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Tonight - Derby based Rolls Royce is to pay hundreds of millions


of pounds to settle claims of bribery and corruption.


But with no-one being prosecuted, has someone got away with it?


Awarded Prime Minister regards who says she will stand up. Plus the


campaign against knife crime. My card is breaking for my son. It's


big and I cant help it and I have to live with this for the rest of my


life. And one of Derbyshire's finest comedy boxing legends he retired to


run a chip shop. Welcome to Tuesday's


programme with Dominic Heale it was carefully planned


and went on for 24 years. And it was carried out by one


of this region's flagship For four years, the Derby


aero-engine maker's been the subject of the biggest investigation


in the history of the Serious Fraud Office and will now have to pay


a record amount to settle the case. But, tonight, we'll be asking why


nobody is facing jail. First, though, Navtej Johal


has the background. Grey skies of a Rolls-Royce in Derby


today, but the cloud of the corruption and bribery prosecution


hanging over the firm has now lifted. The cost, a ?671 million


settlement. The aero firm is set to pay ?479 million plus costs of the


Serious Fraud Office. They cited investigating claims of wrongdoing


overseas in 2012. Rolls-Royce will also pay ?141 million to the US


Justice Department and 21.5 million to Brazilian regulators. This type


of settlement is known as a deferred Grecian agreement. They allow


organisations to pay huge penalties, but avoid prosecution, it is freely


admits to economic crimes such as fraud or bribery. The scale of the


settlement is unprecedented. In these years fraud office's 28 year


history, this is the largest penalty it has ever issued. The court heard


that the case against Rolls-Royce involves bravery of senior foreign


officials and senior staff. Stretching across the globe and its


businesses from 1989 to 2013. Lawyers said the conduct was


carefully planned and led to large contracts earning as much as a


quarter of ?1 billion. Countries including India, Russia, Nigeria and


China were named as places where there was either conspiracy to


corrupt or failure to prevent bribery. Rolls-Royce told as nobody


was available for an interview today, but instead releases video


which the firm recorded itself. The behaviour uncovered in the course of


the investigations by the Serious Fraud Office and other parties is


completely unacceptable and we apologise. Unreservedly for it. 'S


rise is a very large, international company and it is financially very


well served. It is quite in order to pay theirs. It can do so over a


period of four years. It is a large amount, but it is a manageable.


It is a large amount, but it is a manageable.


This is only the third deferred prosecution


since the agreements became law three years ago.


In a moment we'll hear from the Serious Fraud Office,


but first Quentin Rayner's been getting reaction


There was urgency in the High Court today to resolve this settlement


both here and in the States, before Donald Trump's inauguaration.


It's thought the opportunities to secure these deals in the US may


By entering this voluntary agreement, Rolls Royce has


But this has been condemned by an organisation called


Corruption Watch, who's stated mission is to expose corruption


By not prosecuting Rolls-Royce, the Serious Fraud Office is


unfortunately giving the impression that some companies are just too big


and too politically important to prosecute.


These deals that are made, deferred prosecution agreements,


are actually a pretty good deal for the company.


They don't get convicted, they don't have


to plead guilty to anything and not all of the wrongdoing that


they've been involved in will necessarily get


So, this is why companies like these deals.


Since the investigation, Rolls Royce has declared on its website


that, "High standards of ethical behaviour


are essential to protecting the reputation and long-term


We are committed to conducting our activities in a wholly ethical


manner and have zero-tolerance to bribery and corruption.


We have put in place the people, the processes and the support


network needed to live up to our promise to be trusted


City commentators say investors will be shocked by the scale


Pre-tax profits are forecast to halve when they're


reported next month, and it's thought Rolls Royce's


reputation will have taken quite a hit.


