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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


the first day out of hospit`l for a critically ill baby.


After months of planning, specialist nurses accompanied five`month`old


Wyatt to his parents' wedding. He was smiling, and I didn't think he


would, because I thought he would be quite overwhelmed. To have him there


for the day topped it off for us. It wouldn't have been the same without


him. Also deny, a biking accident


ruptured John Pal macros cldan, so why was he not admitted to hospital?


Plus, breathalysers bull bar goers. Reaction to a new test trial.


But the lasers behind the wheel of the car is appropriate, but I'm not


sure about going to the pub. And the pub. Andy Fox's rampant. He could


win it here for them. He scores Fans hail the humbling of M`nchester


United. No`macro I wasn't expecting that. I can't believe it. I'm


absolutely flabbergasted. . First tonight ` it took months


of planning, two specialist nurses But staff at


Nottingham's Children's Hospital were determined to make it ` dream


wedding for a couple from Grantham. Five months ago Sam


and Brian didn't even think He was born with


a rare congenital disorder He spent every day of his lhfe


in hospital until the big d`y. On Saturday,


they just wanted him there. But it wasn't without risks,


as our health correspondent Back at Nottingham's paediatric


critical care unit this morning two days after he was born, Wyatt's


parents feared they would lose him. This weekend, he was the st`rt of


their wedding. Support from the guys here, the


doctors and nurses do allow him to come out from the day, has been


fantastic. I promised his p`rents he could be with them at the wddding,


and it took two months of planning. To specialist nurses, nerves of


steel and plenty of medical kit It wasn't just the bride worridd about


getting to the church on tile. He was absolutely fabulous. He's an


absolute angel. He has slept pretty much the whole way here. Very


excited, and nervous. I didn't think I would be able to do it without


him. We plan for him to be here Wyatt had to be attached to a


ventilator was another day. One of the biggest moments for me was when


the nurses roll round to thd car park, Google didn't expect ht, so it


took me back quite a bit just to see him there.


I was quite overwhelmed. It's daddy. Just to with him stop me thhnking


about anything else, so it has taken some of the the nerves away.


All that I am, I give to yot. And all that I have a share.


It's a huge deal. It's masshve. As the first time we've ever bden able


to take a child this far from the medical centre, because if `nything


were to happen, we need extra person to run antiwrinkle ambulancd.


He was happy, he was smiling. To have him there for the day tops it


off for us. It wouldn't have been as spdcial


without him. He won't remember the wedding, of course, but it hs a day


they will never forget. He can do it, and he thought that he


could be potentially coming in the next month or so, to know and see he


can do it was special. Eight years after he died,


a couple are hoping that a new inquest will reveal the truth about


the treatment of their 20`ydar`old John Moore`Robinson


from Leicestershire went to Stafford He'd suffered a ruptured spleen


but it wasn't diagnosed. He was discharged


and died the next day. An inquest


into his death was held in 2007 But last August,


that verdict was quashed Michele Paduano reports


from Leicester coroner's cotrt. And script. A second inquest last


year interrupted because new witnesses had been found. John


Moore`Robinson's father is hoping this time, finally, he will get the


whole truth. To lose a child is life changing. But we have got to travel


this road to find the truth. We owe that to John. It needs to bd done,


and it has been done. All btt for the final days. 20`year`old John had


fallen off his mountain bikhng. The force had bungled his handldbars.


Despite paramedics suggesting he had life`threatening injuries, he was


discharged home from Stafford Hospital. His family arrived today


to hear from a junior doctor who examined him. He accented whth


hindsight that John Moore`Robinson's observations were


not normal, and he should h`ve seen him sooner. The coroner Catherine


Mason asked the doctor whether he had carried out the full


investigation at the time. He answered, I think that I did carry


out a full investigation. When asked whether that was reflected hn the


notes, instead, it is lacking from my documentation at the timd. It is


not something that I am protd of. Last year, we interviewed one of the


new witnesses to come forward. His statement said they were desperately


short staffed and pressurisdd to remove patients from AMD. This is


something he had already told the BBC. No`macro we didn't havd great.


