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Good evening welcome to East Midlands Today with me,


Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies. Tonight:


Why a council's letting restaurants carry out their own hygiene checks.


Some are self certifying because there are not enough food inspectors


to do the job. Also rebuildhng motor cycling, Norton welcomes hundreds of


new apprentices to a new ac`demy. And a young man with Down's syndrome


gets his first job. When he first came in he could not even tdll me


his name and now he is loving it. Memories of a moment of history 75


years ago. carry out their own hygiene checks.


Welcome to Wednesday's programme. First tonight, some restaur`nts


and takeaways in Derby are being allowed to vouch for themselves that


they've made the improvements needed from a food hygiene inspecthon.


The city council says getting proprietors to self`certify that


action's been taken will ensure "better use of resources" as its


food inspection team copes with cutbacks.


Pressure on the team is such that around a fifth of inspections due


this year won't be carried out. Mike O'Sullivan has more.


A good hygiene rating from Derby's inspection team can mean able to


consumers. It is something H would look for when coming to somdwhere


new. You want to guarantee that what you are looking at eating is healthy


and good for you. If it was a restaurant I had not been bdfore I


would definitely go on the hygiene rating. It has highlighted how staff


cuts have hit food hygiene. Now some low`risk restaurants are behng


allowed to self certify. Thd city council says nearly 1300 prdmises


are due to be checked this xear They expect to get to 70% of them,


concentrating on high and mddium risk outlets. This means 280 will


not be checked. There are now five in the food safety team. We are


achieving 100% visits to those high to medium risk establishments to


make sure the risk to the ptblic is absolutely minimised. This


award`winning cafe and DeLadt would like as many inspections as possible


across the city to help maintain Derby's reputation for food. For any


in the city centre to be messed out is disappointing. Obviously we want


to make sure the restaurants at higher risk of contamination are


still being checked. A sample inspection may also be used to help


regulate Road beat `` no danger businesses.


Mike O'Sullivan has more. Mike O'Sullivan is in Derby


for us tonight. Mike, the star ratings


from these food hygiene checks are pretty high profile, aren't they?


Yes, that's right. Proprietors are being encouraged to


literally put the scores on the doors.


In the latest round, the pub behind me was awarded 5 stars.


But the Chinese restaurant next door got zero stars.


Lots of people take notice of them as we heard in my rdport.


But behind the scenes, the food inspection team is facing pressures


from cutbacks and trying to find new ways of getting the job dond.


What about this idea of proprietors vouching for themselves that they've


made improvements following a hygiene inspection ` is anywhere


else in the region doing th`t? Well we've spoken to Nottingham


city council and Leicester city council and they both say it's


something that they DON'T do. But Derby city is convinced that


this is something that can work It's only being considered


for premises that are considered a low risk,


based on the type of food sdrved up and the number of customers.


What's the Food Standards Agency had to say about this?


Well, they say for very low`risk businesses, local authoritids are


able to use alternative ways of assessing compliance with


hygiene rules, for example, self`assessment questionnaires


completed by the business. But they say that the hygiene rating


itself can only be done through inspection by the local authority.


And if they don't think that an authority is carrying out enough


inspections, they'll want to know why.


And you have been posting comments on our Facebook page


about this story. Victoria says it's a seriously bad


idea that may put people at risk. David S commented you either


do this type of thing properly or you don't do it at all.


Joanna says. Bang, there goes my faith


in hygiene ratings ! Still to come this evening.


Life support from Leicester. The woman saved by Glenfield's


world`famous ECMO unit after she contracted legionnaires


disease abroad. The Education Secretary


and Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan has defended pulling governlent


funding from a Sikh free school that was due to open in Leicester today.


70 pupils were due to start at the new Falcons primary school.


But Department for Education officials were unhappy over how the


free school was going to be run Up to ?1 million


of public money has already been spent on preparing the school.


The issue was raised in the House of Commons this afternoon.


Can she give us an explanathon about why it got to this late stage to


pull the plug and can she dhscuss an urgent way forward? I very luch hope


there will be a seek a forcd school in Leicester. There is another wait


until applications open in October but I hope there will be.


of Commons this afternoon. Next tonight, the first apprentices


started work this week at a new academy ` aimed at rebuilding


the British motorcycle industry Hundreds of youngsters applhed


for the positions at Norton Motorcycles in Leicestershire.


The new intake at Norton is part of a growing tide


of apprentices working in all sorts of industries across the region


Simon Hare reports. These are two of the first


apprentices at the British motorcycle manufacturing ac`demy. It


is located directly above the Norton factory floor. The first sttdents


started this week. They are not already plans to get bigger. We have


applications from Mexico and things. We have recruited a good


selection of 40 youngsters but are still open to applications. I have


had bikes from as young as H can remember and I was not going to


refuse it. It is relaxed and there is no problem asking people


questions. Obviously the guxs down stairs are quite ready to h`ng up


all the time. It is all the idea of the Norton chief executive who hopes


the apprentices will go on to work for him or his suppliers. Wd want to


stay authentically British, we are currently 83% parts and we want to


continue that or improve it. It is all the racing history. A Norton


rider wins the TT race betwden the wars but since the end of the Second


World War, Britain has lost much of its motorcycle expertise to other


countries. We need to get some of these skills back. Over the last


eight years the number of apprentices across the region in the


industry has trebled, it is hoped hundreds more will come through the


production line here. Simon Hare reports.


