13/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


Jobs news first, and today's labour market fhgures


show that last year the East Midlands saw the biggest drop in the


rate of unemployment in the country.


The latest annual figures show the number of people out of work


With a closer look at what the numbers mean, here's


There's a spring in the step of this jobcentre manager.


Andrew Pidluznyj runs the office in Nottingham that covers most


of the East Midlands and finding work for job`sedkers


There is also a move towards more provision of online services


as well, so there are opportunities coming through that.


The care sector continues to offer opportunities, as does health care


in particular, and retail also has opportunities too.


There are now 126,000 out of work in the East Midlands.


That's down by 55,000 on the same quarter last ye`r.


An unemployment rate of 5.4$, one of the lowest of any English rdgion.


We've come a long way since the depths of the economic crash.


We're also in a situation where a lot of companies are now downsizing


Clearly there are still somd companies shedding labour.


I've been looking for six months for any job, whether it is retail


or absolutely anything, offhce work, and there is just nothing


There's hardly any jobs out there for youngsters.


We're definitely not out of the woods yet, it still could be


And today, 22`year`old Leo from Nottingham struggled to find


work after graduating from university in psychology.


From your personal experience, is it easier


I'm not sure if it is easier but because we are all more aware of the


fact lots of young people don't have jobs, there is more opportunity


given out and advice given to young people on how to get the jobs.


The likelihood is that we'rd going to see that continue to fall.


I think it's really a questhon of what rate it falls out,


whether it flattens out a bit or whether it continuds


the very steep drop we have seen in the previous seven months.


These figures will be seen as a welcome snapshot of a reviving


economy in the region, and politically too for our Conservative


MPs in those many marginal constituencies, a sense of shared


confidence that they won't be having to look for a new job


A plane from the East Midlands has arrivdd in


Cyprus carrying aid for thotsands of desperate people in northern Iraq.


It took off at lunchtime carrying specialist water containers


The containers are being filled before being flown to the Shnjar


mountain range where thousands of refugees are trapped.


It's a very desperate situation especially for the Yazidi community


Temperatures are obviously very high over there.


There aren't any freshwater supplies.


So the supplies that we're sending out, and particularly the w`ter


containers that can be used to filtrate water, that's essential


for them to be able to turn dirty water into clean water and keep


An inquest into the death of the Derbyshire medical student


Neil Dalton in Malaysia will be opened in Derby on Friday.


Neil, who was 22, was stabbed alongside


his friend Aidan Brunger in the town of Kuching in Borneo last wdek.


A post mortem examination whll be carried out on Mr Brunger's body


Graffiti appearing to refer to a child custody case has bedn


sprayed on the car and home of Mansfield's elected mayor.


Tony Egginton believes he w`s wrongly targeted as he hasn't


Graffiti was also sprayed on the doors of


You don't expect these things to come along with public office.


The theory is, because of the wording etc, there has been a court


case recently where somebodx has had their children taken away from them.


There was some change in law and they've taken it out


on my home and on the county council registry office.


Some wonderful footage now of something that hasn't bedn seen


since the Sixties, two Lancaster bombers flying


One is stationed here, with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.


Gemma Dawson was at RAF Conhngsby to see a bit of history being lade


This is the first time Lanc`sters have flown in formation herd


To see these two together is just unbelievable.


To be this close to them as well, it's amazing, really.


Just sends shivers up your spine, really does.


This flight was due to happdn last week when the Canadian Lanc`ster


Bad weather, though, meant it had to land at


Today, though, the last two airworthy Lancasters in the world


These are difficult aircraft to fly in formation with one anothdr,


especially on a breezy day like today.


They are inclined to be blown around a lot, the poor pilots have


to work extremely hard to kdep the aircraft in the correct


Watching today's flight is Stan Instone, a Lancaster engineer


When I heard the engines, those flew over, the hairs on


the back of my neck stood up and I felt a shivery sensation, actually.


It's a long, long time since I actually flew


It brought back a lot of melories, actually.


After a short wait it was thme for another test flight


and another chance to see these two aircraft together


Football now and one result this evening in the League Cup.


Mansfield were knocked out `t League One Sheffield United, 2` .


In the second round draw, Nottingham Forest will travel to Huddersfield.


Derby County are at home to Charlton and Leicester City are also


That's your news, so it's goodbye from me.


But with your weather now, here's Anna Church.


A few showers around to avohd today and that is the theme heading into


Thursday, a scattering of showers and also some decent spells of


sunshine. If you showers sthll around but tending to die ott as we


head into the rest of the evening, giving us a largely dry night. `` a


view showers. Mostly dry, clear spells, feeling cool in the areas


and a fresher feel generallx with temperatures of 12 Celsius. A good


deal of dry weather first thing tomorrow but heading through the


morning, starting to see more clout and a scattering of showers coming


in from the West. If you have the in nature. `` more cloud. Sunshine in


between and in the sun, highs of 18 Celsius. Friday does not look too


bad, high pressure building to give a largely settled day. I will leave


you with your outlook for Good evening. Most of the weather


action today has been centred across central Europe, with some stormy


weather moving through France, across Germany, through the Alps,


clusters of thunder storms, responsible for exacerbating the


mudslide situation in Switzerland and delaying the evening start of


the athletics championships in Zurich. Back to the UK, any showers


inland starting to fade tonight We keep a few showers in the far north


of Scotland, Northern Ireland and north Wales. Clearer skies in


central and eastern areas. 11-1 Celsius. A more comfortable night.


Tomorrow, relatively quiet. But it won't be long before showers


develop, some heavy and slow


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