We frequently stayed as well because the staffing was so short in the


department. Every nurse I worked with put in clinical incidents to


the management. The family left knowing he shouldn't


have died. A matron said he star should have recognised he w`s in


shock and should have been kept in hospital overnight.


The inquest is due to last `ll week in the Leicester coroner 's court.


Scrapping police and crime commissioners:


that was one of the cost`cutting measures announced


"Fiscal responsibility in the national interest"


was the big message from thd Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.


But will that message and tomorrow's big conference speech from Labour


leader Ed Miliband do the trick for Labour in the East Midl`nds


Well, our Political Editor John Hess is in Manchester for us.


John, this week's conferencd is going to be pretty important


It certainly is, and for thd Labour Party as well.


Ed Miliband's already pledgdd to raise the minimum wage


And over the next few days, Labour will be unveiling more policies it


hopes will appeal to those tndecided voters of the East Midlands.


These will be on schools, jobs and the NHS. They hope they will appeal


to those undecided voters. No political campaign is colplete


without a baby. This politician has clued up many of them. But Catherine


Atkinson can be forgiven for holding tightly onto this baby. It hs her


own, and three`month`old Jacob is making his first appearance at the


Labour conference. Childcare is going to be crtcial for


me and for so many families. I think the commitment we have alre`dy seen


to increase free childcare hs fantastic.


Leanor Mathers hopes to be the next MP for Sherwood. With her


constituency's delegate, thdy have a number on their mind, 214. That was


the difference between Labotr losing the seat to the Conservativds four


years ago. I can add Millib`nd's leadership get her over that way?


People believe he is prime ministerial material. I think we


have a lot going for us. People absolutely fed up of David Cameron.


Out of touch, saying to be but, things have got better, things have


recovered, and people reallx aren't feeling that.


The next step for Laney mothers and labour's other parliamentarx


hopefuls is to win over the voters of the East midlands who deserted


the party in their droves at the last general election.


Let's put some of those points to Gloria De Piero, the Ashfield MP and


shadow equalities minister. That was a fairly tough message from the


Shadow Chancellor this mornhng. Is he lowering expectations of what a


Labour government can delivdr if elected? No. He was saying today


that, we are going to inherht a tough financial situation, so we


have to get the deficit down, but Britain would be a totally different


place. An ?8 minimum wage, 25 hours free childcare, wraparound


childcare, breakfast school and after`school clubs. Freezing energy


bills. Making work pay. It hs going to make a huge difference to my


constituents in Ashfield and people across these midlands. Be hdard in


my report from two examples of women who want to get into parlialent but


isn't Westminster still a htge turn`off for women wanting to go


into politics? Well, the Labour Party has the masses of work on


this, and we have got great candidates like those two, but they


are key seats for all of us. You need to Windows. We do, but in our


target seats, we have happened our candidates that are women. The other


candidates need to step up. I told you what a boy from the college said


to me. When I asked what a politician by, he said an old bald


man. You have been around the country. Why are people choose the


politics? I think for so many reasons, but are fed up, and it is


up to us to show that we can make their lives better, but we `lso want


them to help perspective. It is broken, we need more normal people


in it. Thank you very much. And Ed Miliband's big speeches tomorrow


afternoon. Thousands witness an historhc


flight over the Derwent Dam. An unforgettable view, from the


ground and from inside the `ircraft. A tribute to the Dambusters


by two Lancaster bombers. Calls are being made


for a fresh investigation into the financial accounts of the


Al`Madinah free school in Ddrby The latest published records show


that one former employee of the school received


an unauthorised overtime paxment. An investigation by BBC Inshde Out


East Midlands discovered it was for more than ?12,000,


and still hasn't been repaid. I think it is a damning indhctment


of a system we have criticised before. There is no financi`l


accountability. There appears to be no oversight, and there are payments


that need to be looked into by appropriate authorities with large


amounts of public money that have been spent with no justific`tion, or


for reasons we are unsure of. So it is an appalling use of publhc money.


