17/05/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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It's almost 6.30pm - you're watching East Midlands Today.


Tonight - Labour's upbeat message to voters in rain-swept Derby.


Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell says that despite the polls, Labour


is growing. It is moving of its own accord and polls have been wrong in


the past. Plus, from a hole in the ground, to this. How a


Nottinghamshire stately home is being turned into a national rehab


centre. And could this electric racing car is by the engineers of


the future? If kids had the vote, who would they choose, as Prime


Minister? I would want either Antic or Decker.


Welcome to Wednesday's programme with Geeta Pendse


First tonight - Derby will be a big beneficiary


from Labour's manifesto, according to Labour's Shadow


He arrived in the Labour target seat of Derby North this afternoon


Mr McDonnell also told a crowd of supporters that a movement


of support was building up despite the opinion polls which show


the party trailing well behind the Conservatives.


Our political editor Tony Roe was there.


You could say this was the few for the many, the few Labour Party


members braving the rain, waiting for the Shadow Chancellor,


waiting for a bus which was an hour late.


Yesterday's manifesto launch had nailed Labour's very different


manifesto to the mast and supporters here are happy.


for the people of Britain, where we could really establish


the welfare state, even in the face of really serious austerity.


Tuition fees, scrapping those is a massive bonus to this country.


All our utility companies are foreign controlled.


We have got to do something. I think Labour is the way forward.


This is a Labour target seat, it has had a Tory majority of 41


at the last election, but they believe here,


this seat will be a test for Jeremy Corbyn's policies.


I'm so pleased you've stuck around despite the elements themselves.


Derby is of course a railway city and Labour promised to electrify


the Midland Mainline and nationalise the railways.


Places like Derby, not only will we increase the conductivity,


but in addition to that, Bombardier will be one


of the companies, obviously, that will be providing a lot


of the railway stock that we will be needing in the new system,


so for Derby, I think this manifesto, you could have almost


And the claim also from the Shadow Chancellor about why


The mismanagement of the economy now is affecting all people.


I think that's why Theresa May called the general election.


I think she called it now because she realised


that the economy was on a downward spiral.


We've got three weeks to turn that movement into electoral success.


Labour don't believe the election will be a damp squib


for the party's fortunes, things are picking up,


they say, and polls have been wrong in the past.


So the polls are wrong or will prove to be wrong.


John McDonnell today told his damp supporters that they should be


invigorated by the polls. He says, we are reporting the fact there is


movement in the polls towards Labour. I think they take heart from


what happened in America with Donald Trump and what happened in Canada


with Justin Trudeau, where young people were not taken account of and


the vote made a difference. I would say that any history of general


election polling, there hasn't been a poll which has been more wrong


than 6% and Labour need a lot more than 6% to overturn this deficit in


the opinion polls at the moment. Thank you.


Later in the programme we'll be reporting from Downing Street -


Plus - we wanted rain. And we got it.


Well, we certainly had lots of the wet stuff today.


This was the picture at 11am and then pretty much the same


picture at 2pm and then the same picture again at 5pm.


Will we need our wellies again tomorrow?


I will have the full forecast late in the programme.


Police in Leicestershire are continuing to question two men


on suspicion of murdering a 16-year-old girl.


Megan Bannister was found dead after a car crash


in Enderby on Sunday. Detectives say they believe


her injuries weren't caused by the collision.


They've been searching homes in the Braunstone area


Two Leicester men - aged 27 and 28 - have been arrested.


A man has died after being hit by a train in Nottinghamshire.


British Transport Police were called to the Meadow Lane level crossing


in Attenborough at around 11.20am this morning.


It caused disruption to trains travelling


between Nottingham and London, Leicester, Derby and Newark.


Rail Accident Investigators have been called in.


Next tonight, dozens of military veterans have been recruited to help


build the new national rehabilitation centre


Stanford Hall's now a vast construction site, that's eventually


going to replace the outdated Headley Court in Surrey.


Our social affairs correspondent, Jeremy Ball, reports.


This is how Stanford Hall is being transformed.


Into a place that will rebuild shattered lives.


From this vantage point, you can see how they are restoring the old roof,


just one small part of a site that now employs 700


You can see our heritage contractors relaying the reclaimed slate.


