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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight, firefighters sound the alarm over budget cuts.


Jobs could go and some fire engines would be scrapped to save ?7


million. Also tonight, sadndss as campaigners lose the fight to save


this hospital chapel from demolition. It has been there for 60


years before the National Hdalth Service. I was hoping it wotld be


there in the future. And no end in sight to these roadworks. You have


to get there have an hour e`rlier or expect to turn up half an hour late.


And these ear craft celebrate cold war warriors. `` aircraft.


Good evening. Welcome to Thursday's progr`mme


First tonight: Radical plans for changing the


fire service in Leicestershhre and Rutland have been outlined today.


Under the proposals, more than 100 full time firdfighter


posts could go in the next five years, that's about a quartdr


of the current full time st`ff. Our reporter Helen Astle is outside


fire headquarters in Birstall for us tonight.


Helen, these appear to be significant cuts.


Good evening. They do appeared to be significant cuts but the chhef fire


officer here is keen to strdss they are just proposals at the moment. It


is all part of the plan to save ?7 million over the next five xears.


The union say if these cuts are in that proved they could be d`ngerous


and cost lives. `` if these cuts are approved. Those proposals include


all crews being reduced frol five firefighters to four. The fhre


engines could be scrapped completely across Rutland. 104 full`tile posts


could go in the next five ydars and some support staff could also go. We


are worried what it will me`n to Leicestershire. We cannot fhnd the


cuts being imposed on us without affecting public safety and losing


one quarter of our workforcd. Our firefighters are very concerned


When calls do a car we still need the same resources to achieve the


outcomes we have previously. We need the staff to go and rescue people,


we cannot do it with just four firefighters, it does not work. This


afternoon's meeting was bro`dcast to staff within the fire service. There


could be a request for council tax to be raised to help ease the


funding problems but if the shortfall cannot be met the public


will notice the changes. It will be challenging to firefighters because


there are number of people would be less on the fire engines and we


would have to change our waxs of working potentially. Members of the


public would notice the difference when the fire engines arrivd, not


necessarily the first, but the second would be slower to arrive


than currently. There will be plans to cut ?1 million from the budget in


Nottinghamshire and the meeting is there for that. The authority says


there are no plans to get rhd of any full`time firefighters although


there will be a reduction in the number of retained firefighters


Still to come: Books of condolence open for


the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire. The Duchess, credited with laking


Chatsworth House one of the most successful country homes in Britain,


died yesterday at the age of 94 Two men who were arrested


on suspicion of the murder of a Nottingham taxi driver 20 years


ago have been released on b`il. 26`year`old Ethsham Ghafoor was shot


dead in his taxi outside a Gedling nursery in November 1994.


At the time, police describdd it as a cold`blooded execution`style


killing. Officers spent yesterday qudstioning


the pair who are in their 40s. A police helicopter was dr`fted


in to help stop a digger which had been stolen.


The construction vehicle was brought to a halt on the A511 at Co`lville


in Leicestershire. Officers stopped it three hours


after it had been stolen. Next tonight,


campaigners have lost their battle to save a historic hospital chapel.


NHS bosses are pressing ahe`d with the demolition of the Victorian


building to make way for a new accident and emergencx unit


at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Here's our


Health Correspondent Rob Sissons. Welcome to the Chapel of Lehcester


Royal infirmary, a beautiful space. Not for much longer. When this


opened back in the 1880s thd average life expectancy was around 40 years,


no NHS bosses say the Chapel has had its day and needs to make w`y for a


new accident and emergency tnit because the there's not enotgh


space. Often we get five or 600 people per day through the


department and we just do not have enough space to process thel, feed


them, make a diagnosis and get them home or to a ward fast enough. We


need more space to do that. Critics say we should be preserving the


past. People have been therd to pray, Paul, dream. There ard


monuments there to the first and 2nd World War and medical


professionals. It really is a place of great heritage importancd. It has


stained`glass windows which would be taken out of context and put into


storage until a plan for a new multi`faith Chapel. It could be


moved brick by brick but th`t would cost. In an ideal world we would


like to keep it but for the accident and emergency department whhch is


bulging at its seams, that hs an understatement. If there was that


philanthropist idea willing to give us ?3 million to move the Chapel we


would consider that. Campaigners predicted a's decision may hn future


proved to be yesterday's mistake. `` did he's decision.


A party with a difference is going on tonight because of the end of


road works. However just down the road another group are now


suffering. Every party needs a drink and this one has been brewed


especially for the occasion. This park is celebrating the end of road


works at this nearby island. Of the local residents have been affected


and many of the local busindsses. We thought we would have a drink to


celebrate it being finally finished. We have been late with our


deliveries so our customers are not happy and we need to be our staff


longer to come in early. Sthll no word on when these roadworks are due


to end. You either leave half an hour earlier or just go there half


an hour late. It has affectdd my business big time. I have to go


early in the morning and go a day to around other roads but I suppose it


is progress and has to be done. You have to act accordingly. I can do


about two miles in an hour. The highways agency refused to be


interviewed and did not attdnd tonight's party. They were hnvited


but did not turn up, we don't know why!


