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still the potential. Quite nasty weather. To keep an


Tonight ` four men admit their roles hn the


killing of Derbyshire student Neil Dalton, and a friend, in Malaysia.


At the scene of the stabbings, local people have left messages of


condolence. Also, a devastating fire destroys a


factory terrifying residents and leaving the owner distraught. It is


horrible. That business is finished. That is our livelihood.


Plus the care home where thdy have had to tear down the artwork because


the Fire Service has told them it is a fire hazard.


And the last hurrah for lacd. The great War destroyed a great


industry. Good evening


and welcome to the programmd. First tonight, "he was one of the


nicest, most considerate and genuine Just one of the many tributds


paid today to Malaysian The 22`year`old medical student


and a colleague were both stabbed to death


after a late`night confront`tion. We'll have more


on the latest developments But first Simon Hare reports


on the growing tributes. A high`flying student and great


sportsman. Neal Dalton is drawing up the fixtures for a national


university football competition Since charged, he had also played


cricket. In a statement, a spokesman said he


he have a sense of humour sdcond to none. We all feeling this loss. At


his former school, shock th`t one of its brightest students, destined for


a degree `` a career in medhcine had been `` Red Hat is like crudely shot


`` cut short. You want studdnts to take the opportunities but ht takes


someone special to do that `nd Excel. He volunteered for a


tremendous amount of things. Never any trouble. He embraced school


life. His former form tutor issued


a statement calling Neil "one of the nicest, most considerate and


genuine people you could evdr meet. An exceptional, talented and able


student, he was nonetheless modest Without doubt we have lost


a fine individual." Simon is with us now. What hs the


latest that we know? Four mdn have been arrested in the Kuching town.


The police say that the men have confessed to their part in the


stabbing and the investigathon is closed. It is now being passed the


prosecutors. Different to the announcements you would get in a


case like that here. But we know Derbyshire police have appohnted


family liaison officers to work with Neal's family. There are


practicalities in the times aired. `` in the difficult times ahead


Hundreds of people still ardn't in their homes after a largd fire


The blaze broke out at a factory on Melton Road,


one of the main routes into the city, causing chaos for comluters.


Tonight the road is still closed and investigations into the cause


of the fire are continuing. No`one was hurt.


Footage showing the fire brhgade arriving at the fire this morning.


Flames were described as behng 0 feet high and large plumes of smoke


could be seen across the city. The fire broke out just after sdven


o'clock. Dozens of firefighters tackled the blaze. Homes were


evacuated. People have told me how people and firefighters werd running


up the streets telling people to get their children and get out. I was


working my mum shouted come`down, quickly. There were massive flames


and shooting out and we werd scared because our houses right next the


building. Flames were coming down the street, trees were on fhre. When


we got to this point, the h`ve started coming down, floor by floor.


All you could hear was explosions. For the owners, it is a dev`stating


day. My cousin got a phone call and he said the factory was burning


down. We thought it was a joke. It is a complete disaster. It hs like


my heart has been taken out of my body. That business is finished


That is our livelihood. At one stage, there were fears that a


nearby garage would catch fhre. This woman has a beauty salon. The glass


was shattered, they were spray water on the property. It is just


devastating. Elderly and vulnerable people were evacuated to a community


centre. As well as fighting the fire, there has been signifhcant


building collapse so there `re a number of issues which are


preventing us getting into the building. But we do have it


surrounded and we have a nulber of jets putting out the fire. Tonight,


hundreds of people are waithng to get back into their homes.


A review into the murder of a young mother, who'd bedn


a victim of domestic violence, has made a series of recommendations.


It's almost three years since Leighann Wightman was stabbed


to death at her home in Netherfield near Nottingham,


Now an independent review h`s concluded agencies could have done


more to share concerns about Kemp's violence.


And it says more questions should have been asked about why Ldanne


reported abuse, but then said she didn't want help.


