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Tonight: An off-duty nurse saves the life of Leicester City


The nurse was at an awards ceremony when the former player suffered a


cardiac arrest. After the fourth shot comic he came around and was


breathing for himself again on the first thing he said to me was, wow,


what just happened? So straightaway, he was alert. Also tonight, caught


on CCTV. The RSPCA say what happened next was sickening. Plus the latest


chapter in the amazing story of the development of MRI in Nottingham.


And in sports, in northern Italy, Nottingham Pampers historic


Continental cup campaign gets off to a winning start. -- Nottingham


Panthers. Good evening and welcome to Friday's


programme with Anne Davies For years now, former


footballer Alan Birchenall has campaigned for defibrillators to be


installed at sports grounds. Last night his life


was saved by one. The football legend


and Leicester City ambassador collapsed at an awards event held


at the home of Leicester Tigers, but he was saved by the emergency


first aid he received. He is affectionately known as the


Birch. Since the early 1970s, Alan Birchenall has been part of


Leicester City. As well as being a player coming he is also known to


raising millions for charity. While handing out awards at the Leicester


Mercury sports event last night, Alan collapsed because of a cardiac


arrest. His life was saved by nurse Lisa Fereday. She was there because


her daughter was nominated for an award. Read I started chest


compression is, asked for the automated defibrillator to be


brought to me as soon as possible. Somebody got that. That was brought


quickly to me and all the time, it is obviously important to continue


effective chest compression is, which I did. When the automated


defibrillator came, we attached it and was able to deliver a shock for


his day with me, which was obviously pivotal in saving his life. How


Bhagwati 's condition? He did speak to me afterward. After the fourth


shot coming he came round and was breathing for himself again. The


first thing he said to me was wow, what just happened then? This doctor


has worked with Alan Birchenall public events to promote the use of


defibrillators. The very equipment which kept him alive. There were two


things that saved his life last night. One was the immediate


commencement of resuscitation, compression of the heart and the


second thing was the defibrillator that was quickly available and the


shocks from it saved Alan's life. Is it fair to say he has been


overwhelmed by messages from the public? He has had many messages.


I've warned him not to spend too much time trying to respond to them.


He is overwhelmed and overjoyed at the support he has had.


Simon is outside the King Power stadium now.


I understand you managed to speak to Alan earlier this evening?


Yes, late this afternoon I was able to speak to Alan Birchenall at the


Glen field hospital. Understandably, he is very tired, be very happy and


recovering well and pleased with all those hundreds and hundreds of


messages of support that are coming through from members of the public.


It gave me a great big smile on the thumbs up. It is remarkable by his


life was saved by the device as he has been promoting to the public.


We've had a stem from Leicester City, they've also thanked everyone


who is helping Alan Birchenall for the messages of support and have


sent all the love from everybody here at Leicester city football


club. Alan posted a Facebook message this afternoon, it said he hopes to


have an operation tomorrow and be out of Spittal in the next few days.


He said to all his well-wishers that one of his favourite songs was


Staying Alive. Thank you. Best wishes to Alan.


"Violent, sustained, brutal and degrading."


That's how a judge has described attempted rapes and serious sexual


assaults on two women in Nottingham last autumn.


But the judge also said what makes the attacks more shocking


is that they were carried out by a 16-year-old boy.


It was last October, just after 8am, when a woman in her 20s was walking


along this alleyway. Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind by a man and


subjected to a terrifying and serious sexual assault. The attacker


ran off, but then 15 minutes later, struck again. This time, a woman in


her 60s who was walking her dog ear. She was attacked and subjected to


two serious sexual assaults and two attempted rates. From DNA at the


scene, the police sooner arrest the attacker. He was 16 and had been


drinking and taking drugs or lie before the attacks. Today,


Nottingham Crown Court heard both victims had been strong, independent


women before that October morning. But the younger men now says she


needs somebody to go with her wherever she goes and lives in


terror another attack. The older victim also said she now


can't go far from her house, because of the memory of the attack, which


now controls. They've both been affected terribly


and this attack was in broad daylight. So they both made the


comment that it is not even as if it was at night. So it has caused


significant trauma since that time. Judge Gregory Dickinson told the


youth, this is to all intents and purposes the same as rate. It was


violent, sustain, brutal and degrading. These offences are


shocking enough, but what makes it all the more extraordinary for the


courts and the public is that you are just 16 years old. You have


admitted terrible crimes with very serious consequences for the


victims. The judge sentenced the US to nine years in prison, with, if


and when he is released, five years afterwards of extended licence.


