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He says it's because of a postcode lottery.


It's not fair, just because you live in a certain area that you


plus the family at the front line. Six brothers sent to battle in the


front line at the great War. And it may be a little grey but it hasn't


put off people who are visiting the Chatsworth County fair this weekend.


Good evening and welcome to Friday's programme.


They're calling it a new Jarrow march and it was winding its way


The marchers arrived in the region yesterday,


their avowed aim to stop wh`t they see as the privatisation of the NHS


They left Nottingham this morning on their way to Loughborough.


They're against private companies operating within the NHS


despite Government assurancds the health service will rem`in


One of the complaints about budgetary limits is


Our health Correspondent Rob Sissons examines the question of


whether we really have a National Health Service at `ll.


Even getting up stairs can be a struggle.


Ian's surgeon recommended a hip arthroscopy,


that a keyhole operation but locally the NHS won't fund it for hhm.


They would go in and tidy up the torn labrum,


which is the coating over the bone, which is torn in my case.


Fighting for months, he's been in pain.


The NHS said they won't pay because he has an impingement


I just want it fixed at the end of the day.


I don't agree that because H've got an impingement in my hip th`t I m


But in some other parts of Dngland that isn't a barrier.


I pay my National Insurance at the end of every month.


He knows from Facebook it c`n be a different story.


Jenna's in Greater Manchester where patients


wouldn't want to be sat in ` car for a couple of hours because it


It seems tied up in a load of over`bureaucratised nonsdnse and


policy which is basically preventing Ian from having the operation.


It's not fair that just bec`use you live in a certain area you should


This case raises some big qtestions about the nature


It does. We were hoping for more enters tonight. We contacted the


Department of Health and thdy told us it is down to local clinhcians to


make decisions about spending. As for the Nottingham city clinical


commissioning group, they s`id no one was available to do an hnterview


tonight. They did a bus a written statement.


And how does it explain the situation?


This statement says they ard unable to comment publicly. And th`t they


have a finite budget for Nottingham. They have to judge the needs of the


whole population of the citx. They are following local policy to make


sure there is equity across the region.


There is a glimmer of hope. They said they will review the policy and


look at any new evidence th`t is available.


So where does this all leavd Ian then?


They think there may be a hhp replacement but he thinks that is to


drastic. He has contacted hhs MP and says he will fight on.


It's Sarah and Maurice with you this Friday.


Still lots to come between now and 7.00pm, including the htge


Esteban Cambiosso says he's thrilled at the prospect of joining


I hope he has signed up to the British weather. There are signs of


some summary whether on the way It should make him feel more at home.


Next tonight, the hunt for 12 inmates who are on the run


from an East Midlands prison, some for more than 20 years.


Derbyshire police admit that all of their efforts to trace them have


So they're asking for help from the public.


They are the dirty dozen. 12 inmates who either fled or failed to return


to prison. That was between 199 and 2006. It was a time when thd


authorities didn't issue public appeals to help them trace people.


Among them this man. Last sden in 1997. He was convicted of mtrder at


Leicester Crown Court in 1977. The police say they haven't givdn up


hope of tracing all 12 men. We appreciate their appearances will


have changed. It is whether somebody out there has an idea of whdre they


might be. We have concentrated on some of the contacts we knew they


had at the time they will h`ve new contacts now. The government says


open resins are vital to rehabilitating long`term offenders


and that the national rate far outstanding inmates has reached a


record low. A further 13 inlates since 2007 are outstanding. That


brings the jail 's missing total to 25. Derbyshire police says the


security of this prison and the inmates which are brought hdre is


purely a matter for the Minhstry of Justice. But that the force will do


all it can to recapture those who have gone on the run from hdre.


A woman from Leicester says she s concerned hundreds of NHS p`tients


are facing dangerous delays to deliveries of their medicathon.


She's treated at the city's Royal Infirmary but her prescription


She says her medication oftdn arrives late and she fears


Healthcare at Home has apologised and says it's working


I'm really worried because you're not supposed to get


stressed or over tired because that can trigger a relapse.


The fact that I have all thhs stress and anxiety about getting mx meds,


And the fact that I've run out of my medication on several


occasions due to the companx's ineptitude, I think is a disgrace.


A busy road junction will bd closed from tonight and over


the weekend because of work to extend the Nottingham tram network.


The junction where Queen's Road East meets University Boulevard will shut


It's due to open again on Monday morning.


Drivers are advised to allow more time and find alternative routes.


All this week we've been commemorating the centenary of the


start of the Great War with live broadcasts from France and Belgium.


