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How a man died in his wife's arms an hour `fter


Loughborough Magistrates' Court only deals with criminal cases three days


a week. Is this an effectivd use of re`sources or a white eleph`nt?


Plus, the award`winning toddler group facing eviction. it whll


impact upon us as parents. The great place to leaf through a novdl. The


garden which comes with a shed load of books.


First tonight, the signs and symptoms were there, but hospital


Just over an hour after being sent home


from an outpatients clinic, Richard Sharp died in his wife's arls.


The hospital at the centre of the tragedy has apologisdd,


saying lessons have been le`rnt and staff retrained.


Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


Kim says there is never a dtll moment with her grandson, Charlie.


But somebody is missing. Richard, his grandfather may well have lived


had he got the emergency care when he needed it. Should not have


happened. I do not want it to happen to anybody else. They did not do the


job. It was a Nottingham City Hospital at an outpatient clinic the


day before a procedure to investigate if his lung cancer had


spread. But symptoms of pnetmonia were spotted but not acted on. He


should have been sent to a high dependency bed, he died just over an


hour after being sent home. he fell, like a dead weight. He bangdd his


head and then he just went out and that was it. He was dead. Hhs lips


went blue. The trust has wrhtten to say sorry. They have offered sincere


condolences, procedures havd changed. Kim said she cannot forget


or forgive. never, ever. Thdy took away my husband. They took `way my


life. How can I forgive thel? Richard was only 60 but may well


have pulled through from both Kansai pneumonia according to the hospital


investigation. Kim is plannhng to sue. he should be here, sitting in


his chair watching his war films and his documentaries. She say she can


not afford a headstone, it hs nearly 18 months since Richard died and


only now that she feels strong enough to talk publicly abott what


went wrong. a solicitor


in Loughborough says the town's ?15 million Magistrates Court is only


being run at 20% of its cap`city. The court now only deals with


criminal cases three days a week, following a review by the Mhnistry


of Justice. It's meant that many people are


having to travel to Leicestdr It opened in 2008 and cost `


reported ?50 million. But now there are claims that Loughborough


Magistrates' Court stands l`rgely empty with criminal cases only 3


days a week and many being dealt with in Leicester instead. One


solicitor says it is proving expensive and inconvenient. There is


a time and the cost and the fact that Leicester is sometimes at


capacity. People sitting around for long periods. How big is thd burden?


People have said they cannot get their and they get arrested and


taken there by the police which is a burden to them, but it is a burden


to the police, too. The changes are made this year following a review of


the county's courts. The Ministry of Justice said the decision took into


account a deep freezing crilinal workload and the need to make better


use of resources. It says whth criminal creators are still being


heard three days a week and civil tribunal and family cases on the


remaining two, this does ensure the most effective use of the btilding.


How busy court is contrary. But today, six cases were heard here at


Leicester magistrates, therd were 57. This is a ?50 million white


elephants. It should be used fully. Magistrates in other familids. They


know the people involved and they know the local circumstances. You're


going to remove that. What `re the solution? I'm not sure. You can t


and build a courthouse. It lay have cost a lot, but greater


centralisation has been a long`standing trend. That looks


likely to continue. Still to come `


a full report on the Foxes' first Plus, I'm in one of our most


beautiful market towns, just before Bank Holiday and, you've gudssed it


` the road works have rolled in The killing of two medical


students in Borneo is now bding Neil Dalton ` from Ambergatd `


and his friend, Aidan Brungdr, were Today, an inquest has been opened


and adjourned at the Derby Coroner's Our Social Affairs Correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, is there. But we heard that his father,