Rich left the army with post-traumatic stress disorder.


He used to build bases in Afghanistan.


Now, he's recruiting other veterans to help build here at the defence


Whilst it may take a little bit of time to bring


a service leaver up to speed, service personnel have got


discipline and they have those logistical, planning challenges


that they faced on large operations. They bring leadership.


They will be there on time and they are reliable.


There are many former forces on this site,


as a result of the draw of what this project is all about,


It means so much because it will revolutionise rehab treatment


for men and women in the forces who have been wounded.


A rehab service that is currently based at the outdated


The replacement they are building here at Stamford hall is due to be


handed over to the Ministry of Defence in the


What you can see behind me is going to be everything


from complex trauma wards to hydrotherapy pools.


And accommodation for up to 300 injured service personnel.


And from the air, a bird's eye view that shows just how vast


it is and how rapidly the grounds of Stamford hall have been


This must be the biggest construction project in the East


Midlands at the moment. This is one of the gymnasium is where most of


the rehabilitation will take place. This is four size of the former


site. We have got six tower cranes and two mobile cranes to actually


feed the materials we need to build. There is still a lot more work to


do, when it is finished, they hope this will be a lifeline for the next


70 to 80 years. In just over three weeks' time,


we'll find out who's won the race to Downing Street.


That's three weeks for people to decide which are the most


important issues in the election. Well, Ed Collard has been talking


to voters who've something particular in common with the Prime


Minister. So, what do they


will have in common? Well, they all share one of the most


famous addresses in the world - And as Theresa May goes


through the rather arduous job application to hold onto her gaffe


in SW1, it's the likes of Maureen and Morris


in the Downing Street in South Normanton, and Jordan


in his in Bulwell So what do they want the election


on June the 8th to be about? I listen to what is in


the news and in the media and wrote a few notes.


Sometimes, your mind goes blank. And her vote is very


much still up for grabs. The National Health Service,


we want to review. So, I like what the Lib


Dems have been saying. Hospital car park charges,


which Labour have mentioned. Ukip, migration, which is another


thing we talk about, isn't it? The Conservatives, mental health


issues, yes, there are a lot In Bulwell, health is


also on Jordan's mind. What is important in this


general election would be privatisation of the NHS


and other public services. All agree that money


is too tight to mention. All agree that money is too


tight not to mention. There is such a vast difference


between the higher rates The national living wage does


need to be increased. And where Theresa May can always


find a policeman when she wants one, in South Normanton, Maureen's


not so sure. Police, the cuts for the police,


little things like, we've got a speed hump outside and it doesn't


slow things down outside our gate. We have talked to dozens of other


people on our Downing Streets, which also include one


in Sutton-in-Ashfield. But in every case, one subject


was surprisingly absent. Brexit is not important


to me in this election. Brexit, I mean, personally,


it isn't one of the biggest Ed Collard, BBC East Midlands Today,


In the build-up to the general election we thought it would be


interesting to see what young children think about it all.


So, we visited Scalford primary school in Leicestershire


You're in the camera. You are in the camera as well.


I'm not. Yes, you are.


And if you'd like to see that again, then catch it on our Facebook page.


A Leicestershire road has re-opened after a building partially


Emergency services were called to the two storey


building at Long Street in Wigston yesterday evening.


Specialist equipment was used overnight to demolish the property.


The Fire Service says it's not yet sure what caused the collapse.


A charity has put in a bid for ?6 million to transform


a disused viaduct which connects Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.


The Bennerley Viaduct is a listed structure and one of only two


Sustrans is applying for cash from The Heritage Lottery Fund


to turn it into a cycling and walking route, in the hope


Miles of canal have been adopted by groups


of volunteers in Derbyshire. The Canal and River Trust has


been asking for help to maintain the waterways.


So far, groups in Long Eaton, Cromford, Findern and


the Erewash Canal Preservation and Development Association have


Now, believe it or not, the Royal Academy of Engineering


reckons this country will need 1 million new engineers and


So one group of Derbyshire schoolchildren have taken


this challenge on board, and have built themselves


an electric racing car. In fact, Class five at Aston


on Trent Primary plan to race the car over the next two months.


James Roberson's been to see them test driving the Aston Arrow.


