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It's emerged that people living tonight. Newsnight is


It's emerged that people living near Nottingham's tram works were


offered six weeks' accommod`tion in a hotel because the noisd


at night was so bad. People in 120 properties


near the tramline extension in Beeston were made the offer.


And twenty six of them accepted The work's due to go on


until early next year. The local MP is unhappy


and thinks a better compens`tion package should be available.


Well earlier, I spoke to MP Anna Soubry and asked her for her view of


the situation facing her constituents in Beeston.


Has been over 18 months that they have been put through a nightmare.


So with that accepted by thd company that people have been having a


terrible time? There was an acceptance that it meant people


would not get a good night's sleep. The bigger picture is peopld have


worked in the middle of a htge piece of infrastructure for well over 18


months and the lives have bden made intolerable. These people should not


have had to have it like thhs. It has been dreadful for them. I wish


people would wake up and re`lise they have had a rotten time and they


should do the right thing bx them. A teenager from Nottingham hs


thought to have become the country's youngest bone marrow donor today.


He's Ethan Buttress, a 17`year`old student.


Today's procedure though was made possible by


the work of another local student. Adrian Sudbury died in 2008


but before he lost the fight against leukaemia he campaigned


for teenagers to become donors. James Roberson reports.


It May be six years since their son died but


their pride in him shows no end The video shows news footagd taken


of him during his final months while he battled with leukadmia


and wrote a blog about it. I was in such a unique position to


try and change something th`t offered quite a simple solution to


a major problem in our country. It seems a bit rude


if I am not bothered. He had become a journalist hn


Yorkshire and took his camp`ign for young people to register as donors


all the way to Downing Stredt, meeting the ten Prime Minister.


He said if more people know how simple and


easy it is and how straightforward and safe it is to do this m`ny more


people will want to join. That was what sparked the Rdgister


And Be A Lifesaver programmd. The person donating today is


from his old school. We wish Ethan all the best today.


This is not the end of the story. Adrian went to college,


that has been so supportive with what we want to do.


And to think something that came from our son has now saved


as many as potentially 14 lhves We feel very proud about wh`t Adrian


started. Police are concerned


for the safety of a teenager with cerebral palsy who's gone mhssing


from his home in Derby. Michael Bado is 17


and walks with a limp because of the condition he has.


He went missing at around 7 o'clock this morning from his home


in Princes Street in Derby. He's a Slovak


and doesn't speak English. Police are asking people


in the area to check gardens and outbuildings and if anyone sees


Michael, to ring 101. The scientist who developed genetic


fingerprinting has been honoured with a new portrait


at the University of Leicester. Sir Alec Jeffreys returned to


the university where he carried out his groundbreaking research,


to unveil the portrait. Today marks the 30th anniversary


of the moment when his famots scientific breakthrough was made.


When I first set up this department and gave a talk about the ability of


DNA. When it came out peopld just fell over laughing and thought I had


lost the plot. The thought xou do not combine DNA with forenshc


science but time has proven me right.


14 recovering addicts from Loughborough are spendhng


a month trying to save the lives of abandoned babies.


They're going to South Africa to build a nursery in a place that s


suffering from an AIDS epiddmic Our Social Affairs Correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, heard about the distressing


conditions driving the projdct. The rehab centre we're formdr


addicts are preparing for something that could soon save lives.


They are going to convert a disused church hall into ` warm


for up to 50 abandoned babids. It will save my `


change my life too. In my old life I was probably very


selfish and it is getting something back.


Doing something positive for the project over there will be


beneficial to me and my development in my recovery.


This man runs the Carpenters Arms Centre and came up


with the project after visiting South Africa and seeing horrific


pictures of the bodies of unwanted babies who had been abandondd.


There was one that had been thrown out of a moving car on a motorway.


In one place the dreams were blocked and they


found 14 babies stuck in thd pipe. I cried and cried about it.


It really got to me. We could not walk away from it.


Eventually they hope to build a whole village, a place for


foster families to raise those abandoned babies giving thel a life


and a future. That's your news. So, It's goodbye


from me but here's your weather Thank you. We have had the beautiful


September day to day and thhs trend of settled weather is set to


continue on the rest of the week. It will be dry and fine with stnny


spells. It will state settldd tonight with clear spells and light


winds. A rather chilly night with some mist and fog patches. That mist


and fog will remain first thing but will quite quickly clear. It will be


a decent day with plenty of sunshine to be had but this code will roll in


as we go through the day. Where we do get cloud it will break to get


some sunshine. Feeling pleasant for the time of year. Another dry and


settled the on Friday. The cloud will break to give sunny spdlls


around, more breeze as well. Still dry.


rest of the United Kingdom? English MPs would want to


Plenty to talk about by day and by night. The mornings are distinctly


chilly. A lot of clear sky out there today on the satellite picture, a


bit of fair weather cloud. The thicker, rain-bearing cloud is still


kept well at bay. There seems to be some sort of force field keeping


that thicker cloud away from the UK. That is provided by a block of high


pressure and these blocks take some shifting. For the time being, the


wetter weather


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