housing and social issues is


appointed to serve all thred sites A woman's been charged with murder


following the death of a seven A post mortem examination


revealed the little girl didd from a head injury at a homd


in Bestwood Park on Thursdax. 23 year old Kay`Ann Morris


will appear in court tomorrow. A 47 year old man,


also arrested on suspicion The Commonwealth Games are


officially over and East Midlands athletes ended it with another haul


of medals. Ravenshead's Chris and Gabbx Adcock


made history, the first husband and wife to take


gold in the mixed doubles b`dminton, It's so nice when we win


that we can do it together. The feeling that we'll have


for the next two weeks at home, and with our gold, we'll be just


so happy all the time! It also gave Gabby a clean sweep


of medals. Gold in the mixed, silver


in the team, bronze in the doubles. Chris missed out on bronze


in the men's doubles, that went instead to Nottingham s


Peter Mills and partner. Gold for England's men


in the 4 x 400 m relay, with Loughborough's Michael Bingham


leading for most of the second leg. It was silver


for England's women's hockex team, They lost a penalty shoot ott


to Australia in the final. A penalty shoot out ended


the men's third`place play`off too, but saw the team, including three


players from Beeston and ond And an ending medal, silver for


squash, the final event for England at the games.


Just a sample of the results, more online on BBC sport.


Not the worst of nights in front of it us, cool and comfortable because


there is not much cloud covdr over us. That will allow the heat to


escape and the temperatures will fall away to the low teens. A fresh


feel for some of this particularly in the countryside. Tomorrow


morning, loads of blue sky `nd sunshine, a bit of cloud in the


afternoon which will give us a few showers in southern part of


Leicestershire but otherwisd it is a dry day. Temperatures looking good


as well. Through the week, dry and occasionally bright weather, until


Wednesday when we will get ` bit of rain.


Overnight closures of Juncthon 4 of the M1 start tomorrow night for six


weeks, and may add 11 miles to your journeys especially to the `irport.


That's it from your weekend team. From us, for now, good night.


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