A car fitted with CCTV cameras has captured over 600 drivers


parking illegally over the last ten months.


It's part of a crackdown on what's considered to be dangerous


and inconsiderate parking outside schools and bus stops


The county council invested in the vehicle last year,


It says the idea isn't about making money, but changing behaviour.


More than eight million pounds of Government


funding is being awarded to the East Midlands


The money can be used to fix around 150,000 potholes


or stop them forming in the first place.


The Department for Transport's already agreed almost


92 million pounds, to repair the region's highways.


Still to come: Are the Panthers about to make ice hockey history?


Colin Hazelden's in Italy this evening.


Well, here in this hall and atmospheric arena, the Pampers


campaign got off to the best of starts this afternoon. Find out how


later on in the sport. -- the Panthers.


The RSPCA is investigating what it describes as an horrific


They say it's important to catch the culprit.


The incident was caught on security cameras by Millie's owner,


Patrick McGeary, who's been talking to our reporter Geeta Pendse.


And a warning for you - we will be showing the video


So if you want to, please look away now for the next 30 seconds.


Enjoying attention from her owner Patrick.


But 24 hours ago, Millie was attacked outside


Patrick's private CCTV camera captured the shocking moment when a


My cat was just sat there, being friendly and


I felt sick, I felt angry to think that


somebody thinks they have the right to do that to a defenceless animal.


Millie's suffered swelling to her jaw and is now being treated for a


Determined to find out who carried out the attack,


Patrick posted the footage onto Facebook and


I've had messages from all over the world wanting to know how


Millie is and it is nice to know there are some of the good people


The RSPCA are now investigating and appealing for


They say inflicting such an horrific attack on a


defenceless cat is sickening and it is


important we track down the


I think they are the lowest of the low.


If they've got a problem with somebody, they


should go to them, not pick on adefenceless little animal.


Patrick says he will not let Millie out of


the house, fearful it may happen again.


Six men have appeared in court accused of running an insurance scam


where they caused dozens of car accidents across Derbyshire.


The court heard that they targeted mainly older or lone female


drivers and made claims using stolen identities.


This man, the director of the company described today in court as


fraudulent and at the heart of a crash for cash scam. His brother was


the secretary of that company. The pair were part of claims management


firm, dobby enterprise solutions, where 17 number 41 collisions that


are part of this trial were dealt with on behalf of the claimants. The


brothers and the other four defendants have all been charged


with conspiracy to defraud. It is alleged that between November 2000


11 March 2013, they were involved in as gamma whether deliberately caused


road traffic collisions across Derbyshire in order to make a false


insurance claims, including for personal injuries. A quarter of


those collisions took place at the marked Eaton Island roundabout in


Derby. The prosecutor said the group targeted older drivers and lone


women. They are also accused of using stolen identities and false


medical reports as part of those claims. The court heard that this


man from Bradford produced assessment reports on the vehicles


involved in the collisions before the claims were sent to insurance


companies. But the prosecutor says these reports were fraudulent and


produced without the vehicles being examined. The other defendants


include these men are from Derby and Adam Stark from Nottingham who is


also charged with perverting the course of justice. Another seven


defendants have already pleaded guilty to their part in the scammer.


The six defendants he had denied all charges. The trial continues. -- the


six defendants here denied all charges.


An Iraqi family who were moved to Derby so their deaf son


could learn sign language have earned a last minute reprieve


from the Home Office, which means they won't be


Six-year-old Lawand Hamad Amin's family fled Iraq because


Islamic State had threatened to kill disabled children.


A decision on his future has been deferred until a High Court judge


Derby City Council's putting aside forty thousand pounds


for an art installation, featuring thousands


The piece was created by Derby artist Paul Cummins,


and featured as part of his display outside the Tower of London in 2014.


The installation, called Weeping Window, will see the poppies


cascading down the city's historic Silk Mill from June this year.


A nine million pound investment in MRI scanning was celebrated today


It was there back in the 1970s that MRI was developed


Well, things have moved on since then.


