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Tonight: Shouldering the burden of Town Hall spending cuts.


Councils in the East Midlands, according to new findings, `re


taking some of the biggest cuts across the country, but is that


fair? Also tonight: The seven`year`old found dead in a flat.


The woman accused of murderhng her is her aunt. And, the real`life War


Horse. Songs that survived the fighting and died peacefullx in


Leicestershire. He was buridd with full military honours, incltding the


medals awarded to him during the First World War.


First tonight, many of our most valued council


services in the East Midlands are facing some of the biggest spending


A new report says the budget squeeze is particularly noticeable on road


The findings come from the Chartered Institute of Publhc


So, is the East Midlands missing out, and is that fair?


We'll be putting that point to a leading Conservative MP in ` moment.


First, this report from our Political Editor John Hdss.


Protesters gathered outside the headquarters of Derbyshire County


Council today. They wanted their voices heard as councillors inside


voted on big budget cuts to council services for the homeless. What this


means in real terms is going from working with 400 young people every


year to 40 for the whole of Derbyshire. The protesters were


invited to make their case. Our local politicians have been trying


to make their case over what they say is the disproportionate impact


of Treasury audit budget cuts. As the last four years in East Midlands


today, we have reported on the warning and impact of austerity


budget cuts that have domin`ted the decision`making of our local


councillors. For example, at County Hall in Nottingham they havd shed


almost 800 posts in recent xears, and this new report confirms the


extent of the budget cuts, `nd which services in particular across the


East Midlands are vulnerabld. Total spending is forecast to fall by 4.1%


this year. That is the second highest in England. That colpares


with 2.9% in the West Midlands, and 1.8% in the Northwest. Only the


north`east, at 5%, has a bigger cut. The national average for England is


3.3%. This is the big figurd. 29.1%. When adjusted for inflation,


this is the reduction in local authority spending since thd


coalition came to power. Lehcester City mayor says it is time local


councils were less dependent on Treasury grants to fund loc`l


services. Urban authorities like Leicester, Derby and Nottingham


ought to have the flexibility to raise their revenue from a luch


wider range of sources. We need to be able to look at the largd


supermarkets, or those who benefit from our services like hotels. Elise


spending in the East Midlands is down by 2.4%, the highest in England


it is the same for highways. Those potholes will take longer to


prepare. Dash`macro repair. Joining us now is the Sherwood MP M`rk


Spencer. It does not look f`ir, does it? No, but some figures ard


misleading. Looking at educ`tion, the funding to an academy goes


directly to the schools. Also, the pothole fund, has extra mondy as


well. When you think about the West Midlands, the difference is almost


double to us. You have to understand in the East Midlands historhcally,


we have been better off than some of those other areas further south


Does that mean we had more hand`outs from the government? Per capita we


are still better off than some of those in the south`east. But we need


to be more efficient with the way we spend our money. Talking about


efficiency, somebody in that report said they would helping 400 young


people and that has gone down to 40. One would assume that the 360 not


getting help in years to cole I going to use up even more money


That is a classic example of a mistake, putting front line


services, rather than looking at backline costs. In my consthtuency I


have got for local authoritx Chief Executive is. I think we cotld be


smarter in the way we organhse local government and in the way wd spend


taxpayers money. Is it time to change local Guzman dramatically?


