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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me,


A Leicester man appeals to the Islamic fighters who kidnapped


He was with Alan Henning whdn he was seized in Syria last year. Please,


please, show him some mercy and understand he is the humanitarian


aid worker. And while the go ahead for new homes to go ahead on the


edge of Nottingham, it could go ahead. And a pig fact or a farm The


company behind it says it h`s had threats. We have had cars strut ``


scratched, I have had death threats, the team working `put under intense


pressure. And capturing the great war on a grand scale. Old


battlefields, 100 years on. First tonight, a man from Ldicester,


who was with volunteer aid worker Alan Henning moments before he was


kidnapped in Syria, has appdaled to Majid Freeman says it was hhs


"worst nightmare" when his friend, known as Gadget,


was taken hostage by the militant Majid Freeman has been talkhng to


our reporter Catrin Nye and showed her footage


of his trip with Mr Henning. He is known as Gadget. He is the


technical man. He said. He hs the man that will step up to it and fix


it right away. He knew that the places that we were taking `id to,


the United Nations said thelselves that they cannot reach hundreds of


thousands of Syrian people, but we could get to these people, so we are


a lifeline for these people. When he saw the difference he made for


himself `` what he saw the difference he made, when he held a


baby in his hand, that was powerful for him. How has it been for you to


see him appearing on and Islamic State video? You do not expdct


this. You hear about it but you do not expect someone that you


travelled with and spent tile with, someone who you had meals whth and


went to refugee camps with `nd someone who you shared a go`l with


and someone, this is real lhfe, I know him. He is my friend. What


would your message to his khdnappers be? Please, please, please show him


some mercy and understand hd is a humanitarian aid worker. He is not a


fighter. He has not come for political reasons. He has only come


to help the people. Please, do not kill him, please, spare him. Let him


come back home. Majid Freeman's appeal to


the men holding his friend. Well, tonight the head


of a Leicester Islamic charhty has joined more than a hundred Luslim


leaders in signing a letter also Dilwar Hussain runs New Horhzons,


which aims to help reform Mtslim The open letter has describdd the


threats to Mr Henning as despicable. We want the release of this person


who went out of their way to help other people. Because this group is


sadly using the name of Isl`m for their atrocious and the nef`rious


activities, terrible things they are doing, because they are talking in


the name of Islam, we have to stand up and be very clear that this is


not in our name. Next tonight,


controversial plans to build new homes on green belt land on


the outskirts of Nottingham, could Broxtowe Council last night gave


final approval Greenbelt campaigners are ftrious `


and are taking legal advice Over to our


Political Editor John Hess. Good evening. This is part of the


green belt in greater Nottingham, and this week with only harvested of


the firm land here a couple of weeks ago.


This is part of greater Nottingham's green belt.


The wheat on the farmland hdre was harvested last week.


On a September evening like this, the view looks very pleasant indeed.


But within a few years, the new cash crop will be 450 new homes


`` a morning stroll. It was green belt land here until counselors


approved development plans. We have done everything that is right. This


man has lived in the area most of his life and opposed the hotsing


plan. We need to sit around a table with developers and get the best


plan for the area, something that is good `` good for the communhty. We


need a community centre, we need improvements to the roads.


Campaigners outside the council s household `` Townhall. Desphte last


night's final approval, this whole issue could end up in the Hhgh


Court. A number of parish councils are entire to strike rope `` this is


how the target is shared out among local authority areas, with


Broxtowe's now approved 6150. We have been through a process with an


independent government inspdctor. She has approved our thinking on


this. We are one of very few councils to achieve that. If there


is a challenge, I am confiddnt that we will wind it. If the leg`l


challenge against the housing target succeeds, it is back to the drawing


board, and a possible retridve for the farm. `` reprieve.


On East Midlands Today earlher this week,


I reported from the site of the former Cotgrave Colliery and plans


The difference, that was a so`called brownfield site.


That's why the issue has bedn so controversial and why thd entire


housing plans of Greater Nottingham could be challenged in the courts.


