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Despite delight and relief, it seems the East Midlands could do better.


Backing for E cigarettes from a leading doctor. The shock


resignation that has muddied the waters at a Labour run council. And


a site to savour. A Vulcan bomber and to Lancaster 's flying together.


`` two Lancasters. Joy for thousands of pupils in


the East Midlands on GCSE results. It's a happy day for those who


have got what they wanted. there are many out there today who


didn't. Yes, because the East Midlands is


the only region in the UK where there was no improvement


on a key measure of success. with a big drop in the number of A


grades, in particular. Sarah Teale has been marking


our performance and meeting students at a Nottingham college


as they opened their results. Joy, relief and jubilation. An


emotional roller`coaster for students in Nottingham anxiously


receiving their GCSE results. Oh well. I got an grade A Star in


English and history. I got a couple of grade A 's, one grade A and one


grade C. She gained a grade C in maths and she wants to become a


nurse. I am absolutely stunned. I am so happy. And another mother of two


went back to college aged 28 to fulfil her dream of becoming a


teacher. She passed all five GCSEs. I have tried to juggle work, the


kids and running a house. Just to get in full`time. It was really


hard. But I am very pleased. Nationally, results have improved


but this region has asked the trend. The East Midlands is the only one in


the UK that saw no improvement in results. In fact it is the only one


where results were worse than last year. The joint council for


qualifications is the body made up of all the exam boards. There is


some variation in statistics. But this is what they published...


Between the top grade and grade C, attainment was down by 0.2%. Last


year, 66% of candidates got between grade C and above but this year,


65.7. The grade with the biggest drop was grade A, down by more than


half a percent. We do not have failing schools but schools on a


journey of improvement. They are improving in things like attendance,


behaviour and exclusions. I think some of these schools in these


results have in fact made great strides and that is a positive


story. How hard are they? They are as hard as they have ever been. You


put more work and effort into making sure that actually there is more of


a robust process in place. People have to work hard to get good


results. That sentiment is echoed by these students, now ready to take


the first step towards their future. Some headteachers have criticised


changes in the system which has been blamed for a drop`in English


results. This is the headteacher of a community school in Derby. Good


evening. There has been a drop in raids at your school I think I am


right in saying. Who do you blame for that? `` drop in grading. I had


disappointed in the impact the changes have had here. As far as I


am concerned the blame is with Michael Gove and the way the changes


have been implemented. It was changed to make exams more rigorous.


Surely there is nothing wrong with that? Well, no. But these changes


were made at very short notice. What has happened with GCSE English is he


speaking and listening component was taken out. It was done in September


last year. Partway through, already starting on the academic year. That


was changed with very little notice for us. And the impact of that was


not explained. What has happened, most students do better on that


component than on the written exams. Amber written coursework. Taking it


out is disadvantage in students and making it harder to get the grades.


Excuse me for interrupting but have we not got anecdotal evidence that


the speaking and listening test, schools marks them themselves and


they were or could have been too generous? I do not know if that is


the case or not. It was not the case at this school. Nothing was done to


consider the impact of removing a part that a lot of students,


particularly average and below average students did really well


with. Nothing has been done to take account of that. We passed the exam


board six months ago if we would have any changes made. If we had


known, we could have reacted and led the students to expect the results


that they got this summer. That point is taken. Thank you. Coming


up, a once`in`a`lifetime site, in the skies above the East Midlands.


