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This is East Midlands Today with Maurice Flynn and Anne Davids.


for the the drug dealers hiding behind a health food shop.


this shop was a front for a factory producing cocaine and amphetamines


overnight. And the hunt for the homophobes who beat this wolan


unconscious because of her sexuality. I thought scared to go


out and I cannot go out of the front door now without freezing and


panicking. And council leaddrs say that they want private visits to


take over running of Sherwood Forest. And have you heard `bout the


ice bucket challenge? We will be showing you what it is all `bout


with the BBC critic `` cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew and our


very own Kirsty Edwards. First tonight, ten men are jailed


for more than 100 years for A Nottinghamshire health food shop


was used as a front for the gang to sell millions of pounds


worth of cocaine and amphet`mine. Our Social Affairs Correspondent


Jeremy Ball is at Jeremy, the judge there said


the gang were "peddling misdry" Yes. Very strong words


from Judge Sampson this aftdrnoon. He said the men in the dock


behind me were trading in "pernicious" drugs that destroyed


families and blighted lives. At the heart of it all,


this health food shop, at Sutton in Ashfield, in


Nottinghamshire, where


the gang manufactured amphetamine. Inside the police found


this mixing equipment and tubs of sulphuric acid, ready


to mix with amphetamine oil. Elsewhere, these drugs were found


in three vehicle checks Drugs that were valued by the police


at well over ?2 million. And it was one on those finds that


prompted detectives, On entering the shop we discovered


individual quantities of controlled drugs which were destroyed by


pouring them down the drain. The amount of drugs there and rdcovered


advised us that the were major players within the drugs ring.


Most them come from Derbyshhre and Nottinghamshire.


We heard the gang's leader was the man who owned the shop in Sttton.


And he's been jailed for 12 years for supplying amphetamines.


Donnelly's one of ten men who are beginning prison sentences for


Five of them were selling high`grade cocaine.


He served in Iraq with the British military.


But now he's been jailed for more than 18 years.


The judge said these drugs were being distributed nationwidd.


And it's latest in a series of regional drugs investigations


by detectives from across the East Midlands.


Just last week, a legal clerk from Nottingham was jailed


for supplying drugs to a gang in Grantham.


And three brothers from Derby were jailed for selling heroin


that was being supplied by relatives in West Yorkshhre.


The Care Quality Commission has taken legal action


to stop a care home owner from being able to run


The CQC said it had to act puickly after being contacted by


Nottinghamshire County Council who had expressed concerns


about the welfare of the hole's six residents.


The local authority have worked with the people living at the very


closely and with their relatives. They moved some people yestdrday. I


have been made aware by my colleagues in the local authority


that all of those people have been moved to suitable alternative


provision that will make sure that their needs are appropriately met.


A young woman from Oakham s`ys she fears for her life after behng


taunted about her sexuality and then beaten unconscious.


Kerry Byrnes, who's gay, was walking home after


Kerry says it's had a devastating impact on her life.


She's been speaking to our reporter Helen Astle.


I headed towards home. That is when I saw two guys walking behind me. I


did not think anything of it. Just two more people walking homd. As we


got nearer, I had one of thdm say, that is the lesbian. Then I remember


a fist in my face and I just hit the ground. And everything after that is


just one big blur. These ard dark times for Kerry Byrnes. She was


attacked around 1:30am last Sunday. Photographs show her injurids just


hours after the assault. Thhs week has been held, it really has. I have


not left the house since it happened. All the doors are locked,


constantly. It is just fear, at the moment. That they will come back.


The police are treating it `s a hate crime. They are urging anyone who


saw the attack to come forw`rd. It feels like it was a homophobic


attack with the comments th`t were made. They did not steal anxthing. I


had my phone and money on md and they did not take anything. If it


was a robbery are mugging they would have had everything that I had on


me. They did not take anythhng. It was just a comment, and that was


when I do four. It has had ` massive impact on my life. I have ndver had


anything happened to me likd this before. You just do not expdct


homophobic crime in the 21st century. All that I had running


through my head at the time was why is this happening to me? Wh`t have I


done wrong? You're watching East Midlands Today,


lots more to come this Frid`y night. Which isn't just any Friday night,


but the start of The pressure is on to delivdr decent


weather for the last summer bank holiday. Some mash Max Saturday and


Sunday not too bad but the different story on Monday, which will be wet


and windy. And if you are escaping that with flights from East Midlands


airport, I will have all thd latest on the great bank holiday gdtaway.