The latest state of the art imaging paves the way for more research


into a whole range of health problems, as our health


The late 1970s at Nottingham University, and the British inventor


Sir Peter Mansfield working on the world's


Today, almost 40 years on, the Nobel Prize winner was back


there to hear about the University's latest


investment in magnetic resonance imaging.


It is nice to hear that there is still some interest, not


just locally, but that there is interest in MRI


One of the University's new MRI scanners.


It provides sharper images, including


of the brain and is being used to research hearing loss.


We are now able to get much better quality


pictures of this part of the brain, which has been


It is the brain stem and I'm interested in how sounds get


There's also a new vertical scan at the


It will be used to investigate a range of conditions.


We want to extend what is possible with MRI to make the new systems


that give us a different kinds of information,


systems we currently have and apply them in the best possible way.


Pam, and her husband, Mike, who was a paramedic,


have raised over ?20,000 for this new development.


Their son Sam from Newark died following a


We had a very difficult time at MRIs and we want


to help young people and children get over the anxieties that he had.


I'd like to thank everybody who donated and supported us to make


this possible and make it for all children who need it in our area.


All part of the latest chapter in the story of Nottingham's


Rob, some interesting developments there which will help patients.


And this of course will go down as a hugely pressured week for the NHS.


After a war of words, is there any sign of things easing off?


Yes, and I can tell you our main A things have eased off a little here


in Nottingham. They say they are seeing fewer patients, but the


pressure is still high. In Leicester, where we have that system


critical incident, which is the highest state of alert, earlier this


week, extra staff had to be drafted in and things have eased off there


as well. And the political fallout continues? It does indeed. A war of


words over the NHS, as you said, Theresa May criticising opposition


and the British Red Cross have also come in for flak for describing the


situation as a humanitarian crisis. Many in the NHS have been working go


overboard on the front line this week and I think they will be glad


to see the back of this week. But we know that although things have eased


off, things can ramp up quickly again and the flu season has not yet


peaks. Not good news at all there. Thank you, Rob.


Still to come this evening - hair with style.


A new exhibition gets underway that celebrates the afro cut and explores


the styling of black hair as an art form.


Time for sport and things rather overshadowed today, Nat,


by the sad news that Alan Birchenall has been seriously unwell.


Yes, we brought you an update on Alan's recovery at


Tomorrow, fans plan to light up the King Power Stadium for the Birch.


On the tenth minute of Leicester's game with Chelsea, supporters


will switch on their mobile phone lights to show the man they call


Today there's been an out pouring of emotion on social media,


as sporting stars, celebrities and former players wish Alan well.


Birchy is a great friend of this programme and is hugely


popular with fans, pundits and the footballing world.


We hope everyone is sending Birchy our get well wishes, too.


Now is almost time for kick off in a massive game for Derby County.


They're at Elland Road tonight facing promotion rivals Leeds


Earlier, midfielder Will Hughes signed a new deal long


Making his debut tonight, new signing David Nugent.


A man who knows exactly what it takes to win promotion


the Premier League, as Angela Rafferty reports.


David Nugent scores and it is one-nil to Leicester!


He is the dictionary definition of a


He wants me to come here and score some goals and get the team


He knows I've been promoted twice, and


he wants me around the place giving a lot of encouragement and hopefully


Reunited with Steve McClaren, who gave him is one


Steve gave me my debut against Andorra and in the


last 20 minutes, he managed to grab a goal and I will


It is the relationship he has to the players.


He's out there on the training pitch.


A firm favourite with fans, his former club has


had flowers delivered to Derby yesterday.


Loved by the Foxes faithful, too, their top goal scorer


I got on with the players really well.


They deserved it, they had an incredible season.


Two promotions to the Premier League with two different teams.


That's the job, coming here and encourage the lads


and make them believe they can get promoted.


In the past couple of years, they have almost been there,


but I'm hoping now I can come in, score my goals and get the lads


playing even better and push them up the table.


A presence on the pitch and a menace off it.


He's one of our own, he's one of our own!


You've got a bit of a reputation as a joker.


Not yet, I think he went out to get some jam roly-poly and left


the table, but I was thinking about it, but it is early days yet.


Onto Forest, and their transfer embargo has been lifted


They also say it does not mean the proposed takeover is complete.


The manager, meanwhile, just trying to get on with it.


I prefer to look toward what I have than what I haven't.