The Heritage aviation enthusiasts, it does not get much better than


this for them. And it does get better than this with the weather. I


will have a detailed forecast later including what to expect for the


bank holiday weekend. Next tonight,


a split within our region's NHS over Go to one place


and the health service might help Try somewhere else and


the answer will be a firm no. Health Correspondent Rob


Sissons has this report. She is thrilled to have quit smoking


tobacco and now uses an electronic cigarette. It has not got tobacco


and it delivers nicotine in a vapour. I was on 40 per day. I tried


to quit with sprays. And then I started on this. Until it is more


risk than a cigarette, until we can tell it has got to be better. They


are not on the NHS and they are not licensed. Leicestershire 's NHS stop


smoking service might give you a voucher for one. It is a bold move


and this specialist supports it. They do have advantages. If they are


finding smokers coming into the service that said, let's say a


nicotine patch and electronic cigarette, that is what I do in


practice. It can kill one into people and everything that helps


must be applauded. Less people are using the quit service in the East


Midlands. 51,000 in the past year, down from 72,000 two years before. A


fall of almost 30%. Cancer charities do not want the NHS to embrace E


cigarettes yet. Because they are quite new, we do not have the


evidence we need to know if they are safe. We do not know for sure what


the long`term risk might be. Hampshire is following the lead of


Leicestershire. But many quit smoking services, like Derbyshire,


are staying clear at least for now. Labour's grip of Nottinghamshire


County Council is in doubt tonight One of its rising stars has quit


in protest at budget cuts Ian Campbell first made national


headlines as His decision to quit means Labour


has lost its overall majority Our Political Editor


John Hess is with us. He first hinted on Twitter a couple


of days ago that he was not happy about some recent policy decisions


taken by the leadership of Nottinghamshire County Council. Cuts


to bus services, contracting out public health contracts away from


local NHS GPs. He is now aged 27 and he became the youngest Mayor four


years ago. At Retford in Nottinghamshire and he was elected


last year when Labour gained control against the Conservatives. But why


resign now? Residents are fed up of not being listened to. And it has


affected bus services and they centres. And there are other issues


which people have been affected by in Retford because of the decisions


at County Hall. The Labour leadership must stand up and listen.


I will always have Labour and socialist values but when you cannot


represent your residence properly on a council it is time to leave. What


has been the response of the Labour leadership? They are very


disappointed. But there was a flavour of irritation in the


comments of the Labour leader, Alan Rhodes. He says that being a Labour


councillor is a responsible position which requires dedication in


challenging financial Times. Can Labour continue running County Hall


effectively if they do not have an overall majority? Crucially, it has


got 11 seats over the Conservatives. But if all the opposition parties


ganged up together and voted in a block, they could make it very


difficult for Alan Rhodes and the leadership. Come the round of budget


committee meetings and the finalising of the budget for the


next financial year, it might be that all of the opposition


councillors including Ian Campbell as an independent could cause some


difficulty. A controversial waste treatment


site in Derby will go ahead. The plant at Sinfin will turn much


of Derby and Derbyshire's waste The company behind


the project says it will reduce CO2 emissions, but campaigners say it


will create pollution The plant will cost almost ?150


million to build Planners have approved


a ?10 million shopping centre An Aldi supermarket


and several small shops will be The developers say


the scheme will breathe new life into an area of the city


which they say needs investment. It has been called a


once`in`a`lifetime moment for thousands of people witnessing a fly


past by three iconic aircraft. The last flying Vulcan bomber was


flanked by the last two flying Lancaster aircraft. After going up


at RAF Waddington. It marked a symbolic moment for the devoted of a


memorial centre for bomber command. Two Lancaster aircraft and a


Vulcan, a unique combination on a day when aviation in view the assets


will remember the day for years to come. `` aviation fans. It became


clear that this once`in`a`lifetime event was attracting far more


spectators than had been expected. For many onlookers it was an early


start. They agreed it was worthwhile. I have come from


Rochdale to see this. I set off at five o'clock this morning. I am


tired but it is worth it. I was on nights last night and I was here at


six o'clock this morning. A couple of hours in bed and straight here.


Once`in`a`lifetime opportunity to see this. Will not happen again in


my lifetime. Police warned drivers to avoid the main road as designated


car parks build`up. The distinctive shapes appeared in the sky and the


road itself became an impromptu viewing area. It was all in aid of


this, at a site here where veterans and fundraisers and serving AMN


gathered to cut the first term of what is to become the international


bomber command centre. It represents the wingspan of a Lancaster bomber


and it will be surrounded by panels commemorating all the people that


died serving with bomber command in the Second World War. Nobody till


recently had recognised the suffering and the contribution which


was made by all of the people getting up in an aeroplane. The last


aircraft joined forces with the only flying Vulcan, over this ceremony


and it was a great moment for veterans including Johnny Johnson,


the last surviving British veteran of the famous dambusters raid. I


think it is excellent. It is one of the best dedications, I think.