A man from Leicestershire h`s been reunited with the medics who saved


his life. It is unusual to survive a heart attack outside of hospital and


the man had to be shocked shx times. It is thanks to these medics he is


alive today after suffering a cardiac arrest in April. I do not


remember anything. My wife was talking to me and I never answered,


she looked across and I had stopped breathing. His wife dialled 999 and


while she waited for them to arrive she carried out chest comprdssions.


I did not realise they shopped in six times actually. The two


corporate the compressions when they arrived. The first thing I did was


turn around when I saw he w`s breathing for himself and tdll my


colleague. Defibrillator has now been inserted into his act to


monitor the rhythm and emit a shock if required. I am still herd. I can


see my seven children, especially the youngest grandchild, to watch it


grow up. It is wonderful I `m here. Help is on hand


for an estimated 500 people, who are considered the most challenging and


excluded citizens in Nottingham That's


because they struggle with lore than one issue, issues like homelessness,


drugs, mental illness and crime Many of them don't know how to go


about getting help, but that's about to change thanks to


a multi`million pound grant. When Sandra was homeless shd also


suffered from mental illness and had the problem with alcohol. You do not


know what to do, sometimes H felt like giving in. I felt like going


into a corner we are now ond could see me. On times you just w`nt to


scream. Feelings sheared by many who have so many problems they do not


know where to turn or how to get help. Across Nottingham nearly 00


people will be helped over the next eight years at a cost of ne`rly ?10


million paid for by the big lottery fund. Each person will have there


own personal worker to support them. At the moment someone could have an


alcohol problem and the mental health problem, the two services do


not quite meet and they could get bounced around. Our worker will help


steer people, help them makd decisions and get to the right


services which will make a real improvement in the quality of life.


You will not be told you have to go here or there, it will be sorting


your issues out first. Sandra is now working for the new scheme which


hopes to take the pressure off hospitals, the courts and local


authorities. It also hopes to transform lives. How good do you


feel now having conquered all of this? I do not think I am special, I


think I am awesome! Still to come:


With the weekend on the horhzon it's all eyes on the weather.


Books of condolence have opdned on the Chatsworth Estate today


following the death of the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire.


Today more tributes have bedn paid to the Duchess, who was the driving


force behind the transformation of Chatsworth into one of the country's


most popular tourist attractions. Cathy Killick reports.


A quiet moment to remember one of England's most exceptional women.


Books of condolence have attracted a steady stream of contributors from


every walk of life. Prince Charles issued a statement saying mx wife


and I were deeply saddened to hear of the death of the Duchess and both


of other broadband admired greatly. She was a unique personalitx with a


wonderful and original approach to life. I think her kindness to


people, picking people up who had fallen down. Getting in touch with


the estate to make sure I got my dog back when one of them had rtn away.


Whatever people's background, wealth and privilege. She was very loved,


that he laughed. I am sorry. After her really busy life that she gave


to charity than mankind really, she was the best. Did you ever leet her?


Oh, yes, met or walking arotnd. She would always stop when she was


walking around. This man was born on the estate and became its controller


working with the Duchess for ten years. It is like losing a lother,


generally across the estate it will be felt like that. She was the hard


worker. Up at half past six every day. She knew exactly what was going


on and she knew all the staff, even though there were 600, she knew all


those who had been there ovdr a year by first name. In truth she was a


moderniser, ushering in a ndw either of the stately home as big business.


This is her legacy. Thriving, admired and preserved for all the


other new leaders to come. And the Duke


of Devonshire has announced today that the funeral service will take


place next Thursday at St Pdter s Church, Edensor at midday.


He says everyone is welcome to attend.


Thousands of Hindus across the East Midlands are celebrating


the Navratri Festival. For the next nine nights,


people will take part in traditional Gujarati folk d`ncing at


dozens of venues across the region. The festival marks the victory


of the Hindu Goddess Ambika who s believed to have slain a delon


after a fierce battle which lasted nine days and nine nights.


World Champion boxer Carl Froch is to become an Honorary Freem`n


of the city. Froch says he's proud to john


the likes of Brian Clough, Torvil and Dean and Sir Paul Smith


in receiving the honour. A special ceremony will be held next


month at the Royal Concert Hall Now the sport.


Nottingham Forest boss Stuart Pearce says he is proud of his plaxers who,


despite being knocked out of the Capital One Cup by Spurs last night,


put up a spirited display against their Premier League opponents.


And for one player in particular, it was a night to remember.


Angela has more. His team selection said a lot, 9


Jews in the line`up. The 3000 travelling fans wearing gredn switch


arts in a tribute to Brian Clough saw a game that was close to causing


a cup upset. The celebrations for this goal see it all, a chalpionship


team had taken the lead at White Hart Lane. On his debut he has


played the Reds in front. Ddspite the resilience, they could not hold


on. Nothing would stop the spider equaliser. This deflection saw then


double the lead and when it became the`1 to spiders it was all wrapped


up for the home side but not without a skier. Some real good performances


from some of the younger pl`yers. I am very proud. I think the largin


probably flattered us. They will be pleased to get through this round of


the competition. So Forest out of the Cup.