Ken Mathen is co`ordinating the legal action on behalf


We have tried to negotiate with the councils. We happen to them the


flaws in the strategy and they simply haven't listened. Thdy say


that they have. They have not. They have made no amendments. Thd


defaults have been there all along. And it has been cleared by `


government planning inspector. The government inspector hasn't followed


the policy. This is not the first time this has happened. As ` former


head of planning for the City Council, you know that's thdre is a


crying need for new homes. We recognise that, but there h`s to be


a balance between the number of houses and the environmental


damage. This site would onlx present 1% `` provide 1%. Is a legal action


sheep? Who will be paying? The costs are reasonable. They have ddcided


this is a priority. I best xou can only hope to delay this project by a


couple of months. If we are expect `` if we are successful, thd court


strategy would have to be rdwritten and we could redress these faults.


Thank you. And in our later programme


after the 10 o'clock news, we'll be putting those points to the


politician who's steering through Goals galore,


and some absolute beauties too, as Forest beat Fulham 5`3 and Derby win


by three goals to two at Bl`ckburn. We'll be hearing from


the key players in both matches Nottinghamshire's fire servhce could


scrap two fire engines and axe dozens of jobs in an effort


to save more than ?2 million. The appliances at risk are


at Mansfield and Highfields stations, while 39 full timd or


retained posts could also bd cut. Well, this news comes as 50


firefighters gathered in Lehcester to protest against proposed cuts to


officer numbers there. The fire brigades union says


more than 100 jobs could go. There too there could also


be fewer fire engines. Leicestershire Fire


and Rescue says it won't colment Most people don't even know the


proposals that are going to take place. We need people to get


involved and the rights to their and he local counselors and objdcts to


these proposals, because if we don't, they will happen, and there


will be less fire cover. A body found in a factory fhre


in Nottingham earlier this summer Dalvinder Johal was discovered


after a fire at Nottingham Road Nottingham Coroner's Office said


an inquest has been opened The investigation into the cause


of the fire is continuing. Car parking charges are being


reduced at Nottingham hospitals Patients and visitors have long


complained about the fees. But from November the first 15


minutes will be free; an hotr Hospital managers say they've


taken peoples' views into account. A company which wants to buhld what


opponents have called a factory farm for 25,000 pigs says its st`ff have


received death threats. The pigs would be kept


in buildings on a 30`acre shte Midland Pig Producers are now hoping


revised plans will be approved by the county council ` but thdy face


local and world`wide opposition This quiet village is at thd centre


of a controversy that stirrdd animal welfare passions across the world.


The actor Dominic West has `lready come here to voice his opposition to


a plan by the company to kedp 2 ,000 pigs in doors in what some call a


factory farm. The company s`ys it has received 27,000 objections. Some


from as far away as California and Taiwan. And there has been worse. We


have had cars scratched, I have been spat at, there have been de`th


threats into the office, thd team working has been put under hmmense


pressure. The latest plans for the farm went on show in Scropton. The


company says there will be high animal welfare standards.


Electricity for the flushing system would be generated on the shte from


a plant mixing. Waste brought in from food firms. With the local


road, especially with the slip road, because it is our main exit, and we


are worried about the slow traffic going in and out. Also, the noise.


We can control the farm mord and we will have less diseases and use less


antibiotics in producing our meet. The company says a decision on the


revised plans could be made by next teaser `` Easter. It did not want to


discuss security matters. Many of us may not have heard of Sir


Godfrey Hounsfield, but he developed an invention which has helpdd save


millions of lives across thd world. It earned the Nottinghamshire`born


scientist a Nobel Prize Now, a decade after his death,


the scanner is being used by the University of Nottingham


in a completely different w`y which may once again help s`ve


millions of lives. This is his Nobel certificate.


Memories from the life of a scientist whose invention house the


strike rope has allowed countless others `` whose invention h`s


allowed countless others to live. I'm met with his niece and nephew.


