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Good evening. That's all from us.


First tonight the amazing project made in Derby to


A quarter of a million ceramic poppies have


Almost 900,000 are being planted at the Tower of London,


each one symbolising a fallen serviceman or woman.


Today, the artist behind the project said he'd been


A work of art, a memorial but also a fundraising effort. Pouring out of


the tower of London, last week the first instalment of poppies were


officially revealed to the public and put on sale. The hope is to


raise millions of pounds for charity, but no one predicted just


how quickly the poppies would sell. At a studio in Derby, the artist has


been amazed at how the public have embraced the project. With 250,000


poppies sold within seven days. It's quite a shock that so many people


have got behind it. It's not a fun thing I have produced. It's


something that has a meaning behind it. It has a really big meaning for


lots of people. I am really happy that people are actually wanting


them. Each poppy is sold for ?25 with a net proceeds split between


six military charities. ?2. 50 from every poppy goes to charity. So if


we sell all that's 2. ?2.2 million. If we sell all, all the Ned proceeds


will go to charity. We are being coy about that because we are still


making them, still building at the moment but that could be many


millions of pounds by the time we are finished. The team in Derby


continue to produce poppies around the clock. The last poppy will be


planted on Remembrance Day. Next, how people here are helping


victims of the conflict in Gaza. Hospitals


in the East Midlands are collecting thousands of items of medical kit to


send to the war`torn region. They're appealing for equipment


the NHS says it no longer needs. The first consignment went out today


from hospitals in Derby and Nottinghamshire, as our health


correspondent Rob Sissons reports. This is like all the airways. You


have the tubes in. They say it's kit the NHS no longer wants, but Gaza


needs. We have seen it on the television with the children, with


their eyes, I have found eye shields. At kings Mill they've


collected hundreds of items in a couple of days. We are told it's


things the NHS would either throw away, past the expiry date or use


Father training. We are diligent in what we acquire and how we use it.


It's only those stuff which have gone past the time or times opened


up and not used during surgery. They hope this will save lives. I was


really thinking we are not going to have that much but when I searched


around we have expired things, things that reps have given us over


the years and never used them. Nightly TV images of the devastation


and injuries in Gaza prompted a surgeon in Derby to do something. He


set about getting Derby hospitals to gather unwanted equipment and


encouraged other hospitals like Kings Mill to get involved. This is


not about politics at all. It's purely us as medical caring


professionals with a duty of care trying to aleave ate the suffering


of fellow `` alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings. Here, 35,000


items collected are off on the first leg of the journey to Gaza. It's


hoped international charities will get the aid through. And for the


children, some toys. The parents of a Derbyshire medical


student stabbed to death last week in Borneo have described him as


caring, thoughtful and witty and say 22`year`old Neil Dalton from Belper


was killed with a friend. Neil never thought twice


about helping others. He achieved so much and made


so many friends. Four men have been arrested


for murder. Police in Borneo say


the four have admitted the crime. Two men who killed an Iraqi refugee


have been found guilty of murder. Patryk Strutkowski and


Pawel Bugajski carried out the attack in the Meadows area


of Nottingham in January. They used a belt to strangle


56`year`old Hama Faraj Noori. Archaeologists working on a


"lost" medieval manor`house in Leicestershire say they've


discovered further buildings The 12th century house


in the village of Croxton Kerrial disappeared from maps by the 1800s,


as Paul Bradshaw reports. This field in Leicestershire has


been hiding a secret for more than 800 years. This is the complex.


Basically, the Manor House here, beyond that we have the massive


barn. Evidence of other buildings going around what we think was a


cobbled yard. Again, dating from around the 12th century, we have


evidence of that and wonderful pottery from that date. A group of


amateur archaeologists have been digging this site since 2012 and


have made some remarkable finds. This is the star find which has come


out of the well. It's a late 12th century jug, and it's been down


there for about 800 years at the bottom of the well. We were the


first people to see it for about 8 hunsz years `` 800 years.


With all the benefits of medieval mod`cons. The Lord would have had a


private chamber at the top. This is a private toilet. Every new and


again some peasant would have had to clear this out and spread it on the


fields and use it for fertiliser. The dig will continue until next


year. In the Capital One Cup it's


finished Tranmere 0, Forest 1. Michail Antonio getting the goal


for Forest after 11 minutes. And Sheffield Wednesday 3,


Notts County 0. That's the news. But we need to know


how the weather looks. I will leave you with Kaye.


It's been a blustery day today. We are still being influenced by brisk


westerly winds. Tomorrow we will get slow improvements through the day.


The winds will be easing down and there will be fewer showers. So more


in the way of sunshine. We have seen a few showers this


evening. One or two will continue through the night. The majority


fading through the early hours. It's generally dlie with clear ``


generally dry with clear spells. Tomorrow morning there will be some


showers around from the word go but they will be fewer and further


between and they will be lighter, as well. In general, more sunshine into


the afternoon. The winds slowly easing down, so feeling better.


Highs of 19 or 20. That's it from us. I will leave you with the


outlook. Matt is of a messy couple of days with some


heavy rain and showers but here'sing Matt with the national weather.


Good evening. Given the recent change in weather conditions I am


esure a few of you have mentioned "autumn" who would blame new western


Scotland today a mid-August day, driving wind, strong winds,


temperatures at one po incompetent were just 13. A better day tomorrow,


here, though. The cloud we have had today will work southwards. You will


notice still unstable air across England and Wales. Lively


thunderstorms through today. They are fading away by in large. One or


two showers in the West but longer, clearer periods here. We still have


that cloud, pushing through to the Scotland, Northern Ireland, north


Wales and the north Midlands by the end of the night. But rather than


persistent rain, away from the


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