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An investigation's begun into what's That's all from us.


An investigation's begun into what's been termed a "serious incident


after a plane caught fire and had to make an emergency landing at


East Midlands Airport last night. Passengers reported chaos


on board and say doors faildd to open on the Jet2 flight frol Ibiza.


Our reporter Tom Brown can tell us more.


One passenger told us it was sheer carnage as they tried to get off.


Another feared it would burst into flames. It was only as smokd filled


the cabin that the panic st`rted and people scrambled to get out. This


was taken just after the people had got off of the plane. It shows an


emergency slide at the front and the open door open the wing. Thdre was


an horrendous smell of burnhng, and electrical smell. We felt wd were


trapped, the smell was definitely coming from the back of the plane.


That's when people started screaming, get the kids off, we just


wanted the doors opened to get out, we all wanted out then. The jet came


from Ibiza just after nine o'clock last night. It took two attdmpts to


land and when it did smoke started to fill the cabin. 26 fire officers


made the way to the plane to help people get out. I thought how are


the people on the wings going to get down? The airline said following a


safe arrival last night thex had to be evacuated due to a minor


electrical problem which led to some smoke in the cabin. I do not think


The to help passengers and the air accident investigation Branch is


looking into it. Well,


earlier we spoke to an aviation safety expert about the inchdent.


In the in aviation incidents but for those on board it was a terrifying


situation. When on`board yot can see and smell the smoke but in terms of


the response, that seemed to be fine. You do get minor electrical


fires every week on board ehther planes somewhere in the world. There


was another incident involvhng a jet to the craft, should passengers be


concerned? They have a high degree of oversight from the aviathon


authority, they tend to fly slightly older aircraft which means they have


more maintenance issues but in general, if it is a minor problem it


is only minor, not life`thrdatening. A pioneering scheme to bring


Rolls`Royce know`how into the classroom has been unveiled


by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Derby.


The aero`engine maker is to pay for up to 70 teachers to help boost


science and technology in state schools.


Our Political Editor John Hess can tell us more.


Top of the class. The Chancdllor was having lessons in engine buhlding


from these pupils today although the classroom had shifted to


Rolls`Royce. The company nedds those skills for its future workforce


which is why it is paying an educational charity to recrtit and


train an extra 75 science tdachers or schools. There have not been


enough maths and science graduates, so not


enough teachers, so not enotgh to get the next generation studying


maths and science. A recent study by Ofsted said the teaching of science


was needed to maintain the competitiveness


of pupils if Britain was to compete in the world race. Ht was


found that science was not ` priority for half of primarx


schools. There are also too few girls studxing


science and GCSE exams do not test practical skills enough. If you are


a kid at school you can be hnspired by what goes on at Rolls`Roxce, look


at the incredible technologx behind me. Inspiration certainly btt it is


also about funding prioritids. Ten years ago there was a massive debt


and the underfunding of scidnce at university. Not enough people taking


up physics and less physicists and less mathematicians. Becausd of that


you have less teachers going forward. Could these pupils be the


science and technology teachers of the future? They could well be!


Absolutely! The government says no more


cash will be spent trying to keep Nottinghamshire's


last deep coal mine open. UK Coal plans to close Thordsby


by the end of next year, with the loss of hundreds of jobs.


The government's already plddged millions towards a closure plan


But the Energy Secretary Ed Davey says state aid to maintain the pit


is not the best way forward. A world body`building champhon is


recovering tonight after receiving a kidney from his


mother in a transplant oper`tion. 34`year`old Daz Ball, from


Leicester, has been on dialxsis since his kidneys failed last year.


His mother Katrina says she didn't hesitate to donate the organ.


The double operation took most of today and was carried out


at Leicester General. That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me, but here's your we`ther. The weather was disappointing to


date with the cloud proving stubborn in places. It is set to be lostly


dry with some bright spells tomorrow. Cloud thick enough tonight


to produce a little rain. Low cloud will feed in heading towards dawn.


It will not be a cold night with a minimum temperature of 14 Cdlsius. A


cloudy and misty start for some Right or sunny intervals. The cloud


will improve stubborn in pl`ces We're we do get some sunshine


temperatures could peak at 21 Celsius. Improving on Saturday with


the weather front cleaving `way temperatures continue to be above


average. Now the national outlook.


Good evening. Still a hint of summer in the air, temperatures up to 3 or


24 for today. Tomorrow, another dry day for many and skies will probably


look like this picture behind me. I will show you what the satellite


picture looked like today. The reason why I'm showing you this


tomorrow the cloud cover will look


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