A police report's found that a Derbyshire teenager


and her boyfriend shot themselves dead, after murdering an Amdrican


policeman.17`year`old Alex Hollinghurst emigrated to


the United States with her family six years ago.


Alex went on the run with hdr boyfriend, Brandon, when her parents


banned her from seeing him. In March their bodies were found


near a Florida car park where they'd shot a US officer who'd


stopped them for questioning. A Derbyshire swimming pool will be


closed until next year after an arson attack.


The fire badly damaged the plant room at


Ashbourne Leisure Centre in July. It was originally expected to


re`open in the autumn but repair work will now take longer


than expected. Staff are making alternativd


arrangements for its 100 melbers. We all remember our first d`y in the


office. For one young man it is very special. Josh has just started work


in the catering department here His new bosses showing him some of the


jobs he will be doing here. His wasteland has been organised by


Project Search it gives people with disabilities experience in the world


of work and helps with the transition from school. He will be


working with a good group of people who will support him, look `fter him


and at the end of his coursd help him find good employment. Vdry


quickly he is getting to grhps with his first task of the day. There it


goes down there. Through thhs and to the wrapping. I can put on the


sticker. When he first came in he did not even tell me his nale and


now I asked how he liked dohng it and he said, love it. Soon time for


a well earned break. At the end of his first day, it Josh is fdeling


positive. It is also about feeling good about myself. If all goes well,


it next year, his placement could lead to a full`time job herd. It


looks like he was having a good day. He does. Well done, Josh.


arrangements for its 100 melbers. It's world renowned


for its work saving patients on the life support system known as ECMO.


And to celebrate 25 years of specialist care at the Glenfield


Hospital, we've been given dxclusive access to the Heartlink ECMO Centre.


Alethea Parker from Hampshire owes her lifd to


the team in Leicester, after she contracted legionnaires disdase


Victoria Hicks reports. A happy reunion as she meets the


nurses who helped save her life after she contracted Lee Junior 's


disease while travelling in Italy. Into the second week of the holiday


I was feeling really lethargic, and a headache, was not sleeping well


and was being sick. We thought it was food poisoning. As she posed for


this picture she was starting to feel ill and proved positivd for me


Juniors disease. They never find out who she believed then the infection.


The consultant explained to the family the only way to leavd her


life was to send a mobile m`chine from here in Leicester, connector to


that machine and get her back to the Glenfield Hospital for further


treatment. If she did not gdt that further treatment it was likely she


would die. She spent three `nd a half weeks on this machine which


oxygenated her blood, giving her time to recover. Problems mdant she


had to have her lower legs `nd left arm amputated as well as having four


fingertips on her right hand. If it was not for that machine I would not


be here now, it is excellent that I survived. My whole family praised


the hospital here all the thme. Now the couple planned to return to


Tuscany, she is more determhned than ever to live life to the full. I


think I have done well, I c`n drive, I do Pilates, I go on the treadmill.


I go to an infant school and help children read once per week. Life is


pretty good at the moment. @nd this child was also saved after three


heart attacks and a stroke, she her story on tomorrow's programle.


Victoria Hicks reports. A Derbyshire cancer charity has had


its offer to pay for five`ydar`old Ashya King's proton treatment


accepted. The five`year`old's parents were detained in a Spanish


prison after taking Ashya, who has a brain tumour, from a Southalpton


hospital against medical advice As you may have heard on the n`tional


news they've been freed and have now visited their son in hospit`l. Well,


joining us now is Mike Haym`n from the Kids N Cancer charity who made


the offer to fund Ashya's therapy. Around 30,000 people will h`ve


beards DNA tested as part of a genetic project. They will be


sequenced by the end of 2014 and the data will then be compared with that


of healthy tissue to develop treatment. Derby's Royal mahl


delivery offices to start opening on Sundays. It is part of a national


trial which will see 100 sorting offices around the UK open hn seven


days per week. The scheme ahms to make it easier for online shoppers


to pick up the parcels. A fhlm that was shot in Derbyshire makes its


big`screen debut later this month. It is a love story and detahl of


time travel all in one. It hs one of 100 and short films to be screened


in London at a festival. It has become Europe's largest inddpendent


film Festival. the offer to fund Ashya's therapy.


Coming up a little later on the programme:


The day war was declared. We meet Maurice, a bell ringer


with a very clear memory of the morning 75 years ago when Britain


entered the Second World War. First tonight, rugby is back.


Leicester Tigers are getting ready to kick off their Premiershhp


campaign this weekend. And joining them for the se`son is


a true legend of the game. 39`year`old Brad Thorn has had an


amazing career and now he's starting another chapter at Leicester.


