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Good evening. tonight on BBC1 at 10.30.


As international tributes h`ve flooded in to mark the death of Lord


Attenborough, the people of his home city of Leicester have also been


He is irreplaceable, and th`t loss will be something that will


He may be gone, but within the city he calldd home,


It is nice to see people do remember him, and the fact he did a lot


Over the years, he has done so much, and I think they're fond melories.


He always talked about coming to Leicester as


"coming home", and certainlx he was very generous to the city.


His contribution to the arts in Leicester, starting


at the Little Theatre but l`ter in life, the Richard Attenborough


Richard, for all of his soft exterior,


He could be very angry if we didn't get it right.


But for all that, he supported, he was committed.


For months, Leicester has bden preoccupied with another Richard,


But today, the city is mourning the loss of a Lord, but who wanted


Richard Attenborough's caredr in film stretched back to the 0940s,


From the 1960s, he achieved critical and colmercial


Quentin Rayner has been looking back on his life.


Born on 29 August 1923, Richard was one of three brothers


His father was principal of the University of Leicester, and Richard


We went camping, we went to discover new areas around the county and


My first girlfriend, I caught in Victoria Park.


Young Richard spent much of the childhood down at thd


Little Theatre in Leicester, and in 1942, his love of theatre eventually


took away from home and to RADA where his career soon took off.


Lord Attenborough even used money from one of


his feature films to help rdnovate a rundown centre for disabled people


at the University of Leicester after a conversation with its founder


So I said, "Yes of course I will" ` with my love for Leicester


and the University in particular and my family connections and so on


And so we decided to try to design and create


a centre where people with dvery kind of disability and infirmity


And after the tragic death of his daughter and granddatghter


in the Boxing Day tsunami, Richard decided to donate


his entire Picasso collection to the museum in Leicester.


Jane, the daughter, met Picasso and she loved them.


So the joy that they had and the joy that they gave ts can be


transferred through Jane and Lucy to other people.


My life has been blessed, and my life has been phenomdnal and


I think I would like those who knew who I was, to say, "Well, I'm glad I


met Dick because he was fun and he was kind, and he was caring for


other people and he shared his good forttne by


Police are appealing for information after a 9`year`old boy slipped


Kai Lambe, who was from Hatton in Derbyshire, was rescued by fire


The incident happened on Frhday evening near Tutbury Mill


His death is not being treated as suspicious.


All this week, East Midlands Today will be marking


the centenary of the First World War with a series of special reports


Typically British bank holiday weather, but in Belgium.


I'm here today at the Tyne Cot Cemetery in Flanders Fields,


who, like so many people, are visiting these cemeteries,


trying to find some evidencd or link with their relatives who fotght in


Today, we have been speaking to some people from Rutland.


We're part of a project looking for the grave of Harry Waters,


part of the North Hampshire Regiment, who died as part


The project is trying to visit every Rutlander who died in World War I


by 2018, wherever they are in the world.


Seeing his name on the wall brings it home the


So some people from Rutland finding a link with the past.


Join us from tomorrow on East Midlands Today, when we will have


a whole series of features `bout the Great War and the Centenary


Well, it's been a bit wet in Belgium and back home.


Let's get the latest on that weather now with Anna.


It has been a rather disappointing bank holiday Monday,


and we continue to have rain with us this evening and overnight tonight.


If you are hoping for something better for tolorrow,


you are in luck, as it should be a largely dry day and eventually, we


For now, that rain is still with us, and the Met Office warning still


It will continue to track north and east as we go through this dvening.


It does look like it starts to ease and break up a little bit


The cloud and rain holding temperatures up tonight with


Tomorrow morning, it is cloudy and the damp start


first thing, but eventually that rain starts to clear away.


The cloud thinning and breaking through the morning,


and it looks like we may evdn get some decent spells


In that sun, the temperaturds respond ` a high of 18 Celshus.


If you are hoping to get out about with the kids


during school holidays, not looking too bad Wednesd`y.


A fair amount of cloud, but temperatures not too bad.


20 Celsius is likely the maximum on that day.


Looking further ahead, rain is set to arrive into Thursday.


It looks breezy Wednesday night itself.


We expect there will be showers during the day on Thursday.


If you are looking to be out and about this week,


Tuesday and Wednesday look like your best bet, with further


I'll see you with the late news at 10.20.


Hello, if you love wet weather, you appreciate a satellite picture. A


big swell cloud around to the west of Ireland. If you love bank


holidays, you would choose different words to describe the weather, but


Italy this cloud which are the heaviest rain. In Scotland, you have


been derived with lovely sunshine in the north-west. Within the cloudy


zone, further outbreaks of rain this evening. Difficult driving


conditions if you are heading back after the long weekend and further


heavy showers from the


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