The man in charge of the investigation with David Green, the


director of the Serious Fraud Office. I caught up with him a while


ago. Why do you cut deals that let guilty


people get off scot free? A deferred prosecution agreement


today deals only with the company. We will now focus our attention on


them as our priority and in due course, decide which if any of them


should be charged based on the evidence. And this could be people


currently employed by Rolls-Royce? It will be those to whom the


evidence points. Could you give us an idea of how many people? No. How


big was this as an investigation for you? I opened this investigation in


2012. It has involved 70 employees from us. It has concerned 30 million


documents that have been examined. It dealt with conduct stretching


back for decades. It also concerned seven jurisdictions, seven different


countries and in three divisions of Rolls-Royce business. A huge


investigation, but then the serious fraud offered is used to such


investigations such as libel. Is any trip in the perception that big


companies around the world get away with the sort of thing they do? Is


it just the way the world is run in high finance? I don't think have ?1


billion can be described as getting away with it. What it reflects is


they have had to discourage their illicit profits may have paid a very


significant financial penalty, which has been discounted, because of what


the court called their exemplary cooperation with the S F O


investigation. We will leave it there, thank you very much indeed.


Thank you. Next - today's big


story about Brexit. The Prime Minister has now made


clear we cannot remain a member of the single market when we leave


the European Union. How has that gone down


here in the East Midlands? We've been to the constituency


of one of those rebellious Tory MPs, who have openly disagreed


with their leader on Brexit ever From Loughborough, here's our


political editor Tony Roe. While the Prime Minister made her


speech to the diplomats in London, we watched in a cafe


near Loughborough town Hall. We are leaving the


European Union, but were This is the seat of the former


Education Secretary She wants us to stay


in the single market and said it would be destructive


to have a hard Brexit. She is, though, encouraged


by the Prime Minister's speech. And there's clearly


been a huge amount of work going on across Government


to think about what that future There are clearly much


for details, much more negotiations, but I thought the tone


of the speech and the awareness of the magnitude of the important


new relationship was very welcome. We know that Nicky


Morgan picked great importance on what people


in Loughborough marketplace say. Well, there is no market


today, but plenty of people around


to get reaction from. I think any strong Prime Minister


should have said, this was We should take the fact that some


people are unhappy with being in the EU and use that


to press for reforms within the EU. Well, I'm fed up of


the European market. The Government are in Brussels


or wherever they are. They say we've got


to do this, we've got We should be in charge


of our own money, we should be in I just don't think we


should be tied to the Anna Soubry is in the same


camp as Nick Morgan. For her, the PM's speech did not


indicate a hard Brexit. We are going to be out


of the single market. Her critics for too long have been


saying that she has not been specific about what our aims


of negotiations are. Our new relationship


with the European Union The Prime Minister


has been very clear. Well, she hasn't said anything today


that she has not said She spelt it out


rather more clearly. It was more accepting that this has


got to be in everybody's And tonight, the Labour


leader in the European Parliament,


the East Midlands' the Prime Minister of giving up


on the single market before A woman accused of the manslaughter


of her niece has told the jury at Leicester Crown Court she treated


the baby like her own child. Chaunfang Zheng denies violently


shaking seven-month-old Phoebe Guo to stop her crying


at her flat in Lutterworth. Giving evidence at the second day in


her defence, she was cross-examined about the events leading up to the


death of her knee is Phoebe. The 31-year-old had been looking after


the baby at her flat on Linden dies in Lutterworth in March 2000 15. Her


parents were working nearby at the family takeaway. The prosecution


alleges within half an hour in her saltier, CB suffered eight


catastrophic brain injury. Cost examining her, the prosecution said


you had for young children all in a very small flat. Phoebe was crying


and refusing to eat. You were feeling very stressed, weren't you?


She replied, I did not feel stressed. The prosecution continued,


you pick up Phoebe into your arms and you violently shake her to stop


crying. She replied, no. Phoebe died four hours later having never be


gained consciousness. The prosecution claim she lost control


and shook the baby. She says her knees went pale and lost


consciousness as she tried to feed her. The prosecuting barrister asked


would you tell her mum and dad what you did to her. I tried to


resuscitate her, I tried to save her, she replied. You're simply not


telling the truth, are you? All I say is fact, she replied. She denies


manslaughter, the trial continues. She denies manslaughter,


the trial continues. Police have begun a murder


investigation after a body was found Officers were called


to Cromer Street just after 9:30am this morning and forensic teams


are still there tonight. There are also cordons in place


on Mayfield Road and Lyme Street. A 50-year-old man has been arrested


on suspicion of murder A man's been arrested after tonnes


of dirt were dumped on the steps The front of the court was taped


off this morning while A passer-by alerted


police at around 7am, spotting a tractor and a muck


spreader abandoned outside. When police arrived,


they arrested a 49-year-old You're watching East Midlands today


here in the East Midlands. Next tonight, the profoundly moving


accounts from three parents They've come together with


a powerful message, Today, the three parents


were given knives, which Nottinghamshire Police had


seized in covert operations. The parents in turn presented


the knives to an artist. He's using them to help create


a huge and extraordinary monument The chap pulled out a kitchen knife


and stabbed him eight times. In the heart, in the face, straight through


the heart. You do get a ten inch knife and plunged it in his neck.