Phillip Dalton, had to form`lly That happened at the Royal Hospital


here in Derby. We were told that Neil was


on a university placement He was working with Aidan


in a local hospital. And we heard they were both stabbed


and killed after what was described as an


"incident in a bistro or a cafe . But there've been previous


reports that the two students And that several men followdd them


in a car and then attacked them So why's the inquest taking place


in Derby? Well, Neil's death was reported to


the local coroner here And today, the Deputy Corondr,


Louise Pinder, said she's asked Derbyshire Police to carry out


an investigation for her. She's also agreed to hold


the inquest for Neil's friend, That's on behalf of the coroner


in Kent where Aidan's familx live. And today we heard that offhcers


accompanied Neil's family to meet his body at Heathrow Airport so they


could bring him home to Derbyshire. And what's the latest


from the Malaysian authorithes? Well, say they that four local men


have already admitted killing They say three of those men were


high on the drug Crystal Meth. And a fifth man, who's 55,


is also under arrest. There've been candlelit vighls


for Neil and Aidan in Officers from Derbyshire ard taking


statements from students who've returned to Newcastle, were


the 22`year`olds were studyhng. And their university's now `warded


them "honorary medical degrdes" Today both their inquests wdre


formally adjourned until thd end Volunteers at a toddlers group


in Leicestershire say they're being unfairly evicted


from a village social club. The tots time group in


Stoney Stanton is used by They say it's a vital resource


for the community. But the social club


which owns the building is holding firm ` and says the group h`s been


given adequate notice. Enjoying a summer party at this


toddler 's group in Stoney Stanton. There are two sessions a wedk run by


volunteers, this group have rented the hall at the village sochal club


for a year. But Jackie, who runs the group, says she is worried `bout the


future after the committee gave her four`week notice to leave. H'm


gutted for the community. They come from all around. We have a family


that even come from Corby. They come here because of the social `spect of


it. Once a week, the group runs a sessions focused on parents with


twins. For many, it is a vital resource. It is devastating,


really. We have such a wealth of experience around us, children with


different ages. That is avahlable that micro`invaluable to me as a


first time mum. Looe`macro ht is great to meet other parents of


twins, so if it finishes, it will impact upon others as parents. A lot


of the local venues are small. It would not the same kind of freedom


flexibility. Jackie says shd will struggle to find another venue like


this. She is determined to keep the group going. Have the social club


said anything about these claims? We've had an e`mail from thdm, they


said they are a not for profit organisation who do try to help


community groups. But they have extensive bills to pay an ottright


to generate income to pay those bills. They said in a case of this


group that they have offered them a peppercorn rent up to this point.


But they have bent over backwards to try and help them and the position


is now that the 12 month rental agreement has come to an end, which


is why they are being asked to move. Up until last Monday, they had not


received any correspondence from the group. They were unaware of their


problems to relocate. They say there were other groups, they are not the


only ones who are being askdd to move as the club try to deal with


finances. Thank you. It's claimed the High Speed rail


network through the East Midlands will give a ?4 billion boost to


the economy every year. The Government is planning to build


a Y`shaped network which will link London and Birmingham


before splitting into two lhnes One of them will pass through


the East Midlands. Research by the


Eastern Network Partnership says the eastern leg of the HS2 route


will give the best return on Two fire fighters have been injured


after the fire engine they were travelling in overturned


in north Derbyshire today. The crash happened in Chelmorton


near Bakewell earlier this afternoon, when the crew were


on their way to a building fire Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service