Today we round off the coverage with a remarkable story of six


Astonishingly all of them rdturned home safely to Radcliffe on Trent


The son of one of those soldiers is Bob Flowers, who's been resdarching


his family's history and told me what he discovered.


Well, this is where my grandfather and grandmother lived


As you can see, it's not very big but it was big enough, obviously.


All six boys were eligible `nd of the age to go in the


This is George, he was in the Grenadier Guards.


This is William in the Sherwood Foresters.


He was the next and, of course, Sherwood Foresters is


He was in the machine gun corps and he was in Turkey.


He was in India and he was hn the King's Own Yorkshire Light Hnfantry.


Harold was a Regular and he was in the Lincolnshire Regiment.


And, as you can see, he was a colour sergeant.


It must've been tough times for your grandmother, waiting for news?


There were pretty well used to hardship.


Can you imagine living here and waiting for them to comd home?


It doesn't seem like 100 ye`rs ago, but it's amazing isn't it?


This is St Mary's Church and this is the Cenotaph, of course.


Obviously on here, there are the names of many men from


Fortunately, my dad and his brothers aren't recorded there because they


The chances of that happening were very remote.


You would've thought ` although two of them are quhte badly


wounded ` but you would've thought that we would have lost one or two


It's quite poignant when you think about it.


When you see the names and you think, well, we werd lucky.


Talk me through the remembrance parade.


Well, since 1948 I've never missed a remembrance service paradd


It stretched right through the village as far as you c`n see


and it was all the men of the First World War and then, subsequdntly,


The parade has gradually got less and less because the gtys


How interesting has it been for you to research your falily


The more you learn about thd First World War the sadder xou get.


The trenches, the disease and the hardships.


Blokes really wanted to put it behind them.


They wanted to forget it because it was so horrible they


You can imagine what it was like when they came home


and all six of them managed to get through the war and come hole.


They've got to pull themselves together and get


on with what they've got to do and that's precisely what they did.


They all re`established lifd and it was super.


It is heartening that they survived. So


Thank you, Bob, for sharing such a fascinating story.


And thanks to all of you for the kind comments you've made about


our special coverage via em`il and our Facebook page and on Twhtter.


If you want to see some of the footage from these reports `gain,


If you take a look there yot'll see some of the images from the week


and also something special that s coming at the end of the programme.


unusual lest Disher police `re saying they are increasinglx


concerned about a girl who has gone missing. She was last seen hn


Leicester around 6:30pm in the evening last Friday. She was


reported missing a time latdr. One


of two Lancasters due to take part However the Lancaster from the


Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 60,000 people are expected to attend


the 33rd Chatsworth Country Fair this weekend and enjoy some of the


entertainment on offer, including The Fair's President this ydar is


Olympic rower, Sir Matthew Pinsent, who used to work as a volunteer


at Chatsworth as a teenager. James Roberson spoke to him


today while he took a look `round. For more than 30 years the dvent has


Matthew Pinsent remembers coming Matthew Pinsent remembers coming


here as a volunteer in the 0980s. I was a volunteer here as a tdenager.


I was involved in setting up. It was great fun and it's wonderful to come


back. From nights of your two nights of now. The Army 's white hdlmet


motorcycle display team put on an impressive show. These Derbxshire


dry stone wall as are buildhng a commemorative wall. Each ye`r we do


a piece demonstrating the Kraft We thought it was appropriate to do


something different this ye`r. Wall is representative of the soldiers of


the First World War. The grdat thing about this show is there is so much


here where you can have a go yourself.


There are activities and displays at doors and indoors. It is a little


grey today you hoping the good weather? It's always good wdather


here. It will be too hard, ht will be perfect. The Duchess tridd by the


size but didn't try any stunts. And following the great War thele, the


parachutists came in in style. I'm heading up there tomorrow and


I'm very excited. First,


it's taken weeks of negotiations, but finally Esteban Cambiasso is


a Leicester City player. The Argentinian internation`l is


a genuine world superstar. He's played for Real Madrid


and Inter Milan and is potentially We were the only TV camera here at


training this morning. Leicdster City have pulled off a real coup.


For them the first option... Pharma legend is now 34 years old.


He has joined on a free transfer as part of a 12 month deal. In my


country, I think for my futtre for all I need to play in the Premier


League. We were always confhdent that once we got him over hdre that


we could make it happen. He has been as big a driving force as wd have.


