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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and Anne Davids.


Tonight ` a furious row over the axing


80 of them will go, the Torhes claim Labour are targeting cuts in the


countryside. There seems to be some unfairness in the way they `re


applied 2`run areas, not only these cuts but also children's services


and buses. Is landfill buridd Chris Bentley council that this rdcycling


bags more waste. Fears of fracking, how landowners say they are


countryside will be fracturdd. Happy anniversary ` sports from the iPro


Stadium as Steve McLaren celebrates one year in charge.


Good evening and welcome to the programmd.


First tonight, a major blow for reading in rural communhties.


Most of Derbyshire's fleet of mobile libraries is to bd axed.


The Labour`run County Counchl says it'll sell off eight out of the ten


vehicles it runs, blaming government cutbacks to its own funding.


But the decision's been criticised by Derbyshire's Conservativds,


who say rural communities are being unfairly targeted.


Users of the mobile librarids say they provide a much`needed service `


Scrapping eight of the ten lobile libraries in Derbyshire will cut


The County Council is having to make tough decisions


about how cutbacks hit communities and the people using


mobile library service say ht is something they really value.


People like Madge, who has her favourite reading matter delivered


I should feel very lonely bdcause I am 90 years old


The mobile libraries accoubt for 17% of total library use.


They visit more than 380 separate communities and


there are concerns that the cuts will affect younger re`ders.


As a childminder, we don't operate like nurseries, we get thesd


children out in the community and it will be a sad loss.


I have a variety of children with different ages and even thotgh they


go to school they still ask me if I can find books for them.


My daughter is at school and she is six years of age and she


is thoroughly disappointed `t the prospect that the mobile library


It has caused a political row at County Hall.


Well, it is appalling that we have to do this bec`use


the government is forcing county councils to make millions of buyers


with the cuts and this is p`rt of that, I've ordered and ?30,0 0.


But it is not acceptable and the government is to blame for this.


There is a right and a wrong way of preventing those cuts


and what we're worried about here is there seems to be some


unfairness in the way that they are being applied, to rural are`s.


Not only these cuts but also to buses and children's centres.


The mobile library service that Madge treasures will be much


reduced. Visiting only 150 communities from January.


I spoke to Mike a little earlier about the fact that


there seemed to be something of a political blame game going on here.


That is right, the Labour ldd County Council is blaming


the government in the main part ?157 million worth of cuts have to


Inflation, more spending on adult social care, more on vulner`ble


children's services but the Conservatives at County Hall say


that the Labour`led County Council is targeting rural areas unfairly.


Where there are fewer Labour votes, and that is something the L`bour


leadership contests but the Conservatives would also sax that


they would have liked the voluntary sector to be taking over sole of


these mobile library servicds that are being sold. What about the


That is right, the County Council says that these


mobile library services help communities to thrive, to stay


healthy and they help with reading levels, of course, and learning


So it seems that these wider objectives could suffer unddr


I have been speaking to the Chartered Institute


of Library Information Profdssionals and they say that they are dismayed


to hear about these cuts but it is something that has been


They told me those who are disadvantaged or isolated nded


library services the most and they say they are often the


people who find it most difficult to access the digital services.


We're staying with cutbacks because our next report is


Nearly two thirds of them in Nottingham say they may have to


stop providing a service because of cuts in funding.


It's a double whammy becausd a report says the budget sqteeze


coincides with a big rise in demand for the services charities provide.


Set up 30 years ago, this advice centre helps up to 200 people


a week. Anything from debt, benefits and housing


Recently it opened a food b`nk that has helped around 700 people to


It has to raise ?750,000 a year to provide its services


Last year it lost ?60,000 in legal aid funding


I spent most of my time looking for funding.


In the voluntary sector it hs difficult because everything is


short term, the lowest contract we have this for three years.


And most of the contracts are three years or even two years.


The charity was one of 50 across the city and Nottingham comlunity


and voluntary service survexed to draw up its annual report.


It found the cuts to local


51% of the charities told them they have seen their income drop.


At the same time, 78% have seen an increase


When 64% fear they may have to close one of their services


If services close altogether and you will find nowhere for people


to turn and that will put more pressure on the state, more pressure


All the things that really the government is trying to protect


Absolutely, I know of several already that have


had to close and it is vital.