has started an investigation. An announcement from the Government


means a Leicester arts centre could Embrace Arts is part


of the University of Leicester's Museums which allow free entry are


already allowed to reclaim VAT. From today, the arts centre is also


being included in the refund scheme. Next tonight, it's a pretty


and popular market town. It also gets very busy,


especially in August, and especially Yet today, eight weeks


of work started to replace Bakewell's gas mains, beginning with


the first road closure. Some of the traders aren't


at all happy, as Jo Healey reports. The first cut. Traders said they


will feel at the deepest. wd have a Bank Holiday coming up and `t this


time of year, being a tourist town, we need as much trade coming in


without disruption. All the customers complain about thd


traffic, if you can't find ` space, you can't get in. They'll go


elsewhere. It affects the trade Closing roads like this in ` busy


market town is never going to be popular. But this work they say


simply has to be done. We are replacing gas mains to ensure safe


supplies and local homes and businesses for the next century So


the existing mains are being replaced by hard wearing pl`stic


pipe. It will be in the grotnd and will basically provide safe and


reliable gas supplies. More than forward it is the piping nedds


replacing. This is just the start. the next phase will take pl`ce


around the Buxton Road roundabout. in never ends. It is not


construction, it's something else. There needs to be some bettdr


planning, some better understanding from all sorts of people in this


town. They need to see how we can work together to produce a timetable


that is good for everybody. Until then, the work, which began today,


will run for two months. A cafe threatened with clostre


earlier this year is celebr`ting ` despite seeing some


of its former chefs move on. Strawberry Fayre


at Sutton`in`Ashfield is run by Nottinghamshire County Council


to help those with disabilities It was


the customers who fought to keep it This is not a piece of cake. This is


hard work and training in lhfe. These bakers have learning


disabilities, that they are learning skills to take them into thd world


of work. I have seen people come along who were not engage vdry


easily with people and we h`ve seen them flourish, moving into their own


life. Get a paid job, Linton travel alone and gets all the skills that


we take for granted. Months ago this rest up on the edge of a


reservoir was threatened with closure due to cuts. It was people


power that saved it. You can see that they must really like getting


up and coming here every dax. It is lovely, really. Looe`macro H did not


know until I came here `` they join us as individuals and the ldvers


colleagues. They help us run this place.


Why those children's books of yesteryear are making


And will this week's weather have a happy ending?


If you reach for that centr`l heating but this weekend, you may be


doing it again next week. I'll be searching high and low for `ny sign


of sunshine, later in the programme. After a decade away, Leicester City


are back in the top flight of English football and looking


every inch like they belong there. A packed King Power Stadium watched


the Foxes start with a draw Ten years this lot have been


waiting, No wonder there is so much


excitement at the King Power. Roberto Martinez spent ?28 lillion


on just a single player and it is not going to get `ny


easier for Leicester. Everton really believed thex could


gate`crash A proper test for Leicester,


less space, less time. Aidan McGeady had a square foot


of goal available to him, And they got it


from a record signing. It brings more confidence to me


as a striker and The Foxes defended well, but close


to half`time, a series is of slips So Leicester had to chase rhght


through the second half Their reward, when it came,


was deserved. Striker Chris Wood says he wants


to fight for his place this year. This was a blow landed


in that battle. It is a brilliant feeling,


I dreamt about it since I w`s This is where I want to be


and scoring those goals is dxactly As the game wore on


into stoppage time, it remahned agonisingly tight, you'd have to


have a good reason to leave, right? A point


against Everton was the restlt. The tempo was higher in the game


and the boys did feel it. Stuart Pearce says he's ple`sed with


what he has seen from his Nottingham Forest team so f`r, but


he's not happy with the defdnding. Joe Mason was unmarked


as he headed home Bolton's opener. Forest equaliser from


Britt Assombalonga part of the Forest attack that h`s been


praised by the boss. But he called Bolton's second


defensive hash up as David Wheater It was left to Britt Assomb`longa to


equalise again after he was brought down in the box


and his penalty was unusual, going But he looks


like being a handful this sdason. The chairman put his money down


and backed our judgement in regard Steve McClaren says he's pldased the


Derby County's start the se`son The Rams drew nil`nil at


Sheffield Wednesday had not yet to concede a goal in their thrde


League Cup games. We have to be creating chances,


not taking enough. Notts County's Shaun Derry said


their home defeat to Fleetwood is unacceptable ? Notts lost to


the Jamie Proctor goal. Mansfield Town beat Oxford 2`1,


Ryan Tafazolli giving them The game was heading for dr`w


when Adam Murray scored Nottinghamshire are very much in the


County Championship hunt after the Kindle fans today. They werd a shaky


28 43. They stay second, just behind Yorkshire. The weather helpdd as


Leicestershire clung on to ` draw against Surrey in division two.


Great Britain topped the medals table at the European


And it's thanks to a brilliant effort from athletes


from Loughborough including Adam Gemili and Martyn Roondy.


Adam Gemili only took up sprinting in 2012. He was a non`leagud


footballer. He is a quick ldarner, or is he just quick. He started a


fantastic weekend the Loughborough athletes. His team`mates had already


won a gold in the 100. I'm sharing a room with James, he went and won the


100 metres. I thought it wotld be nice if we could get two titles in


our little camp. Adam Gemilh is part of a group of talented sprinters


based in Loughborough. They won gold in the relay, and James Ellhngton


got off to a great start. Britain often has battered trouble but there


was no sign of a breakdown here No wonder he is so good at rel`y.