55,500 crew, air crew that was lost in the war. Irrespective of the


losses that we were suffering, the boys still went over. And when I see


those aircraft coming over, I still cry. It was never likely to be


repeated. A day like no other, for the thousands that stops to watch,


it was a fitting tribute for the people that served and died with


bomber command. We have put some of the footage up


on Facebook. The address should be on your screen and the guide to


where the Lancaster aircraft will fly next. In case you get the chance


to see them in person this summer. Two weeks after a massive fire


in Leicester local businesses say they're losing thousands


of pounds in trade. The fire on Melton Road devastated


a factory It's open again now but locals say


people are still avoiding the area. Trade, they reckon,


is down by as much as 50%. It has been a difficult two weeks


for this man, having to close his family business because of damage to


the windows and the overhead. It has been affected really bad. There is


no business for us. The tension with that, paying rent and making money


is really bad at the moment. The fire was devastating and hundreds of


people were evacuated from nearby buildings and one building was


completely destroyed. This woman's beauty salon was across the road


from where the factory once stood. Normally she would be busy but since


the fire she has not had many bookings. It is dead now. The area


looks dead. Business is down by about 50%. What do you do? They are


not alone. Trade has gone down in this area. We are not getting as


much as we used to before. It has affected us by about 50%. It has


been 50% for nearly three weeks. How long can you carry on like this?


About four weeks. A fortnight later, people are trying to work out how


the fire started still. That is being made difficult because there


is so little left of the 4`storey factory. What we are looking at his


witness statements, video footage. That type of thing. Looking at the


occupiers of the building and finding out what might have caused


it. We think it was accidental at the moment. Back at the salon and he


is hoping business will pick up soon. The damage is estimated at


thousands of pounds. And she does not know if the insurance will cover


it. First tonight, Leicester City


Manager Nigel Pearson says he is still hopeful of adding to his squad


before the transfer window closes. Former Inter Milan midfielder


Esteban Cambiasso remains Pearson was speaking to


the media today ahead of Saturday's He ruled out a move for French


defender, Rod Fanni. But the club are still working


on a deal for Cambiasso. Sport is unfortunately at times it


is quite a difficult process. `` unfortunately at times. It is very


much a case of getting to the bottom of who represents what and trying to


achieve the goal, and that is adding players to the squad.


Nottingham Forest Manager Stuart Pearce says that without


a doubt he's confident midfielder Henri Lansbury will be


Lansbury's been strongly linked with a move to Burnley but Pearce


A new deal is being considered and he feels the signs are positive.


I spoke with the agent yesterday. They are quite happy with the terms


which have been offered. I think it is a case of signing the contract.


If it is not signed, he has got two years left anyway. I think it shows


willing from our point of view in terms of playing here. And once


again, if the owners back my recommendations, there is a contract


which I think is deserved. Cricket and what a night it was


for Notts Outlaws. They've secured a home quarter final


in the One`Day Cup after a nail Notts were set 303 for victory


by Warwickshire and they were looking good to reach


that target with another century But a bit of a batting collapse


set up a tense end to the match. In the end Notts needed one run


from the final ball. Luke Fletcher kept his nerve


and hit a four And Notts will play their quarter


final at Trent Bridge next Tuesday. Well,


it could be Leicestershire if they The Foxes to just 184 in their


innings. Derbyshire hope to progress as well. They batted first against


Gloucestershire, setting a target of 272.


Tomorrow night Nottingham plays host to a big night in the


It's the first season of the new competition


and Nottingham Panthers will be flying the flag for Great Britain.


44 teams in Champions League and they are 44th.


This new signing is a commanding residence at six foot


six and cannot wait to test him self against the best in Europe.


It is fun to play against the top teams.


We are excited for the weekend to get started.