When you are ten, it is good to be a racing driver and that's what these


youngsters in Derbyshire are being. They won a competition run by a


national organisation called the advanced propulsion centre, to build


a lightweight electric kit car, all designed to encourage the young


engineers of the future. There is a statistic that by 2020, we will be


short of a million engineers in the UK. We wanted a fun project to show


students what they learn in the classroom can be translated into a


fun project. The chassis and motor are standard. The body, though, is


special to each school. These year five schoolchildren have been help


from an engineering company by Matt -- from Melbourne. You should see


the kids faces when we turn up. It is like, we're going to play with


cars now. It has been a fantastic opportunity for them to build a car


and race it. That was the whole reason for doing it, the principles


behind the competition in the first place. The pupils are enthusiastic.


We learned how to use a spanner to tighten them properly. So they would


keep things in place. It's been really fun. I feel like I wanted to


do some more and get into engineering. I have learned how to


use gears to make more power. How to wire up a circuit correctly. What is


it like to drive? It was really fun but scary at the same time! And it


is scary! The aim is to join other schools and all compete together.


The Aston Arrow has had input from aeronautical engineers at


Loughborough university. If it goes fast enough, it would almost be able


to fly around the course. After practice at school, it is next


practice at Donington park, race in June, Stafford will hope to win at


the big one, Rockingham, in July. That looks great fun. I'm handy with


a spanner? I can assemble furniture


occasionally. That's more than most of us can!


The sport's coming up - along with, hopefully,


a drier and brighter weather forecast.


And they may say slow and steady wins the race, but sadly, not for


Thwarted in his million to one chance of love.


Time now for the sport. Here is Matthew.


First we start with Nottingham Forest and we understand the meeting


between Olympiakos owner Evangelos Marinakis and the Football


League has taken place - and the Greek take-over


The club's manager Mark Warburton says he expects the new owners to be


aggressively ambitious and is looking forward


Manager Mark Warburton's faced a turbulent eight


He says Nottingham Forest now need strong foundations and thinks


the new potential Greek owner, Evangelos Marinakis,


They are football people, proven football people.


And they have done a magnificent job at the club.


And they've really developed an outstanding club,


so I'm sure the aspirations for the club will be


equally as positive, equally as aggressive.


The deal by the Greek shipping magnate is nearly complete.


A meeting with the English Football League Executive to see if he passes


the Owners and Directors Test has taken place.


Marinakis is facing accusations of match fixing back home.


He denies the allegations and is waiting to find out


Of course, it is great seeing a quick fix but there is no quick


fix by going to spend X amount of money at the club


What we have to do is make sure the club is abiding


by the regulations, is on firm ground.


Warburton wants five or six players in the summer


Keeping Forest up this season giving him sleepless nights at times.


But the former City banker says the pressures


I took the old Brentford players in to see the trading floor


and they realised those guys get in at 6am and they are still there


at 7pm and they are taking phone calls through the night


It is all about teamwork, communication, desire, hunger,


commitment, so it's not just football, far from it.


It is 14 years now since he left the world of banking without any


After success with Brentford and Rangers, his unconventional


route into the game is now driving him on here.


Basically, I thought, either do it now, or I'm


never going to do it, as corny as that may sound.


So it was that and it was taking the plunge,


taking a significant pay cut, much to the wife's disgust!


And I worked hard and I had some money put aside


and you eat into that and just try to develop your football career.


I'm very fortunate how it all turned out.


Very few English bosses manage in the Premier League,


but that's his ambition and he believes under


the new ownership, he can do it with Forest.


Do you feel excited now about the future for yourself


It's never about me personally, but to answer your question, yes.


24 clubs report back in June and will be


saying, this is our year. That's the nature of every league.


What we have to do is make sure it is Forest's turn.


Lovely interview with Mark Warburton.


Leicester City's manager Craig Shakespeare says he's been


looking at possible summer transfer targets - even though there's


no guarantee he'll be in charge of the club.


Leicester face Tottenham in their penultimate game


Shakespeare's future still hasn't been decided.


But he revealed today he's making plans for the squad for next season.


And he says it won't be long before he has talks with the owners


We've got two games left now. It will come to a conclusion.


