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That is all from the BBC News at 6.00pm. So goodbye


This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight ` homes looted after a factory burned.


This factory blaze forced residents to leave.


And they returned, burglars had ransacked their homes.


Also tonight, the spiralling cost of road crime has thieves target


Plus, lock, stock and starting gun, the big Commonwealth Games sell`off.


What you can see is probably about 10%.


It is colossal, the biggest furniture removal


And the Leicestershire woman aiming to set a new world record


Good evening and welcome to the programme.


First tonight, residents living opposite the site of a former


factory which went up in flames last week have been targeted by burglars.


Yes, the residents living on Melton Road in Leicester had to evacuate


But whilst they were gone, thieves ransacked their properties.


Police say residents could have returned home on Saturday evening


They say they had no information to suggest


their homes would be vulnerable. Victoria Hicks reports.


Dramatic footage from the fire last week. Hundreds of homes were


evacuated. The heat was so intense, it melted parts of the buildings of


the opposite side of the street. While demolition crews cleared the


site on Saturday, residents are facing another blow. They try to


break into the window, they managed to get him. They did not too much in


the kitchen. The bird around sacked the bedroom upstairs. They left a


mess. They went through every drawer and everything. Look at the state of


the place. This family?s home was also burgled with money and


valuables stolen. While they were there, they realised some valuable


jewellery had also been taken. It is gone also. Me and my wife, we were


crying. How can it happen, all of this? In three, four days,


everything happening. Burglars targeted another family, ransacking


jewellery. My mother is old school jewellery. My mother is old


Indian, they keep all of their Indian, they keep all of their


jewellery hidden between clothes and things like that. They searched


through it all. They knew what they were looking for because they left


things like all of the silverware, they left that, and all of the ones


that are costume jewellery, they bent them and stuff and figured out


what was gold and stuff. We have lost family heirlooms, things that


would give, thankfully they left my gold chain and that is free good


luck, so hopefully, our luck will change.


There's been a sharp rise in the cost of rural crime


It's the biggest increase in the country.


New figures suggest countryside crime in the region is up


That's a cost of more than ?6 million.


The most common targets are tools, farm machinery and fuel,


This is a new door, that they broke when they broke into the shed.


It has been a tough year for this farmer.


After having his Land Rover stolen, thieves struck again a month later,


stealing equipment from his workshop.


The total cost of the stolen items was around ?9,000.


To start with, there was a lot of ranting, raving and swearing.


But you look around and see what has gone and, most of it is replaceable.


But having said that, it is very frustrating.


Stories like this are becoming more and more common around here, so much


so that last year, the East Midlands saw the biggest rise in the cost of


Overall, the East Midlands saw a 38% increase


in the cost of thefts from farms, a total cost of more than ?6 million.


Each county saw a rise, but the figure ranges from 96%


in Nottinghamshire and 65% in Leicestershire to just


The East Midlands is very close to the central motorway network,


so it is very easy for thieves to go onto a farm under cover


of darkness, most of the time, and take what they want, get it out


I would advise anybody to get on, get vulnerable buildings alarmed


and really think hard about where criminals can get in.


When they are organised, they will get in anywhere.


For now, this farmer hopes he has closed


People living in a Derbyshire town have vandalised


one of their own fences to try to stop houses being built there.


They've painted a message in opposition to 450 homes being


Amber Valley Borough Council has been told it needs to put


But local residents have formed a campaign group to save


I think the sign is a very good idea.


We wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of it.


For 450 houses to be built on the buffer zone of the


World Heritage Site, I think is an absolute disgrace and with the


increase of traffic that will come with those houses, I think this has


After the weekend's big storm there's


a quieter spell of weather to come. Full forecast coming up.


It is the return of the football, the first round above the new season


is coming up in the sports news later.


Next tonight, a dog has died after being tasered by the police.


The dog, thought to be a pit bull terrier, attacked another


dog and its owner at Braunston Town in Leicester last night.


Today the man's family said he's having surgery to his leg but the


Jo Healey is in Braunstone for us now.


Good evening, yes, this is the Chase here, and everyone here, Chris takes


his dog, a four`year`old Alsatian, for his evening stroll, but last


night, a doglike bit bull terrier came from nowhere and started


attacking both of them. This dog was muzzled and on a lead, so he could


not defend himself, a neighbour came out to help. It was very scary to


see. My husband tried to help the gentleman with his dog to try and


break up the fight with the two dogs, but unfortunately the dog was


being completely attacked, it was too unsafe for the public. All you


could do was stand and wait for the professionals to come and do what


they do and help. What are the police do? Firearms officers came to


the scene, but the dog kept on aggressively attacking both the dog


choice but to Tasered the dog. The choice but to Tasered the dog. The


dog later died. This is what neighbours had to say. There were


three police cars, two dog units are two other vans, an ambulance, I


thought, what is going on? What did you see? The White dog hanging off


the Alsatian dog, viciously attacking it. The dog, like that,


you can pick up and defend him, but in Alsatian, they have to fend for


themselves. There should be notices saying that dogs should be kept on a


lead. How shocking was this to witness? Very shocking. Chris is in


hospital tonight after surgery, what have the family said? The family


have said it has been very distressing and continues to be so.