They are starting with a Finnish team, Luko from Finland


Let's hope this man is as good in Europe as Cloughie was. I know


football will always be competing but ice hockey is definitely


underrated as a sport worldwide. I think it will be exciting for the


fans. It will be a big step up for the Panthers. Will the supporters


come in then numbers for the Champions League like they do


against Sheffield? We do not have a long`standing rivalry with Finland


and Sweden, the Arctic circle. But it will be nice to see them and


teach them a thing or two about UK ice hockey rather than then teaching


us about their brand. We will fly the flag for the UK. We are doing it


for the fans. They deserve the best and we want to put the best on for


them. Chris Adcock and Gaby are going for


world glory. Tom Williams has more. Hardly time to draw breath. The


golden couple are back home preparing for the world


championship. They trained five times per week, morning and


afternoon. Last fortnight, the Commonwealth games and their


dedication was rewarded with old in Glasgow. `` a gold medal. It was


like a dream come true. You dream about being on the top of the podium


and the friends and family were there and we were really lucky. It


felt amazing. Are you always wandering around wearing your


medals? We like to look at them every now and then and get them out


of the box. We are really proud and happy that we have something to show


for it. Your friends must hear you coming at make a right racket. Yes,


it sounds like a wind chime when they are moving about. It is good.


They are ranked fifth in the world. They were the outstanding couple at


the Commonwealth games, winning the title without dropping a game. With


the real Olympics just a couple of years away, every second counts and


there is little spare time. We were on `` very lucky to do what we love


together and it was great to achieve something and it makes it special.


Obviously at work we are with a partnership, working together. And I


think it transfers into the home life quite well. Commonwealth


celebrations have been put on hold, the holiday is booked and a first


winning anniversary is coming up and they should find some quality time


together away from the court, especially if they keep winning on


it. We wish them all the best for next week.


Finally, we return to our top story, and to some good news


Because for some youngsters, just sitting them was


Millgate School takes on pupils with severe social


Two years ago it was put into special measures.


But since then it's shown a real improvement and so have its pupils.


For years, these were failing students in a failing school.


The school is out of special measures


and today these 16`year`olds picked up their GCSE results.


It was the usual mix of delight and disappointment.


But just to be able to take these exams was a big step in itself.


I think I have done all right since where I was a few years ago.


I did not attend school for more than six months.


When I started, my behaviour was terrible.


Millgate takes on people that have been kicked out of other schools, or


Smaller classes and one`on`one support have helped these pupils


get their grades and many are now hoping to start apprenticeships.


We concentrated on destinations and we make sure the boys who come


to this school get an education suitable for them as individuals.


We have seen top grades through to the bottom grades


What we have seen is people that have shown real drive


and made progress and coming out with good results.


It helps you understand the world properly.


Before it was like a joke and you did not really understand


And you realise you have got to work.


Ofsted still ranks the school as requiring improvement.


But the head wants to make it outstanding.


That will involve helping many more pupils like these to get


Congratulations to them. Now the weather. Is it a staff forecast? !


We are expecting some improvement before things go downhill for the


bank holiday Monday. It should be nice in the next couple of days.


Thank you for this picture, David. Plenty of sunny spells and it should


be mostly dry apart from some isolated showers. Through the day


the cloud has been increasing with a scattering of showers. That is the


story this evening and overnight. Getting quite thick with these


showers continuing. But this will help hold the temperatures up. More


mild and temperatures at 11 Celsius minimum. Showers tending to fade


away tomorrow. Cloud is breaking up. We should get long sunny spells in


the day on Friday. A lot of tri` weather. For most of us it will stay


dry with just the occasional isolated shower. Away from this


breeze, quite pleasant at 18 Celsius and feeling a little warmer. Looking


ahead on Saturday, not too bad, a dry and fine start. More cloud in


the afternoon and a scattering of showers. High pressure is in charge


on Sunday. It looks like it will be largely drive. Should be plenty of


sunshine. But at the Atlantic end, this area of low pressure is going


towards us. Sunday night into Monday, wet and windy conditions.


One thing tonight, Saturday night looks like it will be particularly


cold, Mary `` dare I say it, maybe Frosty Imro areas. We will be back


with the late news. I hope you can join me then. Good night.


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