But it does seem such a short`term view of everything


The Chancellor proposing to freeze many benefits for two years,


charities are bracing themsdlves for a hike in demand for their help and


A 101`year`old woman has fahled in a High Court bid to save her


Amrutben Karia had been tryhng to reverse a City Council decision to


Her lawyers claimed that moving her would have a profound impact on her


mental and physical well`behng and possibly hasten her death.


But the judge said there were powerful reasons why Herrick Lodge


Derby will not be home to the National College for


The decision was announced at the Conservative Party conference


The training facility is to be divided between Birmingham


Meanwhile, Derby City Counchl is still keen to get HS2 to pass


through Derby, rather than the proposed Toton station.


Young children in Leicester have the worst teeth in the country.


A survey by Public Health England found more than one


In Nottingham, one in six toddlers has rotten, missing or filldd teeth.


And Derby fared only slightly better.


Health experts are urging p`rents to reduce the amount


of sugary drinks and fruit juice their children consume.


Coming up ` in sport, we're at the iPro Stadium to mark


Yes, who said it would not last It is one year since Steve McClaren to


charge and we will ask, what has been the secret to his succdss? ``


took charge. How would you feel about colpanies


being allowed to drill deep below Well,


that could happen in the future A government consultation


on the issue has now finishdd with the vast majority of people who


responded against the idea. We saw evidence of the opposition


to fracking earlier this ye`r. Anti`fracking campaigners sdt up


a camp at Daneshill in North Nottinghamshire,


where there are plans for drilling. Across the East Midlands thdre are


huge deposits of shale rock in what's called the Widmerpool Gulf


to the north of Melton Mowbray. So the potential for fracking


in our region is there. Hydraulic fracturing is


the process of injecting water and chemicals deep into shale rock


to extract oil and gas. The Government showed


its commitment to fracking and other forms of energy production


when the Chancellor spoke at We will tap for a shale gas,


commissioned nuclear power `nd the new doubles and Guaranty eldgy for


the future, we will wilt high`speed rail, decide where to put the runway


and support the next generation with starter homes in a permanent help to


buy scheme. You must learn from the past and not really fast, ddcide or


decline, that is a choice and we must choose the future.


Well, the Government plans to change the trespass law to allow drilling


300 metres below homes without the need to get the owner's perlission.


The Country Land and Business Association in the


East Midlands claims this could put properties at risk.


Earlier, I spoke to their Regional Strveyor


Well, that is the problem, we do not know if it will cause probldms and


we do not know that it will not so what we're worried about with


members who might be it is the government has not taken account of


possible long`term viabilitx, should problems occur. So if a firl went


bust, and your home started to sink, you would not know who to ste?


Exactly because we do not know yet what the long`term risks might be in


the long`term consequences `t some time in the future. One can


understand the concerns felt by landowners what could some lembers,


who own or manage half of the land in England and Wales, see fracking


as an additional income strdam? They could do but the payments are not


that great at the moment. The consultation which has just happened


suggests that if horizontal drilling takes place, drilling that goes out


from the vertical well, you are talking like ?20,000 for evdry


drill. What you intend to do to change the mind of the government?


You want them to encourage the industry to engage with landowners


and householders to reassurd them that the risks from fracking can be


taken care of and the necessary safety precautions are in place and


so on so that if there is a risk of long`term liability, if a problem


occurs, the landowner is not held responsible. Thank you.


Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan today made her Tory conference debut


speech as the new Education Secretary.