Leicester Cathedral has announced the date for the re`interment


It'll happen on Thursday 26th March next year and will be part


The king's remains will first be taken to Bosworth ` the scene of his


final battle ` before arrivhng at the Cathedral on Sunday, March 2nd.


They'll lie in a closed coffin for three days before being placed


Just one of the ways in which the growing scourge of loneliness among


And in the weather, a busy few days ahead with weather warnings in


force. I will have your det`ils forecast later including latest


thoughts on ex`hurricane Bertha Residents and staff at a care home


say they're angry and upset at having to take down artwork that was


designed to help dementia stfferers. Nottinghamshire fire servicd say


they strongly advised the rdmoval of the artwork at Clipstone Hall Care


home because of safety concdrns for But the home says it's


an over`reaction. In this corridor, you can sde the


items have been removed. The manager and staff of Amberaget


show me `` of Clipstone Hall show me the areas where the artwork has been


removed. The Fire Service s`id it was a hazard and the care home staff


reluctantly complied. Relathves are angry. It looks like a prison. We


are not in a prison. People have come here for the end of thdir


lives. It is my wife's home and it should be made as pleasant `s


possible. I can't see any dhfference between our halls `` our walls here


and walls in hotels and schools Many residents have mentiondd and


staff say that bright colours help to calm them and orient thel.


Smelling them, the flowers, everything very tactile. Now that is


gone, they are a bit down. @nother Notts care work has also bedn told


to move artwork. At Clipstone Hall, one resident says that this is not a


risk and provides it is usu`l amount of stimulation. His wife Lucy as


well. `` it provides a huge amount. A short while ago, Vick McMhllin


from the Nottinghamshire Fire We asked him


to explain just what advice had been First of all, I would like to


express my regret and the dhstress caused to family and members at this


care home. I would say that the distress could have been avoided had


the care home in question t`ken the advice offered by ourselves and


adult social care in Nottinghamshire and also a leading dementia care


organisation. What advice you talking about? We have workdd with


adult social care in Nottingham and attended workshops on this hssue of


providing care in care homes and how to provide it safely without


breaching fire regulations. A leaflet has been produced which


outlines what can safely be used to provide a positive stabilitx


environments... Are you sayhng that they ignored the leaflet and what


was on the wall should not have been there or what you saying thdy did


not go about it in the right way? The reports I have seen that we have


`` that we insisted on having everything removed, is not correct.


There are numerous ways that a positive environment can be created


in hallways without comprishng our regulations. So there is no reason


why her premises should havd been turned into a Vittoria and


institution with their walls? That is exactly what I am saying. I'm


finding it hard to understand how the advice that was given bx


ourselves and other organis`tions has been misinterpreted to the


extent that care homes feel that they need to remove everythhng.


Let's hope the mix`up gets sorted out.


New research out today suggdsts 1 in 10 pensioners in the


And more than a third of people in this region have little or no


The research comes from the charity, Friends of the Elderly.


They say the situation is dhre and it's going to get dramatically


Getting old can feel like a frightening prospect, espechally


when you on your own. This hs all too true for Brian. He was happily


married and his wife was his best friend. When she died, he w`s with


nothing. I didn't know what to do. You just sit and watch four walls it


was really depressing. Brian's story is not isolated. Age UK close that


thousands of pensioners in this region feel lonely. The charity has


set project called men in shared is to encourage older men to gdt


together and do a bit of DIX. We get that come down here and these are


the only people see all week. All they will do all day sweep the floor


and make a cup of tea but at the end of the day they go home with a big


smile. New research publishdd today by Friends of the Elderly h`s found


that 5 million older people in the UK are lonely. That figure hs set to


rise to 7 million x 2030. In the East Midlands, one in ten pdnsioners


say they feel isolated. And they are not online. The fact that wd are not


`` that many people online leans that those who fly would be


completely disconnected. Thdy will become a more vulnerable group.


Brian now goes to men in shdds. He is making a float for a carnival. He


says it is tasks like this which are then conquer the pain of loneliness.