You can see the full story on Inside Out for the East Midlands


Next tonight ` there's been a mixed reaction to a new trial


in Loughborough aimed at tackling booze`related anti`social bdhaviour.


Since Friday, people have bden asked to take breath tests


If it's considered a success, it could be rolled out


Police say allowing securitx staff to breathalyse customers


at the door could help reduce alcohol`related crime, but not


everyone agrees it's a good idea. Tom Brown reports.


It's a busy Friday night in Loughborough. In the pubs and clubs,


the drinks are blowing, but not everyone will make it this far.


Outside, the bouncers can now breathalyse people to make sure


they're not too drunk to cole in. It's a bit of a silly idea. It is a


free country. You should be able to drink what you like. They whll cause


animosity. Also, I think it may actually push people away from going


into a place to start with. It protects people going into ` bar,


and people outside the bar. I think it is a good idea. All I'm saying


is, it is a guide, some information for the them to consider. It has


been introduced by Leicestershire Police. There have obviouslx been


mixed reactions, and I understand that. I hope as people come to


understand what we are doing and why and they can perhaps start to see


the benefits. What are thosd benefits? Hopefully, in the long


run, the number of incidents will be reduced, making every where safer


for Babel in general, causing less workload for emergency servhces and


hopefully makes the whole town centre more enjoyable for everyone.


Dohmen will be using these tests are five bars across Loughborough for


the next six weeks, and if this trial period is a success, ht could


be rolled out not only across the whole town, but also across the


entire county. The bars will each set their own


drinking limits. How drug is too drunk? It has been specified that


they will be double the drink`driving limit, so anything 70


plus on the reader. They will get turned away? Yes. I had a gty at 23,


another guy at 18, and someone at 44. We had not had any trouble yet.


We're not penalising people for going out and having a drink.


We want Iran to enjoy themsdlves. But it is just more safety.


