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This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight ` freed. A man who spent six years in jail


for a murder he didn't commht. And today cleared of ordering the


shooting of a teenager. She should never have been there in thd first


place and someone has lost the life but it was not the fault of my son.


He was saved by a bone marrow transplant, now he is recruhting new


donors. I know how difficult it was to get the dawn, this is my way of


giving something back and shgning up for life savers. And the chhldren's


laureate pays a visit. Good evening.


Welcome to Wednesday's programme. First.


A man who was jailed for a lurder he didn't commit has been freed


after almost six years behind bars. Michael Hamblett`Sewell was


originally convicted of ordering the shooting of the


Derby teenager, Kadeem Blackwood. The prosecution had used


a controversial law known as "joint enterprise".


But today, after a SECOND rd`trial, a jury decided that he WASN'T


guilty. Our Social Affairs Correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, was in court. An emotional day?


Yes. There were gasps and tears


from family who were sitting just behind me.


I heard them shout "thank you jury," and then, "thank you judge".


As that jury took barely a couple of hours to clear Michael H`mblett


Sewell, of committing one of Derby's most notorious murders.


Free for the first time in `lmost six years he left court tod`y numb


with promotion. I am just pleased that justice has finally bedn done.


We have suffered for the last six years with name`calling and I have


even lost a job through it. He should never have been paid in the


first place. At the end of the DA young man has lost his life but


through no fault of my son. A 15`year`old was murdered in this


part. He was a keen musician who recorded this track for his girl


friend but a trivial row ovdr this respect led to this horrifyhng


treble nine call. It is now almost six years since the


shooting. Two men were jaildd for life for the murder. Michael


Hamblett Sewell denied he h`d ordered the shooting. This secondary


trial finally cleared his n`me. I am just proud that the name has been


cleared and my sister can now get on with her life. He has practhcally


grown up in prison. He was 09 when it happened and is 25 now. H hope


nothing like this ever happdns again. He has lost six years of


liberty and the murder will affect the rest of his life. Why h`s it


taken so long for Michael H`mblett Sewell to clear his name? This was a


really difficult case to prove either way. The prosecution used a


controversial law known as joint enterprise. They simply had to prove


he was involved in the markdr. Some evidence used that trial later


proved to be unreliable. Let's speak to Paul Bacon,


a local lawyer who's defenddd more than 60 murder suspects.


Why's the "joint enterprise" law used?


There are crimes involving groups of young men. It means different people


can be charged with the samd offence even though they have played


different roles in the crimd. You look at the reaction there has been


to these charges and prosecttions, there are so many appeals which is


an indication if there is an unsatisfactory area of the law. I


suppose in a lot of these c`ses the person doing the killing is simply


following orders, does this not make sure it is the person who is


responsible? Before this cale fashionable you were charged with


different offences, aiding `nd abetting, a free, if you were not


the principal offender who had pulled the trigger knowinglx are


just played in all together and it is left to the duty to try to tease


out who is responsible. `` Julie. Michael Hamblett Sewell's f`mily say


they are also concerned abott the joint enterprise system as well


A Leicester care home at thd centre of allegations of ill treatlent had


systematic failings, accordhng to a report by an independent regulator.


Care Quality Commission inspectors visited Fosse Court in July.


The home failed 4 out of 5 `reas of evaluation


including safeguarding against abuse and managing medication.


The home closed in July after four workers were arrdsted.


Last week police confirmed no further action would be takdn.


Today the family of one forler resident spoke of their concerns.


Every time she said they do not give me food, they do not give md


medicine properly, they do not come and clean, I am upset. My


mother`in`law says she is a very clean lady. Every time I crhed. She


is there and we cannot do anything. In a statement, Fosse Court Care


home say they've produced ddtailed representations of what thex believe


to be factual inaccuracies hn the report based on the July inspections


and are taking advice from their legal team


about challenging its contents. Six men have appeared


before magistrates in connection with the death of a 30`year`old


mother of two in Leicestershire Hayley Pointon died


from a single gunshot wound at a house in Sunnydale Road


in Hinckley last February. Two 24`year`old men have bedn


charged with murder and four others with assisting an offender.


They've all been remanded in custody and are due to appear


at Leicester Crown Court on Friday. Coming up:


A bit of a page turner. We'll be talking to the star guest


of a week`long festival of reading that's taking place in Leicdster.


Next tonight, one of the biggest ever resdarch


studies into breast cancer. The Royal Derby Hospital


is leading the way. And it could end up changing


treatment around the world. Over the next ten years


the investigation will focus on whether armpit surgery is really


necessary when breast cancer has spread to the lymph glands.


The surgery can leave some women with permanent side effects.


Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


It was a nightmare being in hospital. Ten years on she has been


given the all clear from thd disease and is running a here salon. But for


life she has been given a lymphoedema which is a swelling in


her rest and is unable to lhft heavy things. I cannot lift pans or the


Hoover. I have to district ly workload. Will the weather hn future


it is possible to avoid lymph node surgery and use something else


instead. To find out it will involve 2000 patients being monitordd. 0


hospitals are getting involved in the project across the UK and it


will take ten years to get the results. The surgeon behind the


study says removing diseased lymph nodes will remain the usual


treatment for now but with 00,0 0 procedures per year in the TK there


is huge interest in finding alternatives. This trial, ddpending


on the results, had the potdntial to change treatment. If the sttdy shows


there is no added benefit of taking the lymph nodes out then we do not


need to do it. Karen knows only too well how far cancer treatment has


come. You have to look at it, yes, it is life`threatening but ht is not


a death sentence any more. @ lot of people survive. There is life after


that and I am living proof of that. A police officer from Leicestershire


whose life was saved by a bone marrow transplant has inspired


hundreds of people to sign ` register to become potential donors.


Rik Basra was suffering from leukaemia and had only weeks to


live when HIS donor was found. Today he and his wife held dvents


across Leicester to try to recruit one thousand donors in just one day.


Helen Astle reports. It has been a busy day at the


University. 100 students have signed up for those who need a bond marrow


transplant. I had the dreaddd conversation with the surgeon when I


was told to start making arrangements. I know what it feels


like to be at the darkest. Ht is very frightening and there hs


nothing you can do, you are relying on a stranger. You look arotnd at


all the people you see in everyday life and you think you could help,


you could be the one to savd my husband's life. They are trxing to


encourage as many people as hospital to sign up to become a donor. Among


those lending the support this footballer, the aim was to get 000


new donors signed up in just one day. I know a lot of people in my


family who have got illnessds and it is a good cause to donate. Xou are


helping somebody. We all have a right to live so if we can help each


other out in some way that hs what I am here for. It is really e`sy to


register, all you need to do is fill in this form, spit in this tube and


wait to see if you are needdd. To give somebody the chance of life is


all the thanks I need, it is such a wonderful feeling. It is so humbling


to see so many people helping out to try to get to that vision. Hn the


last few minutes we have he`rd they have reached their target, hn fact,


just over 1000 people have signed up to become donors and there `re still


students queueing to registdr. An airline which hasn't flown


from East Midlands Airport for 18 years is returning.


Aer Lingus Regional, which hs operated by Stobart Air, is starting


a new direct route to Dublin. 70,000 passengers are expected to


use the service in the first year. It will start in February 2015.


The Conservative Party confdrence has wrapped up in Birminghal,


with the Prime Minister tempting voters with tax cuts, an enhanced


NHS and a tough stance on Etrope. There was also a pledge


on building new homes for first time buyers and a curb


on welfare benefits for migrants. So what's the likely impact of his


conference speech on the political landscape of the East Midlands?


From Birmingham's International Convention Centre, here's


our Political Editor John Hdss. With eight months to go to the next


general election the prime linister outlined his policies and pledges


which he hopes will appeal to the porters, especially on tax. On


minimum wage you will pay no income tax at all, nothing, zero, zilch.


The conference speeches abott rallying the troops. But David


Cameron's tax pledge was for ?2 billion in the first two ye`rs of


the next Parliament. How will that political language go down hn the


Tory held seats that are under threat from UKIP and labour. It is a


straight fight between myself and labour. David Cameron was w`nting to


appeal to voters who might not normally consider voting


Conservative. One local lawxer thinks he might have pulled that


off. He has given us a double dose of oxygen. We can knock on doors and


ask people to give us anothdr term. Labour, UKIP and the Lib Dels whose


conference gets underway thhs weekend will be asking if those


pledges add up. The former Children's Laure`te,


Michael Rosen, has described as criminal


the axing of most of Derbyshire s fleet of mobile libraries.


He was speaking during a visit to Leicester, where he was


one of the star names in a week`long festival to promote reading.


Mr Rosen, who's well`known for his outspoken


views, also told us he's in favour of making a library a statutory


requirement in every school. Mike O'Sullivan's been


along to meet him. The teacher will come along and


pressed me on the top of thd head. The former children's Lordy it on


the Saint Matthews estate in Leicester at a primary school. He


was there as part of the Re`ding festival. I asked him about a story


yesterday when we reported that most of the mobile library fleet in


Leicestershire is to be axed. It is criminal because the council is


doing it and it is criminal because we do not need to. Libraries were


fought for in the 19th centtry because people said everybody should


have books. It is in books we find out about the world. To then take


that away on the ludicrous pretext that somehow we cannot afford it is


the nonsense and it is crimhnal The city aims to promote a love of


reading in every Child. I lhke to read fantasy books because they


build your imagination. It hs important for everyone becatse it


helps in your stats and your writing. It helps you with xour


speaking. It helps you with your writing. He is passionate about his


need for a library in every school. It is compulsory and statutory to


have libraries in prisons, ht is compulsory for local authorhties to


provide one kind of library service but the one place it is not


compulsory is schools. How crazy is that? They expect more star authors


next year as the reputation of this festival grows.


Still to come this evening ` is our weather on the turn?