You come out and meet peopld and have a laugh and joke. All xou do at


home is what people go by. This project is just a small step but it


gives men who would otherwise be on their own something positivd in


their lives. Thousands of staff at Nottingham


based Boots are being reasstred that its remaining 55% stake in Boots `


in a multi`billion pound de`l. Before that,


it revealed plans for major "cost But Boots says workers here


shouldn't be affected. A husband and wife who murddred


an elderly couple before burying them in a back garden in Mansfield


may have to pay back more than Police say Susan and Christopher


Edwards stole over ?286,000 after killing Susan's parents


Patricia and William Wycherley. They'd taken cash,


sold the Wycherley's home Nottingham Crown Court this week


seized ?11,000 from the pair. Police say they'll look to secure


more of the cash in coming xears. In the week that's marked


the centenary of Britain's entry into World War


One, much has been reported about the impact the conflict had


on individuals and communithes. But the Great War also had `


profound impact on local industry. In Nottingham it saw the beginning


of a decline in lace`making from Nottingham is the home of


lacemaking. The Queen meets people at their work. In the 1950s, this


work has already declined dramatically since the great War.


Before then, it has thrived. Nottingham was the global cdntre for


lace. Before the war, is employed nearly 40,000 people and hundreds of


companies and. Now, there is just this one left. `` 40,000 people at


hundreds of companies. So what started the decline? During the war,


many men left to go and fight and that `` and they did not return


Plus changes to fashion saw a requirement for lace declind. Before


the war, many garments had ` lot of lace on them and women more


decorative, with a wet out socialising more. During thd war,


they had to get out and do wall `` and do work, replacing the len. This


is a smart suit from the period of the First World War. Very practical,


not at all Lacey. Practical clothing ended the demand for lace. But when


the industry was thriving, dxports were worth millions of pounds.


Factories like this one and others across the Irrawaddy rally produced


the unfinished lace. It was `` across this area. It was taken to be


finished, died and made ready to sell. Unfinished lace was also sold


to be finished in other are`s. The lace machines work smashed tp and


the machinery was used to prop up the trenches. So that is part of the


reason for the decline? Yes. We didn't get the stuff to export and


also there was no lace at the end of the war. So the industry become


another casualty of the gre`t War. Now, only this factory is ldft to


keep the tradition alive. Nottingham can be proud of its lace makers


people skill. You can't beat a bit of lace. Or a bit of sport.


First, three new deals at Derby Cotnty


Not for players, but for head coach Steve McClaren,


first team coach Paul Simpson and goalkeeping coach Eric Steele.


They've all committed their future to the Rams until 2007.


McClaren says agreeing to it was a no`brainer.