Chris had surgery to his knee and to his lower leg where he was bitten.


He is in the last Royal Infirmary, he had surgery today but he should


be home tomorrow. The dog is OK, he has been admitted to Glenfield


veterinary hospital and he's been treated for a bike, and bruising. We


heard from the RSPCA, they said that they have concerns about using Taser


is and that it has to be that the use is really justified and Chris?s


family have said, they said that this would have been so much worse


if it has been an elderly are vulnerable person or Eilidh Child.


Thank you very much. This afternoon, some of England's


top young cricketers have been learning life`saving skills


from a Leicestershire charity. The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust was


set up after 14`year`old Joe died It's warning local sports clubs that


it's not enough to just have one coach who knows CPR


and that every young player should They are some of the most vital


skills that you can learn, often literally the difference between


life and death. Today, the England under 19 cricket team were shown how


to do CPR and how to use a deliberate later. It has opened my


eyes to how crucial time can be. I did not know any of that. It is the


crucial thing to learn. I played cricket when I was 18 in the


Bradford lead and a coach of mine dropped dead on the pitch, I did not


know what to do. It is comforting to know that these young men are now


able to save lives. It was organised by the Joel Hunt frees Memorial


trust, he was 14 when he died two years ago, a condition that kills 12


people every week in the UK. It is not enough for the coach to have CPR


skills, we also know that young people need to be able to diagnose


the condition is. We think that everybody has a role to play in


helping to save someone's life. For every minute that you do not do CPR,


the chance of surviving drops by 10% per minute. If you do CPR has a


chance of life, without CPR, you are watching somebody died. The trust


wants everybody in the county to know these skills. Today?s session


with a small step on the journey, but if it helps to save a life, it


is well worth it. Loughborough is to become the latest


area to join a scheme designed to Leicestershire County Council says


that by dimming lights, switching them off in the early


hours and, in some cases, turning them off fully, it can save ?900,000


and reduce its carbon footprint. So far, around 35,000 lamps


in 180 towns and villages have been switched


off between midnight It might only be a week


since the Commonwealth Games ended but a business in Nottingham now has


the task of selling off all the items left behind.


The company, leftoversolutions.com, has thousands of pieces


of furniture from Glasgow to sell From floor to ceiling,


for as far as the eye can see. Here are many of the items used


at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. They will now be sold at


a fraction of the original price. What you can see here is probably


about 10% of the overall stock. It is the biggest furniture removal


we have ever done in Scotland. These were in the lounges


in the village. The athletes watch television


from the stands. We have 30`40


of these chairs made in Scotland. It is possible that the Queen sat


on this chair. I don't know if you have one


of these at home, but we have There are also many chairs


and massage tables. If you have got a high ceiling


at home, you might want this. There are 15


of these umpire chairs for sale. Whether you are looking


for a new washing machine, or just a little piece of the


Commonwealth Games, all these items Just the type of chair for a nosy


neighbour! Still to come ` a record breaking


Leicestershire swimmer takes the plunge again. Julie Bradshaw,


from Loughborough, already This morning she embarked on another


gruelling test of endurance. Time for sport and a great start


for nearly all Yes, there were wins for Derby,


Forest and a good away point for Notts, but we start at the


City Ground because Stuart Pearce's home`coming was the story


of the weekend. A sell out crowd and Kirsty Edwards


was there to see Pearce walk out to It is fantastic to come back. I love


the pressure of the expectation and the pressure on my shoulders of


being in charge of this football club. The supporters have shown me


great support and loyalty. I plan to repay them, hopefully over time. And


new season and a new era begins. He is back. He is the man for the job!


The best defender they ever had, have! Forester up against Blackpool


side that did not have enough of their best players. The Reds were


dominating. Andy Reid?s strike bounced off the woodwork, Antonio


was there to fire in on his debut. The chances kept on coming and the


Reds doubled their advantage with another summer signing, a great goal


from Chris Burke. It was very nice for me to score on my home debut in


front of the fans, but more importantly, to get the victory


today was very important and in the manner that we did it was nice also.


