21/09/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Geeta Pendse


A woman with multiple sclerosis has begun a remarkable week`long journey


to fulfil her dream of completing a half marathon.


Eva Sundin has started Notthngham's Robin Hood Half Marathon now so she


can finish the 13 mile race along with everyone else next weekend


The first steps on what will be a very long road.


This morning, Eva became thd first person to start Nottingham's Robin


Hood Half Marathon, a week earlier than everyond else.


She is determined to complete the distance after being told she


I could not believe that this happened to me.


It wasn't supposed to happen and I didn't want to accept it.


Then I realised that I had to make a choice.


I could either get back on ly feet or I could take the consequdnces.


Eva will cover around two mhles a day for the next week and will be


supported by two friends have taken time off work to help her.


She has a real desire to kedp active and move, and the fact that


I don't know what I have done to get this challenge but it is trtly


Next Sunday, thousands of rtnners will cross the finish line,


For Eva, completing this 13 mile journey will


The world's last two airworthy Lancaster bombers have recrdated


the famous Dambusters flight in Derbyshire for the first time


The planes flew over Derwent Dam this afternoon,


where the bouncing bomb raids were originally practiced.


One of the Lancasters is normally based in Canada.


Hundreds gathered to watch the historic flight.


It is just good to know that they keep flying.


My dad was a rear gunner in the Lancaster bombers,


To see the two of them, it hs a once`in`a`lifetime experidnce


An East Midlands MP has backed the idea of more devolved powers


Local authorities here say they want more control over raising and


spending money following plddges made during the Scottish referendum.


Speaking on Sunday Politics, the Conservative MP Mark Spdncer


says even towns and villages should now have more say.


I want to go much lower down the structure


I think parish councils and town councils are


the way forward and to give those organisations responsibilitx


Cleaning your streets in yotr town you can operate via a town council


There are fresh calls for Nottinghamshire's coal`fired


Environmental campaigners h`ve named and shamed Ratcliffe`on`Soar


and two others in the north of the county in a report dtbbed


They say they're responsibld for excessive carbon emissions.


The companies which operate the stations say they meet `ll


Onto sport, and what a game it has been at the King Power Stadhum.


An eight goal thriller that saw Leicester City beat


a chance to test themselves against of the biggest names in world


The Foxes passed in flying colours. United took the lead with Robin van


and took the lead with a sttnning strike.. one And you can catch all


in on the back in place. Evdn as it was always good to to test, and when


it became 3`1, the foxes kndw what was needed. The comeback th`t would


never be believed. A turning point as a penalty came in for Lehcester,


and they made no mistakes. Then the next goal on his home debut. The


journey from non`league to the Premier League now complete, few


goals will have meant more than this. The second penalty put away by


the door, the match was beyond no doubt. What a stunning victory. I


wasn't expecting that. I can believe it. It was absolutely fabulous. The


best thing that has ever happened to me. It was unbelievable.


football. the action from the rest Manchester of this weekend's


football on Persie East Midlands Today tomorrow.


It has been nice to see the sunshine today.


With the clearer skies, the temperatures will start to drop


We could still hold onto a little bit of low cloud into


the early hours and a small amount of mist and fog is likely as well.


Through tomorrow we will st`rt to see the morning's mist


and fog clearing, with the best of the sunshine through the afternoon


It will certainly feel pleasant in the sunshine.


Good evening. After a fine day, a fine night in prospect. And with


clearing skies, a chilly night at that. The satellite tells the story,


how cloud has built during the course of the day. Particularly on


into the afternoon. But we run the sequence and you can see it thinning


and breaking and it is those clearing skies that will through the


evening, but particularly in the small hours allow


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