26/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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has been away. That is all from us.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies.


First tonight ` the disgusting and dangerous substances


Tests by Trading Standards officers in Leicestershire have revealed they


can include rat droppings, dead flies ` even arsenic.


Today shoppers in Coalville were shown just why


they should avoid buying cheap. Tom Brown reports.


Hello and welcome to the Leicestershire Trading


This was not your usual market cookery demonstration, as


We have some arsenic, some floor dust, dead flies,


The light`hearted show had a serious message, as this is exactly what


It is criminals making it. It's not regulated.


They use concrete mixers and factory floors,


and they will sweep up the droppings and put them in there as well.


They will sell cheap cigarettes to children, just to get them hooked.


Are you a smoker yourself? I am a smoker.


Would you buy counterfeit cigarettes having seen that?


I can understand customers wanting something cheap, because the tax


on cigarettes is astronomical, but you have weigh up health.


Raids have seen thousands of counterfeit cigarettes


but nationally, tens of millions are still being sold.


With packaging that looks legitimate, some people may not even


If you offer them cheap, and they are not from a recognised


retailer, say by someone in a pub or a colleague or someone you


bump into in the street, car boot sales.


The important thing is to report it to Trading Standards


The giveaways are that they are cheap, they are below market price.


However they will look like the genuine article.


It's only when you smoke them that you realise they're not.


This black`market business costs the government billions in lost duty,


and undermines reputable tobacco sellers.


Trading Standards says this means it is up to both smokers and


non`smokers to help end this increasingly costly


A Nottingham student will soon be reunited with


20`year`old Doaa was stranded in Britain when her dad disappeared


But now, thanks to the Red Cross, he's managed to trace her.


This exclusive report from our Social Affairs


When Doaa travelled here for an English course, she was expecting


to return to Syria to study medicine,


She was stuck here in Nottingham, and then her father, back in Syria,


After a year and a half, we thought he was dead, because no


one knew anything about him. We lost the hope.


We were very worried, all the time crying and scared.


I never thought I would see him again.


The war in Syria has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives,


but Doaa's dad survived and managed to escape to Sweden.


That is until the Red Cross stepped in.


They found her here in Nottingham, through their international family


Doaa was convinced they had made a mistake.


When I received the call I thought maybe it's like somebody has the


I did not believe it at all, it's my dad.


If it was not my dad it would have broken my heart more.


But she needn't have worried, it really was a second chance


for Doaa's family, a chance to be reunited.


We dialled the number and she spoke to him, and she said the word


Then the tears flew, everybody was crying.


When I heard his voice, it was my dad.


I started crying, and I couldn't speak with him.


Doaa is hoping to fly out in the next few weeks to finally meet the


A rare glimmer of hope in a brutal civil war.


Legal action could be taken against a restaurant where more than


The Khyber Pass takeaway in Hyson Green in Nottingham


13 people were admitted to hospital after an outbreak of E Coli,


prompting an investigation by Public Health England.


The city council, which shut the premises,


Commercial landlords in Derby say they've seen


a dramatic increase in the number of small businesses looking


The city has lagged behind its neighbours in attracting


entrepreneurs, partly because of the strength of large companies


But one landlord says viewings are up by 200% in five months.


Despite that Friar Gate Square on the inner ring road, which cost


?7.5 million, remains empty more than a year after it was built.


Sport now and three games in the Capital One Cup tonight.


There was a shock for Leicester City as they were knocked out


Nottingham Forest won by two goals away to Huddersfield


and Derby County are also through to the third round,


And in tonight's big all East Midlands cricket match,


Notts Outlaws made it through to the semi`finals of the One Day Cup.


They beat Derbyshire Falcons by 85 runs at Trent Bridge.


It's goodbye from me but with your weather, here's Kaye.


It felt like October had jumped the queue yesterday, it was a soggy bank


holiday Monday. Temperatures were suppressed to 12 degrees. Things are


warming up over the next few days and we are back to average levels,


19/20 degrees tomorrow. Things are improving, the rain has cleared away


and we have some breaks in the cloud. Clear spells throughout the


night. Temperatures will slide into single figures. A decent looking


start tomorrow, dry and bright and there will be some sunshine. We stay


that way into the afternoon and the clouds will come and go but a decent


looking day and the winds will shift around to the south`east and that is


a warmer direction and temperatures back up to 19/ 20 Celsius. I will


leave you with the Outlook. weekend but the early signs are,


next week will be more settled. Now we get the UK forecast.


Not all of us need the weather to change. It has been lovely for the


past couple of days. Lovely loose guile in Carlisle. Tomorrow, dry and


sunny weather will be widespread across the UK. The last of two days


worth of rain is clearing away from Kent and East Sussex. Overnight it


could damp in the far south-west Kent and East Sussex. Overnight it


with patchy and light rain. Elsewhere it is dry, chilly again


for this time a BA in the northern part of the UK where some of us will




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