I'm sure it is the first time in my career that


When times are difficult, you need to be stronger.


Notts County begin a new era tomorrow under new owner Alan Hardy


And what a start for him as Notts play local rivals Mansfield


in the Nottinghamshire derby in front of a big


In rugby, the Leicester Tigers play tomorrow in a European Champions Cup


Now, last but not least from me, it's a huge weekend


for Nottingham Panthers and the whole of British Ice Hockey.


They are trying to make history as the first British club to win


a European trophy and Colin is there live for us now


at an Arena in the mountains of Northern Italy.


Good evening to you. Look at this place. It is just warm enough for me


in here to take my coat off, but I can still see my breath. This is an


old-fashioned place to hold a final. Concrete terraces over there.


Nottingham Panthers have three games to win the Continental cup this week


and a first of this afternoon. It could not have got off to a better


start. It was the captain who was there at the back post to score the


opener for the Panthers. A brilliant start. They are to push in the


second period, but they gave up. On that power play, the captain again


was there to stick home the second goal. A great start for the


Panthers. This is the Panthers assistant coach. A great way to


start these games and they're well on top form. Let us talk about what


it is like to be here. We came up the weather fans would have them,


upon the cable car and the Tramp. It makes it special, doesn't it? Yes,


you quite a bit of nostalgia when you play Italian hockey. It is


different to what we are used to in Nottingham, but it is nice to come


somewhere different. You got off to the best possible start, to more


tough games to come this week. The host in particular on Sunday,


cheered on by their fans. All the bits of? Yes, you're going to be


playing against a stronger teams in European finals, but we've started


well. That is the key to a tournament. It puts the pressure


back on and they are going into the first tonight. David, thank you. We


will have commentary on BBC Nottingham sports Facebook page.


Thank you. We will have live commentary of finals weekend over


there in Italy on our BBC Nottingham Facebook page all throughout the


weekend. It can be your crowning glory


or look like a bird's nest. It can be long or short,


straight or curly. It can make a huge statement


and cost you a fortune, because hair has been important to


mankind for centuries. Now, visitors to the New Art


Exchange in Nottingham a new display that focuses on black


hair as an art form. It all starts tomorrow


but Carol Hinds went From locks and braids,


to canerows and afros. The Art of Black Hair grew


from a workshop that got the black community in Nottingham


talking about their hair. These are crochet braids,


so you curl your hair backwards and you crochet


the extensions into your hair. I have it a bit straighter


and put it in a ponytail, but it is a bit


lazy, though practical. I usually have got this


on and I plait it, most of the time. We are not like many


other races, where we So we're really hair artists


on a daily basis and that is where the idea for the


exhibition came from. The portraits and styles


will be on show at the new Art Exchange in Nottingham from


tomorrow, along with the selection of hair memorabilia


from the 19th century. The iron comb was put on coal


fires and then, latterly, paraffin heaters, when we came


to England, and then on the gas When I was younger, I used to go


crazy with my hairstyles. I used to have it in silver foil,


in my younger days. I do like to have my hair out


in an Afro, pull it back If it gets wets, it is very


curly, and if I run it through with the straighteners,


it goes straight. The Art of Black Hair runs


until March the 19th. I love braided hair. Absolutely


stunning. Now it is time for the weather. It was snowing this


morning? A lot of it was across the


Leicestershire area. This picture was captured by Gary this morning,


falling over the city of Leicester. Loughborough got a light dusting


this morning as well. Ice is the big problem we are


looking up. Especially if there is still snow on the ground. There are


still a a few wintry showers around. Not at the moment, clearer skies


mean a widespread frost and a very cold night. Temperatures as low as


-3 -4-macro in rural areas. Showers coming across the western side,


North Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire into the early part of the morning.


Widespread frost for the rest of us, so cold start tomorrow. Saturday,


few are showers, brighter skies and the wind will ease off as well. So


it is a moderate, North breeze and it will be chilly, temperatures no


higher than four. By Saturday night and into Sunday, this area brings in


rain by Sunday. Sunday is quite cloudy and grey, quite damp. The


temperatures double compared to what we have been used to. Mild on Sunday


and through the early part of next week. But it will go a lot colder by


the time we get to Wednesday. Get well, Bircher, and stop flirting


with the nurses! Goodbye.


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