So, a new season brings new contracts for Steve McClaren and his


coaching team. No wonder thdn that the head coach had a big smhle on


his face on the training ground today. I think it's important to


show commitment. We have asked the players to do that. We have asked


the players to sign longer contracts for the future. And once thdy were


all done, we sat down and thought we had better commit ourselves. If we


are successful, that would be the key that we are all committdd, all


heading in the same direction. From a squad point of view, it is a


fantastic bit of news. Of the left, we have all enjoyed working with him


and the coaching staff. I fdel that in the last year, my game w`s


consistent. Now a lot of it is down to the manager. It is over 02 months


since this team went into the Derby dressing room. They led thel to a


club record points total so it is no surprise that the American owners


wanted to persuade them. It did not take much to persuade them to sign


the new Deal. I flew over to Chicago and met them. They are ambitious as


well. I thought we can develop this. We can develop this project and club


and get it to where it belongs. There is no doubt on the impact


McLaren has had on this teal and prove that the powers that be are


very happy with the job he hs doing. On Monday, anger from managdr


Stuart Pearce after players were On Tuesday


the owner denied deals had been done behind Pearce's back, then xesterday


the club smashed their record Stuart Pearce admitted todax that it


had been an interesting week at the City ground. But he said th`t the


head`to`head between himself and the club's financial people was in the


past and that the owner had moved heaven and earth to bring in club


record signing. This was a reasonably public fallout on


occasion but it is neither here nor there. We have said our peace and


got on with it. There is a game on Saturday and I want to deliver a


winning performance. Stuart Pearce had been annoyed by sale `` the sale


of key players. At the start of the week, if somebody had sent to me


that you would sell two plaxers and get one back and turned the revenue


over do the football club and invest the money into the football club,


would I have done it, I would have done it. I think it is good


business. Because it allowed the club to buy this striker. The


21`year`old train today and for the first time after completing a club


record move from Peterborough for a fee of around ?5.5 million. What


about the manager played in use signing for Forest? Definitdly. When


I came to the building, he lade me feel welcome. What can you promise


the fans? I like to run and score goals. The one thing is that this


football club, the owner has backed the manager. He has got the players


in that I wanted to bring to the club. Exciting times. I would rather


it be like that then in the sedate and quiet and no business bding


done. It is certainly never dull here. All this before a ball has


been kicked. Stuart Pearce takes charge of his first game ag`inst


Blackpool on Saturday. Forest striker Simon Cox johned


Reading today, Jamie Mackie looks likely to go on


loan there tomorrow and defdnders Dan Harding and Danny Collins have


been made available for transfer. Two more signings for Notts County


today ` combative midfielder Gary Jones


on a one`year deal and Leicdster's It takes the number


of players moving in or out From the last kick of the b`ll


against Oldham in May, from directly the next day, we were looking at who


to bring in and what type of people to let go. 17 gone, 14 brought in.


It is a new club. I am hoping now that it would lead us into better


times. In cricket, Nottinghamshire's Stuart


Broad took an amazing six whckets as England demolished India's


batting line`up on the first day Broad took the final three wickets `


including ending the stubborn resistance of Hndian


captain MS Dhoni. And, closer to home,


one game to mention ` Derbyshire in the middle of their home


One Day Cup match with Lanc`shire. The visitors set the Falcons


a challenging target of 301 to win. Dovish are currently 33 for two in


reply. That was a few minutds ago. `` Derbys. For once, Cricket


weather. Have a look at this white peacock. Newstead Abbey. He was born


from a `` and egg off the Internet. It is a genetic notation for white


peacock. Arthur Parkinson is trying to keep up the peacock population.


28 days later we had noise from the intimate. Once the egg hatched, it


went under my broody hens and as they thought it was a normal


chicken. It turned out several weeks later it was not a normal chicken.


At first it looked like a white turkey. To have a white peacock is


quite unique. Other stately homes do not have one. Let's hope th`t it


brings in the visitors. How lovely. I have a great peacock joke but I'm


not allowed to tell it! No, you are not.


Now the weather. It is set to change over the weekend. Starting tomorrow,


we are expecting slow`moving showers. With that in mind, The Met


office have issued warnings. That is something to look out for tomorrow.


It is this area of low pressure which is with us tomorrow. That


bring the unsettled weather. This interesting area is the deep low


pressure. The remnants of htrricane Bertha. It looks as if it is heading


our way for Sunday. As we h`d through this evening, a find evening


with sunny spells. Through the night, a little bit of cloud. Some


mist in rural areas. A chance of isolated showers. Tomorrow lorning,


if you are up early, it is ` dry and fine start. But then we start to see


things turning unsettled. Fhrstly showers pushing in from the


south`east. These are heavy and thundery. Then further shell is


bringing `` moving in from the West. `` further showers moving in from


the West. It will be a little cooler. Saturday does not look too


bad at all. If you showers during the afternoon but moving along


quickly. On Sunday, this is the most likely track for hurricane Bertha.


It is uncertain at the moment. In the next few days, we may h`ve more


information. If it follows this track, it will bring heavy rain and


strong winds on Sunday. More twists and turns in thd, this


buffer! `` this hurricane Bdrtha. Fearful the late news.


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