To see the winner was the chairman, he was speaking to reporters in a


week where peers had spoken out about this show tee sales of some of


the players. We had a kiss and a cuddle in the changing room! I think


it has galvanised the relationship between me and the owners which were


strong any way. They're straight back


into action tonight ` travelling to Carlisle United in


the first round of the League Cup. They'll go lifted by a hardworking


win over Rotherham on Saturday. Three good points to get


the season moving. Derby


among the promotion favourites, but that means there will be no


surprising opponents this season. Rotherham knew what they were facing


when they came to frustrate. They have no problem in this league,


they will make it tough So good were Rotherham,


the Rams were forced to wait Jeff Hendrix scores


for Derby with ten minutes to go! And Derby have their opening goal


of the season! People know what we can do,


and today they will come and make it hard for us and raise their


game, like the end of last year, but we have got to play our own game and


be patient and hopefully get going. Derby still needed the goalkeeper to


protect all three points, In League One, Notts County have


suspended academy manager Mick Leonard after allegations a


young player wasn't properly dealt Notts say they've suspended Leonard


while they investigate. On the pitch, the Magpies had


a tough start at Preston. But were only denied victory


in the very last minute. Manager Shaun Derry said he would


cheerfully have taken a draw before the match `


but Jake Cassidy's lovely finish Preston weren't lying down


and carried on pushing and pushing until ` right in the last minute `


they snatched a point. We have been working on that shaping


systems throughout the preseason and we believe in the new


players that have come in. Delighted that they are all here and I felt


today's performance was fantastic. As for Mansfield Town,


opening day defeat at Northampton. There wasn't actually


a lot to choose between the sides, but a lapse from


the corner really cost the Stags. They produced chances of their own


but couldn't get the equaliser. In Cricket, yesterday's


Royal London Cup action was ruined by the weather, and Derbyshire are


having to dodge the rain again today Tarbert batting first and fast


reaching 165`1 in 22 of their 32 overs. `` Derbyshire batting first.


Well, we end the sport tonight with the preparations for Leicester


It's a big week for Leicester and everyone connected with


the club as they get ready for their first season


Natalie Jackson reports on the Blue Army's build up to the big time.


This is their time to shine, lots of anticipation here about this new


Premier League season, just five days until they play Everton in what


they call the worlds greatest league only need to speak to the fans to


find out about the excitement here. It is so exciting. Really exciting,


it has been ten years. Great to be at the highest level again. A great


buzz in the city. It is the talk of the summer. Liverpool will be beaten


by them this season! Over the summer, building work off the pitch


and on the pitch. Nigel Pearson has brought in four new additions,


notably their new striker. Preparations could not have gone


much better, the squad were mobbed in Thailand on their latest tour,


and they were ready with their young, hungry squads to serving of


their big break. I'm excited, I am sure all of the other lads are


excited, it is our first season in the Premier League and I am sure we


are waiting to show what we can do. To be playing with the last, it is


great. We have got the possibility to cause some upsets. They are


already, and all this week, we would be counting down to Leicester?s


first game in the Premier League and we will be looking at the economic


benefits to the city and have special features every night in the


build`up. Lester would be wasn't about championship title? And they


proved themselves in the top league. They are finally back in the big


time after ten years. CHEERING We understand that STM Cambiasso


will be signing sooner rather than later. `` Esteban Cambiasso.


Next, a record breaking Leicestershire


swimmer was in action again today, making yet another record attempt.


Julie Bradshaw, from Loughborough, already holds


This morning she was in the Lake District to embark on another


Paul Bradshaw has this exclusive report.


Taking to the water for an epic challenge.


Julie Bradshaw leading an international swim team


They were aiming to complete the world's longest lake swim `


147 miles, with a relay team of six, swimming nonstop for 86 hours.


It is a very big challenge, because we all swim for an hour each,


but it is over three and a half days, that is the estimated time.


It could be longer or shorter, but we will be staying on the boat,


sleeping on the boat the entire time.


The team are raising the money for the Rainbows children's hospice


in Loughborough, but also swimming in memory of Julie's friend, Susan


Taylor who died last year attending to swim the English Channel.


The hospice always needs fundraising, and we need to raise


money to achieve what we can for the families, so we are always grateful


for that, and also, raising the profile, and the team have been


there doing that for us, with one lady taking part in America, so we


had some press out there. Another reason is deeply personal, in memory


of Susan Taylor who died last year attempting to swim the English


Channel. She was an inspiration,


an ambassador for Rainbows, I raise money for Rainbows, that is


how we met and became friends, and she was just a brilliant


person, really, really well liked The team aims to complete


their relay of Windermere Good luck to Julie, we will let you


know, I am sure, when it has all been done.


Just as well it wasn't yesterday! Hurricane Bret `` hurricane Bret was


quite scary! Yes, the storm pushed north


yesterday, some heavy rain, two inches of rain in some places and it


gave some strong wind in the afternoon. Still feeling the effects


of that low pressure to the north of Scotland. Some quite brisk westerly


winds and they will stay with us for the next 24 hours. Another bright,


breezy day tomorrow, and the wind continues to blow in some showers.


Most of us will see some sunshine. Lots of us escaping the showers


today. Some sunshine, not a bad state, still breezy. The showers


will fade away tonight. One or two continuing, but they should ease


away. Most of us will be dry with clear spells. You should get a good


view of the super moon again tonight. Temperatures staying in


double figures. Tomorrow morning, a decent start to the day, dry and


bright with sunshine. The wind would blow in some showers into the


afternoon with one or two of them being lively. Sunshine in between.


Escape the showers, get out of the wind, it will not feel too bad, but


temperatures struggling at 17 or 18 degrees. We have been used to


temperatures in the 20s, but it would be in the high teens and the


rest of the week. High pressure into Wednesday, the isobars opening out


and the wind will ease down. The wind is turning into a


north`westerly and we are sheltered in that direction, so we should


escape the showers on Wednesday. Mostly dry and bright with


temperatures struggling at 18 degrees. Showers comeback Thursday


and Friday and temperatures will be a bit disappointing for the West a


lot quieter. That is from us, good night, see you


on the late news.


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