There are big changes planndd for two of the region's most popular


Sherwood Forest Visitors' Cdntre looks set to be run


by a private company, under proposals from the county council.


And nearby Rufford Abbey park could be run by an independent trtst.


The moves are part of measures to ease pressure on council budgets.


Our Political Editor John Hdss reports.


Tourists visiting Sherwood Forest today. Last year almost 345,000


visitors came here. It is rdally lovely. I like it a lot.


Nottinghamshire County Council which runs the attractions at that cannot


afford the ?300,000 annual cost of keeping it going much longer. It is


about improving facilities whilst trying to reduce the cost to the


County Council. The council leader wants a private company to do the


job instead. It gives us an opportunity to reduce costs whilst


at the same time providing the public Nottinghamshire and visitors


to the county with a more positive visitor attraction and a good day


out. Nearby Rufford Abbey l`st year attracted almost half a million


visitors. It is run by the County Council and could end up behng taken


over by an independent trust, to take the pressure off counchl


budgets. Rufford Abbey is a special place. We need to maintain that


Alan Rhodes access these proposals might be controversial. He now has


his party and the public to win over. It possibly could be better


but we do not want to make ht into a theme park. There are plentx of


those. It is better to be n`tural. I think that it needs something. It


needs more money putting into it, definitely. The budgets of local


councils are not as robust `s the roots of Major Oak, but it hs an


indication that the services provided by local authoritids are


having to be seriously reconsider. Bradgate Park in Leicestershire has


been run as a charitable trtst, and this year, Nottinghamshire County


Council handed over the running of a watersports centre to a trust. We're


not talking about a sell`off. This is not what it is all about.


Sherwood Forest last year gdnerated almost ?3 million, but that is no


longer enough to balance thd books at County Hall.


The first tram tests have bden carried out


on the new bridge over Notthngham Station and into The Meadows.


The contractor Taylor Woodrow Alstom says more extensive night thme


trials will take place over the coming weeks.


After that, passengers can start using the new route.


A memorial stone laid for Rhchard the third at Leicester Cathddral


It was put in place 32 years ago, but has been taken out


as work continues for the Khng's re`internment


Today is 529 years since thd Battle of Bosworth.


A ?20 million home insulation scheme


which was controversially c`ncelled in Nottingham has been rest`rted.


More than a thousand homes in Clifton have been insulated


already, with another 1,000 expected to follow by next xear


But not everyone has been ilpressed by the work,


A building side also rise. Homes in Clifton will finally be getting


solid wall installation aftdr new government funding was secured


through the efforts of local MP Lillian Greenwood. It has bden a


real struggle. We had to persuade the government it had a hugd impact


on my constituents. I am gl`d that they have come forward with some of


the money. We still had to get British Gas to commend them decent


deals that was affordable for private residence. The ambitious


project was supposed to see council run and private homes in Clhfton


received subsidised solid w`ll insulation. It stalled when British


Gas withdrew funding due to a change in government policy. The issue was


even debated in Parliament. Now the work has resumed. Not everyone is


happy with the work from thd contractor. One of the issuds we


have is things like this. G`ry Phillips was told the insul`tion


would be complete in four wdeks but there is still work to do four


months on. The work they ard doing to improve the insulation is


fantastic. We are already sdeing the benefits. But the people dohng the


work did not seem to supervhse their employees. They are wrecked


scaffolding and are not put up ladders. Nobody had any way of


getting onto the scaffolding. They were using a barbecue. They had no


way of disposing of rubbish which was just left in a big pile on the


garden. They were using that pile of rubbish as a toilet. The colpany


says it is looking into these concerns. The work around Clifton is


expected to be completed by March next year.


Waiting for an operation can be a scary prospect, especiallx


if you don't know what to expect once it's been done.


At Nottingham Children's Hospital,


the staff have introduced a new way of making their young patients


They're handmade rag dolls and are being used to prepare


These rag dolls have been m`de with felt stoma bags on them to help


parents and children understand the physical aspects of the condition.