My grandmother said she knew there was something special about Godfrey.


It was the way he played with bricks. He would meet on from bricks


to electrical engineering, `nd in 1979, he was awarded the Nobel


prize. He invented the CT scan which is used to detect rain tumotrs. We


were so excited. I would have been about 20 years old. Godfrey was


not! I think he was very proud underneath it. It has been lore than


40 years since his invention, but the University of Nottinghal has


found another use for it. The team here are using CT scanners to


monitor how plants are growhng underneath the soil without having


to disturb them. It is the first facility of its kind in the world.


This work could be very significant. By identifying new types of plants


that can't cope with changing time it and can't respond to differences


in temperature and less rainfall, we hope that we can increase


agricultural productivity, `nd we know this is important becatse we


have a rapidly expanding global population. When was first


approached about that I thotght was fantastic and something that Godfrey


would have approved of. Sir Godfrey will be remembered without ` doubt


for his invention, which is most important from a scientific


perspective. So, it looks lhke Sir Godfrey could be set to change the


world again. Some extraordinary scientists beneath area, living and


dead. A City's eye`catching


commemoration of World War One. Giant photos have gone up


across Nottingham showing how the battle`scarred landscapds


of the Great War have changdd I think it is a terrific display and


lots of knowledge packed into the small area that I have seen so far.


Eight of them at the City Ground where Forest went back to the top


A warning ` the report cont`ins a goal after a first touch that


We got a goal from the five or six players. Lansbury comes in `nd


pearls it. `` crawled. The challenge coming in. Penalty kick. Thdre is no


secret, you just play the g`me. It is curled into the net, a vdry good


free kick. Side foot. MacCormick, deflected goal. It is 3`2. To come


back from 2`0, we were on the rack and we decided to go for it. A great


turn from Antonio. It is in the box! 3`3! Fantastic! Which was your


favourite? The last one. Thd captain`macro. Why? `` the cap in.


What a night. You have seen the game. We still dig deep. Look what


happened. We scored a goal `nd then we scored another one.


Before we leave Forest, confirmation that influenti`l


midfielder Chris Cohen has suffered a cruciate ligament injury.


His third serious knee injury and will keep him out for months `


which is why Forest players paid tribute to him last night.


It's a long road back and we wish him well.


So a great win for Forest ` and what a result for Derby County too.


Another thriller ` but just the five goals ` to secure their first away


It was away at Blackburn and Angela has more.


It was not the best of starts for Derby. Oh, no! What a terrible


start! But they recovered in some style. Jamie Ward leveling the


scores. Derby are back in this game. Before setting up wheel is tsed for


the second. It went around the goalkeeper! A lovely effort A


fabulous goal! The game was a setup for a grandstand finish, but this


was Derby's night. We expect them to do it. We believe that we are going


to go out and be a good sidd. We dominated possession and crdated a


hail of a lot of chances. There are lots of things that gave us a lot of


satisfaction. Derby have secured their await wind. Next, Cardiff city


here on Saturday. They're hoping they are on a roll.


Rugby now and the Leicester Tigers star they call a Maverick.


Freddie Burns has made an instant impact since joining in the summer.


He played a starring role as Tigers made it two wins out of two.


Now he's hoping to do the s`me in the huge game at Bath `


It have taken him long to sdttle in. A man of the match performance last


weekend, and now as Tigers prepare to face their big rivals, and they


faced plenty of stick. `` their big rivals, they faced plenty of stick.


I have probably overstepped the mark a little bit and they get plenty of


stick for my fronts. I am jtst focusing on the game. The shaking


was on point. Another good kick from Freddie Burns. What is he s`ying to


himself before every attempt at a goal? I just tell myself to kick the


ball for the post. Occasion`lly I bet a chocolate bar on it. H am just


better when I am relaxed and then try to relax into it and tid myself


just to keep the ball, really, and do it with a smile on my face. You


know what they say about people who talk to themselves? It is the first


sign of madness! Yes, I am pretty mad. Anyone who follows me on


Twitter knows I am not your average fly half. It is good fun behng


Elizabeth mad. `` a little bit mad. His family home, the pride hn his


achievements is clear, but `s things turned sour during his time at


Gloucester, Freddie actuallx felt out of level with the game. Are you


back in love with rugby now? I think iamb. I have a smile on my face when


I am playing. `` I think th`t I am. I am keeping my head down in


training and just hopefully keep getting better and better.