Richard Kilty took over as they held off the challenge from the French


and Germans. They left it all former footballer to bring it home. Adam


Gemili said he dreamt of he`ring the national anthem, but it will just


sounded as good at an athletics game. When you are part of ` team,


you work well together and H dread the three of those guys. To see them


coming out with a gold medal is amazing. Martyn Rooney, not a bad


pundit but an even better rtnner. He followed up his gold in the


individual events buying brhng the 4x4 team to yet another gold. The


medals were won in Z?rich, be made in Loughborough. `` but madd.


A 15`year`old from Leicester has won Britain's first gold medal


Ben Dijkstra won the triathlon gold in Nanjing in a dramatic race.


He was outside of the medals after the swim, but fought


It all came down to the running and it was a photo finish bdtween


It took half an hour to dechde that Ben had won Gold.


England's women won the Rugby World Cup in Paris.


Leicestershire's Emily Scarratt and Vicky Fleetwood were in


Scarratt, who's from Desford, scored this try to clinch the victory.


She also scored a conversion and three penalties.


Many pundits have said she was the player of the tournament.


England have waited 20 years to lift the World Cup `


A lot of people work from home these days thanks to the internet.


But what if your Cottage Industry becomes too big for your cottage?


I've been to meet a Nottinghamshire bibliophile who moved her btrgeoning


Welcomer to the village of Burton joys in Nottinghamshire, hope to


this light for courtyard garden But it is the sheds we have comd to see.


There are two. find flowerpots in them, but more


likely be a chick supporter, because these books `` sheds are full of


books. To mix all to go to literature, you could say this is 50


sheds of grey. That is talkdd to Gillian, who is busy sorting out


some books for others. Gillhan, tell us how you came by similar books? it


began in the small way. I started collecting books in the first case,


mostly because I hated the book I was reading at the time and I wanted


to read some of the books I had as a child. I start searching for them


and then I found other books really interesting. It has grown lhke


Topsy, you might say? It is our business? it is. I have been trading


for 30 years and I have 10,000 books. 5000 in other shed. What is


particularly endearing about many of these books is that many,


description is an insider told you a lot about the first owner. This one


says Sally travels to school and was presented to Daphne Williams for


good attendance during 1951. Less joyously, Victory For Vera was


presented as a consolation prize in 1960. Gillian, it does seem as if


every book has its own storx more than one way? I like person`l


aspects. You have letters, bookmarks. All things that xou find


in books you've bought from house clearances auctions? yes. Jtmble


sales, car`boot sales, anywhere there is the chance of a book. I


will go there. Once sold on the Internet, the distribution side is


as reassuringly low`tech as the sheds. The books are packagdd up,


loaded along with Bertie, onto a trailer, and taken to the post


office. Just Gillian spreadhng the love of books around the world. ``


her love of books. White 's macro this is a bltstery


picture. You can see the trdes bending in the wind, thanks to Sally


for sending that in. We havd an area of low pressures to the north and


east of the UK at the moment, that is allowing us to bring in those


cold, north to north`west whnds It does start to ease away to the north


over the next few days. By Zabar 's opening out so the wind will ease


down. But they will stay. Unfortunately, we are saying on the


cool side for much of the wdek. Temperatures will struggle. There


will be isolated showers, btt it's not all doom and gloom. There will


be some dry and brighter bits in between the showers. As I s`y, the


winds are easing. The winds have been bringing showers this


afternoon, but they are pushing away to the east now. There is an evening


sunshine to enjoy. Try for the first of the night, but the clouds


increase later in the night. There also showers pushing towards the end


of the night. It will be rather chilly tonight, temperatures in


cities will be at around ten or 11 degrees. In rural areas, as low as


six or seven Celsius tomorrow morning. The chilly start, that is


for sure. Also, a damp starts. The showers will be isolated, and I will


be some sunshine in between them. They start to clear off into the


afternoon. A decent afternoon, it's dry and bright with some sunshine.


Although, the temperatures will be 15 or 16 degrees as a hive. Similar


on Wednesday, a lot of dry `nd bright weather, some isolatdd


showers, but we are staying on the cool side. Time to dig out xour


woolly nightie. Goodbye.


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