They are aware of what the procedure is. It gives them something to


relate to. She can do exactly what I did, to the doll, and she c`n then


put it all on the doll. Havhng the doll, we can show them stom` care,


and we can show it to their parents, and it is called play therapy, to


help them prepare. Some children, in having had an emergency and reuse it


post operatively to help thdm understand what has happened, as


well. bag since he was born, so using


the rag dolls has really helped He can show that all his frhends and


take it into school and explained what it is. How it works. And how it


affects him. by using these dolls, it will help


children understand their condition and make the stoma operation


a little less frightening. From that idea,


to another simple idea that's become Yes,


it's reached the East Midlands ` and if you still don't know what it is,


you soon will. I'm sure you don't need


reminding that it is the Bank Holiday weekend ` and I'm stre many


of you are busy doing some last A survey by the AA suggests we here


in the East Midlands are the most likely to hit the roads


in search of a few days off. Meanwhile, East Midlands Airport


says it's expecting 83,000 From the motorway to the departure


lounge, this is one of the busiest weekends of the year. At East


Midlands airport they are expecting tens of thousands of passengers


Whereas you going? We're gohng to Menorca. Looking forward to it? Yes.


They have come from far and wide. From South Wales Police Midlands. It


is easy and quick to get in and out of and the staff are great. `` to


the East Midlands. It is slhghtly cheaper than flying from Manchester


which was the nearest airport. The airport says that each year it is


seeing more passengers but hn a customer satisfaction survex yet


came number 17 out of 35. F`lling in the middle of a survey on ctstomer


service is not where we want to be, we want to be better than that, so


we are spending ?12 million improving facilities with ndw


security lanes, better shops and restaurants, and that means that


when all that is ready, the experience will be so much better.


What about the experience of getting to the airport? The AA says that 40


million drivers will take the roads this weekend. But with smaller


airport proving more popular, East Midlands is still set to do rather


well. It will be heavy traffic because it is bank holiday. It.


`start all the way, but it hs worth it, saving a couple of


pounds on flying from a mord local airport. If you are joining the bank


holiday getaway, prepare for traffic, and hope that the holiday


will all be worth it. And c`lling us some breaking sports news. `` Colin


has. Adam Peterson in the 50 metre breaststroke final is at thd


European Championship. Lets have a look at the race when something very


special happens, when he totches the ball. Here he touches in, and watch


the moment when he turns around and realise that he has just broken the


world record. Adam Peaty, from Derbyshire, goes absolutely nuts


after that performance. Molly Renshaw, another Derbyshire swimmer,


won a silver medal. It's another huge


weekend for Leicester City. They're getting ready


for their first away game It's a nice easy one to start with `


a trip to Jose Mourinho's Chelsea. The team who finished third last


season and who are so far Leicester City enjoyed a ch`mpagne


lifestyle last season. Now, the big boys of the Championship ard getting


used to mixing it with the big boys of the Premier League. This is a


game that fans will look forward to, but it is a serious business, too.


You enjoy sport when you have got the chance of winning. I have never


been a big believer in it bding taking part that counts, it is


winning that counts, and anxbody who says it isn't is probably not in the


right game. He knows that hhs side face a huge task. Chelsea h`ve


splashed the cash this summdr. 82 million they have spent so far, on


just three players. Leicestdr have paid for just one, ?8 million for


the striker, Leonardo Ulloa. We have got some talented footballers, some


threats. And they are going to have to be on top of their game. They are


champions. They come with that winning mentality from the previous


season. They come with high expectations. They managed to give a


good game to Everton. It is these kind of games that the playdrs work


has so far `` so hard for, last season. They know that they will


have to work even harder thhs season. It is important to do well


in every game. We have to bd efficient, as a team, this season. I


am convinced that we can do well. In the Championship, Derby have a


home match with Fulham ` struggling While Forest have good news


going into their City Ground Lansbury's future at Forest had been


in doubt ` with interest from around the country ` including Preliership


Burnley. But now he's staying a Red. And ` as the season settles in ` his


manager's delighted. He is a good player. I know him from


the U21 stage. He gives us goals, with his ability, and he is a


popular member of this football club.


Fulham coming to play. The Londoners have had a shocker so far, but, then


We have a beginner on Saturday, we need a reaction. It start of a big


week with three home games. `` we have a big game on Saturday. We have


to start that at Fulham, and start well.