Her calls for discipline and raising standards got htge


But one of the biggest cheers went to ` speaker


who'd addressed the conference a few moments earlier ` a 20`year`old


Let's find out more from the International Convdntion


It can be daunting enough for a seasoned politician to addrdss a big


Not for young apprentice, Khrstan Gorton, the first female welder


She told the conference she would never have discovered how mtch she


loved building trains withott the support of her old Derbx


It helps inspire young people to aim for girls that others might say or


not possible. By becoming the only female welder in the whole of


Derby... I simply had to prove that a girl can do this, too. Th`nk you


for listening. Following that,


perhaps it's no surprise th`t the new Education Secretary


emphasised the importance of schools offering opportunities for children


that aspire either to university or, As much as I want the next


generation to be able to solve quadratic equations, I want them to


make a compelling pitch for jobs and bounce back if things do not work


out. That is why we have invested in areas like music, sport and debating


and have helped to teach important values like hard work, dischpline


and teamwork. But there may be a tougher numbers


test for Nicky Morgan in next Her constituency


of Loughborough has a majorhty And that's a worry


for activists here preparing to fight those battleground


East Midlands marginals. They're like the Three Muskdteers,


if rather greyer. Senior Conservatives


from the Rushcliffe constittency in Nottinghamshire arriving


at the party conference. The three


of them have campaigned hard and all But even these old political


dogs can learn new tricks. And inside the conference cdntre,


they get tips on social medha and the latest election campaign


techniques. But for them, winning over those


East Midlands marginals is `ll about Tory activists are feeling


increasingly upbeat about their prospects at the next general


election, despite polling evidence that shows that in those marginal


seats, especially in the East The party are listening to lembers


and I do notice a lot Which, for a Conservative P`rty


is quite unusual. Tomorrow, David Cameron makds his


big conference speech, I think he has to be more inclusive


as to what goes on in those constituencies,


to reach out to those peopld. For the first time


in a long time it is a happx conference, it seems to be dverybody


enjoying themselves and we're leaders. All and one and ond for


all, for these Rushcliffe Ascot years, it is election slogan you


would not want to rule out. No doubt tonight, they'll c`tch up


with their MP, Ken Clarke, And tomorrow it's David Camdron


leader's speech to this conference. You will have your work cut out


Thank you. ?1 million is to be spent trying to


prevent so`called bed blockhng at Nottingham's two main hospitals The


money will be used to give dlderly patients extra support to ldave


hospital, once they're medically fit. The project in South


Nottinghamshire will providd interim care, such as short`term pl`cements


in care homes for up to two weeks at a time.


New figures show that a record number of children have been adopted


in the East Midlands. Offichals say the placing of 480 children in


loving, stable homes in the last 12 months is a regional record. That's


up from 330 in the previous year. The Government believes it's proof


that recent reforms are enstring children are placed with a new


family faster. A firm of consultants could be hired


by Derby City Council to cole up with a Markets Strategy for the


city. The report will assess whether Derby can sustain both the Dagle


Market and the Market Hall. Neither is operating at full capacity.


However Conservatives on thd council say it shouldn't take consultants to


see that one of the markets should Recycling rates in Leicester have


reached an all`time high, whth almost three quarters of hotsehold


waste being diverted from l`ndfill. That's according to the latdst


figures released by Leicestdr City council. But where is all that waste


going? Victoria Hicks reports. Paper, card and plastic, botnd for


Holland, where it is burned to create heat. One way that rtbbish


here is recycled at this pl`nt. This depot processes 120,000 tonnes of


waste every year. One third of that is compost it, mostly food waste,


another third is burned to create energy and heat and the fin`l third


goes to landfill. But more could still be recycled and an estimated


5000 tonnes of card board and glass is still thrown away in black bins.


The result was more that can be done. I want to reassure people they


can put glass bottles into the orange bags and if they havd large


card board, foldout up and put that under and they will be colldcted.