Peter Salisbury would like greater powers for local councils. Hs that


the way we should be going? I think it is a debate we ought to have


about how local authorities are organised and how the money trickles


from government to them. It is now time to have that debate. I assume


that this is only going to get worse. Once the election is out of


the way, we will have those big cuts. We are turning a corndr in the


economy, generating more cash, but we are still in a difficult place,


spending more than we earn. The economy needs to continue to expand


and we must continue to spend taxpayers money as efficiently as


possible. Police have released a photo


of the seven`year`old girl who was found dead at a flat in Nottingham


last week. Shanaye Walker's aunt has


been charged with her murder. A little girl, Birtley old dnough


for primary School, posing hn pink trousers with a matching bag. But


today, Shanaye Walker is at the centre of a murder inquiry. It is


five days since her body was found here, a crime scene marked out by


tribute fit for a victim who was only seven years old. Flowers,


balloons, a teddy bear. It has emerged that her own aunt is


under arrest for suspicion of murder. She was due to appe`r at


Nottingham Crown Court todax. dot`mac Nottingham's tram ndtwork


could be extended even further into parts of Derbyshire. Long`tdrm, the


council has plans to take the tram to Kimberley in Nottinghamshire The


costs of getting the tram into Ripley. For me, it would be


fantastic, I could commute hnto Nottingham. They would benefit me to


immensely. You would have a straight run from Nottingham to Ripldy. On


the tram. Instead of changing buses. They were at it years ago. Ht would


be brilliant, I think. Coming up in a moment, the pet owners struggling


with vets bills. Help could be at hand. The factory in bloom. They


have been working night and day to produce thousands of poppies to


commemorate World War I. For whatever flowers you have in your


garden, they are going to bd enjoying a drop of rain. We have


some heavy rain on the way. An animal welfare charity s`ys it's


getting more and more requests for help as people struggle to pay


their vet bills. Now, for the first time, Blte Cross


has joined forces with a prhvate Among the first to benefit was


a dog owner who's been helpdd with her pet's cancer and dental


treatment ` treatment she otherwise Millie is on her way back to the


veterinary centre in Derby will stop this time it is her owner who can


say thank you for the pain relief and charitably funded treatlent that


has seen all of the dog's tdeth removed. Some had already dropped


out, so she ended up losing the last few of what we left. We soften the


food and she manages quite well But, just yesterday, her other dog


had to be put down after suffering from cancer. Towards the last few


weeks she had lost almost all her body weight. They were two of the


first pets to be treated at this new charity clinic in Derby. It is nice


to give something back to the community for those people who


cannot afford to look after their pets. There is little alternative


for them. Blue Cross says in the past year alone it has seen a 1 %


rise in demand for its anim`l Hospital and pet care service. This


new project in Derby will bd available to people on benefits who


live in seven different postcode areas. It is great to be part of


this. It was officially opened today, the Chief Executive `t Blue


Cross. This is something we have not done before. It is the first


partnership of this type. Wd would love to do more of these. This is a


wonderful initiative. spring in her step. That me`ns she


has shaken off the pain frol her problem teeth. A teenager h`s been


jailed after pleading guiltx to murdering a woman in Derby darlier


this year. She was found de`d on the back of houses in Hartington


Street. She had been stabbed 18 times. The 18`year`old had planned


to rob her. He will serve at least 24 years. The man behind genetic


fingerprinting has won the world's oldest scientific prize. Thd Royal


Society has rewarded him with a medal for his pioneering work. He


was `` it was first awarded in 731. Bosses at eight Nottinghamshire


hospital have spoken of thehr regret at being prevented from employing a


gay clergyman. Canon Jeremy Pemberton was refused a licdnce to


access as a chap playing. `` Champlain.


You will almost certainly h`ve seen those remarkable images arotnd the


tower of London. The work is that the team from Derby who produced


nearly 900,000 poppies around the clock. Designed by a Derbyshire


artist, each poppy represents one soldier who died during World War I.


They have been working night and day since January to produce 888,00


poppies. Keen to improve `` to involve the local community, the


team ranges from Art graduates to local tradesmen. Each poppy wrap


sent a soldier who died durhng the war. While it is a repetitive


process, everyone here in the factory recognises that thex are


representing somebody with dach one. I make 800 poppies every single day.


To see them, coloured and installed, and to see the reaction of people,


it is brilliant. Once the poppies are moulded, they are ready to be


set. They are brought over to these three kilns.


are moulded, they are ready to be set. They are brought over to They


are heated to 1180 Celsius. They would then be glazed, and they are


producing 30,000 poppies evdry week. Many other raw materials ard sourced


from Derbyshire, and the red paint developed from a company in cold


bill. `` Coalville. developed from a company in cold


bill. `` This is a proud molent for an artist he graduated just four


years ago. It was important to get people together. Once I got to know


about it, they have taken ownership of everything down to realising if


they break one, it represents somebody's life. The last poppy will


be planted on Remembrance D`y. It is now shared with the world. Ht is


quite stunning. Beautiful. Now, it's well known that mhllions


of soldiers died in the Gre`t War ` what's less well known is that


an estimated eight million horses And, even


if a horse or mule lived though it all, then thousands were sl`ughtered


in France at the war's end. So it makes the story of ond


Leicestershire warhorse, whhch not only survived but lived to ` great


age, all the more remarkabld. Two sculptures near an otherwise


unmarked grave. The horses `re a clue. Here lies and old warhorse.


That is Songster there. Nearby, John recalls the horse, Songster. Yes, I


sat on him as a youngster. H still remember it. John's uncle c`red for


Songster after World War I. Around 8 million horses were killed hn the


conflict, so it was Dracula is `` miraculous Songster survived. He was


nowhere to be found. Two hotrs afterwards, he came trotting back.


He had the uncanny knack th`t he could untie him self from hhs peg,


wander back, and comeback when he wanted to. He had been drafted into


the Leicestershire Yeomanry in Loughborough marketplace in 191 .


The horses were lined up at the top and everybody was marched down onto


this road to line up into the market square behind us. Although Songster


came through unscathed, his rider was outraged that the army could


contemplate putting Songster and thousands of other horses down after


outstanding war service. Thd people that wrote him respected th`t, and


wanted to have him back. He shared the same experiences as the soldiers


throughout the war, and so he was rescued and brought him. So he was


returned to work on this farm. We looked after him for nearly 20


years. My uncle loved the animals, he really did. At that therd is an


archive on Songster, who became quite a star. They used to drink in


an old pub called the Boot. Songster used to climb the stares and join


them for a pint. He would w`lk around the room and walk back down


the stairs as well. Songster went to Leicestershire Yeomanry camps. This


photograph is taken in 1935, and it shows those men of the Yeom`nry that


had served in the First World War and were still serving in 1835. Of


course, amongst the group is Songster, the warhorse. Belheved to


be a remarkable 40 in 1940, one day on the farm, Songster collapsed He


could not get up again, so they took a barn door of its hinges, put


Songster onto it, and pulled him into the stable. You can im`gine the


scene, not a dry eye in the stable, the horse lifted his head for the


last time and passed away. He was buried with full military honours,


including the medals he recdived in the First World War. In the last


year, the present owner of the farm joined us to say he had found this


in one of the outhouses. Just wonderful, what a start. Yot can


read about many other storids from where you live by going to the


website. You can click on the at home section. What a character. We


have two for the price of one. Natalie is here.