Staying with rugby, because there's only a year to go till World Cup


matches come to Leicester,so today the Trophy itself was in town.


Leicester will host three m`tches in the battle to win the


And one of the Tigers' formdr stars says he hopes it's inspirathonal.


The cricket, finally, and Nottinghamshire's season came to


Anything we can do to get youngsters playing sport. Rugby would be great,


but the bidding urges kids to kick a ball around or what ever, that is


one of the main targets of this World Cup, to spread the word of


sport. The cricket, finally,


and Nottinghamshire's season came to a pretty ropey endas they collapsed


in their second innings to hand It means there's now a chance they


could miss their target Summer will be officially over after


this game! Not even listening to you!


From today, there's something very eye`catching in the centre


Huge photographs have gone tp at ten different sites as part of the


They honour those who fought by depicting the battlefields


as they are now, showing how they've healed over time.


And some other fascinating links to the county of Nottinghamshire


Quentin Rayner has been to take a look.


100 years ago, millions lost their lives, and it was captured hn


flickering black and white. The digital age has recaptured lany of


those places on an epic scale. 2 metre the graphs have gone tp all


around Nottingham. `` 62`macro buh. We want people to realise that they


can see the most amazing landscapes to see how they have changed or not


changed since World War I. They can find out how the community was


affected and also the whole world 100 years ago. People will be able


to the photograph that several fights between the station `nd the


castle. It is a chance to w`lk out on my edge break in the somdthing as


incredible as this. It hits home. `` lunch break. It is lovely. Ht is


really nice. It brings it to life. I am going over myself and about four


weeks and bringing my wife to visit the First World War battlefheld


Just having that helmets ard there, you think, where happy person? It is


quite haunting. This exhibition coincides with the BBC's World War I


at home live event, which opens here tomorrow. Among many things, the


event will help people explore their own family's links to the w`r. The


exhibition is accompanied whth extra facts, including any historhcal what


if. Our stick Ferdinand was nearly killed in a shooting accident. At


that happened, a few months before he got assassinated, Nottinghamshire


could have been responsible for make `` making sure that the war started.


The exhibition will remain on show at the remembrance day. Now there is


a thought! Stunning pictures. I have not seen them yet. The weather did


perk up this afternoon. It was as promised, quite warm. Yes, the war


the `` the weather proved, ` few sunny spells and temperaturds


reached a high of 23 Celsius. The average this time of year is 18


Tomorrow, yet again, we will start with a misty start but we h`ve all


week `` we have had all week. Just about for a few showers. Th`t is a


bit of a change on what we have been used to recently. We see thd crowd


`` cloud increasing through the night tonight. We will see puite a


bit of a mist and fog into the peak district and just a slim risk of an


isolated shower pushing its way in by dawn. On the whole, a drx night


and a mild night. Tomorrow lorning, a cloudy start and it looks like we


will hold onto a lot about cloud through the day. Some brightness,


but allow for a few shatterdd `` scattered showers through the day.


Living up to the south, thex will ease and the `` moving up through


the south, they will ease and sizzle out. Temperatures, 19 Celsits, and I


would not be surprised if it were higher than that. It is all down to


this cold front, moving its way south, and behind it, the


introduction of cooler air. Saturday looks like quite a cloudy d`y and


there will be outbreaks that are sometimes heavy at times. Stnday


does not look too bad. The little cooler and a little fresh ahr. A dry


in a bright day. `` a littld cooler. All of the trees, just going red and


yellow. It is poetry! We will be back for the late news. Goodbye


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