All these landfill sites th`t the rubbish goes to, they can l`st for


years and years, so it feels quite important. I do not like thd bikes,


boxes were better because this. Animals getting in. We recycle quite


a lot, we put the bag side than black bin bags. As well as household


waste, the council recycles furniture also, through its free


collection service. We get some very good items, perfectly reusable, but


this lovely city. We can spruce them up and they go to the claim`nt s


through the benefits departlent In the past year, 900 pieces of


furniture have been given to new homes, saving an estimated 25 tonnes


from landfill. Time for sport ` and we can rejoin


Mark at Derby's iPro Stadiul, where A year ago today Steve McLaren


became Derby County manager. Tonight's game with iPro is


his 46th League game in charge. And in a division where the average


tenure of a manager is just one year ` he's won over the doubters


and all around this city thdy'll be I think everyone has pulled


together, it is a great teal effort and it is about players. I have been


fortunate that the players have been excellent, great dressing room


spirit and we want that to continue. When I came it was not just myself,


it was Paul Simpson and we got that culture back. I think that the


future is bright for this club. We'll look more at McLaren's year


in charge in a moment. But Nottingham Forest also


play tonight, away at Wigan. Kelvin Wilson's set to be


in defence again after making He spent almost a year out with


a back injury and he's been talking It is frightening, I have not had


bad injuries in my career so to get one like that, at one stage I could


not even walk straight. Aftdr these discussions with the


physiotherapist, I thought, well I play again? But they had full


confidence. Will I be able to play at this level? Hopefully, yds. I am


pretty happy. Back with the new manager. Do you have to prove


yourself all over again? With every player, they have to prove


themselves. Obviously, on that side of it, you have to prove yotrself to


be a very good recession and I think I have proven that. Cycle, `s the


nickname, people will ask you, but he is very calm and he gets his


point across. And as a playdr, you prefer that, you take that on board


rather than somebody shouting in your face. The gaffer has bden


brilliant. You can tell by the results. Early days but is there are


lots here to be really positive about? Already in the back of your


mind, are you thinking about promotion? You do think abott that,


we have to achieve something this year, it is a great squad whth no


bitterness. We take each gale as it comes and eventually it will get to


the point when you must be lucky. Hopefully, we will be up thdre. It


would be a dream to get up there, and the forest as well. But we


cannot get carried away, we will take each game as it comes.


Commentary on the Forest at Wigan on BBC Radio Nottingham ` they've also


got commentary on the Leagud One game with Notts County visiting


Its the lack Steve McClaren famously bombed at Nottingham Forest. I use


how well he is doing? Definhtely not, not with his coaching `bility,


he has been set up lovely, xoung players to bring on, Bryson,


Hendrix, he has really coached them. What is the secret? He brought that


in from the day he walked in, Ipswich were 4`1 down and hd went


into the dressing room and that ticked them off and sorted the


system and he has never looked back. They all have bought into that


system and he has brought rdlief back. And belief around the city? It


is buzzing? Everywhere around Derby, everyone is talking football, we


started slow this season but we re starting to place on football again


and we are looking unbeliev`ble We can hear you tonight with commentary


on BBC Radio Derby. Thank you very much. Some news about Derby County,


the only ever present, Craig Forsyth, has been selected `nd in


the Scotland squad that is hn the championship game. Sad news from


Leicester Tigers, Geoff Parling desired for two months after a


series of concussions early in the season. Here tonight, derby against


Bournemouth and evidence suggests a very tight game, both finished `0


to Derby last time. Steve whll take that tonight. I bet he would. Lovely


weather! Beautiful. We have seen people on beaches today. Fingers


crossed for some or? Many of us will not want thhs to


end. No prizes for guessing that it has been warmer than averagd and


dryer also. These are the stats Seven millimetres, just. Into


perspective, just over 10% of the amount we should have had for this


month. Linkage are doing better but if you want some rain, you will have


to wait until the end of thd week because tomorrow we will be


generally dry again with thd chance of some rain towards the evdn time


and quite a bright start with the cloud increasing but it is puiet to


start October. A little bit of rain tonight, this weather front towards


the West with the cloud increasing this evening and a few splashes of


light rain am not amounting to much. It will be fizzling out movhng


eastwards and it clears thrde for the early hours of the mornhng so we


try upwards in the night with clear spells and so on and fog forming


once again. And temperatures at 14`15 degrees. These are thd minimum


temperatures far tonight. Tomorrow starts off dry and bright whth some


sunshine around for the morning and we will start as the cloud


increasing the afternoon but the bulk of the day should be dryer


within a few splashes of light rain pushing in by the evening. We are


looking at highs of around 08 or 19 degrees and a little bit cooler than


what we have been used to for the past couple of days and well above


the average. Into Thursday `nd Friday, not a lot in the wax of


change, dry and bright and breezy but this weather front is ptshing in


for Friday night and this whll give us a good deal of rain. That is a


dividing line between warm `ir to the south and cooler air to the


North and that will drag th`t cooler air towards the end of the week and


into the weekend so welcome to autumn! This weekend is turning


cooler, some bright weather around but you will notice those


differences in the temperattres breezy and rain towards the end of


the weekend. We could do with some rain. My garden is like the Gobi


Desert! Even camels! Goodbyd. The stage is set for the


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