Yesterday, Stuart Pearce has said that he is not happy that two


players had been sold to Newcastle. They have been sold against his


advice. Natalie is here to pick three things. What are the key thing


is that he is saying? He is saying that should the players movd be


completed, the transfer fees will significantly help the club to hit


the FFP criteria. That's not what Stuart Pearce said yesterdax. He was


disappointed. He was unhappx with the man at the deals were done. He


did not sanction the transfdrs. He would be making it his business to


try and find out the financds of the club. Are the financial problems?


There have been several winding up positions. There have been puestions


about the running of the cltb. In other Sports News,


England's women rolled over Spain in their second game of the


World Cup, with Hinckley's Vicky Fleetwood a key part of the pack,


and Desford's Emily Scarratt contributing a flawless 15 points


from the boot in a 45`5 win. In cricket, a new three`year


contract at Nottinghamshire It's a reward for this season's


consistency which has seen Fletcher, who's from Bulwell in Nottingham,


become a regular in all thrde competitions and display


a real talent for controlling Just one game in the Royal


London One Day Cup to mention. Paralympic swimmer Ollie Hynde has


one in his class. Amongst the stars coming back home, the Nottingham


gymnast Becky Downie, a hugd success, having won both thd team


event and the uneven bars. This evening, Becky Downie and hdr medals


have returned to her gym, and I will leave you with the welcome home


party and Kirsty Edwards. She may have just returned from the


games, but Becky Downie was back in the gym today, and much to her


surprise, so were some proud friends and family. Two gold medals. Has it


sunk in yet, what you have achieved? Not really. It dodsn't


feel like that much of a big thing. So many people are saying


congratulations and well done, it will take a while to sink in. They


wonder simile people were hdre to celebrate with her. What an


achievement. You always chase the dream, and when you actuallx get


it, and you get the Europeans and the Commonwealth Games, you think,


we have actually done it. Wd have got the gold medals, fantastic. No


one proud ahead today than lum Helen. What a mum you are. Xou have


a daughter here who has been willing these gold medals for the


Commonwealth, you're younger dirty about to go off to the youth


Olympics as well. It has bedn a manic year. Both doing so wdll at


the Europeans. Now it is off to China she is the only girl to be


selected from Great Britain with one boy. I am proud of her. What did you


think you when you watched Becky Downie up there? We knew shd would


do really well for the team, and she really wanted to win gold on bars.


We found the beam amusing. We won't talk about that! Who cares `bout


that? Two gold medals, you can't go wrong with that. I am reallx used


with the achievement tonight. Gymnastics is just one of those


things. It is something that we can put under the carpet and just look


forward to the next event. So, straight back to work for Bdcky


Those championships coming tp in October. Younger sister Ellhe flies


out to China on Saturday for the youth Olympics. What a family!


Don't you worry about falling off that bar, I could not even have


climbed onto it. We have seen quite a lot of grey


today on a few more showers than we were forecasting this afternoon


They sprung up ahead of a wdather front which is now starting to click


away. Now we are looking at what is developing in the south`west. Some


heavy rain on the way tonight. It looks as though it will be lostly


through the night time period. It will still be around first thing


tomorrow, but will clear aw`y fairly quickly. A few showers around at the


moment, which are starting to fade away. Try for the first part of the


night, but the persistent r`in will push in from the early hours of the


morning. A mild night, much milder than recent nights. If you `re up


early in the morning, there will still be some rain around. Ht clears


fairly swiftly. By midday it will be clearing all of us. We will see that


sunshine returning later in the day. A couple of showers following


behind, but it is mostly drx and brighter for the afternoon `nd still


fairly warm. Thursday will be the best day of this week. Dry `nd


bright with temperatures up into the 20s. But it looks like it is turning


messy into Friday with more low`pressure. Shari outbreak of rain


and stays unsettled for the weekend. And we're going to leave yot with


the Last Post that was playdd by Ray Gould


in Brassington village last night. It was a wonderful tribute


as part of the Lights Out c`mpaign, which I know many people


across our region took part in. We don't tend to use the bathroom


together here. I leave the ashram, travel halfway


across the world to find my father, Oh, well. As Vashrati says,


gotta keep smiling! We don't tend to use the bathroom


together here. All right, well,


I'll catch you later. This ashram of yours,


it might be a cult. I take it back,


he's definitely Cuckoo's son.


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