One stab wound in his neck. A single knife wound to the chest. He didn't


have a chance. He bled to death, literally. They didn't stop their


sons being murdered. Their mission now to save other parents their


pain. Dealing with the fact that your child is no longer with you and


taking away in such a horrible way. If you lay what lot of emotions. My


life is over. It's been a hard five years and it's not getting any


easier. My heart is breaking for my son. It's breaking. How dangerous a


knife is. A danger highlighted by this, created out of 100,000 knives


gathered together from police for knife amnesty is across the country.


It's called the night angel. Today, they handed its crater at three


knives was received by Nottinghamshire Police who used


targeted operations rather than amnesties to fight knife crime. Is


about the individual to have a propensity for violence and to feel


the need to carry this type of weapon and targeting those people to


take them off the streets. It was those people that were in possession


of these knives. That is correct, yes. It is hoped when finished, this


will occupy the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. Hugely important,


usually. If we can raise awareness and just one person from going


outside with the knife and taking another persons life. It's not just


a statue, it's a work of art and its lives, its salts. My son will never,


ever be forgotten. When I'm dead and gone, it will still be there for


people to see. Celtic money programme tonight,


Derbyshire town remembers its most famous son. The former heavyweight


boxing champion Heald from Swadlincote and never forgot his


Swadlincote and never forgot his roots.


The chair of a Nottinghamshire parish council has resigned,


along with three other councillors, because of threats made over plans


to hire private security guards for their village.


Selston councillor Robert Sears-Piccavey says


he and his colleagues had been subject to what he calls a negative


The idea of private security has been mooted to combat anti-social


The issue has divided opinion in Selston, with opposition


There's going to be a new visitor's centre in Sherwood Forest.


A planning application's been approved


for the site at Forest Coner in Edwinstowe.


The project was created by a consortium, led by the RSPB.


The new site will mean the current visitor's centre and car park,


which dates back to the 70s,will be removed.


A charity, which has trained more than 16,000 Leicestershire


schoolchildren in first aid skills, is now expanding its


Heartwize was at Leicestershire Cricket Club last night teaching


young cricketers what to do if someone has a cardiac arrest.


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons has more.


After going in the water, I don't remember anything until I woke up


Mark was running in Derbyshire, Sylvia in the sea on holiday


Two hulking great lifeguards came over and worked on


Are just remember coming to the top of a slight hill


and just feeling a little bit out of breath and then all of a


Inspiring stories for young cricketers.


30 chest compression and then 30 rescue breaths.


Once you sit down and learn the fundamentals on the


basics, it's quite a simple task that anyone can do and it's


They don't know whether, when or where


they may witness a cardiac arrest, but this should help them know


Sadly, in this country, the majority of people don't get dudes


early resuscitation, so instead of getting survival


rates of perhaps 40%, its under 10% in the UK.


It's quite easy, like if you narrow it down


Anything is better than nothing, I guess.


At Loughborough town Cricket club, they've got a defibrillator.


Backed by the Joe Humphrey's Memorial trust, they want


to train as many cricketers as possible.


We want to be as equipped as we can be, in order to deal with that.


Both in terms of the professional game, but also, the


recreational game and the scores of clubs and recreational players


that are out there at the weekend playing the sport.


Originally, Leicester City's ambassador Alan Birchenall was


going to be there, but he is recovering


His life saved by one of these, a defibrillator.


I think he is doing quite well. If you're watching, keep on going. Here


Rugby and Leicester Tigers head coach Aaron Mauger has


confirmed he's is looking to bolster his squad.


The Tigers haven't won in four games and need injury cover


One name in the frame is experienced French


international centre Maxime Mermoz from Toulon.