I think the club realise, in terms of


forward planning, it's important that everybody knows, and so my


answer is, you won't have to wait long.


And Leicester City's owners, King Power International,


are buying another football club. They're in agreement with OH


Leuven, who are a second tier club in Belgium.


In cricket, Nottinghamshire will play at Somerset in the quarter


Nottinghamshire's game at Northants was rained off last night.


But they still qualified for the next stage.


However, Leicestershire and Derbyshire are out.


And Nottingham Panthers will face Swiss, Czech and Finnish teams


in the Champions League of Ice Hockey.


They earned their place with their Continental Cup win last season.


Panthers are lowest ranked of the 32 teams.


Their toughest opponents, Berne, are fourth.


What a prestigious tournament for them to be in. Panthers fans love


their ice hockey as well. Next, bit of a slow


starter this story - it's about an international love


triangle which hasn't Last year we appealed


for help to find Jeremy, By "leftie" we mean his shell


swirls anti-clockwise, Incredibly, two suitors with


matching swirls were unearthed - one was even flown into Nottingham


from a Spanish island. What happened next though proves,


as ever, that the path of true love never runs smooth.


Jo Healey reports. I'm not going to tell you Jeremy's


story at a snail's pace, I will cut straight to the juicy bit but be


prepared to be shell-shocked. This is what happened when his potential


new mate met. We got them together but unfortunately, the two we got


through the appeal, the two suitors, preferred each other rather than


Jeremy. So, snail mate. We had an appeal on our programme last year


for help. We would love to get the public to help us find another one


of these really rare lefties. What happened after that appeal? We were


lucky, we found two potential mates for Jeremy. Leftie from Ipswich and


one from Majorca, who was found on a snail farm and destined for the pot.


He had a lucky escape and was flown to Nottingham. Now he or she, they


are hermaphrodites, has just had 170 baby snails, and not one of them is


a rare leftie. There is a serious side to all of this. Tell me about


it in a nutshell... Recently, we discovered a gene which makes snails


go one way or the other. It turns out the same gene is also in


ourselves, by studying snails, we can learn a little bit more. Back to


Jeremy's love life and they haven't given up hope yet but in the


meantime, here's happy to play the indulgent uncle.


Poor Jeremy! Aren't baby snails cute?


They are but I think Jeremy would prefer to have some of his own.


Sometimes it is just the way things work out.


Isn't that awful when you're walking down the pavement in weather like


this... I know. It could be a leftie snail!


Alex, how wet has the weather been? A lot of wet weather today, possibly


good for the snails. This Millard does look very happy about the rain.


As we have a look at the rainfall totals for today, a little bit of a


league table. I should say, at least it is good


for the gardens but I think even these pansies are looking a bit


soggy. As we have a look at tomorrow, good news, a mixture of


sunshine and showers on the way. Feeling a bit fresher. This was the


picture earlier on. Quite a lot of cloud around and that wet weather


showing up loud and clear on the radar. We have low pressure in


charge of our weather but the front that has been bringing all the rain


is moving out of the way. We are expecting more of a mix of sunshine


and showers. At the moment, still looks like the Rizzi huge puddle


across the east. Take extra care on the roads, we are expecting quite a


lot of spray and standing water. Fresher feeling tonight. Tomorrow,


we start off on a reasonably bright note. Cloud increasing over the


course of the day. Some showers in the afternoon. As we have a look


ahead to Friday, we're sticking with that fresher feel, a mixture of


sunshine and showers on the way. Highs of around 14 Celsius. As we go


towards the weekend, low pressure still in charge but high pressure


starting to nudge in from the south, settling things down a little bit


but potentially more wet weather on the way. I will leave you with the


outlook. A mixture of sunshine and showers over the next few days.


Top tips for keeping slugs and snails off your flower beds. What do


you think? I don't really know, I need to


learn. After the programme! News at 10:30pm, hope to see you


then. Goodbye. The choice you now face


is all about the future. Whoever wins on the 8th of June


will face one overriding task - to get the best possible deal


for this United Kingdom from Brexit, because making Brexit a success


is central to our national interest and it is central


to your own security and prosperity. Because, while there is enormous


opportunity for Britain if we do not get this right,


the consequences will be serious and they will be felt by ordinary


working people across the country.