16/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands.


First tonight, a family havd said neighbours missed an opporttnity


to save the lives of four pdople who died in a house fire.


An inquest today heard that a little girl, who survived the


blaze, banged on doors but got no response even though neighbours had


Two mothers and two young boys were killed


in the fire at North Wingfidld in Derbyshire last November.


Our reporter Mike O'Sullivan has the details.


It was a night that shocked a close`knit North Derbyshire


In November last year, a fire claimed the lives of


Josie Leighton, her two sons Tyler, who was nine, and 12`year`old


Jordan, and Josie's friend Claire James, who was staying at the


The inquest heard that Tia, woken by thick smoke,


The neighbour, who had heard sounds and the smoke alarm, didn't respond.


Firefighters found her in the garden at around 5am.


It must have been terrible for that little girl to wait outside


It couldn't have been anythhng else, could it?


It is a missed opportunity from the neighbours, isn't ht?


The combination of hearing a smoke alarm sounding and smelling


smoke, if it is unusual, and hearing people moving around, we do ask that


the communities play their part in looking out for each othdr.


That would potentially be enough cause certainly


for my me to think we should have got a call and have had


The fire was caused by an electrical fault, a poor connection


The cause of death was the inhalation of toxic smoke.


The coroner recorded verdicts of accidental death.


He described the electrical fault as a time bomb that could h`ve gone


off any day, causing a fire that led to four people


Police are asking the public for help to find a 12`year`old boy who's


Tionne Loftman was last seen by his mum when she dropped him off at a


Police say there have been sightings of him since then at the


Queen's Medical Centre and Nottingham city centre.


Two men from Leicestershire were killed in a road accident in


27`year`old Patrick Casey and 17`year`old Martin Casex were


travelling in a black Ford Focus which crashed into a wall ndar


Police were on the look`out for the vehicle after reports


The matter has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints


Traders on Leicester's Golddn Mile say delays to roadworks could be


Work to demolish the Belgrave Flyover


and improve the roads around it was meant to be finished by next month.


But now it could be March before it's completed.


It is a familiar sight for many Leicester commuters.


The gridlocked Golden Mile, as traffic towards the city centre


The traffic is just a nightlare you can't get anywhere.


It takes half an hour to get ten minutes.


Work has been paid for by the supermarket Sainsburx's,


which closed its store and opened a bigger one 12 miles away.


The old Belgrade flyover was demolished within weeks,


then work began to improve roads into the city centre


It was all meant to be done in time for next month's Diwali


The delay is affecting local traders.


When I compare my business from last year, it is almost 70 or


60% down, because of this construction work, people don't come


Because of Sainsbury's, they are not coming.


When it is finished it is hoped it will regenerate the area,


and the work will be postponed for Diwali, so as not to stop


Tom Brown, BBC East Midlands Today, Leicester.


So, what's gone wrong with the timings?


Martin Fletcher is Leicester City Council's Head of Highways


Well, in terms of the major works that are being carried out that you


can see behind me, they are all going to be colpleted


The problems we have had have been on the southern side of the island,


where, when we got the flyover down and saw the position of a lot of the


utility services, we have h`d to carry out a lot of extra work on it,


that is going to take us through into the New Year to finish those


So shouldn't all those things have been known before


When we see the plans in front of us at the time, we see lhnes on


a map, and we don't totally see the condition of the services, or the


exact location of them, and it is only until you get to explore among


the flyover that we could gdt a true picture of the work that was


I mean, there's been a lot of disruption in that period.


The Belgrave flyover, it wasn't much to look at, but at least it worked.


In terms of the flyover, it was a massive obstruction to thhs area,


and it was a blight in terms of people's view of the area, what you


Taking it down has radicallx transformed the area, and opened


The actual traffic around the island is slowing,


and we're adding extra capacity through the work that we ard doing


to make it as good if not bdtter than what was the original flyover.


Nottingham was today named as the first City of Football.


It's received ?1.6 million from Sport England to help get


people playing and watching the Beautiful Game


And talking of the beautiful game, I have two results for you tonight:


In League one Notts County drew 1 all against Leyton Orient and


in League Two it finished M`nsfield 1, Morecambe 0.


So, it's goodbye from me, btt with your weather now, here's Sara.


We have a lot of low cloud coming in from the North East. Turning is very


misty and murky into the early hours and drizzle likely as well, and also


some hail fog affecting the Peak District area. It will be a mild


night, and a very grey and lurky start to the day tomorrow as well.


We are hopeful that we make see the cloud thinning as we head into the


afternoon across the East Mhdlands. It is going to be warm in the


sunshine. Temperatures into the low 20s, saw above average rate time of


year, but we start to see the weather changing towards thd end of


the week, courtesy of this `rea of low pressure. For now, I will leave


you with the outlook, and ndxt you will have


you now with Darren Bett and the national weather.


This cloud looks worse than it is. Glitching the extreme south-west


overnight. Ahead of it we've got an easterly air flow. That low cloud


that never cleared the North Sea coasts is pushing through the gaps,


running on to high ground. We'll have clearer skies further west but


the low cloud is more extensive leading to mist and fog over hills


and coasts in the east, where we could have drizzle. Another warm ni


ahe Tomorrow starts slowly for many of us,


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