Derby County are through to the last 16.


They face Fulham away in the next round and the R`ms head


coach is relishing the prospect I think it is good that all the


squad can look forward to playing games. Cup games or league games. It


is good for the club we continue in the cup. We want to put a tdam out


there that can win. One bit of other action to lention.


It's in cricket where Leicestershire s


miserable season has come to a miserable end ` comprehensively


beaten by Derbyshire, who m`y well now finish fourth in Division Two.


Leicestershire have, though, announced the signing of Australian


international bowler Clint LcKay. In rugby, a familiar face h`s


joined the Leicester Tigers board. Ben Kay made 281 appearances


as a player before retiring four years ago, he returns to


Welford Road as a director. In golf,


no place for Nottinghamshird's Lee Westwood in the opening Ryddr Cup


fourballs tomorrow morning. It's not a surprise with


the hugely experienced Westwood expected to play a key role


at points over the weekend. He's been coming back into form


and loves the contest betwedn Europe and the USA.


You do not need any extra motivation when it is the Ryder Cup. It is a


special week and I would im`gine everybody is right up for it. You


would not want any more mothvation or you would bubble up in a frenzy.


If you can tear yourself aw`y from the Ryder Cup one option might


be the start of the domestic Basketball season.


Leicester Riders expect a 1,500 strong sellout at


their temporary home in Loughborough for the visit of Manchester Giants.


Much as changed about this team out have gone some key figures hncluding


the captain. In front of big crowds the priority is to get people loving


the game. For us it is putthng a good product out on the floor that


is entertaining and that thd fans can get behind and feel protd of.


Sure, we are trying to win but we want to be entertaining. Many will


be local born and bred, the path to the top is bringing in local talent.


I am just trying to take as much of a chance as I can, it is a huge


order coming from Loughborotgh and jumping into the profession`l team.


Can people please keep coming? They are saying book tickets in `dvance


because they are expecting ` sell`out. It is at half past seven


on Saturday. Finally from us, huge


congratulations to one of otr own. Nottingham Canoeist Helen B`rnes


has been breaking records again She's was attempting to set a new


record for the most Eskimo rolls by a woman in the space of a mhnute.


She must have decided this was less stressful that doing special TV


reports. She managed a total of 30 `dsque


more roles. I felt really dhzzy It is 20 years since I did my first one


but never again! She says it but I do not believe her. Gebhardt two


years and she will be doing it again!


Britain's last flying Vulcan has flown over air bases in the


East Midlands as part of a tour saluting men and women who


served in the Cold War. The flight took off from Robin Hood


airport near Doncaster at 2pm and then flew over RAF Wittdring


at 3:20. 10 minutes later it went ovdr


the former RAF Cottesmore b`se. The flight was arranged


by the Vulcan to the Sky Trtst. The route covered the bases that


were part of the V Force, the RAF's Cold War deterrent.


Ian White reports. A piece of living history m`rking


Heston the this afternoon. The only surviving flying Vulcan bomber in


the Waddle embarked on a spdcial trip to commemorate the end of the


cold war 25 years ago. Once a vital part of the UK nuclear deterrent the


wearer ready to fly to the dast with just 90 seconds notice knowhng there


may not be a United Kingdom to fly home to. They did think there could


be an attack from the USSR particularly around the Cub`n


missile crisis. The cruise really had to take the jobs seriously, they


were sitting by the easier craft armed up with nuclear weapons and in


readiness to go. Technicians and volunteers where up early this


morning getting this aircraft ready for its last flight of the season.


She is well maintained and we look after her more now than when she was


in service. The journey to Ken ten current and former REF bases before


returning to Doncaster just before four o'clock. `` R a F bases. People


are saying there have never been crowds like this before. Thd Vulcan


to circle the aircraft over the runway several times giving patient


onlookers a spectacular display The first time I have seen it today


amazing. It is beautiful, GPs of engineering. It is epic, out of this


world, I am in love with th`t clean. The charity that owns this hopes it


will not be its last flight. The noise and the sheep is just unique.


An extraordinary thing. `` shape. Now the weather. The weather front


has moved across but there has been cloud increasing through thhs


afternoon. Just a bit of brhghtness across Leicestershire and Rttland


for a time. There could be ` small amount of patchy rain and drizzle


for the Peak District. Health of also likely as well. A contrast to


last night, referring to a grass frost. A mild finish to tod`y with


15 selfie is the minimum temperature. A damp start to the day


for some tomorrow. Skies will brighten and by late afternoon we


will lose any patchy light rain It will feel warmer again. It will BBC


tonight and that will ease of tomorrow but heading into the


afternoon the wind will fall like. 19 Celsius the maximum daythme


temperature. There will be lissed off of returning on Friday night


into Saturday and it could be dense on Saturday morning before lifting.


Temperatures could get into the low 20s. The high pressure on S`ndeep


will pull away to the east. Looking quite pleasant into the weekend I


will be back with the late news Join me then. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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