As well as being a rugby union star, the 30-year-old he is a model.


Mauger told BBC Leicester Sports Martin Ballard


We've been searching for a replacement for Manu Tuilagi.


Obviously, the guy has long-term injuries, but nothing


So, is he amongst those players that you are looking at?


He's definitely one of those players we're looking at.


Football and one that Nottingham Forest News, Tyler Walker has gone


out alone again to Port Vale. Meanwhile, the club continue to hunt


for a new manager and is moving closer to appointing a senior member


of staff in the finance department. Now, we have features on two


different sport for you tonight. Table tennis coming up, but first,


Britain has become the first country in the world to recognise Parkour


as a sport. To most people, doing a back-flip


off a wall seems like a crazy idea, but this extreme sport has really


taken off here in the East Midlands. Now table tennis is a sport


that's played by many. The East Midlands is playing a big


part in its resurgence. And the national championships


are being held for the first time This is Britain's top player


and Britain was Michael This is Britain's top


player and Britain's These sessions at the new


table tennis centre at Carlton the Willows


Academy in Nottingham. I think it is a great sport


to watch at high level when It's on TV, you can't


connect yourself to it. It opens your eyes to


what table tennis really is. The East Midlands has a reputation


for developing players. Two of the four strong Olympic


team were from here. They finished fifth in the event,


Britain's best ever Mostly a lot of table


tennis going on in Nottingham in general these days


at the universities. Great to come to a school


like this, we got a And to see so many kids


that actually do play The future of the sport


is in younger hands, like Giorgio,


for whom today was so special. It's probably the best


thing ever written. At a session like this,


40 years ago, a young Derbyshire schoolboy was inspired


to take up the sport. The coach that started us


playing that day, he sat all of us down after we'd had this


big session of table tennis and he said, "One day, one of you guys


could be next English champion." For now, Paul Drinkhall


is number one, the five times national champion


is looking to make it six and join his coach as second


on the all-time list to the University of


Nottingham in March. And those championships take place


over the first weekend in March. Giorgio was great there, wasn't he?


He could be the next champion. In his day, he was one of the most


famous boxers in Britain. Jack Bodell, the former


British Heavyweight champion, is said to have put his home town


of Swadlincote on the world map. In the 70's, Jack retired


to run a chip shop, but never forgot his


South Derbyshire roots. After his death last November,


a new exhibition has opened in Swadlincote


to celebrate his life. I think it's an opportunity


to celebrate the life, the sporting life, of one of South Derbyshire


and Swadlincote's most famous sons, Inside Sharpes pottery


Museum in Swadlincote, the new exhibition on the life


of the boxing legend. Born in 1940, Bodell went


into the call industry, Ken Land's father ran


amateur boxing for So, Jack was at my father's house


regularly and we became big friends. We got to know him very well


and he was always there. It was typical, real


South Derbyshire. Very difficult


sometimes even for me. I'm South Derbyshire,


but it was difficult for me sometimes even


understand we were saying. When he turned professional,


he trained at the Royal Oak boxing George Balfour is still


a member of that club, which has contributed


to the exhibition. The first time I ever walked


in there was when I was 12, Jack was by the bag


there in the ring. The biggest thing that ever,


to Swadlincote for boxing. Jack's greatest triumph


was to beat Joe Bugner in 1971, to become British


heavyweight champion. Graham and Jackie,


volunteers with the magic Attic charity, but the exhibition


together to celebrate The Bodell family have


donated or loaned us other items belonging to Jack,


including his shorts, And I think what we've


done has done him proud. Jack retired in 1972


and his old sparring partner, Muhammad Ali, came to open the chip


shop Jack set up in Coventry. Even when he retired


to Coventry, Jack Every Friday, he used


a come back for a pint and people would stop him


on Swadlincote high Street Jack died in Coventry last


November, but his hometown Anywhere you go in


this country, when he mentioned Swadlincote,


nine times out of ten, somebody will follow it up


by saying Jack Bodell. And Jack, during his


career, put some of the And he put Swadlincote


and South Derbyshire on the map. That's just one of our stories on


our Facebook page tonight. You can use the page to tell us what you


think of any of our stories. Nice things only. Or you could send us a


message of you have a story that we think we might be interested in. Log


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