Anna will be here with the forecast. And the taste of the tropics in


Derby, I'll be meeting the lan who has known this. `` grown thhs. Very


exotic, just like Kirsty! Thank you! Action from Nottingham Forest


and Notts County and some fhghting talk from the Leicester Tigdrs.


But first to Derby County. A sending off.


A disallowed goal. Two frustrated managers.


But in the end Steve McClardn celebrated the anniversary


of his appointment as Derby's boss with another win.


Mark Shardlow was at the I Pro Stadium.


It was a game that turned on this incident. The ball going in the net


four Derby after frustrating defending over an hour. The effort


they had other thoughts, he disallowed the goal, sent off the


keeper and awarded Derby a free kick. The left decided and handball


outside the area meant a dismissal and not a goat. In doing so, he


upset the fans and both man`gers. I did not see a handball. It was very


close. To disallow it, I do not know. What great guys that referee


has got! know. What great guys that referee


has got! Derby made the most of the one`man advantage. This beattifully


taken goal. There was an occasional skier but the victory was m`de


certain with this from Chris Martin just before the end. The progression


that the team have made is phenomenal. You only have to look at


the results. A much better team more organised, absolutely


fantastic. I was one of his worst critics but we had in a good


position. He has made it like you want to come again. What do you


think of Steve? I think he hs a really good manager,


think of Steve? I think he hs a really good manager, one of the best


we have ever had. It ended hn success with the promise of more to


come by his second annivers`ry. Nottingham Forest missed out on


returning to the top of the table after a goalless draw at Wigan. It's


their third 0`0 in a row. Stuart Pearce is team are still


claiming points, they might well have won this one. This could so


easily have given them the lead at Wigan. As the other end there were


skiers as Wigan produced ond of the best performances of the se`son


There was nothing candid about this since awaiting effort. Then they


find the keeper rather than the net. Well, with league leaders Norwich


losing last night, a win would have put Forest back


on top of the Championship table. It is incredbily tight.


Forest are second on goal difference.


Derby County are in 4th. Just a point behind.


But Wolves will go top if they win tonight.


In League One, Notts County have now gone six games unbeaten.


They had their biggest win of the season at bottom club Crewe


last night. Notts County waited patiently for


the opening goal which eventually came a minute from half`timd. The


striker was on target again just six minutes into the second half. This


time the celebration was nohsy and flamboyant as he doubled his tally


for the season. Notts were well in command against the wiki is to


defence in the league and they wrapped it up with this.


Rugby and the Leicester Tigdrs head coach Richard Cockerill


has hit back at his critics. The Tigers have lost back to back


games in their worst start to the season since Cockerill was


appointed five years ago. A thrashing at Bath was followed by


a home defeat as the Tigers battle on without 20 injured players.


And some critics have questhoned Leicester's training methods.


Honestly, they can do what they want. I cannot control the


irrational thoughts of people outside this environment but I can


control this environment and we have good coaches, good people, we will


battle away and when it goes well I want the people who are getting the


stick now to see I was wrong and well done. Fighting talk indeed


That is of the sport. In a moment we'll have the latest


on this balmy weather, but first we meet a man who, come rain or shine,


brings a taste of the tropics to his back garden in Derby.


We sent Jo Healey to meet Mike Whittaker who can't resist


growing exotic fruits. In the past we have shown ndw home


prom whoppers and show stoppers Today it is fruit surprising the


neighbours in Derby. They could not believe you have grown a pineapple


in Derby. It is a challenge. It is the seat you know it must do


something. When it gets too big the botanical art and have taken on one


of my yucca plants. The seat of his obsession was planted three decades


ago when he planted a stone. How do I grew a pineapple? First you get


one in season. You cut it lhke that. Take some leaves off. You mtst keep


the soil damp and I'm it like this. Here's one I made earlier. Dight


years earlier! A lot of trotble to go to but it is beautiful. @nd I am


sure very tasty! It has been doing nicely for the


first day in October. Temperatures of 19 Celsius, really good for


October. Similar tomorrow, lostly dry with some fine sunny spdlls but


all change at the weekend. There will be a few clear spells `s we go


through the night but also ` few showers in the north of the region.


It could be a touch of grass frost in the north but for most of us the


cloud will persist. There could be a few isolated spells of mist or fog.


The risk of an isolated shower but on the poll largely dry. Clogher


will break to give some bright or sunny spells. Temperatures peaking


at 18 or 19 Celsius. From Friday things start to change slowly. It


will be dry, bright and warl but the winds will increase on Frid`y. Look


to the north and we see this band of rain, it is the weather front and it


will make its way south eastwards as we go through Friday night hnto


Saturday. It is a wet and whndy night on Friday and a wet and windy


start to Saturday. Once it clears there will be there will be the


reduction of much cold the `rea weather on Saturday. I am all talked


up by the weather! She is almost no! `` all emotional.


Families left without a pay packet at the end of the month.


Government borrowing on a scale not seen since the war.


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