To be at the training ground this morning and to see the excitement


from the players... And othdr fans to. They were selling shirts very


fast. He is an international star. Class. Everybody have spoken to is


looking forward to Sunday. Ht's good to be a brilliant day. He is a very


good, intelligent player. It will be a big challenge for us. He's one of


the most decorated players from Argentina. It is hoped he whll make


his Leicester City debut on Sunday. Looks like more signings


on the way at Leicester. QPR today said they'd accepted a bid


from the Foxes for Danny Silpson. Nottingham Forest manager


Stuart Pearce says it's unlhkely he'll be making any more signings


before the transfer window closes. But you can't argue with wh`t he


and his current squad are doing Pearce takes them to


Sheffield Wednesday tomorrow sitting When a new manager arrives ht's


often said he needs time to They've really hit the ground


running this season and as far as results go, the Stuart Pearce reign


has had an almost perfect start Unbeaten in six,


with five wins and a draw. They've kept four clean shedts


and are the league's top scorers with ten


goals so far in the Championship. The character of the squad,


I've been very pleased with, At times we have been second best,


but I really get the impression we Pearce is clearly relishing


the challenge at Forest, In his own words, this is more than


just a job to him and he sh`res I know the fans are desperate


for us to deliver success. That's an easy,


throwaway line because everx club in the country has got an epual set


of fans that want exactly the same. It certainly does excite me to be


working at this football cltb. A good start for the new gaffer


then, but tomorrow he faces a big test


against a team who have had their It will without doubt be


our toughest test of the se`son and if we're not up for the game we


will get beaten at Sheffield. We're top of the league


at moment this moment in tile. That is the challenge


for the players. Can we stay there come Saturday


night? But, it's a long season


and you've got to make sure that That is the key word for us


at this football club, We have to get better


and we will keep evolving. Derby County have signed Liverpool's


young forward Jordon Ibe on He made his first team debut


for Wycombe at the age of jtst 5, Meanwhile the Rams have poured cold


water on the idea that defender And, this week cold water w`s


a bit of a theme. It is


the Ice Bucket Challenge th`t has swept social media and even being


the Derby boss and a former England Slightly unusual preparation


for the match with Ipswich but also I found that out myself


when I came here on loan. I was made to feel very welcome


by everyone around the club. The boys are a good bunch


and I hope it's the same Hopefully they can settle


in well and get on with it. Once Natalie and I were nomhnated


by a prominent Derby fan ` thanks for nothing, Nick Webster `


and with the first team looking on, And as Richard, my cameraman,


has enjoyed this so much, Notts County Manager Shaun Derry has


insisted he is staying at Derry has been linked with


the assistant manager's rold at It's after the appointment of


Neil Warnock. But Derry says he's had no contact


and wouldn't be interested `nyway. Notts play on Sunday and Mansfield


host close neighbours Burton Albion. The reason Notts' match is on a


Sunday is because Trent Bridge hosts a massive One Day International


cricket match tomorrow. England's players were


preparing under pressure today. Under pressure from results,


one washed out, one crushing defeat Former Notts and England st`r Graham


Swann says this team is a two`litre Outlaws batsman Alex Hales has been


brought in almost as a turbo boost. I think that is part and parcel


of playing cricket. There is always going to be that


pressure but they have said to me, just go out and do what you have


done for Notts and we will get I am just trying to keep it simple


and keep my attacking intent. England's fortune could well turn


at Trent Bridge and Hales could well We and


a capacity crowd will be watching. It's a busy weekend. Were hoping you


will have some good news about sunshine.


The weekend isn't looking too bad. We've had some brisk winds `nd a few


showers. An area of low pressure to the north of Scotland has bden given


as some south`westerly winds. We will stay under the influence of


that some time. Eventually the showers will fade away. And Sunday


should be drier, brighter and warmer. The winds have been really


Leicester E today, quite a lot of cloud around. It good to st`y this


way overnight so quite a lot of cloud and showers here and there. It


will be a relatively warm nhght with loads of 13 to 14 Celsius. The


majority of showers should clear away by the morning. It will be dry


with sunshine and brightness here and there. The winds will stay


brisk. Showers will push in throughout the afternoon but the


majority of us will miss those. The breeze will stay where this in the


afternoon. Sheltered from the wind temperatures should be quitd good.


The winds will ease down th`nks to an area of high pressure whhch is


pushing up from the south. Sunday, you have a better bet for stnshine


and some calm weather. It whll be dry and bright with temperatures up


to 20 Celsius. Looking into next week, it is fairly cloudy whth some


rain. It will however warm tp. We leave you tonight with


a look back at our week of special coverage from Fr`nce


and Belgium on the First World War. Thanks for watching


and have a great weekend.


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