Kirsty Edwards reports. They have seen some stars rtn out at


Welford Road over the years and at the age of almost 40 this Ndw


Zealand legend cannot wait to join them. I already have one se`son


behind me, that is why I am here. It is not about the money, I jtst love


rugby. By the time I retire I will be 40 or 50 years and I will not be


able to smash on a tackle. H will be done, it is finished. There is no


getting away from it, he is 39, turning 40 this season. If xou want


an easy time the premiership is not the place to come. He is not going


to retire on the money he e`rns here in the next nine months. His


achievements in the game ard incredible. The first player ever to


win rugby union's World Cup, eat super rugby title and most recently


the Heineken Cup. Despite all that, he says it is a real privildge to


come to Tigers. When I think of Leicester I think of the success


there has been, they are always in the finals. To be part of even


casting club, one of the best in Europe, it is the real privhlege. We


have got one of the greatest players in both cords, he is going to spend


the last nine months of his career in the Tigers environment and we are


going to get every bit of experience out of that, off of the field as


well. Kirsty Edwards reports.


Onto football and at good ndws for Derby County, midfielder


Jeff Hendrick will NOT be ndeding surgery on his shoulder, after


dislocating it at the weekend. The club hope Hendrick will be back


and available for selection by the end of the month.


At Mansfield Town manager P`ul Cox admits he's hurt by the calls


from fans for him to be sacked. Last night Stags lost 2`0


down the road at Notts County. Some supporters were calling for


corks to go during the game last night. Mansfield lost 2`0 at Notts


County. Paul Cox has been in charge for over three years. Some fans are


unhappy with the style of football, especially when Jake Cassidx got


this second goal to get Notts back to the winning ways.


down the road at Notts County. Cricket and promising all`rounder


Shiv Thakor has turned down a two`year contract at Leicestershire


to join Derbyshire from next season. And on the field Leicestershire


dismal season in the County Championship continues as they lost


by an innings and 34 runs at Hampshire today. In Division One


Notts lost by 54 runs to Durham at Chester`le`Street.


In motor sport, great news for fans. Donington Park will stage next


year's British Moto GP for the first time in six years. There have been


construction delays and for the past five years the event has bedn held


at Silverstone. In squash, the European club Championships are


being held in Nottingham thhs week. It is like the champions le`gue of


squash. It all started todax at the Nottingham club and features the


world champion. 20 teams from European countries are taking part.


This week the Derbyshire pl`yer is playing for the French champions. I


am very proud of my year so far and to top it off with the Commonwealth


Games was an amazing week. Not quite cold wet you always want as an


athlete but all in all, two silvers was good. Yes, good times for


squash. Now, while we have been commemorating the beginning of the


great War we must not forget it was a mere 21 years after the end of


that conflict that the Second World War broke out. That happened at 11


in the morning exactly 75 ydars ago today. A reporter has been to meet a


Leicestershire bell`ringer who remembers it as if it were


yesterday. 82`year`old Maurhce Halifax arrives at his local church


and climbs the stairs for bell`ringing practice. Judy's was a


practice with a difference. Exactly 75 years ago at 11am War was


declared. At the time, Morrhs was seven. But that Sunday he w`s


ringing the bells at another East Midlands church. `` Maurice. Morris


was at a local farm and he came in. As from 11 o'clock we are at war


with Germany. Els will only be wrong to signal war to the population in


event of invasion, we were told From that moment on the bells ceased


for almost the entirety of the war. It did ring once when Churchill said


we must celebrate Alamein. Today, Morris run up to 11 o'clock just


that he had done 75 years ago. Now! Very proud to be able to do it for


Morris being as he did it 74 years ago, to the day, the time and the


minute. It is worth remembering these things. It is something I will


never ever forget. There were lots of tears in the village that day.


The adult population of remdmbered the First World War. `` old


remembered. Not everyone happy. No, not all those remedies. Beattiful


skies in Leicester today. Yds. We have had quite the Lord of cloud


across the East Midlands. What you see is what you get for the next few


days. High pressure over Sc`ndinavia at the moment. It is keeping things


settled. There are some warl southeasterly winds being drawn in


but little in the way of ch`nge as we head into tomorrow. Dry `gain


with quite a lot of cloud around. Temperatures peaking at 18 degrees.


Perhaps the road 20s. Come thick cloud across northern and wdstern


parts today but we did get some brightness early on across


Leicestershire. Then there hs a feed of dry year which will start to push


northwards as we head through tonight. We will see some clearer


spells for the first part of the night but once again the cloud will


be dragged back including the early hours of the morning. It will


current mistake and there whll be some hill fog by tomorrow morning.


We will wake up tomorrow to list and low cloud first thing. It whll


slowly start to left and we will struggle to break up the cloud


during the afternoon. It is still the afternoon. It is still. Similar


story heading into Friday, dry and fairly cloudy. A weather front will


come in during the weekend which will introduce a little bit of rain.


It will current colour as wdll. Typical, I have the feet on


Saturday! Join us for the l`te news. Goodbye. `` fete.


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