Defender Cyrus Christie knows the mark of the challenge is thd ?1


million Fulham have spent of striker Ross McCormack. Christie's job to


If we are on top of our gamd, we should come out on top.


Derby keeping up confidence. Forest flying high so far. The football


Your stations are well you will find the best coverage on the radio. And


you will find a cry thing article about their work on the BBC blog. ``


cracking article. Next Tuesday, nonfiction `` Notts outlaws and am


sure Falklands go to head`to`head in the one`day cup final at Trdnt


Bridge. The one`day cup fin`l at Trent Bridge. Gloucestershire last


night, setting the visitors 272 to win, with Buster shar not even


getting close. Leicestershire lost and it was enough and sets tp a


match to savour. Notts have signed match to savour. Notts have


England bowler Harry Gurney to a new England bowler Harry Gurney to a new


three`year deal. And the word for Nottingham Panthers. The European


Champions League adventure begins at home tonight to opposition from


Finland. It is a little bit of history being made. If you're on


social media you might have noticed a new phenomenon that is swdeping


the country. In fact, the world Everyone from the most famots people


to the likes of us are pourhng ice filled buckets of water over their


heads. Why? To raise money `nd awareness of motor neurone disease.


Today the challenge came to the BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew


`` Jonathan Agnew, and our very own Kirsty Edwards. Everyone kedps doing


it. The ice bucket challengd is sweeping social media. Cricketer


Chris and sister, Gemma, rising to Chris and sister, Gemma, rising to


the challenge. The family r`n the appeal to raise awareness of the


condition and then came there no many nations. Kirsty Edwards BBC


East Midlands, and Jonathan Agnew. Over to you. You have to access the


nomination like that. Here we are. You are keen, aren't you? Wd have


been stitched up. We have bden family friends for a long thme. But


it is a very special appeal. I think this, although horrible, has gone to


be trivial for Kirsty. How `re you feeling? I do not think I h`ve been


more scared in my life. This is posh, but it is shallow. Kirsty you


have got this plastic bucket. That is about my level, isn't it? If you


go and ready, guys. Are you ready? It is horrible. I will count you


down, one, two, three, go. H dare not ask. How was that? It w`s


horrible. It was freezing! Scott Mills and you end a bingo, ht never


gets wet. Giles Clarke, the chairman of the board, and since you enjoyed


it, Sarah, you. Kirsty, who will you nominate? I will nominate Colin


Hazelden of East Midlands today And I am sorry, and a church, I love you


but I am going to nominate xou. And I was going to nominate you, so that


is a double nomination. Well done, good sports. It looks like we are


all up for it next, Colin and Anna. Very suspicious of that one. How do


you feel about that? Not too bad, actually. I was saying that Robin


Chipperfield the sports presenter did not make enough effort. So I


have been hoist on my own pdtard, there. I can help you out, ht'll be


fine. You have got to make sure that it is nice weather. If you would


like to see Jonathan Agnew `nd Kirsty Edwards getting soakdd again


and again, it is on our Facdbook page. Now the weather.


The bank holiday weekend is just around the corner. It is not looking


too bad for Saturday and Sunday Sunday looks like the best day out


of the three. It will be drx and bright. But there is the potential


for some wet and windy condhtions on bank holiday Monday. We havd a


scattering of showers around this afternoon. They are starting to


clear away as we head through this evening. It looks like a drx night


with clear spells for most of us. Some showers moving into parts of


Derbyshire through the night. It will be a cold might with nhne


Celsius in the towns and cities and a few degrees lower than th`t in


rural areas. It will be a chilly, dry start tomorrow, with a few


showers into Derbyshire. He`ding through the day, plenty of sunshine


around, then those showers increasing into the afternoon. Still


showers. Not feeling too bad at showers. Not feeling too bad at


around 17 Celsius. Still quhte disappointing for this time of the


year. Saturday night is set to be the coldest night for some time But


it is the last of the cold nights. It will be a chilly start the Sunday


but after that, and increashng cloud turning that sunshine hazy, and you


will notice as `` you will notice this area of rain out of thd West.


This is associated with an `rea of low pressure. It will arrivd on


Monday. That will give a wet and windy start to the bank holhday


Monday. But I am hopeful for a dry interval before further rain


arrives, later in the day. Xou can get the bags of that ice from


supermarkets. We were just talking about where to get it from. Goodbye.


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