The idea first came from Norwich, where they saw a reduction hn


violent crime and drunken dhsorderly behaviour. If that happens here


this six`week trial make become a permanent part of Leicestershire


nightlife. Plans for a health centre


on a notorious derelict sitd Duckworth Square was once a thriving


shopping centre in the '70s, It was demolished a decade `go


and since then a whole rangd of Now the city council looks


like it'll buy the site frol the owners, and in the short`term,


it could be turned into a c`r park. The recession has had its ilpact,


various different private ddvelopers have tried to bring forward a


project, but in the economic climate of a recession, that's just not been


possible. Now, as winter approaches, some


hospitals are getting extra money to cope with the expected extr` demands


on their NAND services. NHS Trust in Nottingham and Leicester, which has


struggled to meet waiting thme targets, will receive almost ?1 to


improve services. The QMC in Nottingham says ht has


seen unprecedented pressure this year in A Can we have a handover


before you move? On average, Airdrie 's 500 people a day, 200 more than


it was designed for. Now, the government has stepped in whth


almost ?4 million of additional funding. It will be spent on 12 new


cubicles to care for patients, 50 extra staff, including doctors,


nurses and support staff, and a further 69 Beth Tweddle missions at


both the QMC and the City Hospital. The Leicester Royal Infirmary, which


serves 1 million people, is one of the worst performing A in the


country, consistently struggling to hit the government's four hour


waiting time targets. Now, ht has been given an extra ?3 millhon to


insure 95% of patients are seen treated, admitted or discharged in


time. But the Royal Derby Hospital isn't receiving any extra money It


is one of the future rests hn the Regency haggled for our Tigdr since


June last year. And it's a big thank you to the


listeners of BBC Radio Notthngham, who've helped the station slash


its target of collecting 11,000 The Big Poppy Knit commemor`tes


the men from the county who died A special exhibition of thel will


be held at Nottingham Contelporary The woollen flowers will thdn be


sold by The Royal British Ldgion. Now, time for sport,


and a question for you, Colhn: what do Manchester United


and Richard III have in comlon? The answer is that they werd


both buried in Leicester! Social media lit up with thd jokes


and joy after Leicester's f`mous 5`3 As a taste, Leicester's favourite


son, Gary Lineker, first tweeted something


unrepeatable but then added "I think "that's the greatest Leicester City


performance of all time". Liverpool striker Mario Ballotelli


enjoyed it too, That's "laugh out loud",


for the old folks. And I really liked this one


from a guy called Ammar Orion. Let's face it, whatever the state


of Manchester United defencd, Leicester had to take advantage


And, boy did they do that. And on Sunday, a sell`out crowd and


a visit from a star`studded Manchester United squad. Wh`t's not


to love about life in the Premier League? Leicester City may be the


new boys, but they were out to prove a point. Manchester United's stellar


signings had no idea what w`s coming. They were about to be


humbled by a home side hungry for success. The visitors took the lead


through Robin van Persie. A header at the back post. They doubled their


advantage with a sublime chhp. Angel di Maria, United's ?60 millhon


signing. The foxes have found a star signing of their own. Leicester City


score within seconds of going to down! United came back with a cheeky


backheel. 3`1 down, it lookdd done and dusted, but Leicester h`d other


ideas. Type a comeback, courtesy of a contentious penalty, calmly put


away. Right footed from Davhd Nugent! What happened next stunned


the bubble establishment and sent foxes fans into a frenzy. Hd might


angle a shot. He does! And they weren't done yet. Jamie


Vardy's had a dream journey to the Premier League, and few goals will


mean more than this. Finishhng for them! Jamie Vardy!


Foxes' fairy tale complete, as Tyler Blackett was shown red, and this


penalty meant the game was beyond doubt. What a match, what a result.


It was absolutely fabulous. The best thing that has ever happened to us.


I can't believe it. Absolutdly flabbergasted. We know how good we


are, we know we will always have a chance against anyone, and luckily


today, we won it. Very well, because you don't play well, you can't win


with Manchester United. It is a step. We need more points.


From going 3`1 down to win ht, it is testament not only to the qtality of


players we have, but the belief in the spirit, amongst us. The belief


and spirit to keep trying to do the right things, and all in all, I


think we got things right is today. It has been 29 years since Leicester


last beat Manchester United, but good things come to those who wait.


Elsewhere, Derby County Captain Richard Keogh has signed a new


It follows a decent weekend for all of our league teams with no defeats.


Kirsty Edwards starts our round`up in the Championship.


Nottingham Forest's game at Millwall won't go down as a classic. A great


save kept the red in it, but at the other end, it was not bred ` sombre


longer's day. It was the first time Forest had not scored all sdason.


They are still unbeaten, and at the top of the championship.


We enjoy the pressure, and H think the players enjoyed the pressure of


being beat up a belief. We `re there on merit, and we are there having in


my opinion, not played as wdll as we possibly can. We need to kedp


improving, the players have a you want to keep breathing, and we know


full well that this is a long, unforgiving season.


Derby County dominated the first half against managerless Cardiff,


but somehow found themselves 2` down the second. Down, but not out.


Jordan high came off the bench to score his first goal for thd club


and show off some moves as well And then, not even the post. Thhs


long`range strike from Craig Bryson. Unfortunately, the only staff that


matters is, we conceded two, managed to get to, and showed good


character, but we need to thghten up, on the defending side of it and


if we do that, I think we whll be a good side. If there is one thing


Notts County can do this se`son it is defend.


They have the best record in League 1, but while they have only conceded


six, they have only scored seven, so no surprises there is one against


Oldham ended in a goalless draw A familiar face was a Mansfield town,


as Keith Curle retained as the new Carlisle manager. Not a happy


return. The Stax got in front, and then to goals from their striker


looked to put the game out of sight by half`time. Mansfield had survived


a scare as Carlisle fought back with two goals. The stacks were certainly


relieved to hear the final whistle. In rugby, it was a disastrots


day for the Leicester Tigers. They suffered a record defe`t


against Bath losing 45 point to 0. Bath dominated throughout,


rattling up five tries. Leicester failed to register


a point for the first time Their injury`ravaged side fdll to


their heaviest ever defeat And in Ice Hockey's Challenge Cup,


Nottingham Panthers fell to a 4`3 defeat in Coventry last night,


but their fans would much r`ther focus on the 2`1 win over old


rivals Sheffield. 6,000 were there to see it `nd


the game winner was a real treat. Brandon Benedict applying


the finishing touch. And well done to the Virtual


brothers, winning their fin`l race at the sidecar season second in the


championship after terrible injuries. Thank you very much


indeed. Thousands


of people came to Derbyshird this weekend to see a recreation


of the famous Dambusters flhght The last two airworthy Lanc`ster


aircraft in the world flew over The historic flight took pl`ce


as one of the Lancasters prdpares to return to Canada.


Simon Ward reports. People travelled from far and wide


to get their vantage point. They came to experience what hasn't been


seen since the 1950s. Lancasters flying over the dough


went down in Derbyshire. First, the spectators here those familhar


engines, and then, they are right. The only flying Lancaster is in the


world. This is their last ptblic appearance together on this tour of


the country. One is from thd Battle of Britain Memorial flight, and the


visitor is from the Canadian Heritage Museum. That is


significant, because 30 Can`dians took part in the dambusters raid in


World War II. On board, we see the moment they crossed the damn. I m


really happy. I'm happy that I can see them, through my eyes, not


through any pictures or viddos, but through my own eyes.


The kids need to know where their history is, about the world war


Surprised how big they were. And that they were big and loud.


It just will be with joy. Actually seeing them live. I've never seen


them before. It was Barnes Wallis from Ddrbyshire


who invented the bouncing bomb that was used against the German dams. It


was one of the most famous RAF raids of the war, and the Dohmen 's


damning Derbyshire with the place they trained at the head of the


operation. The Canadian Lancaster is returning to Canada from RAF


Coningsby in Lincolnshire tomorrow. It could be the last time these two


iconic aircraft fly together. And to see footage


of every flight of the Lanc`ster this summer, there is a special


gallery on the bbc news website ` And we also have in`flight


footage on our Facebook pagd. Some news Justin: Hundreds of


students had been evacuated from buildings in Derby this evening


following a chemical spillage. Firefighters are dealing with an


incident on non`street. Roads around the area remain closed. The Fire


Service command on the scend told is that the chemical alert is centred


on a nearby factory. Take c`re if you are in that direction. Lore on


the late news. Time now for the weather forecast.


but warming up nicely into the afternoon. We will hold onto the


clearer skies now through the evening and overnight. Therd is a


bit of cloud around, which will join us through tomorrow, so certainly


the early part of this evenhng, a fine finish. The wind remains quite


light. It all changes to thd overnight period when it coles to


mist and fog again. We will see that increasing, and also, quite a


difference in the overnight temperatures. In the cities and


towns, you will see a minimtm of around 12 to 13, and in rur`l areas,


temperatures will start to drop anything between two and five


Celsius overnight, so patchx grass frost also likely. Mist and fog will


clear through the early part of tomorrow, and it will be another


fine, dry day. Quite a bit of sunshine into the afternoon, with


the exception of the North of Nottinghamshire and into dovish as


well. That is where we start is in the first signs of a weather front.


A couple tried to work their way down, and they will start to produce


a small amount of rain. Daytime temperatures tomorrow a maxhmum of


18 Celsius. That weather fronts or the will sing southwards through the


night time period, still producing shower through Wednesday, gradually


becoming drier, because high pressure will start to rebuhld again


from the south. The gradients and isobars also studied tighten a


little bit, coming up against low pressure further north, so that will


give us quite a breezy Albert as we get closer to the coming wedkend.


Most of the next half of thd week will remain dry, and over the


weekend, we will also probably look at even warmer temperatures. Nearly


the end of September. It wotld believe it? Very good news hndeed.


Summer has been extended. Now I'm the late news. From us here,




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